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Get Free Read & Download Files Few Things Left Unsaid Sudeep Nagarkar PDF. FEW THINGS LEFT UNSAID SUDEEP NAGARKAR. Download: Few Things. Few Things Left Unsaid - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. love story novel. Aditya is a confused soul. He is unclear about his ambitions or goals in life. He hates engineering from the core of his heart, but destiny has other plans for him.

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Jim Kapoun: To facilitate discussion we could break up into smaller committees and groups to come to a better understanding of whatever issues we need to address. Agriculture Manufacturing Services. Other than the usual particulars, such as making friends, getting along with roommates, and doing assignments for class, students must navigate other aspects of living on campus. Agro-chemical based farming is not sustainable in Institute for Subtropical Horticulture, Rehmankhera, Lucknow, India. McConaughey is like he s never been before, and not just physically either he lost 50 pounds in order to play the AIDS-stricken cowboy Ron Woodroof.

Her voice became softer as she spoke about what followed. High school was super rough, she said. At the beginning of my junior year my dad was arrested and imprisoned for gang-related activities. I used my circumstance as an excuse to victimize myself. She was partying constantly, and her grades began to slip. She was told that if she did not improve them, she would be expelled.

At the end of my junior year, I worked my butt off to pass all of my exams with As. It felt good to take control of something that I had almost lost, said Amelia. But she struggled with resentment toward her father for the pain he had caused her family. Martin Luther King, Jr. But social injustice is still a major problem in the world today. Antioch College has historic connections to social justice advocacy and hosted many events in connection with Martin Luther King, Jr.

Starting off the celebration, the voice and speech class led by Louise Smith, dean of community life, held an open-mic on January People shared poems they wrote, speeches, and songs about social justices. Some students even shared some of King s speeches. Many Antioch students and faculty attended and performed. Each performance was unique in its own way and incredibly powerful, said Cristian Perez Combining art and history, each student was great whether they were singing or reading.

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For two years the annual Glen Helen Pancake Breakfast has been on hiatus. Many have expressed sadness, disapproval and even anger that this timehonored Yellow Springs tradition institution even was absent from the long list of community events that the village of Yellow Springs looks forward to. This year s Pancake Breakfast will be held on Saturday, March 8, 10 a.

It will also include live music. Additionally, members of the Glen Helen s Outdoor Education Center and the Raptor Center will be on hand with activities for the little ones. Volunteers are still needed in the kitchen, on the serving line and various other roles to help ensure a successful Pancake Breakfast. Please contact either Kevin Lydy, or Tina Spencer, if you are interested in helping.

Seth Kaplan 15 at the open-mic event. Photo by Cristian Perez. I was really intrigued with what the residents of Yellow Springs had to say about Martin Luther King, and the role they played when the civil rights movement took place said Katie Jones On Monday, January 20, Dr.

King s cousin, Rev. Joel L. King, Jr. The artwork at the Herndon expresses current themes in contemporary art, and because of our size, the gallery is typically an interactive experience with artwork. Spending time in the gallery is relaxing and creatively motivating for students.

Currencies, the latest exhibition in the gallery, features artwork by Antioch arts faculty and resident artists. With an emphasis on installation work, the pieces range from painting to sculpture to video. Time is a recurring theme in this show. The day s activities also included a march in town, a panel discussion by two Antioch students and two alumni, a program at Central Chapel AME Church, and a showing of King, a film by Academy Award-winning producer and Antioch alum Richard Kaplan.

Day theme, each speech, story, or song showed that people see changes being made in the world and have hope for a future where social injustice will no longer be an issue. I believe that humanity is constantly striving towards equality, and that, eventually, we can achieve it, said Katherine Schule Yes, I do have hope for the future.

Currencies Closing Time at the Herndon process of work. The moment may be one of contemplation, as with Michael Casselli s installation, wishing we had talked, there is so much we left unsaid, a reflection on taking care of his mother when she was dying of cancer.

Building on the time element of the show, specific performances have happened throughout the duration of the exhibition. Civil connected objects such as shoes and balloons, among many other things, to a story of the past, leading the audience in and out of time, then Continued on page 6 Currencies exhibition in Herndon Gallery featuring work by Gabrielle Civil, Charles Fairbanks, and Michael Casselli.

Photo by Jane Foreman. The renovated pool inside the new Wellness Center. Antioch file photo. The project is scheduled for completion by June 14, However, some fine timing stands in the way of meeting that deadline. The completion of the Wellness building has to coincide with the completion of the geothermal central heating system because that system is what will heat and cool the Wellness Center, said Reggie Stratton, director of the physical plant.

The geothermal central heating system will be finished in April. The interior of the Wellness Center has been redesigned. It will have four levels, not stories the fourth level isn t really a story; it s more like a loft.

As they enter through the front door, people will walk into a big open lobby with couches and places to hang out. Immediately to the east will be a basketball and volleyball court. To the west where there was once a basketball court will be a cardiovascular fitness and weight room.

