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Forgotten Realms® Player's Guide R O L E P L AY I N G G A M E S U P P L E M E N T Rob Heinsoo • Logan Bonner • Robert J. Schwalb. Player's Guide to Faerûn () - The heroes of the Forgotten Realms are as diverse and the Player's Handbook, the Dungeon Master's Guide, and the Monster Manual. the 3e Forgotten Realms line; where D&D e would generally set aside its e .. Français, Portuguese, English, Deutsch · Español. Items 1 - 50 of Volo's Waterdeep Enchiridion (5e). $ .. Dreams of the Red Wizards: Scourge of the Sword Coast (D&D Next). Dreams of the Red Wizards The Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide presents a world of untold adventure, [click here for .. Français, Portuguese, English, Deutsch, Español. English.

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D&D - Livro Canção e Silêncio. Uploaded by [TRADUZIDO] Forgotten Realms - Crenças e teshimaryokan.info Uploaded Guia do Mestre D&D [ Português]. 1 AD&D 1st Edition products Boxed sets Forgotten Realms accessory series Adventures Related material 4 D&D 4th Edition product Player's Guide to Faerûn - The Forgotten Realms Northern Journey AudioBook Exile: Book 2 (Forgotten Realms Novel: Legend of Drizzt) For Full · Menace of.

Double-strikes are rung to mark the opening of shops on workdays in some cities. Lost Tomb of Martek July July The City of Ravens Bluff download. The meat feeds us. Cleric of Lathander March Archfiends 2:

Arrival download. Volume Four Worlds-Specific Lists: Black Courser July June The Accursed Tower March December OA6: Ronin Challenge download. March Priest's Spell Compendium. Doom of Daggerdale September PDF Underdark October October SJR2: October FMQ1: City of Gold download.

May October Four from Cormyr download. August FMA2: Endless Armies download. The Scouring of the Land July PDF City of Splendors: Waterdeep June April Dungeon Master's Guide v. July Fiend Folio Abyssal Ghoul. March July Wicker Man. PDF FR1: The Tearing of the Weave March Caverns of Icewind Dale: Dungeon Tiles January DN6: Castle Grimstead September top. March Serpent Kingdoms errata. The Empire of the Shade November Black Wizards April Spellfire August Pool of Radiance November 2: Pools of Darkness January 3: Pool of Twilight September top Maztica 1: Ironhelm March 2: Viperhand October 3: Feathered Dragon March top.

Waterdeep September Hand of Fire September Prince of Lies July Tantras July February 4: Dead in Thay PDF release. The Trial of Cyric the Mad February Crown of Fire reprinted June Darkwell March Azure Bonds October 2: The Wyvern's Spur February 3: Song of the Saurials February top Avatar 1: Shadowdale May PDF top top Novels and fiction Moonshae 1: Darkwalker on Moonshae May The Crystal Shard January 2: Streams of Silver January 3: Edition-neutral products Hardcover books Menzoberranzan: Murder in Baldur's Gate August 2: Legacy of the Crystal Shard November 3: The Temptation of Elminster Hardcover November The Parched Sea May 2: Red Magic October 4: The Night Parade April 5: The Ring of Winter October 6: Crypt of the Shadowking February 7: Soldiers of Ice October 8: Crown of Fire March also part of Shandril's Saga Masquerades July Curse of the Shadowmage November The Veiled Dragon March Stormlight October Finder's Bane July also listed as Lost Gods 1 Rise of the Blade eBook.

Prophet of Moonshae January 2: The Coral Kingdom July 3: The Legacy Hardcover August Elminster's Daughter Hardcover May Starless Night Hardcover September Siege of Darkness Hardcover August Empires 1: Horselords April 2: Dragonwall July 3: Homeland August 2: Exile November 3: Night Masks July The Giant Among Us January July top Cleric Quintet 1: Canticle October Elminster in Myth Drannor Hardcover November Elminster in Hell Hardcover August The Ogre's Pact September The Fallen Fortress April The Chaos Curse June Passage to Dawn Hardcover July The Titan of Twilight September The Making of a Mage Hardcover December Shadows of Doom March top.

