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In Bodies That Matter, Judith Butler further develops her distinctive theory of gender by examining the workings of power at the most "material" dimensions of sex. Bodies that matter: On the discursive limits of “sex” / Judith Butler. p. cm.—( Routledge classics). First published by Routledge. Includes bibliographical . pdf. Bodies / Matter: Narratives of Corporeality (Martor 20/). Pages .. New iconographies of matter female body and the mysterious substance allowed .

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1 Bodies that Matter 2 The Lesbian Phallus and the Morphological Imaginary 3 Phantasmatic Identification and the Assumption of Sex 4 Gender Is. File:Butler Judith Bodies That Matter On the Discursive Limits of Sex pdf . pdf (file size: MB, MIME type: application/pdf). Bodies that Matter is a feminist philosophical attempt to (re)think „the body‟. Judith Butler, the writer of Bodies that Matter also uses this medium to reply the criticism of her previous book titled Gender Trouble. Butler also revealed that materiality has a certain.

National Printing interested in the geographical position much more detailed for instance, these also Plant, Bucharest, of the village, the condition of wells, contained details such as the quantity of How can the social theory of Pierre Bourdieu assist sport management research? The size and the accompanying ideological conflicts created an alienating and hostile atmosphere for later SDS women. She focusses specifically on the role of bodies and visibile diversity. The other side of the sixties: She recalls a time when she wrote a letter to New Guard in support of an article on conservative feminism, only to be told by the male editor that her letter would not be printed because the issue had run its course and was not important.

Only through such an ever-growing cross-racial struggle against racism can we begin to achieve a sense of all the lives that really do matter. The dialogue draws heavily on her book Precarious Life: The Powers of Mourning and Violence. On May 11, , Butler led a group of scholars in writing a letter to New York University following the sexual harassment suit filed by a former NYU graduate student against his advisor Avital Ronell.

The signatories acknowledged not having had access to the confidential findings of the investigation that followed the Title IX complaint against Ronell.

That matter pdf bodies

Nonetheless, they accused the complainant of waging a "malicious campaign" against Ronell. The signatories also wrote that the presumed "malicious intention has animated and sustained this legal nightmare" for a highly regarded scholar. James J.

Spirituality and Materiality:Why Bodies Matter - Oxford Scholarship

Marino, a professor at Cleveland State University and a member of the MLA, started a petition to demand Butler's resignation or removal from her post. He argued that "Protesting against one instance of punishment is only a means to the larger end of preserving senior faculty's privilege of impunity. The time for doing business that way is over.

We should never look back. I extend that same apology to MLA members.

Butler lives in Berkeley with her partner Wendy Brown and son, Isaac. Butler has had a visiting appointment at Birkbeck, University of London —. All of Butler's books have been translated into numerous languages; Gender Trouble , alone, has been translated into twenty-seven different languages. In addition, she has co-authored and edited over a dozen volumes—the most recent of which is Dispossession: The Performative in the Political , coauthored with Athena Athanasiou.

Over the years she has also published many influential essays, interviews, and public presentations. Butler is considered by many as "one of the most influential voices in contemporary political theory," [89] and as the most widely read and influential gender theorist in the world.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Judith Butler. Cleveland, Ohio , U. Continental philosophy third-wave feminism critical theory queer theory postmodernism post-structuralism performative turn. Feminist theory political philosophy ethics psychoanalysis phenomenology discourse embodiment sexuality gender theory Jewish philosophy. Gender as social construction gender performativity.

Hegel Simone de Beauvoir. Feminism analytical epistemology ethics existentialism metaphysics Gender equality Gender performativity Social construction of gender Care Ethics Intersectionality Standpoint Theory. Main article: Gender Trouble. Further information: The New York Times. Retrieved 23 August Retrieved November 2, Retrieved 29 May Environment and Planning D: Society and Space.

Bodies Matter: Professional Bodies and Embodiment in Institutional Sport Contexts

Retrieved 14 July Columbia Spectator. Retrieved 9 October McGill Reporter. Jewishness and the Critique of Zionism " ". Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. Retrieved September 23, Israel vertritt mich nicht".