This room will also have an indoor track. The new locker rooms will adjoin the pool. The pool has been remade and is now yards long and six-lanes wide. The pool room also now has a therapy pool, which is basically a small heated pool with water jets that can be used for physical therapy or relaxation. There used to be four racquetball courts, but now there are two. The new multi-use room created out of the racquetball courts is a big empty space that can be used for any type of fitness activities, such as yoga or zumba.

The southeast side of the building will have an assembly area. This space will be used for alumni events, speeches by the president, music events, and early on, for graduation. There is a small warming kitchen off to the side for catering. The restrooms are also being remodeled. The new building will include an elevator, which the old building did not have. The second level of the Wellness Center has had a more moderate renovation.

It includes another fitness room that does not have any official use yet, but will probably be used for fitness classes. The third level has offices and a small classroom. The fourth level, the loft, is a big open space that is envisioned as a quiet place for people to meditate or relax. The Wellness Center is being brought up to code with an upgraded life safety system. It includes new fire alarm and sprinkler systems, which the building did not have before.

The Wellness Center has been redone with sustainability in mind. The roof is now insulated, will have geothermal heating and cooling, and efficient lighting the system will be programmed to turn the lights off when a space is not occupied. The pool will be heated by the excess heat generated by the dehumidification system that keeps the air in the pool area dry.

The Wellness Center is for the whole community students, staff, faculty, and the Yellow Springs community and we will be selling memberships competitive with YMCA memberships, said Reggie. An activities fee will cover student use of the Wellness Center. Students already pay an activities fee, but the fee will increase a little it is not clear exactly by how much yet once the Wellness Center is open.

The Wellness Center and its pool will be open year round. It s going to be great and I can t wait for it to be finished, said Reggie.

Thanks A newspaper is only possible with the support and interest of its community. The second issue of the revived Antioch Record would not have been possible without the support and interest of Antiochians on and off campus.

The Record is a paper in progress; we are learning as we go. We will always rely heavily on interesting material from independent contributors.

I m here to tell you about the greatest threat to our livelihoods since our college decided to stay open while it was snowing: Over the past few weeks, I have learned which Disney villain I resemble most, which sandwich I am, and how much a particular sitcom character will hate me.

I know that this isn t entirely the fault of any one particular person after all, my non-antiochian friends are just as guilty as anyone else , but I can t help but feel as if we are putting ourselves in a box by letting poorly-made quizzes define our choice in sandwiches or our taste in film and literature.

Left pdf file few unsaid things

These online quizzes are designed to maximize the number of times Record Staff Marcel Beffort: We continue the legacy of encourage submissions in the future and thank each person who contributed material to this issue: This time around we received more material than we could publish; we will work to include some of these unpublished submissions in our next issue and look forward to receiving more submissions in the future.

The Antioch Record Staff a page on a website is clicked on which, in turn, maximizes potential ad revenue for the site the quiz appears on. As ad revenue increases due to masses of people clicking on links to various quizzes as inane as Which color are you? When these sites become more profitable, news sites decide to start putting quizzes on their sites in order to secure more ad revenue and improve their sagging bottom lines.

Most news sites are already filled to the brim with fluff and so-called click-bait ; they really don t need to be getting the message that they need more of it. In other words: I m sick of seeing quiz results on my Facebook feed. Alex Malangoni 16 independent student-run publications at Antioch and are dedicated to serving as an accurate record of community life.

We hope to promote informed dialogue, social engagement, and community action. Blast from the Past All of us were smaller once. Can you guess who this baby is now? Letters Role of a good citizen is learned To The Record: Recently in our community we have run into the issue of apathy and a general distrust of our government body among students, faculty, and staff. The issue I d like to address is apathy and distrust among students. In many ways, life on campus can be great or not so great, particularly for students who are experiencing on-campus life for the first time.

Other than the usual particulars, such as making friends, getting along with roommates, and doing assignments for class, students must navigate other aspects of living on campus. The most predominant issues are the process of governance, learning about and taking part in activism, and conflict resolution.

These are key components of citizenship in any society; however, students are not always knowledgeable nor are they as well practiced as they are expected to be as voting-age citizens. In fact, most first-year students have yet to exercise their right to vote. I am more an observer right now than a participant in happenings on campus and on social media. I m on co-op and not on Facebook, so I do not have specific or firsthand knowledge of some of the conflicts present on campus.

The stories I have heard have been in the form of s from Todd and Louise, the minutes that Louise took from the community meeting on January 30, and second-hand accounts from friends who are on campus or on Facebook. My intention is not to speak about specific solutions to the conflicts that are present right now, but rather to offer my opinion on how to move forward in the way that we engage with conflict.

After being at Antioch for a while, I ve seen many of the same conflicts come up again and again. I am drawn to the question: What is the root cause of the conflict on campus? Part of me thinks that there is no specific cause and that conflict is inevitable.

Another part of me thinks that conflict is not addressed effectively and, therefore, festers over time and continues to return. I do not think we have done recent presidential election, but there are other political offices and referenda that are voted on annually for local, state, and federal.

