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Connected book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. What if a 'Once in a Lifetime' could happen twice? Suffering from a. Connected ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Kim Karr · Connected: The Connections Series, #1. Kim Karr. InterMix, May ISBN: Connected Connections 1 By Kim Karr Pdf Download > teshimaryokan.info Show Spoiler. Resenha: S\u00e9rie Conections (Kim Karr) - Novo Romance.

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Kim Karr is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author known for Torn. Connections (Series). Book 2. Kim Karr Author Veronica Meunch Narrator. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Intense and sexy. I was riveted from the first line and couldn't put it down until the last word was read." ~New York Times bestselling. Editorial Reviews. Review. "THIS BOOK IS THRILLINGLY, BEAUTIFUL, REMARKABLE, Connected (The Connections Series, Book 1) - Kindle edition by Kim Karr. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

Losing a loved one is one of the worst nightmare scenarios imaginable and the author captured that feeling of utter loss and despair so vividly. Fiction world to me needs to present somewhat real life situations. And just like my dad, I got a second chance-it was her. I enjoyed this story it had a bit of everything, great music, mystery, heartbreak, and romance. But unlike him, I wasn't going to blow it.

I just can't stand that you got hurt. It kills me to see you like this, to know what could have happened to you. It just kills me.

Kim karr pdf connected

I already know my reassurances will go nowhere. So I repeat myself and contemplate making my way to the duffel bag lying next to the chair to get my socks and shoes and then go into the bathroom to change. But I plead one more time, "River, please turn around. He doesn't move toward me, but I can see the overwhelming emotion in his face and in his eyes. He's hurting. I can also hear it in his voice and his sorrow not only makes me sad, it tears at my heart. I've never been shy around him. I just know that I'm covered in bruises and I want so badly to spare him the heartache of seeing me this way.

His tone is barely audible. With a deep sigh I resign myself to his plea and pointing near the chair I ask, "Can you please hand me that? As I untie the ugly green gown and slide it down my arms, he watches me. The gown puddles on the floor and I stand there completely naked in front of him.

I watch as he looks at me. He scans my body from head to toe before his eyes drift back up to meet mine and he swallows. In an attempt to lighten the mood, I pick up the hospital gown and playfully toss it at him. At last. And all his love for me is now reflected in his eyes-it means everything to me. He strides around the bed and insists on helping me put on my panties and jeans.

I want to comment on how easy it would be for him to get in my pants right now, but I refrain. But when he ever so carefully starts to pull my sweater over my head, I can't hold back. Grabbing his hand, I press it over my heart and look at him. I won't break. I'll even let you get to second base," I say, sliding his hand down to cup my breast. He resists at first, but eventually sighs and brushes his thumb over my nipple.

A slow grin crosses his lips. I think I had a better chance with the pants. His eyes burn into mine as he moves his hand to cup my cheek. Leaning into my ear he whispers, "You better stop it. You're going to get me all worked up and when Nurse Smiley Face comes in here she's going to kick me out.

I silently wince a little in pain. My shoulder is sore, my wrist is sprained, and my body is bruised. The doctor wanted to cut off my bracelet, the only jewelry I was wearing, because of the swelling, but I begged him not to. It's the one thing of Ben's I have left and I need it to always remind me to live my life with no regrets. Once I'm dressed, he gently places his arms around my waist and pulls me to him.

Did I hurt you? Leaning back, he crosses his finger over his heart. I just want to throw my arms around his neck but my aching body won't let me, so I settle for circling my arms around his waist instead. He, in turn, slips his back around mine and we just hold each other. Then he kisses each of my eyelids and rests his forehead against mine. And with each passing second I can feel our love growing stronger, if that's even possible. We stay like this in silence until the nurse enters the room.

She clears her throat and he whispers, "Nurse Smiley Face caught us again, I'm in trouble now. She's nice, but she didn't like it that River stayed the night. And once last night when I asked him to lie next to me, she came in to check my vitals and made him get off the bed.

She takes my blood pressure one last time and goes over the discharge instructions left by the doctor-basically rest, no strenuous activities, and if I experience headaches of any kind I am to see my doctor immediately.

Once I've signed all the paperwork, the nurse calls for an orderly and when he arrives he wheels me to the door.