Spirituality and Materiality:Why Bodies Matter

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New York: Reprinted in Quick Studies: The signification of sex is also addressed in connection with Monique Wittig in the section "Monique Wittig: Bodily Disintegrations and Fictive Sex," pp. Oxford reference Online Premium. January Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. A reader 1 Sexuality in the academy". Women's Studies International Forum. On the Discursive Limits of "Sex". Sexual politics, social change and the power of the performative.

Excitable Speech: A Politics of the Performative. Similarly, MacKinnon's appeal to the state to construe pornogra- phy as performative speech and, hence, as the injurious conduct ofrep- resentation, does not settle the theoretical question of the relation between representation and conduct, but collapses the distinction in order to enhance the power of state intervention over graphic sexual representation. The History of Sexuality: An Introduction. Vol 1. Robert Hurley. A censorship of sex?

There was installed [since the 17th century] rather an apparatus for producing an ever greater quantity of discourse about sex, capable of functioning and taking effect in its very economy.

Undoing Gender. What were the real reasons behind David Reimer's suicide? Retrieved February 13, Fordham University Press. White Rabbit: English Studies in Latin America. Archived from the original PDF on April 3, Rainer, 4.

Judith Butler

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In Tracy, Sarah W. Reinventing the Sick Buda ed. Paralela 45, Parhon, M. Milcu, Medicine, Holism in Biomedicine, —, eds. Christopher Lawrence et Parhon, C. Discurs rostit la 20 mai practica medica. Tecniche Nuove. Vasilescu Karpen.

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F or Romanian historiography, the its contemporaries, with lights and shadows second half of the 19th century and where the fears and phantasms of a society the beginning of the 20th century in forced march on modernization path represent a fortunate, almost triumphal, were hiding. But the catastrophic visions period in the evolution of modern and the national apocalypses sometimes Romania.

In seven decades, Romanians put their imprint upon contemporaries who achieved in turn all the national ideals acted on the strength of them ofering them of 19th century: One would have expected these national state at the middle of the 19th progresses to be perceived accordingly in century is in keeping with the broader the era, and so they were; nobody could process of ediication of nation states in have ignored them.

Nevertheless, to the South Eastern Europe. At the time, the evolution independence, but at a diferent level and of Romania was seen a little bit diferent by with diferent means. What is all started with an enormous handicap: Felix , In , as I territories south of the Danube even the lack was saying, the medical body had already of an agrarian elite, complementary with a been Romanianized, a fact that would have huge peasantry mass that made the national a huge inluence upon the medical discourse social body.

So, the stake of modernization we are about to analyze. Hence the interest of the signiicance. But even earlier, in the previous the 19th century meant the discovery of folk decade, physicians started to draw a physical literature and the decades that followed, the portrait of Romanian peasant in darker feminine elite mostly adopted the holiday and darker touches.

Doctor G. Until , when the from the air are a true poison. Feeble people irst cohort of physicians formed at the have such little strength that even when Faculty of Medicine of Bucharest University they sit in one place they try to sit so as not graduated, higher medical studies could to get tired. Look in the countryside where Most of the physicians practicing in the many women are gathered together and you United Principalities until had been will see that they do not sit right, but leaned foreigners.

In the past decades of the century forward and on their knees, or with their the ratio changed dramatically; on October back against something; they do not keep 1, , there were no less than Ph. We do not talk here of the peasant keeper or mayor was bouncing, making the women from the mountains, that are red, ground tremble. Romania, was turned into a clinical case. If for doctor G. We deem it to be the most popularized was due to a precise pathology, doctors Romanian medical writing at the end of the Nicolae Manolescu and M.

Roth made 19th century. When anymore as robust and healthy beings. All the positive view. Initially, when I was scenario of the era could be briefed as not fully familiarized with the medical follows: As everywhere in alcoholism, but I was wrong.

Romania was not an the 19th century, there was an explosion of exception. In order to weight etc. We have seen that military physician Z. Of course was never individual; it was a disease of the that the military aptitude of the physical social body with symptoms and speciic characteristics of the population was causes that physicians tried to identify inversely proportional to the state of race and circumscribe.