Sadly, these opportunities are often ignored. This knowledge can be very frustrating to anyone who participates in activism and governance, almost to the point of insult. There is also clear evidence that students lack the knowledge or understanding of governance and activism they also lack skill set for conflict resolution, but that s a rant for another time.

During Community Meeting, one faculty member stated that students don t take advantage of events that are geared towards exploring governance in activism and that they seem to be very apathetic. On the other hand, students feel that they are too busy to participate in governance or other events geared to explore activism due to their desire to focus on their studies. In contrast to these views, I d like to point out that perhaps students a good job acknowledging the inevitability of conflict or supporting a common vocabulary and process to address it.

While we do have some tenets in place to help us engage conflict namely, the honor code, community life staff, community meetings and restorative justice as a part of our judicial system at the college clearly, something is still lacking. In my view, Antioch s culture is laden with shaming and blaming and defensiveness, all of which keep us from growing.

I would like to see us as a community take the steps to acknowledge that conflict happens and, further, to imagine ways that we want to engage with it. That s the intentionality and common language that we are lacking!

Facebook, dining halls, dorm rooms, and even community meetings seem to be permeated with fear and shame regarding conflict. It has been shown that in order for the prefrontal cortex to engage, one needs to feel safe. My suggestion is that we create a space in which we can safely process conflict together.

A room where we foster an atmosphere of respect, safety, compassion and are unaware of the purpose behind activities on campus and remind others to consider that students have never had a real world opportunity to practice the office of citizen. It would be unfair to pass judgment on students and consider them as simply apathetic. Actually, there are many students who are very passionate about various issues and desire to learn about the role and process of governance, and how to be activists.

All of this, and many other things, are part of what I have come to know as the office of citizen. There are many rights and responsibilities that come with our special office.

Young citizens should be ready and open to learn about their role as citizens, just as more experienced citizens should be ready and willing to guide them on their journey.

I believe that this goes for every level of citizenship. I submit to you, do not get upset or frustrated with our young citizens, but be there to guide them. William Brown 17 the intention to both hear and be heard. Let s use processes that allow us to really see each other. One way to do this would be to use a circle process, which structurally brings guidelines, a talking piece, a facilitator, ceremony and consensus-based decision making into the mix.

The idea of a circle is certainly not new they have been used by many people for many centuries and are being reintroduced by the restorative justice field. I am inspired by the thought of people stepping in on Facebook to suggest meeting face-to-face in a circle process when conflict arises.

Let s not be afraid or ashamed of conflict, but rather take it as an opportunity to engage more deeply with each other and and commit to growth. This is the work that needs to be done if we are going to sustain ourselves as a community. Norah Mermis 16 Norah Mermis is on co-op, engaging with intuitive knowledge, fear, shame and herbs with a doula and wise woman in Yellow Springs and helping the Yellow Springs Schools implement restorative justice practices.

This incident sparked a barrage of incivility on Facebook. It has also led to calls for a revised campus policy on the wearing, or not wearing, of shirts. It s time to put things in proportion. At one time in Antioch s history, an incident like this would not have raised an eyebrow. Other experiences in the at least once category at Antioch College, according to The Harvard Crimson in an article written on 5 February , include weekly nude co-ed swims in the college pool or a more seasonal variety of frolic under midnight rain.

I am not suggesting that we should have nude co-ed swimming parties every week, but that we should be worrying about something bigger and better than people not wearing shirts at Antioch.

This did not need to become such a big issue. It was a mistake to enter the dining hall without a shirt. As Isaac Delamatre, supervisor of the kitchen, said in community meeting it is a health hazard to everyone if shirts and Refining Community Dialogue by Perin Ellsworth-Heller 17 Recently there has been a lot of discussion in our community about dialogue, community participation and how to take the next step toward creating a healthy, functional college environment.

For the most part, the focus has been on specific issues, such as participation in community events and the guidelines for male toplessness in public areas. While these issues are important, there is a more immediate problem that supersedes them the lack of an effective public forum for community dialogue.

At the moment we have only one forum in which to officially address issues as a community: Here s the thing, though. Community Meeting happens once a week for an hour and is largely a standard freeform gathering with a single facilitator and very few guidelines for procedure.

Things pdf file left unsaid few

It s a great time to check in, but as a forum for communal processing and governance it is highly ineffective and unsatisfying. We need a new and innovative method for community dialogue. One might argue that Comcil shoes aren t worn in the dining hall at meals. The shirtless student acknowledged his mistake and apologized for offending anyone.

But the issue escalated on Facebook, where the dialogue was marked by disrespect and bullying. Then everyone worried about a policy being put in place that no one had the slightest idea about, which raises another issue about communication and our democratic system at Antioch. At a Community Meeting, someone noted that a local ordinance states that both male and female bodies have the right to be unclothed as long as genitalia aren t exposed.