River gets his car and we are finally allowed to leave the hospital. He decided earlier that we should spend the night in Tahoe and head home in the morning. On the way to the hotel, he looks over at me.

Why are they here? They're here to make sure you're okay. I'm fine. I wanted to be able to be close to you. To take care of you if you need anything. But why did Caleb come? Do Xander and Caleb even really know each other? They've met a few times, actually. And since I decided yesterday to hire Caleb to install additional security in our house, I thought it would be a good idea to discuss the upgrade with him before we get home.

That way he can start on it as soon as possible. Automatyczne logowanie Zarejestruj. Zaloguj Anuluj. Torn Connections 2 by Kim Karr. Opublikowany Torn Karr. I finished this book a few days ago and am only now finding it in me to sit down to write this review. Dahlia has been with her boyfriend, Ben, for as long as she can remember and she loved him. Then one night at a bar she meets River Wilde, lead singer of The Wilde Ones, and their connection was instantaneous and it confused the crap out of Dahlia.

It was hot and steamy and you knew these two had something special. The connection was like nothing I'd ever felt before. For a moment there, I felt as though I believed in love at first sight, which I didn't.

And this all happened in the second chapter!

Despite their connection, Dahlia knew she couldn't act on her feelings, heck she didn't even understand her feelings, so she left and returned to Ben.

Fast forward five years and Dahlia's life is marred by tragedy, but she finds herself face to face with River Wilde once more. And even though years have pasted since that one night, the connection is still there - this feeling like they were soul mates. This book was a love story told so beautifully you were completely caught up in these characters. Despite being a love story, there were some I say odd because while I was reading I had no idea why some of these random things kept happening.

But rest assured, there is an answer and the ending will shed light on some of the more curious happenings. Now let me address the ending a little bit more.

This was by far one of the best "cliffhanger" endings I have read in a very long time. I literally screamed out loud when this book finished demanding to know more.

I know everyone has a different opinion on these type of endings but I absolutely loved it and now cannot wait until the second book, TORN comes out. I know it will definitely be worth the wait. I am officially a full fledge card member of the Kim Karr fan club - in fact I may even be up for President.

Torn (Connections #2) by Kim Karr - Pobierz epub z teshimaryokan.info

I love her story and love her ideas. I even love her more that she named a character Ben Covington which coincidentally has the same name as one of my favorite characters from TV - Scott Speedman's character from Felicity. And on a final note, she found a way to incorporate Kellan Kyle Thoughtless series and Jake Weathers The Mighty Storm into the story as well - brilliant! View all 8 comments.

Will this reader be reading it? The answer is Once you meet River Wilde, I think you too will feel connected. Connected is the story of Dahlia London who has been with her boyfriend Ben forever. Ben is a great character and he sure loves his Dahlia. One night, she spots and falls for River Wilde. Their connection was earth shattering and Dahlia knew it would be her undoing so she flees the scene.

Five years later, when life has dragged Dahlia through the depths of despair, our heroine connects with River Wilde once again. I enjoyed this story it had a bit of everything, great music, mystery, heartbreak, and romance. There were twists and secrets that have left me anxiously awaiting the next book. Ladies, I didn't know what to expect when I received Connected beyond knowing that there was a "boy in the band. Dahlia's life with her loving parents was picture perfect in the beginning.

Her love of music is highlighted in the book along with going to concerts with her father, who also LOVED music, at Cows Palace, where he worked. Aerie cracked me up when the book opened and she had Dahlia accompany her to a local bar to hear a band play.

Ben has been a permanent fixture in Dahlia's life since she was in Kindergarten what started out as a friendship to last a lifetime turned into love, a love that held such promise, and also some secrets that were exposed and almost drove Dahlia away. But let's get back to the beginning of Connected.

Dahlia arrives at the bar and hears the most beautiful voice she's every heard and I would say she was entranced but with the Halloween partiers at the bar she couldn't get a good look at the stage. As she's at the bar waiting to order some adult beverages , not that Aerie needed any more ; , she turns and This is our first introduction to the infamous River Wilde and ladies he will This "connection" and staring fest isn't one-sided in any way, shape or form.