On a diferent occasion, degeneration. We have started naturally irst time in the process of conscription. One of these doctors, Z. Petrescu, was In other words, we were interested in the the father of the statistics of conscription elements physicians took into account when in Romania.

Ater , the medical commissions the entire country, the general picture was of recruitment were composed of civilian less loaded with negative nuances because physicians and only in were they it seemed that, during their ieldwork, not entrusted to military physicians. Petrescu would succeed in situation as happy as the one presented by obtaining statistical data from all recruiting doctor Petrescu: Let us remember full of life … the mountain man is brave the descriptions of the rural population of and cheerful, and the mountain woman the plains made by Doctor G.

In vigorous and cheerful. In the statistical result of my tables and may say he same year though, Doctor C. Istrati fully sees too many youngsters exempted on the used the recruiting statistics to demonstrate grounds of feeble constitution. It is true, but the state of degeneration of the Romanian this contradiction is nothing but apparent; population. Furthermore, Doctor C. Of the — and for the whole country for two — young men who presented themselves, and Petrescu , We can, thus, see the Doctor I.

Nicolescu, recruiting physician pitfalls of such evaluations and get an idea in Muscel County, describes the physical regarding the manipulations it could bring aspect of the few tens of cases of height about. When he was appointed recruiting exemption: Faced with such testimonies of recruits in front of them was degrading.

Istrati was iercely in defended a Ph. His sources were the recruiting true was also real. His analysis was no longer what it had been in Apparently, a normal from Rickety constitution what is nowhere but here to be seen, is the and incomplete development alone were huge number of feeble constitutions; When compared to the statistics went in two years from only What does this prove if not the sickly have been 31, recruits; nevertheless, state, if not the physical degradation, our it was 1, units higher.

In conclusion: Doctor C. As from military service on stature grounds you may suspect, the results were similar. Gugea started from h. Gugea and, thus, a positive parameter was that there was a connection between the of race degeneration.

One year ater dr. Even came from and race degeneration: In our country, all these faults in as conclusions, quite diferent. Doctor the physical constitution of the population Nicolae Soiu was, like his coordinator, an cannot be justiied through racial optimist; nothing could convince him that diferences, because even if there are parts of the race had degenerated: And doctor h.

Doctor N. Romanian population was degenerating; And in this ield the surprises came and then he placed this degeneration from where you least expected it: Doctor by distrusting the organization of recruiting Felix used a composite index: Moreover, At the end of his career, a few years Doctor Iacob Felix found in the recruitment before death, Doctor Iacob Felix was fully statistics from the conditions that conident in the physical qualities of the allowed doctor Donath in to declare the native population and he was convinced that degeneration of the population in modern Romania was on the right track.

Did of the Romanian people November , Doctor Felix reach in the conclusion was convinced that the sanitary situation drawn by Doctor Istrati in ? Hard to of Romania generally and of the peasant believe. Ater this avalanche of bad news, population in particular was critical. Doctor Felix degeneration that could be seen better in the had more conidence in his own intuition statistics of recruitment.

Doctor Iacob Felix , even if the statistics of recruitment was one of them, but he was a special case. Millo, the great A common sense assertion of just a landowner in Moldavia, a good connoisseur particular situation of our physician?

In that he degenerated because of fasting. In by the plague of alcoholism, tormented other words: And we must admit: Chernbah, Radu.

Cinci introduceri [Food for Patients in Hospitals]. Spitalul, XXV: Five Introductions]. Obedenaru, Georgiade. Despre friguri. Romanian Kingdom in]. Mic tractat Felix, I.

Gugea, h.

Pdf bodies that matter

Istrati, C. Soiu, Nicolae. During this period, the qualities inluenced by the physical or social population and its collective body became environment. In the galtonian eugenics the subject of a whole range of reforms.

Ordinul nr. Physicians had to legitimate mortality and alcoholism 1.