This led to a decision to have hall-by-hall voting on the issue of shirts or no shirts. The Ohio Revised Code A 1 as well as Yellow Springs ordinance A 1 state that No person shall recklessly do any of the following, under circumstances in which the person s conduct is likely to be viewed by and affront others who are in the person s physical proximity and who are not members of the person s household: If structured differently that might be the case, but Comcil does not appear to be a complete community government.

It is rather a part of a multi-faceted and exceptionally undefined network of committees, boards and departments. This is not to say that Comcil is not important or highly effective, but perhaps its integration and visibility within the community is somewhat lacking.

A good government is well organized and well intentioned, but a great government is also accessible. Having highlighted a handful of issues, here are a few possible solutions. Regarding the current configuration of community meeting and given that a major issue is time, once a month we should have an extended community meeting. Perhaps this meeting would be an all-day affair or perhaps just a few hours longer than what we have now, but regardless, it would provide some extra time for community dialogue and processing.

With this additional time we would have room for updates and direct interaction between Comcil and FEBRUARY 12, The legal definition of private parts, according to the state Code, is men or women s genitalia, and does not include a woman s breasts.

No policy should be put in place on this shirt issue. Let s consider the real world. If it s legal to not have a shirt on, then why should it be a big deal on campus? We live in our Antioch bubble but this bubble is in the real world. Let s remember that. People should be able to be shirtless if they so choose.

We as a community have more important issues to address. Let s focus on those and forget about this shirt nonsense. Do you have something to say? Is there a problem on campus you would like to address or an idea you would like to share? Write a letter to The Record words or less and send it to our inbox: One thing the media continues to forget: Huge operation underway.

Facebook doubled security spending on Zuckerberg last year. Life in the US always seemed like such a lark, filled with opportunity and fun, and always safe, because the government protected us. And it was all a myth. This guy should have all the money in the world, and he is terrified for his life, and probably is little more than an actor hired to pose as the creator of facebook anyway.

Still, another sign something big is going on. Roger Stone wants Assange to testify at his trial. Kim Jong Un announces he will give the US until the end of the year to come to a meeting with the right attitude to create a peace deal.

One possible interpretation I see is this — Kim Or whoever leads North Korea is just like us — impatient. For reasons of OpSec, Trump could not give him a timetable of when their deal would be finalized. After all, his regime had just been fully penetrated and corrupted. But he was told, hang tight, and once our house is clean, you will lead the South Korea of the North, fully integrated into the world. In the meantime, he is not even really sure the Storm is going to happen.

And this message is a shout-out to Trump, telling him it needs to happen by the end of this year, or he will assume it is not going to happen, and move forward from there. Alternately it is just theater to give him face in negotiations and with his people, given he intends to give Trump whatever he wants shortly.

Chicago Mayor says she would welcome immigrants if Trump would send them. If only he could send every one there, and let the whole city just be destroyed. Devin Nunes says, the spying began in Once that is established, then they will begin to look at earlier cases, and how deep the rabbit hole goes.

More US troops going to the southern border. One judge blocked Trump from returning asylum seekers to Mexico, now another judge has blocked the block, so they can be returned.

Trump to catch a live Sumo event when he visits Japan. Due to lawsuit quirk, for one week high-cap mags were legal in California, and hundreds of thousands were sold. California and LA sign a settlement agreement with Judicial Watch, agree to purge 1. Imagine all the Cabal people seeing this. USAF Secretary says we may need to do a demonstration of force in space to deter enemies from challenging us.

Pentagon announces the wall will be finished by October of In December , the U. The border crisis has gotten drastically worse since then. Donald Trump Jr.: DonaldJTrumpJr April 12, Is the media covering this? WSJ's Strassel: Trump realDonaldTrump April 12, How is this woman walking the halls of Congress. Thank you Jeh, so well stated! Of course this is not true. Mainstream Media is corrupt and getting worse, if that is possible, every day!

A Fake Story by Politico. Made up sources. Thank you Mount Vernon! Go home and come into our Country legally and through a system of Merit! No wonder so many people are leaving N. Very Sad! Craig, was indicted yesterday on very serious charges. Corrupt News! A quick question — has anyone heard anything about Cessnas decked out as semi-autonomous drones and put in the air loitering, waiting for a controller to take over and use them? Ukrainian Secret Service Boss defects to Russia and lays blame for all sorts of crimes, including downing of a commercial jet, on Ukrainian Secret Services.

Super Powerful Japanese business man dies at Scientists successfully place genes for human intelligence into monkeys. I see the left someday creating smarter apes, granting them human rights, and then giving them preferential treatment like they do Muslim migrants today. Notice how that leftist migratory population is designed for, and craves, that position as slave in a society of betters.

It is ironic, but we hate them for trying to create the oppression they crave, when we could easily provide it to them, make them happier, and eliminate the problems they cause for society. China is mining the stolen OPM records for spying. Chief of the weird Masonic Police organization in California dies suddenly at Former Ecuadoran President decries his successor allowing Assange to be taken. So there was a change, from one alliance to another, after Trump came on the scene and the Storm began to unfold.