River is just as strongly attracted to Dahlia as she is him. The author did a wonderful job describing, form Dahlia's POV, their first interaction right down to the teasing, flirting, and immediate electricity between the two. If this was me I'd But Dahlia feels that River is "dangerous" and one look from him and he can see into her soul and oh yes, Ben, remember him, Ben her loving boyfriend.

So like any good girlfriend she skedaddles with Aerie back to Ben's Frat House after leaving River, the lead singer of The Wilde Ones, with an implied promise she'd wait for him after his show. Well fast forward a few years. Dahlia's graduated from Stanford and Ben has began his start as an "amazing" journalist and they are getting ready to go to an award ceremony where Ben will be recognized for a story he investigated and broke; but Ben is being very sentimental and wants a little Well on their way the unthinkable happens.

Something that had me Oh Lord, barely into the book and my heart is breaking already I love that okay I'm a little masochistic went it comes to my books. It will leave you Before everything went down Dahlia worked as a cover photographer for Sound Music which is where Aerie happens to work.

Will he remember Dahlia? Is there really that "connection"? Now that his band is making it will he want anything to do with Dahlia? So let's just say the meeting had me But I was fine with that! As one of my updates I mentioned I never knew doing this I can't wait for you to read that part. I literally laughed and swooned and then thought WOW too bad toothpaste makes me gag: River does talk Dahlia in to returning to LA with him and she meets up with his sister, Bell, and brother, Xander, at the bar, Smitten's, that he band rehearses at.

We get a little of this These two might not have it "easy" but damn they are meant to be together and we get to watch the relationship bloom. The story switches to Rivers POV cue up the You will find up until we are in River's head that he is so damn perfect with his "beautiful girl, sexy girl, overall HIS girl" his terms of endearment towards her DID it for me!

I loved how he never let a day go by without expressing his feelings for Dahlia and how he viewed her. But wait there is some he alludes to, while really in his head, that had me River will do anything for Dahlia!

He takes out for Valentine's Day which leads to a little discussion between the two about River and his band and where they had been and who they had met that had me You will see when you read it and of course, River and Dahlia's chemistry between the sheets is so darn explosive you will need to either take a cold shower, grab a loved one and "get it on" or be like me not wanting to put the book down and use that Kindle to fan yourself.

Now back to how I was feeling from this point on. After V-Day I was Happy oh I'm so Happy it's perfect!!! Then darn it something happens that left me I literally couldn't talk, no joke, I had to process I did a lot of..

My mind is blow right now!!! Kudos to Kim Karr for delivering an ending to a book that left me without one damn word flowing through my itty brain. I'm quite surprised my Kindle is intact. Connected is a 5 star book for me!

I loved the journey it took me on. I loved that I questioned if we get a second chance at finding our "one" true love. I loved that it made you question love at first sight and soul mates! I felt the pain that Dahlia experienced.. The loss of loved ones that had me taking deep breaths at the beginning of the book so I could breathe through my cathartic cry fest but I did laugh as much as I cried and I did smile as much as I cried.

I recommend that you purchase Connected as soon as possible. I had to purchase it I have to own that's how much I loved it! I really want you to experience this book because it is an experience. I want you to pay attention to the song's selected for each Chapter and the lyrics that are provided at the beginning of each Chapter because this will enrich your experience!

Ughhhhh, don't want to wait but I have a feeling it will be worth it! View all 7 comments. Feb 19, What a great way to set up book 2! This book was completely different than what I was expecting. I love that! This author kept me guessing the whole time! What a great surprise this was! View all 31 comments. Smut Monday Club pick. This was another "nothing new to see here" kind of book, which is the main reason I'm giving it the heave-ho.

I'd heard the ending got crazy but I didn't want to have to keep reading in order to get to that point. The language phrasing bordered on cheese sometimes, which also wasn't helping.

But it wasn't just a kiss. It was so much more. When our tongues met, it felt like our souls connected with each other as they passed through each other's mouths. I was also whispering in your mouth. If you're falling for another person, then fall for them for who they are, not who they are compared to someone else.

But I now know all 10, details about how hot the lead character is. I think River's description was going on and off for about 4 pages, there was that much of an info dump on the character thrown at us.

