Diving safari Red Sea Egypt

The water surface of the Red Sea a kind of magnet for the many travelers who flock like moths to a bright light. Farther away from the beautiful beaches with clean sand stretches water surface with rich flora and fauna. At the bottom of the beautiful species growing corals. Closer to the great depth there undercurrents. In the evening in some places the sea under the moonlight begins to be painted in red color, for this reason, aquatoria got its name. Egypt is a beautiful Arab country with a developed tourist industry.
One of the areas which is a marine leisure. Egyptean beach lapped by the warm turquoise waters. World of exciting adventure, vivid impressions, adrenaline can be “Diving safari Red Sea Egypt“. In the holiday season afternoon coastal air is heated to high temperatures. It’s time to plunge into the warm sea for diving safari and photoshoot.

Especially of the diving safari red sea

In these parts the time can fly by. Places for “diving safari of the red sea” are wildly popular among visitors and local people. On the shores of the northern part of the Red Sea lie the beautiful bay. The coastal zone is delineated gentle slopes of sandstone. There is the blue expanse of the Gulf appear to be endless.
Where long coral plume extends far away. “Red Sea diving safari” will allow to contemplate the real beauty of the underwater world. The real depth of “life aboard Egypt” can be felt in full only if the dip in the turquoise waters. Underwater Egypt can provide you with an unforgettable journey. Get acquainted with the marvelous inhabitants of the tropics. Allows to see all the charm and fullness of color of “liveaboard red sea.” Where can I discover a new world full of mysteries of the universe.

The best hotels and diving safari

Luxury hotels and beaches of Egypt promise a vacation that brings bright moments. These is the best beaches for diving in these parts:

  • 1. Sharm El Sheikh
  • 2. Naama bay
  • 3. Beaches of Hurgada.

In Egypt, there are other places for a busy holiday. Along the coastline across cheap hotels with developed infrastructure. Where is liveaboard in the clean waters of the Red Sea is neither an incomparable pleasure.

Liveaboard Egypt

It’s nice to walk along the sandy shores of the desert. Some hotels provide rent jeeps, ATVs, ammunition for a better holiday so that your liveaboard egypt to forever apron. Hot sandy beaches just seem deserted. No wonder they attract thousands of tourists every year. Many travelers seek in this region, where it’s pleasant to sit on the bank in front of the beautiful scenery of water. Diving in egypt every time new offers pleasant experience that you will discover for the first time.