Ecuador claims Assange smeared feces on the walls of the embassy. You never know these days, because everybody lies and the entire game is all about controlling minds by putting in them whatever you have to, in order to make them acquiesce to whatever you want. Assange could have begun to lose it given the stress he was under, with black-clad ninjas trying to get in the embassy and maybe kill him given whatever he knows that we do not.

Or the Ecuadorans could just be lying to justify doing whatever they were told to do. China is building a database on all Americans based on stolen data. Monsanto loses appeal in a case of a French Farmer poisoned by fumes from one of its now discontinued weed killers.

Democrats push a bill to let males compete against females in public school sports. If you let any trend go far enough, be it in health, or culture, or any system subject to the duality of Yin and Yang, it will, at its peak, suddenly transform into and fuel the opposite trend. Here, a push for total r-selection to support the trannies will fuel a return to normal K-selected morals and culture.

This would be unthinkable, unless the hierarchies of associations were not what we were taught. New York Times does an article on Gore Vidal, mentions he might be a pedophile, ignores any import of the statement. DA knew Jeffery Epstein was a dangerous pedophile when arguing for leniency. Democrats just rejected tuition assistance for gold star families, but approved it for illegal immigrants.

Muslim teacher at UK Catholic school is found to be unable to read or write. Oprah complains about Americans being able to buy assault rifles. This was just Cabal cementing its control over the entire environment, by compromising any piece which might resist the other pieces, meaning resistance would have to arise everywhere at once. Agencies corrupt each other, merge, and then unite, twice as strong, against the remaining agencies.

Only extreme in-grouping against outsiders mixed with a large amount of amygdala can prevent the process, or at least produce resistance. China would be facing one massive enemy composed of all of those agencies merged together, with all their sources, tech, and assets working together in coordinated fashion.

In reality, Cabal probably controls all of it already. I suspect only massive amygdala in Russia produced by the period of shortage after the collapse and maybe a Slavic tendency toward war , combined with the in-grouping and isolation produced by the Cold War, is all that kept Russia able to fend it off as much as it has — if it has. Even that I am not entirely sure of. Technically, under the natural forces of this system, the question is not whether Russia would fall to Intelligence unification, but rather only whether they have been compromised yet, or whether it is yet to happen.

And to be clear, even is the Storm breaks things up which can happen , the force drawing them back together, like a gravitational pull, will remain, and organizations will begin unifying again. The objective should be to keep the leadership made up of our kind, to whatever degree possible. The most salient aspect of Assange's arrest is he was not indicted for anything related to the alleged DNC hacking.

James Comey: Why is Youtube trying to prevent people from hearing Candace's words? RT to share this video! Illinois State Senate passes bill to keep Donald Trump off ballot unless he releases his tax returns https: Dozens of possible graves found near notorious Florida reform school https: They also held a Hill presser: Notice how Ilhan Omar hasn't come out and said: Swedish software developer who is allegedly close to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is arrested at Quito airport, Ecuadorian official says.

Julian Assange's lawyer says the WikiLeaks founder will fight against being extradited to the U.

Unsaid file pdf left things few

He did not get the Emails from any GOV computer. No Gov computers were ever hacked. This will embarrass the hell out of the FBI line of code tell the truth. Source WL insurance pic. Prosecutors are looking at resurrecting the sex charges against Assange in Sweden.

That sounds bad, but this article says it will take years to get Assange into the US through extradition. By bringing back the sex charges, it will put Assange in a position where he either goes to Sweden, with Cabal, which probably represents certain death, or he can assent and go to the US, where all he has to do is say the DNC emails were from Seth Rich, and he could be free as a bird.

Probably Trump and Q moving chess pieces, meaning what we see is part of the Storm. Coinbase crypto exchange launches a VISA-based payment card. Trump is moving to dismantle Office of Personnel Management.

It will allow easier removal of the Senior Executive Service, removing the permanence of employment which let Cabal take over government. US sues British drug maker for funneling potential drug addicts to doctors it knew were prescribing the drugs irresponsibly.

Nunes sends the criminal referral in the Russia probe to the AG. It really was a global conspiracy, just like Burn Notice. Only the reality was so big you would never have believed it possible in a movie.

North Korea shakes up leadership: Had a great time on Swiss national tv. This is a story with global implications that is going to upend traditional alliances now that the U. He now faces up to years in prison if convicted. They have all been exposed and soon the leadership behind them. Ohio governor signs bill banning abortion after 1st detectable heartbeat, one of the nation's toughest restrictions. Lawmakers passed the bill yesterday.

DonaldJTrumpJr April 11, Newsweek, and others like it, are why no one trusts the media. They will tell any lie imaginable to create a narrative. Hey Newsweek since you want to lie about me for clickbait, your advertisers may want to know how is it possible to average single digit RTs with 3. See what happens below. They have no credibility and as always Trump was right again. Trump realDonaldTrump April 11, Great news! MAGA pic. This is the big one. It is the thread that unravels everything, because the surveillance of Trump leads to Papadopoulos.