His eyes alone had so many different descriptions that I got tired of it. I kept going until the first sex scene because I was curious if the steam factor would add something but the sex felt very mechanical to me. There were lots of generic CR terms floating around and not much actual feeling or hey Plus, having a hard, wanton nipple just sounds strange. Ben spoiler view spoiler [His death was very strange.

Kim Karr eBooks

He gets out of a car and is shot and that's about it. That scene could have used more description. There was no reason to feel any emotion because the scene went by so fast.

Karr connected pdf kim

Will he come back to life, perhaps? I did love the little icon pictures as chapter breaks. There was a Solo cup for one scene and a pearl necklace no, not that kind! This was a fun attention to detail that actually worked for me.

View all 13 comments. I love books that tell you what the characters are listening to or incorporates lyrics, even if they aren't books with rock stars in them. If there is a rock star, that's a bonus. I also love when a heroine has her inner struggle and ultimately ends up going with her gut.

Dahlia London does just that. River is sexy, smooth and SO in love with Dahlia it melts your heart. The end of the book was my favorite.

It is a bit of a cliff hanger, but not your typical cliff hanger. This is one that leaves you with so many questions running through your head. I can't wait for the next book, so I can get my questions answered.

As I sit here trying to catch my breath from this most amazing book, the only word that comes to mind is Brilliant. This story literally left me breathless and craving more. I was given the great honor to beta read this book for Kim. Thinking I would take a few days to soak it all in, I curled up on the sofa to read just a few chapters. Before I knew it, I was neglecting everyone and everything around me to get to the end of the story. I promise, you will devour every page of this boo Brilliant.

I promise, you will devour every page of this book as if it were your last. Every sensual description of River will leave you swooning. He is one book boyfriend you will never forget! This is one novel you do not want to miss, folks! Mark my words, this debut novel will be climbing the best seller charts quickly. Read it! You will not be disappointed One in her past, Ben, the man she grew up who was there through every moment of happiness and tragedy.

He was her first love, her first everything. Dahlia met him in college, and felt an instant earth shattering connection. When Dahlia and River cro 3. When Dahlia and River cross paths again, that same connection is there and nothing is in the way to stop it. Feeling light-headed, I close my eyes. His words are so moving, so raw, so emotional. He kisses each of my eyelids and hovering his mouth over mine, he talks around my lips.

I love romances that stem from and are rooted in a long history. Also, he just felt so male. He was possessive, jealous, and so very sexual.

The scene right before they go to his award dinner showed me how completely he was into Dahlia, at the time. However, after a few revelations later in the story I have to say, he disappointed me. River on the other hand was all-consuming, caring, observant and unselfish with Dahlia. Their relationship felt right even if it was all-out from the minute they reconnect.

He was all about her, and she was all about him. Have you ever been with someone who just completely got you?

Dahlia and River are a prime example of that. I always worry about the outside attention ruining things. Connected does leave you on a mother of a cliffhanger, but I did see this coming. I did really enjoy Connected, it had chemistry and spark in spades. However, I did have a couple of issues. First, there was a lot of telling instead of showing, which I guess some of that is a little unavoidable with first person narrative.

Over and over she tells us how connected, how amazing, and how handsome she finds River. Over and over she compares her feelings for Ben against her feelings for River.

It releases in October. A copy was provided by Penguin through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Amy Tannenbaum. Where to start This book was recommended to me by someone whose opinion I hold in high regard. I finished this book in 6 hours and I can honestly say that I loved every second of the minutes that were dedicated to the amazing story of River and Dahlia.

The beginning of Where to start The beginning of the story tested my patients. Every moment after the bar, I wanted Ben gone. I can only speak for myself, but I really appreciated how Dahlia still had some internal struggles being with River. Even if it is for River Wilde As for River Looking at flights to LA.

Wondering how to explain a trip to see a completely fictional character to my husband. Swoon some more. Sigh a lot more. Try to sleep. Think how hard is it to play a guitar. Wonder if sitting near a river this summer while re-reading about River will be poetic. Try to sleep again but realize that Holy Hell!

I have the paperback, and as the remaining pages begin to dwindle, I was getting frantic.

Shit was about to hit the fan — I could feel it in my bones. Or at least as much as I could on public transportation during rush-hour. View all 3 comments. Review posted at: Ridiculously A-maz-ing Cover!! The losses in Dahlia London's distant and recent past define tragic.