Hospitalization outpatient units. Rural Research and Education he introduction of this procedure resulted in an increasing number of treatments and here were various measures to question examinations of female patients: Physicians tried to spread of venereal disease did not have the approach individuals with their health care same ratio in the Apuseni mountain villages programmes and individual treatments and and in the rural area of Cluj see Stanca interrogations.

Traiul lung. Since the 19th century, Not accidentally, of course, since the midwife, standing at the crossline of legitimate and illegitimate Ater WWI, similar measures in provincial Transylvania of curing seemed justiied again, and the territory was venereal diseases was mercury steam bath increasingly taken into consideration. Unfortunately, some townspeople dressed in urban wear, Vol. Monitorul Oficial [i Imprimeriile Statului.

Bucure[ti, Minis- try of Health and Social indication of the intent of the research: Issues and Achievements. Official Gazette creators of the questionnaire were equally on villages in Cluj County but these were and State Printing Plant. National Printing interested in the geographical position much more detailed for instance, these also Plant, Bucharest, of the village, the condition of wells, contained details such as the quantity of In addition to thoroughly Hungarian population as well, Hungarian Commission for recording all the patients and making physicians never paid as much attention to Syphilis Studies , Central Historical State these records centrally accessible, the them as the Romanian ones.

Despite the Archives of Bucharest, physicians also made regular informative fact that this research was considered from Ministry of Labor Funds, Folder no. It is the and September In the s, all prostitutes he Medical and Bio-Political were forced to attend medical examinations, Department of ASTRA a Romanian and, in case of illness, they spent weeks in right-wing cultural organization from hospital. Physicians examined servants once Transylvania also played an important a week, they introduced the regular medical role in informing the masses and in examination of factory workers, school popularizing the principles of eugenics and children and students, peasants living in the national biology.

Its physicians lectured countryside; the new cases of illness were in Transylvanian settlements, and kept communicated to the authorities by village contact with local intellectuals such as physicians and midwifes; in one word, priests and school teachers, to whom they everything and everybody was mobilized.

Levaditi, who had gained of course, with the use of other methods and fame in Paris as well, was one of the most means. It may not have knowledge, which also explained extra- been accidental that the commissioner of the marital relations. Marketing was considered very important Depending on the ethnic film projection, the organization and the purpose of educating the population on composition of the audience, the ilms were presentations are found certain health issues.

Matter pdf that bodies

The reaction of the press to 8 Dr. According to the weekly projection in Arad: In his speech — among Cluj. The newspaper probably the ilm. This is where the doctor shows rendering the thoughts of the scriptwriter Shiva the result of the Wassermann test and himself expands on the metaphor in the the difference between her blood and pure, title, illustrating how the dimensions of non-infected blood: The Story he structure of the almost 45 minute-long ilm is made up of a frame narrative and a dream story inserted therein.

His wife, Doria, the world famous singer of the theatre, is a modern woman, who is an exemplary mother of two, and also has a brilliant career. She is practically the supporter of the family, because her husband is unemployed. This image — as the doctor points to the She is the perfect image of a respectable, infected blood and the difference between modern, money-earning woman.

Because the infected and healthy blood — could be the of her artistic talent, she is greatly admired metaphor of the ilm, but also an emblematic in the city. However, the second scene of the message of the entire anti-venereal action. In this same scene we itself, even if you feel very well There ing referred to her as dancer, but the Hungar- are also introduced to Georges Pradel, the is only one effective medication: Then he draws to make associations.

They were conveyed as who was treated also in secret in case she was blood from the man and places it under the captions. The ilm shows an suspicion. This is a new igure shown not of the syphilis-infected woman. The ill man Fig. The image message for the viewer is that nothing can always shows the same thing: The diagnosis is, therefore, knowledge about the body.

Jean Comandon, methods, but visible solely by medical As Sylvain sees all this, he becomes see Lefebvre and this is also the subject means. However, the cause of reality, of the desperate and feels remorse. Then we contra o Espirocheta Palido The story on a regular basis.