Because intelligence never jumps in on an operation without knowing everything about all the moving parts. Papadopoulos was not an unknown entity to them when they chose him as a target. They chose him because they already knew everything about him. They knew everything about him because they had already had him under surveillance for some time. So Trump leads to Papadopoulos and Papadopoulos leads to the surveillance of Papadopoulos, which PapaD has said was not about Trump, but rather began years back, supposedly on the predicate of some meeting he did in Israel.

We know when they wanted to get a FISA on Trump, they used one of their own agents to approach PapaD, and simulate a criminal-intelligence interaction, so that interaction could be used to justify the surveillance. So now we have a random, seemingly meaningless American who was put under surveillance long before he was ever of any importance to anyone. And behind that, we begin to see a pattern which may have been used on more people than just them.

Then you have to ask, did they do that just for him? Was PapaD alone picked out of hundreds of millions of Americans, and the only one this happened to? Did they do it to others? If so, did each individual get treated as a special case, a special government program all their own, to justify bogus, criminal, illegal surveillance?

Or might someone have consolidated all of those operations under one umbrella? Even crazier, might there have been a dedicated program, with a dedicated office, with dedicated staff and intelligence operatives, and dedicated agents overseas, doing this daily to anyone in politics who became of interest, or might one day be of interest?

Did it stop at politics? Now look how government works. You build a division and put someone in charge. It becomes a little fiefdom. Every fiscal year, they fight for more staff and more assignments. They try to get their budgets increased.

And here you have a division of government, subject to those forces, which will have J. Hoover levels of blackmail on the very people who control the purse strings, and which will be of vital importance to the Cabals control.

How many decades was that fiefdom growing as big as it wanted? And surveillance is just a minor thing. It is one tool of a larger intelligence operation. And that intelligence operation, wherever it was hidden, was ultimately being given orders by Cabal. This all leads back to that. Now something interesting. He even opened a Russian Yandex email to use with me, ostensibly to avoid Google.

I tried to look him up online, and only saw very sparse generic profiles — nothing super well done like I would have thought CIA would have done, but nothing really telling either indicating a regular civilian.

I even wondered if someone just had him out there floating around on his own to see what he could come up with. An address he gave me to mail something to looked like a field in the middle of the Midwest on Google. As a result, we went back and forth at a distance before he broke it off as unproductive. He floated around Europe after we parted ways, as I kept tabs online. Last I saw, he was running a preparatory program for the children of elites in Europe who wanted to go to the US to study in Universities.

I assumed he was culturing sources and agents, and building files on kids in Europe who would eventually rise to prominence in various places and be of use to the machine one day back home. I obviously know nothing for sure, he could just have been what he seemed, but it looked odd to me at the time. If he was what I thought he might have been, then there is probably a fairly massive official US government organization hidden away down there in some corner of DC devoted to doing to anyone in politics what was done to Trump, namely having someone approach them and simulate a criminal act, so the government can then go to the FISA Court with this crime they just discovered, and get permission to unleash the surveillance machine on them.

Julian Assange was just evicted from the London Embassy and immediately arrested by British Police on a warrant for not surrendering himself to the court. This must be Storm-related. The timing with Barr is very coincidental. WikiLeaks has discovered extensive spying operation against Julian Assange inside Ecuadorean embassy, editor-in-chief Hrafnsson says — Reuters. Ken Starr says he did not include the evidence of Hillary dressing down Vince Foster right before his suicide because he did not want to inflict further pain on her.

He omitted the fact Hillary was livid with Foster, right before Foster turned up dead. He covered up a potential motive to make the Clintons look better and stifle conspiracy theorizing. And now, out of the blue, he is coming out explaining this, as if he is worried people might think he had ulterior motives.

No wonder his investigations, into the most corrupt and guilty couple in the history of our Republic, always went nowhere. Either he was the most incompetent prosecutor in history, or he was compromised, and occupied the Special Counsel role to prevent any real investigations of the Clintons from ever happening. All the history we know will need to be rewritten in our minds.

Planned Parenthood sues to stop Utah abortion law that bans abortion after 18 weeks. FBI says Russians targeted elections in all 50 states. The question is, which Russians, and who were they trying to help? Apple censors songs about Tiananmen square for the Chinese government. New Zealand Parliament votes to ban assault rifles. Nice job Tarrant.

A bit of a sad piece because he sounded like such a nice person. College promotes male cuddling, as a way to deal with stress. Again, this has one purpose. Get rid of the defectives and the degeneracy, and furries and the diaper fetishes, and the other weirdos, and then being a Democrat would be much more marginalized. Add them in and Adam Schiff almost seems like a semi-male-like-figure. Lewandowski says Trump knows Obama authorized the spying. By the time he acts, he has already won — he is just waiting to let you know.

EU agrees to delay Brexit until Oct Now an Ethanol processing plant has had a major fire. I wonder if Cabal had its back to a wall, if it would short various stocks right before accidents burned down chemical processing plants owned by those companies. Chinese cops stop people and search their phones for facebook — if found, they are sent to concentration camps.