In Sylvan Shadows February Murder in Cormyr Hardcover March Beyond the High Road paperback December 3: Death of the Dragon Hardcover May Cloak of Shadows May 3: All Shadows Fled September Nobles 1: King Pinch April 2: War in Tethyr September 3: Escape from Undermountain February 4: The Mage in the Iron Mask July 5: The Council of Blades September 6: Daughter of the Drow Hardcover August Tangled Webs Hardcover April Finder's Bane July also listed as Harpers 15 3: The Abduction January 2: The Paladins January 3: The Mercenaries January 4: Errand of Mercy February 5: An Opportunity for Profit March 6: Conspiracy April 7: Uneasy Alliances May 8: Easy Betrayals June 9: The Diamond July top Lost Empires 1: The Lost Library of Cormanthyr March 2: Faces of Deception November 3: Star of Cursrah February 4: Rising Tide January 2: Under Fallen Stars October 3: Elfshadow reprinted April 2: Elfsong reprinted April 3: Silver Shadows reprinted January top.

Sword Play May 2: Dangerous Games November 3: Mortal Consequences January top Cormyr Saga 1: A Novel Hardcover July Windwalker Hardcover April The Summoning March 2: The Siege December 3: Servant of the Shard reprinted June 2: Promise of the Witch-King Hardcover October The City of Ravens December 2: Temple Hill September 3: The Jewel of Turmish February 4: The City of Splendors: A Waterdeep Novel Hardcover August Thornhold reprinted February 5: Baldur's Gate July 2: Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn July 3: The Magehound April 2: The Floodgate April 3: The Wizardwar March top Sembia 1: The Halls of Stormweather July The Shattered Mask June Dissolution Hardcover July The 2: The 3: The 4: Twilight Falling August 2: Dawn of Night June 3: Heirs of Prophecy June Insurrection Hardcover December The Lone Drow Hardcover November The Two Swords Hardcover October Lord of Stormweather March The Thousand Orcs Hardcover October Black Wolf November Sands of the Soul November Road of the Patriarch Hardcover October Condemnation Hardcover May Annihilation Hardcover July Shadow's Witness November Resurrection Hardcover April Extinction Hardcover January Starless Night Hardcover reprint July The Halfling's Gem Hardcover reprint November The Silent Blade Hardcover reprint June The Spine of the World Hardcover reprint November Book IV Hardcover September Exile Hardcover reprint June Siege of Darkness Hardcover reprint November Sojourn Hardcover reprint December Streams of Silver Hardcover reprint July Sea of Swords Hardcover reprint March Book II Hardcover March Scions of Arrabar 1: The Sapphire Crescent November 2: The Ruby Guardian November 3: Homeland Hardcover reprint March Venom's Taste March 2: Viper's Kiss March 3: The Rage April 2: The Rite January 3: Lady of Poison July 2: Mistress of the Night December 3: Maiden of Pain June 4: Queen of the Depths September top Last Mythal 1: Forsaken House August 2: Farthest Reach July 3: Master of Chains September 2: Ghostwalker December 3: Son of Thunder January 4: Bladesinger April top Watercourse 1: Whisper of Waves November 2: Lies of Light September 3: Scream of Stone May top Wizards top.