Fairytale endings are just that Struggling to rebuild her life and her soul, Dahlia returns to her combined love of photography and music and, in Review posted at: Struggling to rebuild her life and her soul, Dahlia returns to her combined love of photography and music and, in turn, reconnects with a man from her past.

One she felt an instant connection to. One who never quite left her mind. Their connection is, once again, instantaneous. Dahlia feels immense joy. Her grief is lifting. Her soul has met its mate. At the same time, it's hard to let go of the past completely. River is determined that nothing and no one will part them this time. He's just as determined to fully heal the emotional trauma of Dahlia's past.

Sometimes, though, the past intrudes on the present. Kim Karr knew exactly how to catch my attention and keep it, particularly during the first and final third of this story.

There is such intense emotion early on in this story, and, I admit, it did cause a brief ugly cry.

Karr pdf kim connected

I felt I was walking Dahlia's path with her during this time, and I found myself deeply absorbed by this portion of the story in particular. I loved the old concert t-shirts which were a staple of Dahlia's wardrobe. I found myself looking forward to reading which one she would be wearing next! I do wish, personally, that aspects of River's musical career were explored more in the story rather than used as a backdrop.

Dahlia and River have some beautiful, sexy and intense moments together throughout this story. Their story, as a couple, is very romantic.

I found Dahlia equally as interesting individually. On the surface, she and I are very different, but I was able to relate to her on several levels, and I felt her character was terribly compelling. I have to say, usually I see things coming, but this ending surprised me! It is a cliffhanger ending, but it does not end mid-scene or in a horribly frustrating spot.

Karr connected pdf kim

You WILL want the second book ASAP, but you won't or shouldn't go all-out postal with where the story leaves off; Kim Karr has a fantastic 'voice' which will only continue to grow and refine with experience, I know. Technically, the writing flows and is very well edited. This is a first-rate debut, and I am thrilled and excited to see what else this author has in store for us!! Dahlia London was someone I fell in love with straight away, she was living the college dream with the guy she was in love with Ben.

Dahlia hasn't put two and two together but im sure in book two she will. Dahlia life has changed a lot since she last saw those Green eyes, she hasnt lived a life for the last two years, everything has been black. I guessed the end was about to happen it turns to rivers pov and we see that in fact something big is going to happen their love is too perfect. View all 5 comments. I did NOT see that ending coming!

That last little bit tossed me off my reading chair In shock! Well played Kim Karr. Well played. You're good! Okay, now that I got that out of the way let me tell you about this book After the death of her parents and later her uncle, he was the only family she could come to rely on.

As time progressed, their friendship grew into love and their plans for a perfect happily ever after were right on track. One night during a college fraternity party, Dahlia leaves Ben behind to hit the local bar with her best friend. Five years later, tragedy hits Dahlia once again, and she goes into a deep depression trying to overcome the devastation of a horrific loss. Their shared moments, conversations, and off the charts chemistry made their attraction for one another feel very real.

River was absolutely perfect in this story. His actions and moments of sincerity won me over despite how much I initially came to like Ben.

I loved the shift in perspective between Dahlia and River. It was captivating to see into both of their minds and hearts. The narrative was perfect for this book.

He came across grounded but still had that rock star quality I find appealing. He definitely commanded the stage in this book and he blended perfectly with Dahlia. Also, the turns and twists of this story were incredibly executed. I did not, for one moment, believe I had a handle on the flow of the storyline and I was proven right at the very end. What an ending! Color me shocked and incredibly impressed with the brilliance of the twist.

Well executed and perfectly timed. Overall, Connected is an incredibly addicting read. I loved the pacing, the chemistry between the characters, and the explosive turn of events at the end.

Sign me up for book two! View all 19 comments. This I knew from the moment your eyes met mine. You were my once in a lifetime.

This I knew the first time I whispered into your ear and my heart stopped. La estrella. Kim Karr vive en Florida con su esposo y cuatro hijos. Siempre le. PDF File: Connections - Tome 1: Connected de Kim Karr litjungle. Connected de Kim Karr Tome 2: Bargaining and Network Structure: Connected Connections 1, Kim Karr.. Cet Ebook est Banni du site - Ne pas demander ni uploader.

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