This makes it look like they view facebook as a security threat. The old guard is clearly shocked and in hiding.

Few Things Left Unsaid.pdf -

Axios' just straight up lying about Barr, who was consistent. There is no dispute about whether spying occurred. There has not yet been a proper investigation about whether that spying—which included human informants, wiretaps, national security letters, etc. Stacey Abrams refuses to concede her election and actually claims that she won, despite losing by nearly 55, votes. He shared a translation of a text message intercepted from an MS gang member who was part of a fraudulent family unit. Honoring U.

Marines killed in suicide car bomb attack in Afghanistan Monday: Robert A. Hendriks, 25, Locust Valley, N. Benjamin S. Hines, 31, York, Pa,; Staff Sgt. Christopher K. Slutman, 43, Newark, Del. First U. Marines killed in combat in more than 3 years. Venezuela has another blackout spread across large parts of the country.

Kim Kardashian is studying to be a lawyer. Might she have the impression that social media influencer will no longer be a thing after the Storm?

The investigation is already almost done or done. If they announced when they were really beginning it, they are looking at two years of drudgery and leaks, and by the time they are ready to do something it is all old news and nobody cares.

If you click no other link, this may be the one to click to understand the machine Trump is fighting. Then he says his read is the Israeli lobby is being saved for last by Trump and will be destroyed entirely. I am not an anti-Semite by any means, but this guy is the equivalent of a PhD in this subject, who saw it from inside the deepest parts of the CIA. I am probably between a late Middle School to a High School freshman, if even, compared to him, and I had no inside access, just good extrapolation skills.

Maybe that is where it began, before moving on to Europe. And I keep seeing Vox Day a few years back noting how some Jewish organization was putting out word that it might be time for the Jewish community to begin moving to China. Also of interest is, Q said that Israel was being saved for last for some very good reason, which seems to be what Scheuer predicts. Also, to find the author you have to put the domain into google, which will show it is his blog.

Be funny if he was Q. Given his background, his status in the Intel community, the fact he is on the right side of the war, and this sounds kind of like Q, it is not impossible. Mexico busts a leading Los Zetas Cartel member in a raid. Trump signs an executive order to fast track oil and gas pipelines. Legal heavyweight Greg Craig anticipates charge of making false statements to Justice Department unit checking into activities of foreign agents.

President Trump announces he will be sending more troops to the Southern Border after getting updates on the situation while in Texas today. My Latest…Sources: Carter https: Trump associates have received death threats thanks to the Russia collusion hoax and one target victimized by Mueller's anti-Trump witch hunt will be cleared later this month to finally tell his story of being set up after a year of silence.

Which means, now everything that was already done over the last two years will be pulled in and unified under Barr, and weaponized by him and his office. As opposed to him having to do all this ground work himself from scratch starting now.

Few things left unsaid book pdf download

I wonder if Barr is the third prosecutor Q talked about, or if he is the Stealth bomber Q spoke of who would get to his target without being seen before unloading all the ammo everybody else has amassed. Minnesota authorities arrest 58 people, rescue 28 victims in child sex and trafficking sting — https: New proposed Texas law could make abortion punishable by death https: Twitter admitted to me today that they have protocols they use to determine when speech is offensive.

So release the protocols! Make them public. AG Barr is reaffirming what we've all known for two years now—there's a good chance the government spied on realDonaldTrump 's campaign. But this isn't surprising. The government has been using its power to spy on political enemies for decades.

Read more! Sign the petition from PragerU calling on Big Tech to cut off splcenter once and for all!

DonaldJTrumpJr April 10, RealCandaceO articulates perfectly the failed Democat strategies that have kept so many Americans down for so long all to perpetuate their agenda of dependence and victimhood for votes. This was an attempted takedown of a president. And we beat them. The E. Sometimes in life you have to let people breathe before it all comes back to bite you!

Their Open Border mindset is putting our Country at risk. Will not let this happen! So, it has now been determined, by 18 people that truly hate President Trump, that there was No Collusion with Russia.

In fact, it was an illegal investigation that should never have been allowed to start. Trump realDonaldTrump April 10, Spoke to Bibi Netanyahu to congratulate him on a great and hard-fought win.

The United States is with him and the People of Israel all the way! Australian oil giant has massive drilling plans for New Zealand. Might this be to make the island self sufficient as a bugout zone in the collapse? Judge in transgender rights case tells plaintiffs that if the government lets boys in girls changing rooms then girls have no right to visual bodily privacy, and the Supreme Court is not likely to pick it up and change that.

Few Things Left Unsaid

There is a spike in veteran suicides. Mood is very susceptible to subtle cues. Germany has 47 year old migrants claiming to be 16 to get special status as a minor migrant to speed asylum. Google busted — docs show that contrary to testimony it does do manual manipulation of search results. New cars may have speed limiters, and not allow you to speed. When Cabal was all powerful in the West, the West installed the undersea backbone of internet cables that carries most traffic, giving Western Intelligence control over espionage backdoors.