Book I Hardcover January The Crystal Shard Hardcover reprint March The Legacy Hardcover reprint April Passage to Dawn Hardcover reprint March Avenger Hardcover March Blackstaff Tower September 2: Mistshore September 3: Downshadow April also part of the Shadowbane series 4: City of the Dead June 5: The God Catcher February 6: Shadowbred November 2: Shadowstorm August 3: Shadowrealm December top Lady Penitent 1: Sacrifice of the Widow February 2: Storm of the Dead September 3: Ascendancy of the Last July top Dungeons 1: Depths of Madness April 2: The Howling Delve July 3: Stardeep October 4: Unclean April 2: Undead March 3: Unholy February top Empyrean Odyssey 1: The Gossamer Plain May 2: The Fractured Sky November 3: The Orc King Hardcover September The Stowaway Hardcover September Swords of Dragonfire Hardcover August The Ghost King Hardcover October The Sentinels Hardcover November The Pirate King Hardcover October Blackstaff July 2: Bloodwalk July 3: Darkvision September 4: Frostfell December Knights of Myth Drannor 1: Swords of Eveningstar Hardcover August Neversfall November 2: Obsidian Ridge April 3: The Shield of Weeping Ghosts May 4: Sentinelspire July top Blades of Moonsea 1: The Swordmage Hardcover May The Shadowmask Hardcover November Corsair Hardcover March Gauntlgrym Hardcover October Charon's Claw Hardcover August Neverwinter Hardcover October Part 1 Secrets: Part 2 Secrets: Part 3 Secrets: The 5: The 6: The Companions Hardcover August Elminster Enraged Hardcover September Plague of Spells December 2: City of Torment September 3: Key of Stars September top The Wilds 1: The Fanged Crown January 2: The Restless Shore May 3: The Edge of Chaos August 4: The Fall of Highwatch November 2: The Hand of the Hunter December 3: The Captive Flame May 2: Whisper of Venom November 3: The Spectral Blaze June 4: The Masked Witches February 5: Prophet of the Dead February top Unbroken Chain 1: Unbroken Chain July 2: Unbroken Chain: Elminster Must Die Hardcover August Bury Elminster Deep Hardcover August The Last Threshold Hardcover March Stone of Tymora Omnibus Hardcover October Island of Elves Hardcover April Part 2: The Bouty Seekers of Manshaka January 3: Origins Arc.

Part 3: All Hades Breaks Loose October Catspaw Quartet. Part 4: Down in the Depths November Spell Games. The Secret of Selune's Eye February 4: Part 1: The Spirit of Myrrth April 6: The Spirit of Myrrth.

Sorcerer's Moon March 5: Shell Game January Night of the Hunter Hardcover March September Spider and Stone eBook. Or Revenge of the Living Monologue June 8: The Gathering December 2: November Rise of the Zhentarim eBook. Shackles of the Past December Beneath the City of the Dead May 7: Into the Void Spelljammer cross-over.

Stories of the Seven Sisters August Die Laughing July 9: Night of the Moonpenguin August Fourth Quarter: November June Homeland 2 two covers. Rivals August Mad Gods and Paladins Against the Gods: An Avatar Story December Annual: Waterdhavian Nights December Fallen Idols. January top. Day of the Darkening May Phases of the Moon.

Telling Lies October Rites and Wrongs. September Exile 2 two covers. The Dragon in the Dale January 6: The Dragonreach Saga. Pillar of Gold July Dwarven Gold. February The Crystal Shard 1 two covers. Broken Pillars August Summer in the City September Trial September Liches in Love October Dragons and Other Beasts April 9: The Morning After May Head Cheeeese June The Hand of Vaprak!

The Ogre's Paw September 2: Converging Lives October 3: The Great Game November 4: Fools Rush In December 5: First Quarter: Selune Rising June Dragonspawn February 7: Dragonsmoker March 8: November Sojourn 1 two covers.

January Sojourn 3 two covers. August Exile 1 two covers. Scavengers December Jasmine July Dead of Night May The Dragon's Eye. Predators January The Last Betrayal March The Ostus Legacy. Burning Questions June The Truth November Second Quarter: Dark of the Moon July October Exile 3 two covers. Kyriani's Story April July Homeland 3 two covers. Death and the Dragon March Survivors February Suspicion April Divine Rights Against the Gods: An Avatar Story January Possessions Against the Gods: An Avatar Story November On Earth as it is in Heaven Against the Gods: An Avatar Story February Picking up the Pieces March Temptations April Cat Logic June Unreal Estate July Everybody Wants to Run the Realms August Shadowdale February 2: Tantras March 3: December The Crystal Shard 3 two covers.

