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Janey Scott was born in London and began writing with her first published romance novel in She continued publishing romance novels as Roberta Leigh. Cupboard Love book. Read 4 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Blaize caught Miranda by the shoulders and shook her as if she were a. . The Vengeful Heart book. Read 5 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Nigel Farnham was attractive, rich and successful— but Julia Traf.

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teshimaryokan.info - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Roberta Leigh the Vengeful Heart - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. mill and boon. She began writing with her first published romance novel in , and she continued published romance novels as Roberta Leigh, Rachel.

How come she's still husband- hunting? As for the character themselves, I thought Piers was an arrogant son of a gun. My mother was a wonderful needlewoman. I'm not so young. That's not revenge. Farnham looked surprised.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Cupboard Love by Roberta Leigh. Cupboard Love by Roberta Leigh. Blaize caught Miranda by the shoulders and shook her as if she were a rag doll. You deserve to marry Rosemary.

You're a blind fool and I won't be your guide dog any longer. Mira Blaize caught Miranda by the shoulders and shook her as if she were a rag doll. Miranda wanted the engagement to be as real as her love for Blaize. Get A Copy.

Leigh pdf roberta

Paperback , Harlequin Presents , pages. More Details Original Title. Other Editions 4. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Cupboard Love , please sign up.

Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Jan 07, StMargarets rated it liked it Shelves: This is an engagement of convenience story, but the engagement doesn't come until halfway through the book. The first half establishes the heroine's delightful junior chef character and her often antagonistic encounters with the London banker hero.

They meet when the the heroine takes over the lunch preparations for a group of high-powered bankers. The previous chef had planed an all-fish menu, and while the heroine raises eyebrows at the unimaginative menu, she goes ahead since there's no time This is an engagement of convenience story, but the engagement doesn't come until halfway through the book.

The previous chef had planed an all-fish menu, and while the heroine raises eyebrows at the unimaginative menu, she goes ahead since there's no time to procure any other supplies. The hero, who is allergic to fish, drops in unexpectedly and is incensed that there is nothing for him to eat but an omelette. Heroine is unsympathetic. Late on, the hero realizes he's being unreasonable and apologizes. Heroine stays cooking at the bank.

Another mishap comes when she serves ham to a bunch of sheikhs, again, no one informed her and hero has to smooth it over. Hero is intrigued with heroine she's very petite with Camilla-white skin, aquamarine eyes and dusky black hair and invites her down to his manor house to cook for him on the weekends and hang out in country during the week while he's in the city working. It's just a temporary post, but heroine takes it because by now she's in love. Enter OW - the love of hero's life - who married a rich old dude and is now a widow.

Hero engages himself to the heroine to protect his vulnerable heart from his old love. Yes, it's that ridiculous and this where the four star read goes down to three.

The hero agrees he's alpha in business but weak in his personal life. No, no, no. You're alpha's only weakness should be for the heroine - not the OW. Heroine and hero's sister get along great and there's some wonderfully catty dialogue with the OW. There's also a OM who muddies the waters when he and the heroine are in a car accident and have to stay in a hotel for the night separate rooms.

When the hero expresses jealousy about this the heroine, she dumps him and doesn't see him again. The OW marries some other rich dude, but the hero and heroine only meet again after she grinds lobsters shells into mayonnaise and serves this on crackers as canapes. Is this even possible? Unbeknownst to her, hero is there and eating them. He has to be hospitalized. Heroine visits, love on both sides is declared. The term derives from the way in which a cat will give the person who feeds it superficial "love" which is not normally exhibited when it wants to be fed.

For a long time heroine thought that this is what the hero was expressing towards her and the hero seemed to think so, too. He really didn't know his own feelings. I thought the first half was wonderful. The food descriptions were fun and made me hungry. The banter between hero and heroine was delicious. For instance, after one such lively conversation the heroine confesses the she often thinks the first half of a thought and then blurts out the second half, not always making a lot of sense.

The hero finds himself charmed by that bit of insight. The second half just didn't work as well with the fake engagement storyline. View all 7 comments. Sep 22, Margo rated it liked it.

This is a variation on a theme Roberta Leigh seems to like -- the H is in love with the OW and the engagement between the h and H is a farce. He sat morosely in the lounge. But she waved her father goodbye as encouragingly as she could when she saw him off at the station later that week.

