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Sophie Kinsella is one of the best-known chick lit authors, and therefore Chick lit is a genre comprised of books that are mainly written by. PDF | On Sep 8, , Carol‐Ann Farkas and others published Chick‐Lit: The New Woman's Fiction. PDF | The intersection of postfeminist arguments with popular culture and popular postfeminism and discuss whether chick lit has the potential to be accurately.

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All Beth Michaels ever wanted was to get out of her small hometown. But when a heartbreaking call sends her back, she meets Matthew Wright, and he makes. To show our appreciation to all wonderful women out there, here are some chick lit novels, fun stories of the girl next door, girls like you, dealing. Chick Lit as an Extension of the Fairy Tale in a Postfeminist. Society Like any genre, the overwhelming majority of chick lit novels follow a fairly predictable.

Oxford University Press: The magazines change her attitude towards people closest to her. Is coming round. Read the official announcement at the Smashwords Blog. January 19, You know the story where the girl-next-door-type is getting married to a jerk — and she's only marrying him because she's given up on finding Mr. All the novels have their special feature characteristic.

Jonathan Theodore lived an ordinary life in a common suburban street in a suburb so much like every other as to be not worth describing. Very little out of the ordinary ever happened to Jonathan until one day when a partially clad girl happened to drop in and change his life forever. This journal recounts the real life writings of a young girl as she learns about family, friendships, and love. This compilation includes stories such as: A simple country girls, goes to the big city to find fame and instead finds love.

Read about the adventures of Centaur and a Elephantaur. The Sex Diaries is a romantic comedy, but one that will appeal to both male and female readers. Married couple, Annie and Phil, are having marital difficulties. The counselor they consult, Fiona, suggest they keep a 'sex diary', but does that say more about Fiona than Annie and Phil? In any case, hilarity ensues as our intrepid couple investigates al fresco sex, erotic toys and other bizarre fetishes. Well, maybe it's three percent insipid.

It's FREE, and ready for download now! Elinor and Marianne are sister. Elinor is a sensible, rational girl while her younger sister is wildly romantic.

The beautiful and intelligent Emma Wodehouse enjoys meddling in other people's love lives, but she can't seem to find a love of her own. The beautiful, young Elizabeth falls in love with Mr. Darcy, but he must control his pride while she tries to overcome her prejudice. Anne Elliot falls in love with Frederick Wentworth, and although her family persuades her to break it off, she never stops loving him. Bathsheba Everdine is a strong and sensual girl who seeks complete and total devotion from her suitors.

Teen Amy Bradley was over heard bad mouthing old people, so Dorreen decided on her own brand of vengeance. She placed a Voodoo spell on Amy where she woke up the next morning with the body of an old lady. The family doctor is stumped and cannot find a way to reverse it. Lorraine Jackson is a single white female looking for Mr. Love is what matters", but when something goes wrong, and she meets an unpleasant situation she claims that: Her whole life, and finding Mr Perfect depends on her weight.

It stigmatized her perceiving of the world and herself. She is not capable of building a healthy relationship, in which she could be herself. She is horrified by the thought that she might be natural and not follow the tips from magazines. Bridget struggles with her conceits and is not accepted even if looks attractive and has dreamed weight. She cannot accept the thought that the recommendations written in the magazines are false and do not transfer to the world outside the pages.

She is able to believe in Feng Shui power, but no longer able to believe in herself, her attractiveness or confidence. The weight, calories and colourful covers with skinny models guide her. She loses he ability of situation assessment, when she goes to jail the only thing she cares about is how skinny she will be after the sentence.

Beauty replaces common sense. It is believed that the environment and social groups create a person. She regularly goes out with her friends, invites them to her apartment and takes part in family parties and celebrations. Her social activeness does not prove that she enjoys participating in all kinds of gatherings.

For Bridget it is just another one boring family and friends meeting. Meeting her family makes her feel old and out of the place, being interrogated about her private love-life does not help to feel comfortable either. The only person that seems to understand the heroine is her father.

In really tough moments she considers him to be her life saver. He knows when he has to rescue his daughter from the pressure of others. How does a woman manage to get to your age without being married? She feels underestimated but on the other hand thanks to her father she starts to recall that this is important for him that she showed up.

He share his experiences with her, and talks about their split-up. She blames herself for not being a good person for her mother. She tends to victimize herself every time something bad happens.

She sops caring about her life in order to support her dad. Conversations between Bridget and her mother reminds a monologue. It is usually her mother who speaks.