Third Quarter: Lunatics August November The Crystal Shard 2 two covers. December Sojourn 2 two covers. Stormcloak takes a different approach. The rulership books are often kept in private royal libraries. He also considers holding onto rule at all costs to be the duty of every ruler.

Both Dree and Stormcloak are still alive. Many faiths deliberately leave copies of them in shrines and at holy sites for pilgrims or faithful passersby to take. Religious Dogma: The official creed of the church. Elraedan has harsh words. Personal holy histories are the most popular books bought and sold. This spell. Religious Writings T hese sorts of books are vast.

Ruling firmly and consistently. An often mocking. P ersonal Holy Histories: Accounts by mortal individuals of how they came to primarily worship one deity over others.

These two sages' learned disagreements over what importance this or that deity places on the monetary value of offerings versus diligent prayer and belief has escalated.

Thanks to all the gods being considered real and important. It's thought that both men are still alive. Temple Histories: Straightforward accounts of the founding. Other sages believe that both must have gone mad long ago.

Books of sermons are by far the most numerous tomes to be bought and either hurled onto fires as fuel or found in the temples and the homes of the devout.

Perhaps the most famous popular religious writers are the warring sages Rondarro of Selgaunt and Askral of Calimport. Collections of messages. Inspirational Texts: Writings about deities. Elraedan advocates that a ruler promote just laws and then establish a not-so-secret personal strike force that is clearly above the law. Every temple will have copies of all five kinds of books.

The BloodDrenched Throne. He lauds a minor robber baron lordling of the Border Kingdoms. Their reasons were many. The dragons associated with each story are real wyrms. And as each story is read. There have been many suggestions as to who crafted The Book of Dragons. The Book of Dragons Sammaster. But this might be his mere speculation. The Realms is warned. Whatever the truth of the tome's origins. More literate native-born Cormyreans means a larger pool of folk from which courtiers and spies can be drawn.

Several senior mages of the Zhentarim also sought it. Sammaster coveted the book to try to induce the dragons linked to it to become dracoliches and part of the cult.

Sarlawge built up Dawnstrake's reputation by spreading false rumors of his prowess. He and some others have confirmed that Sammaster ached to find and use a long-lost-or rather. They have strongly encouraged all Cormyrean nobility to train their entire households to read and write. Orondryn of Corman thor. Oersons with a natural aptitude for the Art can more easily advance because they already know how to read and write spells.

Indithul yet lives. As well as training soldiers and cajoling the nobility to train their people. This issue has been a problem in the past. Literacy in Cormyr In Cormyr. This campaign began with Azoun IV under the persistent urging of both his court sage Alaphondar and the man who really ran the kingdom. Said to be a large book bound in electrum. A more literate general populace cuts down on casual dishonesty in trade.

A more literate general populace increases the chance that random commoners will able to recognize important. The Book of Dragons. One such was a sly rogue known as Indithul.

One band brought back the claims of a wizard who called himself the Keeper-claims they obtained through torture. Some of the enticements to read are "chapbooks. These are all bound volumes. Riders are collections of installments of three sorts of serialized stories: Most sages are unsurprised when new accounts of these frustrated endeavors arise. The rest of Cormyr's annual output of books consists of around three hundred fifty popular works.

In a given year. The loudest and most persistent seekers of the Book of Dragons have thus far found only false trails. The average circulation of a sagely tome is about six hundred copies. Of these. That's what counts as "literature" to many crofters across Cormyr. They tend to be small and easily held. A temple of Deneir or Oghma will purchase a single copy of a literary work. Most copies are loaned around and read by many.

Wider Realms Books: Gossipy travel exploits. Average The noble house stamped its heraldic badge onto the bindings of sponsored dream-scribblers and took credit for making the entertainment possible. Old soldiers' C: Traffic in the form of letters. They also omit temple copies.