I lost touch with him when he came back here and I was hoping you could let me have his address. I'm sure it will fetch an excellent price. Sir Hugo had spent a miserable morning with his solicitor. During their luncheon. All this damned taxation. I'd better introduce myself. I'm selling it. He loved it. Winster looked between forty and forty-five.

My name's Winster Conrad Winster.. I believe he was your heir. He talked a great deal about Lammerton Manor. Winster encouraged Sir Hugo to talk about the past glories of the Traffords.

Sir Hugo accepted the invitation and as they sat down at a window table in the restaurant he studied his companion covertly. I've been thinking about nothing else for the last three years.

It inspires confidence among our shareholders. Sir Hugo waved his hand in embarrassment. I hope you'll give my suggestion some thought. You'd get a yearly salary. All we want is a figurehead. All you would be called on to do is to sign routine documents and veto or approve certain actions.

It's far too high! Men of your stature are -needed in the City today.

I don't know anything about stock. I was just thinking out loud. Must have a little idea of the business. As a matter of fact I've been trying to think of some way you could keep your home. To Julia. Constable Perkins wants your father to go to the police station with him to make a statement. Although she tried to discover what it was all about. A girl from the village was engaged as a maid and the family silver was taken out. Knowing the amount of money involved gave Sir Hugo no need for further thought.

Within a month everything had changed at the Manor. Bathed and ready for breakfast. Soon signs of their increasing affluence began to appear.

Sir Hugo would merely point a waggish finger at her and say that women should not bother their heads with business. Sir Hugo was holding a briefcase and his wife was by his side.

Importantlooking documents were frequently delivered and Julia would enter the library to find her father happily and pompously signing them. Miss Trafford. A wave of anticipation ran through the crowded courtroom. It's Scotland Yard. Julia leaned forward in her seat as the foreman stood up. Julia had a sense of foreboding that augured ill for the future. It was the afternoon of a cold February.

We find the prisoner guilty. I'll know more about it when I come home. Julia heard the judge pronounce sentence of five years' imprisonment. In a daze. They were silent during the drive back to the small furnished flat which they had rented during the trial and Julia led Winster into the sitting-room while her mother disappeared into the bedroom. But he still bought his own Company's shares when they were at rock bottom and then got his friends to buy in on a rising market.

How could they think my father guilty? He had no more idea what was going on in the Company than a baby. Dropping her bag and gloves on the table. The Stock Exchange Committee has been waiting for an opportunity to make an example of a share-pusher. Winster helped her to her feet that she saw the courtroom was slowly emptying. The shares rocketed up and your father sold out and made a killing. But check with the lawyer. Winster looked uncomfortable. If I'd had any idea someone was pushing up bogus shares I'd—" He gave an exclamation of anger and Lady Trafford sighed.

Somehow I feel responsible for the whole trouble. As it is. If I hadn't put your father's name forward in the first place. If you want another Q. The shares would have doubled in value instead of falling to nothing and someone would have made a handsome profit. Farnham's prosecution I'm sure Father would have been acquitted.

Unfortunately there was a leakage. That's why the whole thing blew up. It wasn't enough for him to prove Father guilty. Farnham did seem very merciless.

He took a delight in tormenting my father with questions that would have confused a judge. Slowly the jury had become hypnotised by the magnetic voice and forceful personality of the man addressing them. I knew he'd go all out for a conviction.

Leigh pdf roberta

He's never been known to defend a man if he believes he is guilty. When they had first met, he had been amazed that a man like Sir Hugo could have produced so lovely a daughter, for he had imagined her as large and bony with the horsy manner so many society girls had. Her tall, slender figure and thin face framed by dark hair had not only surprised him, but had made him determined to know her better, and her complete uninterest in him as a man had only served to increase this desire.

At forty-five Winster had reached the age when he was no longer amused by casual affairs, and as soon as he had met Julia he had seen her as the graceful doyenne of the home he would buy, her breeding and beauty a perfect complement to his brains and money. He coughed gently and she looked up.

But only if you call me Conrad. I was going to ask whether you and your mother have made any plans for the future. She shook her head. If he is we'll have nothing to sell.

But in any case we intend to get rid of the house. It had never occurred to him that they would sell their home, for when he had imagined the future with Julia he had pictured them living at the Manor, deriving infinite satisfaction from the thought of possessing an ancestral home he could never otherwise have achieved.