It looks as if her mother had a one-track mind. Her thought are set up to finding a perfect future husband for Bridget, going to the parties and being a free and satisfied woman. Bridget had a very distanced attitude towards her mother. She was afraid that one day she might become just like her. This thought is horrifying for her. She cannot imagine herself preparing a family event, cooking and serving everybody. She does not like the picture of a house wife, but when she sees her mother as a Tv show star she does not like it either.

How, after being totally disgraced and narrowly escaping several years in custody, can my mother just plop back into being exactly like she was before, flirting openly with policemen and torturing me Fielding , Her behaviour reminds of a rebel teenager who is ashamed of her mother, which proves that her connections with mother have not developed since the time she was a teenager.

She cannot consulate herself with the thought that her mother made a bigger career than she did, she considers it to be humiliating and lower her self-esteem: I shuddered with humiliation. I work for Vibrant TV, for God's sake. There is nothing worse than having to admit to your mum that you are not very popular. She surrounds herself with people that make her happy. She has a circle of close friends who are always supportive, but if it is necessary can call her to order.

Pdf chick lit

They do not have secrets and share everything with each other. Bridget seems to consider herself as the most steady and balanced helping others to come to grips with their problems: Jude on phone in tears.

Is coming round.

50 Chick Lit Novels That Are Still Worthwhile Reads

Vile Richard has gone back to Vile July. Jude blames gift. Thank God stayed home.

Vile Richard. Jude will be here at 7: Missed start of Blind Date as Tom rang and is coming round. Jerome, having taken him back, has chucked him again and gone back with former boyfriend who is member of chorus in Cats. Simon is coming round. His girlfriend has gone back to her husband. But that's just the kind of person I am: Fielding , Having real friend and be able to help them makes heroine happy with herself. They create this part of her personality she likes the most. She does not need to be pretty, successful, slim or married to be a good friend they can rely on she.

For them it is enough if they can come and cry on her shoulder. Entire year has been failure. Bridget not only helps her friends but also relies on their judgement and advice. When she feels unattractive or worthless she immediately calls one of her friends. She believes that sometimes friends know better what is appropriate for us than us. Family and friend are very important for Bridget. If not her father she might not have been such caring person, she would not pay attention to her friends and their struggles.

If not the tough, in some sense, love of her mother she would be too emotional and not interested in her body. These are her parents who created the basis for the character she developed. She has got a bit from both of them. This mixture of two opposite characters has made her an unusual person. She can simultaneously hate and love herself for the same action. She considers herself as a free, independent, modern, working woman, but at the same time she opposes the new way her mum wants to live.

She was raised in a traditional home: She does not live the same way as she is over thirty, lives alone and works for herself. The idea of her mother being similar to her is unacceptable and unimaginable. She does not like changes and is faithful to her friends.


The equally important group of people consists of her boyfriends. Daniel Cleaver and Mark Darcy. Trying to build a stable relationship she made some sacrifices and went through numerous unpleasant situations. Still, on the third day of the year, when she has to go to work, the only thought that comforts her is that she will see Daniel. Whole week all she can think about is her boss. Finally when Daniel makes the first move and writes the message, flirting with the heroine, Bridget decides to answer the same way and when she gets no reply, she starts to panic and thinks that it was a bad idea to do that.

Finally getting her reply, decides that she would not mind being sexually harassed by Daniel, she even enjoys it a little bit Fielding , Yessssss' Daniel Cleaver wants my phone no. Am marvellous. Am irresistible Sex Goddess. In that moment her dreams came true, she thought she won a dreamed man and that she rules the world. The attention of Mr Cleaver is vital to her self-acceptance.

Her mood goes down just the next day. What's wrong with me? While being on the verge of the relationship with a good looking, wealthy and successful man, Bridget stops thinking rationally. She forgets about the whole world, she does not think of ordinary things like lack of time. When something goes in a way she does not want it to go all she is able to think about is that it is her fault.

The fact that Daniel has not called is for sure because of her overweight and her disability to connect with a handsome man: He might have bloody well rung again, though. Is probably out with someone thinner. What' s wrong with me? I'm completely alone. Hate Daniel Cleaver. Am going to have nothing more to do with him. Am going to get weighed. Fielding , 31 After many fails and cancelled dates, Bridget loses faith in herself.

When Bridget finally manages to go on date with Daniel, walks away in the middle, claiming she is not interested in a man who is coward and dysfunctional. She got lost. On the one hand she knows what she wants, but later she sits alone in her apartment regretting the things she said and leaving her dreamed boyfriend. She is so scared by the fact he is not present at the office that starts thinking that he has fallen in love or even got married and is not coming back.