Now as Cabal was supposedly moving operations to China, China has moved into the undersea backbone construction business, and it is underbidding the West. LA Hospital experimenting on children as young as eight with Transgender therapies using government funding. No idea how deeply the MK Ultra crew is involved in the genesis, but you can be sure those psych files are gone over with a fine toothed comb. The French have a Police suicide epidemic sweeping through their ranks. They are made to deal with adversity.

Why is it we are being told these guys are suddenly killing themselves left and right because they are mentally unbalanced in some way?

I think They are analyzing Cops and select military from behind the scenes, and either hitting the ones they want gone with something through the walls to unbalance them and trigger overwhelming amygdala activation, or they are outright killing them and staging it as suicides.

It sounds insane if you have never gotten a peek behind the curtain, but get a glimpse, and you realize all the pieces are there, and it makes more sense than the idea these tougher guys are suddenly unable to persist — especially when you see such utter amygdala-failure in the rest of the population. She persists, but a cop kills himself?

Somebody is shaping the battlefield before the festivities begin. Lori Loughlin refuses to accept any plea deal which includes jail time. She is in big trouble.

Fraud sentences are decided by the size of the fraud. She may do real time. Clearly something has changed under Trump. Under Hillary she would have made a call, and this all would have gone away.

Antidefamation League going after Gab and 8Chan. Based Jews are going to need to mass on this and help repel it. Just like with reparations, and riling the blacks against cops, this is Them wanting us divided. ACLU issues a travel advisory for Florida, whining about eh anti-sanctuary bill they are about to pass. Try being an American who goes to them to complain about a real civil rights violation, and see how much they do for you.

Everything on the left is a scam. NYC orders mandatory measles vaccinations. This is probably panic over the fact a disease outbreak is bad press for their little migrant slumber party. But you wonder if the level of tech Cabal has would allow them to add some sort of ultra small RFID taggant to the vaccine that would persist at the injection site and be readable when you drive under bridges, or walk on sidewalks.

It would explain why they are so eager to make sure everyone gets used to getting a needle. A lot of Military troops are being found to have high lead levels. Primers tend to have lead in them, and anyone who fires in an indoor range has to have excellent ventilation in the range. Still, I get suspicious when you see it only affect some individuals. If Cabal was planning a real hostile takeover, it is not impossible it would impose disabilities on the troops it thought were potential problems waiting to happen, just to cycle them out of the dangerous positions they occupied.

Cops should be getting tested too, regardless. Guatemala flags fake documents it is seeing, says family units arriving at our border are fake. Gavin Newsom will sign bill that makes abortion free for all college and university students. It really looks like they need those dead baby bodies for something. Crosses in Italian cemetery covered to avoid insulting other religions. If Cabal is moving to China, the close ties to Africa will be to ultimately reprogram the Chinese culture to embrace African immigrants, especially as wives, and then import the lowest IQ African r-strategists they can find to weaken the Chinese nationalist tendencies.

I call it the Colorado model. Canada takes the refugees who sheltered Snowden. Japanese F35 crashed at sea, and now comes the race to get the wreckage.

We have found debris, pilot is still missing as of now. And yet, in ten years Musk will still be there, unless he is plugged into Cabal and Cabal is gone. I almost wonder if he is a front for some deeper project, like a Mars mission, or some amazing AI thing they are running behind the scenes there.

McCabe personally saw to it that Gen. Flynn was fired: The NSC chief was fired 3 days later. The day CreepyUncleJoe Biden kisses a homeless man on the mouth, I will believe his forceful and inappropriate "expressions of affection" are merely a symptom of a "big heart.

Florida good Samaritan shot dead after picking up tabs at Waffle House https: Just a bad day for bad guys… pic. Chuck Norris is the new Glock Spokesman. I love them just because they are so easy to clean. And unlike some others, the finish lasts forever.

Just if you have to pick one…. And now he owes Donald Trump big time, because it was so close Trump is who won it for him. Sara Carter called this result very early. Israeli exit polls showed no win until they were revised? I have said before, if you look at the plays Cabal has made against Netanyahu, they are carbon copies of the plays they have thrown at Trump.

Even fake polling. I guarantee you at some point Netanyahu has had extreme surveillance, and leftist-hired spooks looking for some way to overthrow him. Because they know it is going on, and could expose it. Trudeau is sinking in the polls. Brits in every demographic group want immigration reduced. She strikes me as one of those girls who would come to that conclusion once she realized she had to totally turn on them to save herself.

Acting 2 at Homeland Security is out. She handled acquisitions, which would have been something any corrupt conspiracy looking to arrange sourcing to their companies would look to acquire. And as with FBI, she may have been the McCabe who handled much of the day to day, while Comey went out and greased palms. It does look like a quick house cleaning in is progress.

WikiLeaks says Assange embroiled in wholly new and unexpected case, will give presentation later. Visit us online to Failure to read, understand and follow the instructions in this manual.

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