It's only that you seem so assured and successful without a wife that I can't imagine you settling down to domestic bliss! If I haven't married yet, it's because I've never fallen in love - until now. It's far too big.

You only want it out of a desire to help us. He smiled slightly. May I ask what you intend to do? You've a natural gift for it. Immediately after having a cup of tea he said goodbye to them and Julia saw him to the door. In the hallway he took out a card and scribbled a name on it. I'll have a word with him meanwhile and I'm sure he'll give you a job. But he's the top couturier in London - I wouldn't have the nerve to go and see him!

If he takes you it'll be because you're worth it. The weeks since his arrest had changed him from a jovial man with a military manner into an old man whose shuffling gait and nervous twitching bespoke nights of self-reproach, and Julia felt she. She and her mother returned the same day to Lammerton to begin the heartbreaking task of packing up their personal possessions in readiness for the auction.

The few servants, so newly engaged, had long since been paid off, and except for Julia's old nanny, she and her mother were alone in the house. While her mother concentrated on the final packing, Julia decided to go to London to look for a flat. It meant an unceasing round of agents and viewing, but the majority of the flats she saw were either too expensive or so cheap and miserable that she could not even consider them.

At last she settled for a small furnished flat in Bayswater, her heart sinking at the contrast between the three simple rooms and the comfort of her former life. However, she returned to her hotel feeling considerably more cheerful. She was just walking towards the lift when the desk clerk called her and she went over to find him holding out several message slips.

They were all from Conrad Winster, asking her to contact him at once. Instantly she knew a sense of disaster, and hurrying across to the telephone box in the lobby, dialled his number.

Almost as though he had been awaiting her call, he answered at once. The prison welfare officer called your mother and she got on to me. Where are you now? If there was any way I could harm him for what he did to my father.

I'm afraid. All those terrible things he said must have swayed the jury. It seemed an endless time until he arrived. I'd do it. Your father died this afternoon.. The man was only doing his duty.

Not until they were speeding out of London did she feel able to talk. Daddy would have been alive today. You'll probably want to be with your mother. Winster did not answer.

Cupboard Love

Winster was aghast when he saw where they intended to live. The pale spears struggling through the fibre into the light and the air above them seemed symbolic of Julia's own life. Sir Hugo having been declared bankrupt.

He did not like the little house. The following days were a nightmare. Winster insisted on remaining at the Manor throughout the ordeal of Sir Hugo's funeral and the auction which followed.

The crocuses the woman had planted in the window-box of her new tenants' sitting-room were putting forth their first green shoots when Julia and her mother finally moved into Cambrian Terrace. She was escorted up a wide flight of stairs carpeted in silver grey to where a pretty girl was seated at a desk in an alcove. What use would such a man have for someone without any experience? Julia was taken aback at her first sight of the famous couturier. He looked more like an athlete than a man who had made a fortune from his expert handling of materials.

It's Miss Trafford. He eyed her intently and she wished she had not had the temerity to come to him for a job. He waited till she had done so and then resumed speaking. With some trepidation she entered his tall.

Can I help you? He was so tall and broad that he seemed to fill the small office. She had imagined the well. When you arrive. I'm using my mother's maiden name of Trevelyan at the moment. I met him during the trial. You will be working under her direction. Leave your jacket on the chair. I mean I'd rather not be known here by my own name.

Roberta Leigh

But the work is not easy and you have much to learn before you can model my clothes. I hope you will be happy with us. The sunlight. I can use another girl. Winster was a friend of my father. She was introduced to each of them in turn and liked the first two immediately.

Julia followed her into a large room which seemed to be teeming with women. Miss Trevelyan. Her fears that her new supervisor would be a hard taskmistress turned out to be groundless. Claire Severn. She thanked him. She eyed Julia disdainfully and after the barest of greetings proceeded to ignore her. Jackie Fenton was a slim.

But Julia was too interested in watching what was happening to take notice of anyone's rudeness. On Monday she arrived at the salon. The third girl. All she was aware of was that for two days she peeled off one dress and slipped hastily into another. Because she was still too numb to feel any emotion. I'm going to use you. Throughout this time she met Winster periodically. To her amazement she was retained as a model even after Jackie's return.

Julia could never remember clearly the Show itself. She steeled herself to be unaware of the faces turned towards her as she entered the overheated. A speculative gleam came into his eyes and he snapped his fingers at her to stand up.