She is terrified. When she sees him immediately forgets about the anger and flirts again. The relationship of Bridget and Daniel is full of ups and downs. She is constantly being stood up, promises herself not to do it again and then she repeats the steps over again. Reading her notes, the reader may get impression that she loves being miserable.

Love is considered to be something good, bringing happiness and in tough moment consolation and support. Bridget loves her struggles and she realizes she loves Daniel. At the same time she is aware that he is not that kind of men, who are interested in a long-term and stable relationship. She creates a situation where she is always the unhappy one. Her situation resembles hamartia in Greek tragedy, were there is no good solution and heroine only makes her own situation worse Cuddon Bridget is suspended between her dreamed life and dreamed man.

She cannot have both. It is another annual party that her parents friends have fun at, but she does not.


Her misfortune started when she has not been informed about the change of party style. She was the only bunny.

The most painful thing for Bridget was discovering that the woman she found hiding on the roof was American beauty. Once again people made heroine fall apart. She was not able to consider herself as the sex goddess anymore. Suddenly she has nothing to choose from, no future family and no man. The man who appeared to be an unexpected consolation prize for Bridget is Mark Darcy. The stiff, divorced lawyer, who is complete opposite to heroines expectations. Their relations from the beginning were not easy.

Bridget during their first meeting describes his clothing and behaviour comparing him to Mr. Darcy for a long time stands next to Bridget and watches her falling in love with a womanizer Cleaver. He knows Cleaver and knows what kind of man he is, but he is to pride to inform and rescue Bridget.


There is no perfect love story between those two. Bridget slowly starts to see a real man in Mark.

Pdf chick lit

First he helps her to cook diner for friends and he practically rescues it and makes eatable, and later helps her mother. The situation with her mother being imprisoned and accused seems serious.

Bridget is extremely grateful to Darcy after rescuing her mother. She starts the same scenario once again. She seems Mark as her future husband and starts to think only about him, she checks her phone if he has called and she convinces herself that she loves him. After the whole drama Bridget is being drawn out from Christmas party by Mark. Christmas spent with Mark are the best in her life. No Una and her mum is something new and refreshing for her.

She started thinking that Mark is something refreshing. He was her hero at that time. When she pierces the encasement of seriousness and proud Mark built around himself, she discovers that he is just a hurt man who is lonely but deep inside sensitive with a great sense of humour.

Heroine involved into two, at first glimpse serious, relationships. The first brought her pain, uncertainty and low self-esteem. The second made her rethink her priorities and expectations.

With Mark heroine feels that she does not need to pretend somebody she will never be, and she does not need to be afraid of being cheated on. Mark has come through a divorce, he also was cheated on, so knows how it feels.

He would be unable to do it to other person. Bridget feels safe and needed. Bridget never suspected that her mother knows what is the best for her.

She never listened to her praising Mark Darcy, considered him as old fashioned as her mum. They liked Mark Darcy for being the anchor for Bridget, not the life-destroyer as Cleaver was.

It was amazing and new feeling for heroine: Being loved makes her forget about glossy magazines and unachievable beauty canons.

She gained what every woman dreams about: While writing a novel of this genre it is vital to contain its most characteristic features. Not only is the plot crucial in perceiving the story but also themes and external factor such as cover which appeals the reader.

The story itself should underline the independence of the modern women and the superficial lack of need to be in a relationship. The chick-lit novel is not a typical romance as the heroine is not only led by her feelings but also by her relatives and friends, who very often replace the role of heart in the story.

Her gods and her leaders are glossy magazines and the advice they contain. She is very selective while using the tips from magazines and whatever goes wrong she blames herself for everything. She cannot consider the magazines wrong especially when they happened to be right. What the chick-lit genre inherits from a typical romance are difficult relations with the opposite sex.

Pdf chick lit

She struggles with feelings for her boss, which after many rough events appears to be unfulfilled and nonreciprocal. Later she falls in love with an intense and curt lawyer Mr. This, initially cockeyed, relation appears to be what Bridget needed and looked for in her life. The heroine of a chick-lit novel may seem as more financially independent, working and sexually free woman, but still she is in desperate need of love and men in her life.

She needs to be adored and told that she is beautiful and needed. Chick-lit novel transferred femininity from romance in a completely different form. Bridget Jones is a counterpart to her predecessors from traditional romances. It means that chick-lit heroine is a character taken from a romance and placed in a modern world trying to fit in. Oklahoma, Baldick Cris. Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms. Oxford University Press: New York Baldick, Chris.

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See Jane Write: A Girl's Guide to Writing Chick-lit.