Look what awaits you Sylvain disobeys the doctor and, thus, a if you do not. Let me introduce whole series of tragedies starts. Doria, you to the syphilis. Sequences experienced even the tragedy of his own of real images were cut into the ilm to death, the doctor appears and wakes Sylvain make the damage caused by syphilis even up to inform him: Shiva is dead, she has more illustrative.

Patients appear in front committed suicide. The viewer is relieved of the camera interestingly, members of Fig. We are shown an old man with lesions on his face, a little boy without a nose, a child with a certain disability. We return to the story, but another digression appears, a story within the story: Anti-Venereal Disease Campaigns of Cluj Physicians in Inter-War Provincial Transylvania as this awakening suggests that there is America, over ilms were produced still hope for a different ending to the story.

In suicide attempts. But there is more to it: The frame story follows the entitled On doit le dire [It must be said] medical script: Lefebvre His ilm, which grasped the subject in motifs wife says goodbye with forgiveness and similar to those applied by Janovics and his affection.

The story ends, however, in an colleagues. Aubert et alii , Medical makers, appeared as guards, saviours, organizations were aware of the inluential healers of the nation and began a major effect of the ilm ever since the beginning process of institutionalization, complex of the 20th century; therefore, this means research, and information and treatment of was often applied for various reasons huge masses.

Marius Turda 3, 5. ENS Editions. Moldovan, Iuliu. Ionela lui. Reagan, Leslie J. Imaginarul corpului uman. Editura Paideia. Reagan et alii, 1— University of Rochester Press. Stanca, Dominic. Bokor Zsuzsa. Race, Blood and Cluj: Eugen- Voina, Aurel. Combaterea boalelor venerice. The access road for the Tichilesti hospital located near the gate of the institution. On the let, beyond the fence, opposite a cultivated ground area, you can see a three-loor building comprising a church.

With his help I gained access to the leprosarium, as he is trying to open the institution a little bit, to let the world see that leprosy is not that frightful and ight the isolation a little bit, as he puts it. From this angle, the entire hospital resembles a panopticon, as 2 Due to anonymity the administrative staf have a good view reasons, all the names of all the sectors. As leprosy where you can get a cell-phone signal. For with some benches and a gazebo where, the same reason, pho- during summer, the inhabitants can have tographs shown here will not show individual conversations, play chess and backgammon.

The garden of a family house traits of the inhabitants of Tichile[ti. Towards the right side of the valley, the visitor can ind some living quarters, medical staf, bathrooms and toilets, the merely wagon-shaped pavilions, where kitchen and a club where people gather to every resident inhabits two small rooms. Not all the rooms are currently some small two-room houses surrounded occupied. Most of the former patients live for those who got a strong socially disabling there permanently; some of them moved disease that could have otherwise meant away with their families, but are constantly homelessness.

In terms and phenomena occurring in the case of of contracting the disease, there are two former leper victims. Frank talks about all categories: For the having been diagnosed.

None of the current inhabitants of the Skin lesions are responsible for entrenching leprosarium carry the disease anymore. Meanwhile, the Mycobacterium leprae, the bacteria causing body is not afected by pathologies anymore, the disease, is curable today. A cocktail of but by social responses to the disease. Hence, it is an being contagious. The cemetery strict medical rules. If not properly treated, leprosy can cause severe granulomas on the nerves, skin and eyes.

Lepers are people like everybody else personal experiences According to one of the former managers of the hospital, Nicolae Romanescu , the institution acquired The daily medicalization of the body a village-type social shape as it developed its own economic activities, feasts, Being cared for means a permanent relationships, politics, classes or informal institutional control of bodies, which property rights. Agriculture and crats shapes daily experiences.

Of course, these activities ater the admission to the hospital. As the number of health is monitored regularly. OSO version 0. University Press Scholarship Online. Sign in. Not registered? Sign up. Publications Pages Publications Pages. Search my Subject Specializations: Select your specializations: Classical Archaeology: Classical, Early, and Medieval Plays and Playwrights: Classical, Early, and Medieval Poetry and Poets: Classical, Early, and Medieval Prose and Writers: Classical, Early, and Medieval World History: Civil War American History: Users without a subscription are not able to see the full content.