Three days before the Spring Show. One morning. You've been spoiling for my position ever since you came.

Claire's pale face flushed with anger. Claire was late in arriving. There was a rending sound and the heavily embroidered collar ripped away from the bodice. Didn't your father swindle enough money to keep you? Miss Trafford? Julia made to move past. At that moment. A girl who can wantonly destroy a work of art like my wedding dress. One look at the two girls told him. Despoir had kept the secret of her name and she was known only as Juliette. I should have realised it before.


But she refused most of them. For publicity's sake she was seen in his clothes at first nights and film premieres. She had to go. A girl of sophistication yet simplicity. He wasted no words on Claire until Julia had left the room again. Despoir was alone. At midnight her mother began to move restlessly and the night Sister was called.

A cubicle in one corner was covered by curtains and he led her over to it. She couldn't even live through an operation.

As he had said. Feeling she was reliving a sequence of events that had already taken place. Once more fate had shown its cruel hand in her life. Julia did so. It was late one afternoon in December that. There are too many internal injuries. I'm sorry. George's Hospital immediately. Julia was asked to wait outside the ward. Julia found a message asking her to go to St.

She's not conscious. Any faint hope she had had of her mother recovering now ebbed away. Do you live near here? Your mother wasn't happy. I'll be perfectly all right. Julia shook her head. Julia's composure dissolved and she burst into tears.

Cooper she broke down again. Cooper placated her. Yet when the Sister came out to see her. Cooper patted Julia's head awkwardly.

That's why I can't say yes. Will you marry me and come to America for our honeymoon? Now that she was alone. But she was not sure. She was honest enough to admit that without his company she would have been unbearably lonely in the months after her mother's death. He was a man who had always got what he wanted. I know I could make you love me..

That was the trouble. Yet could determination to make a woman fall in love with you actually cause it to happen? If she could be sure that the answer was yes. All she knew was that she enjoyed his company and looked forward to seeing him.

I want more time to think. Winster took her out more often. Give me longer.. His lips rested on hers. The public was notoriously fickle and her fame as a model would not enable her to continue with this sort of life indefinitely.

Two-Faced Woman by Roberta Leigh

Despoir is doing the fittings for the Spring Collection. I'm no early bird. Like other women. It was the first time he had held her and she was surprised at the gentleness of his touch. I'll be working late most evenings from now on. When they reached Cambrian Terrace she held out her hand. She had been starved of affection for so long that she found intense pleasure in his closeness and only realised that he was misinterpreting her mood when he pushed her further back against the seat and rested the weight of his body on hers.

To marry Conrad or to refuse him.. I didn't mean to frighten you. Have a good journey. He went to follow her. If only she knew the answer how much easier her problem would be. Had Conrad been able to arouse her because she was lonely and in need of love. But you're so beautiful. Leave me alone! Fear gave her strength and she struggled from his grasp.. I'll be back for my answer as soon as my trip is over. Julia made her entry first. Everyone at the Salon was in a state of hysteria.

It Was a nervousness which increased as the opening day drew near. The Salon itself was tightly packed. A buzz of chatter rose and fell in the heavily scented air. If only his things looked as good on me as they do on her. At ten minutes past the hour. What a gorgeous creature she is!

I wonder where he found her? Do you think she's a relation of his. He half turned and looked at his cousin. The first showing of the Collection was set for five o'clock in the afternoon.. Her dress was a dream of innocence. Watch her properly next time. She's still the most wonderful thing I've ever seen. As she walked. I don't believe that's her real name.

It was a masterpiece of cut that could only have come from Despoir and could only have been worn to advantage by a girl with as fine a figure as Julia. As the Collection neared its end the excitement mounted. The slow strains of the Wedding March seeped through the room and there was a gasp as Juliette stood framed in the archway.

At Despoir's command her hair was worn loose. In the dressing-room she lifted the lid and breathed in the heady scent. A card lay among the flowers. I think. The man watching could scarcely credit the change in her. Even so. Julia was intensely aware of the scrutiny he was subjecting her to. But these. There was something about him that struck a chord in her memory.

At lunchtime the next day Julia was handed a long cellophane box filled with freesias. How out of place he looked in this hothouse atmosphere! Although not handsome in the obvious sense.

Had it not been for the wedding dress I would have sent you orchids or tiger lilies. Gone was the exotic beauty of the past two hours. His face was gaunt. His hair. Memories she had long thought dead returned so vividly that she felt the present had no reality. It was impossible for her to speak to him.

She buried her head in her hands. As she came to the signature the blood drained from her face. Would you dine with me tomorrow night? I will telephone for your answer. Throughout the day Julia was scarcely aware of what she was doing. She was on the point of leaving for home when his telephone call came through.

Nigel Farnham! The one man she hated more than any other. How incredible that he should be writing to her so pleadingly. And now this same man who had been responsible for her father's death in prison was asking her to dine with him! It was irony too bitter to be appreciated. But this time he was wearing a wig and black gown. What happened. I suppose? Then I got lost. You have much better manners than your colleague. Swinging round. Nigel Farnham was unable to get Juliette out of his mind.

How could anyone in their right mind refuse to go out with a man like Nigel Farnham? Though he had put down the phone so sharply. The case I've been working on has ended more quickly than I thought it would. I was on my way to see Tony and took a short cut. He smiled. The idea of seeing Juliette again was somehow intriguing. I've got to make up my mind about my wedding dress and the rest of my trousseau.

Madame Angela noticed. I think they -were a bit windy about the decision of the judge. Would she be surprised or would she accept it as the normal behaviour of a besotted suitor?

His anger against her rose and he found himself accepting Liz's offer without being able to stop himself. Instinct told her that he had come solely to embarrass her.

When Julia walked into the salon to model the wedding dress for a client she was dismayed to find Nigel Farnham there. I thought you rather enjoyed it last time. Julia knew he was doing it deliberately.

The girl seemed to like everything that was shown to her. I love the wedding dress. My cousin is young. He thinks it's too—" she hesitated. It served to heighten her beauty. Liz looked at her gratefully. Seeing it made the man stop speaking with such abruptness that his cousin looked at him waiting for him to finish his sentence. But no matter what he said he was able to make the remark sound like an insult to the girl modelling it.

But her anger soon became apparent in her face. The expression she saw on his face reminded her of the way he had looked at Juliette when she had come to the salon with him on the first day of the Collection. Either a dress was too low or too high. Could Nigel have fallen in love at last? She longed to rush out and tell Tony. I guess I'm not used to having my invitations turned down The model is tired. Quickly he spoke.

Will you forgive me? I didn't realise. But I can assure that I haven't noticed anything unusual in your behaviour. But her desire to warn him was unnecessary. I wouldn't dream of it. Come back again tomorrow. He must have been crazy to have acted in such a rude and uncalled-for manner. But I don't blame you for making me grovel. The rest of her plan would have to be worked out later. Come now. This was one more little thing that would count against him. Poor Nigel Farnham! He anticipated a flirtation that would end when he tired of her or found someone else.

Power over a man she hated! All at once an idea came into her mind. For an instant she wondered whether he had led her into it deliberately. The knowledge filled her with triumph. If you'll let me have your address. I'll go out with you. Otherwise I really will think I've offended you. The right and wrong of her decision did not enter her mind. All she knew was that she had been given an opportunity to hurt this man as he had hurt and destroyed the two people she had loved best in the world.

Julia hid a smile. It was an emotion she had never. How little he guessed what her plans were! That night she slept very little. All she knew was that she had to say yes to him. With dismay she saw it was chauffeur-driven and knew that the testing time for her was coming sooner than she had anticipated. If only she had refused to go out with him!

With Mrs. Cooper had already let him in and was chatting in her usual voluble fashion.. He was smoking a cigarette and she noticed that his hands were long and thin. In evening dress he was taller and thinner than she had remembered.. Promptly at eight o'clock his car drew up outside the house.

He was a man to be reckoned with. The following night she dressed with more care than at any other time. Even as she continued to look at him she saw him become aware of her appearance.

Farnham appeared to be listening intently. Nigel Farnham escorted Julia to his car. Vengeance against Nigel Farnham. As the car moved off she turned to look at the man by her side. She had to control her true feelings. Despoir had always encouraged her to wear his clothes. Cooper still talking to them from the doorway.. More handsome too.

You're so. It means I wear his clothes. I refuse to believe you haven't had dozens of proposals. But if you make another stupid remark like the one you just have.

Damn it. But I asked you out because I hoped there was something more than just beauty. I'll know I was wrong! You are a lovely girl.. I hoped there was intelligence. It suits you. I'm sure many people have told you so already. An imp of mischief decided her to lead into the attack.

As he did so he half turned to her as though about to speak. Were you going to make me a proposal as well? And that's no idle compliment. I asked you out because I. He gave an exclamation and angrily stubbed out his cigarette. He lit it and she saw that his hands were shaking.

That's my real name. She had already done enough for one evening. I wasn't sure of your taste. They danced together frequently during the meal.. Despoir made up the other one. Nigel Farnham took her to the theatre and then to dinner at Tiberio.

She relaxed against the seat and could not help wondering what Conrad Winster would think if he could see her now. From now on. As she had expected. I didn't feel the name Juliette was yours. The show was a serious one. Until now I have never cared enough to. This man had broken her father. Desire stirred in her but was instantly quelled by distaste. And where you're concerned I get the feeling that every single man here would like to put a knife in my back and take you off.

The task she had set herself would not be a difficult one. His breath was warm on her cheek and from the tenseness of his shoulders she knew he was keeping a firm control on himself. Deliberately she softened against him.

Unable to stop himself. But there's a happy medium. They made such a striking couple that many people watched them. A month together.

I hate other men staring at you. She shivered with pleasure at the thought. He was in love for the first time in his life.

Farnham could not stop thinking about her. The few days until he could see her again seemed an eternity away. Before the month was out he had no need to wonder how he felt. He had been a fool not to have guessed that his desire would not be assuaged merely by seeing her. In love with a girl of whom he knew nothing. I'll be free to see you in the evening.

He chided himself for his behaviour. In the weeks that followed he pursued her with the same intensity he displayed to everything which concerned him.

When may I see you again? The effort of pretence was more tiring that she had known it would be. Call me on Monday. But even when he spoke his conversation was casual and she sensed that he was biding his time. And I always try and please my men. As soon as they had finished coffee he paid the bill and pushed back his chair. When he called for Julia on the Saturday morning of a warm. She leaned back in the seat of the small sports car and closed her eyes.

They stopped at a small hotel by the river near Maidenhead. Trust Nigel to make sure that everything was perfect! But none of her thoughts showed on her face as she sat opposite him and ate the well.

He wanted her completely and in every way: With a deft movement he turned the boat into a small inlet overhung with willows and. The colour gave him a boyish look. It was darker here.

The old man in it looked up at them. She edged against the side and he sat down next to her. Julia dabbled her fingers in the water. Suddenly Nigel raised his hand and a boat drew alongside. Soon they were skimming past the bank. I can manage. Several swans glided past.

She had never seen Nigel exert himself before and she was amused as his cheeks grew flushed with exertion. The boat rocked sharply and she looked up to see that he was moving towards her. They were so close that she felt his leg on her thigh. Why didn't she tell him her real name? What was preventing her from letting him know he had just asked to marry the daughter of a man whom he had helped send to prison? She thought of the many nights when she had imagined how he would look when she said the name Trafford.

I love you. I want you to marry me. Don't you care for me at all? I hope! You know how I feel about you. Tell me you love me. Once she told him her real name he would. I've made it obvious enough. Perhaps she had been thinking about it for so long that now. But none of them would come out and not even the thought of seeing the horror on his face could make her say anything.

I'll marry you. It's a question you've never asked me. She closed her eyes so that she could not see him. I'm a good judge of character. I wouldn't have got where I am today. We'll be so happy. Perhaps it was for this reason that she was silent. What you are can be seen on your face. So good that he had judged her father to be a crook.

So he was a good judge of character. Are you still shy of me.. So very happy. The gentleness with which he had always kissed her goodnight was replaced by a fierceness that took her by surprise. I've wanted to for so long. Never before had she made a gesture of affection towards him. But I'll never hurt you.. Remember that. He refused her offer of coffee and she apologised for not being able to offer him anything stronger.

No longer were his lips soft. Feeling as though she were playing a part. She struggled in his arms and sensing the fear that was there. I'll buy you everything you need in one week!

There's no reason for us to wait. I—" "Now don't give me any nonsense about a trousseau. If you—" "Nigel. If you like it we can buy it and move straight in. By the time we find another flat it—" "We don't need to look. Some friends of mine are going abroad and they've offered me their house. But I don't intend us to stay in the flat. I'll open accounts for you at all the big stores and you can get everything you want. It's as though you're afraid of letting your real self show. I've got a certain amount of furniture and we can get the rest quite easily.

What would he say if she told him honestly who she was?