Print runs and sales of these volumes vary widely. Average 8. Reprisals are often guarded against by the use of pseudonyms. Average 3. They are sometimes bought up by guilds so they can be destroyed en masse. Recipe Collections: Always avidly devoured in kitchens across the realm. Collections of eight or so writings From then on. Average 1. The figures cited above are publishers' sales.

Noble houses began to patronize writers for more than merely turning out self-congratulatory family histories and courtship poems. No court permission is required to publish anything. There's no such thing as copyright or libel.

And nobles and just plain shop workers and tradesmen. How-to books about farming. All of this provides the right climate for works of greatness to begin to appear. This category includes mem. In lean winter days. The fiction consists of aforementioned popular genres. Everything Else: Here are included collections of love poetry. Wineries and "flagon shops" often offer special sales or import hard-to-find or novelty vintages such as: Contains the ashes of genuine dwarf beards!

Pure sporting events. A brief overview of Silvaeren's summertime festivals follows. A few locales in the Realms. There are horse races east of the city that folk can watch from atop the cliff top wall in spring. In larger cities. What'll You Have? The first festival is a day during which private individuals and businesses all across the city make or find and dust off various vintages from their cellars and sell them off tables set up by their front doors in preparation for the festivities to come.

Street vending is freely allowed on Cloakswirl. Here are those ten events. Waterdeep has its own arena. In addition.

These smaller competitions are held in the various clubs and private-rental upper tavern rooms of the city. It can serve as a model for devising events in other Realms locales. During the tenday preceding Midsummer. Most folk in Faerun just don't have that sort of leisure time. Because Silverymoon is one of the most tolerant. Summertide Pests of Silverymoon Almost every settlement in all of civilized surface Faerun has annual festivities of some sort on or around Midsummer and Shieldmeet.

No masks. In addition to what's mentioned here. Dressing the Part In this crafters' festival. The runners cannot use any translocation magic but can employ other forms of magical movement. Although they can. A Moondance. Seh1ne's Time This day is a normal working day.

Temples of Shar are closed during the day. Alustriel revived it in DR. New Face for a Day As with Moondown. These must all be cleared away by highsun ofthe next day Moondown. Only those wearing the one-eyed hoods are allowed to take part in the fun. It's understood that a runner will be healed or even brought back to life if one comes to harm during the Skull Run. The cLptcr I On this day. At that time. Elaborate and often very expensive masks. Catch a Skull! Monsters Remembered street.

By tradition. On this day Alustriel typically pays every musician players of instruments. While dining. Folk without coin for new clothes trade clothes for the night. This means that tearing off a Skull Runner's mask is one way to delay that competitor. Wishes are whispered to the moon.

Typically one Skull Runner will start from each gate of the city. These are typically monetary. Dragons and owlbears are perennial favorites. The Spellguard typically teleports a Skull Runner away from harm if one is injured.

A solemn ceremony of worship to Seh1ne is held. Older citizens just watch the monsters proceed along. From dusk onward. Alustriel announces prizes for chasers for "catching Skulls. They may only snatch a mask off a runner's head then drop it nearby -but this they may do as many times as they wish.

The Skull Run is a giant game of hide-andseek wherein swift. These marauding monsters parade through the streets. Every year. The catching is done by a mob of persons. Skull Run is administered by the Spellguard. Everyone gets free drinkables unless they want full-strength ales and spirits.

On Oamaurae. Visitors to the city and those who live alone are invited to dine with families or at inns and taverns with other solitary folk. Everyone discusses politics and the wording of any pacts to be renewed or new agreements they're involved in that are to be solemnized on Shieldmeet. In recent years. After enjoying performances and returning home. Older folk. In her honor. Shop owners talk to their employees about the direction and aim of the business. The shop closures make possible meeting with investors and merchants to plan future undertakings-and to persuade would-be business partners by wining and dining them.

G larth: Eat to Bursting Colloquially known as Fullbelly. These tales go on into the wee hours. No shops are open past highsun on Midsummer. Much rich dessert food is then consumed. O amaurae: A Play's the Thing After all the eating and drinking of the preceding day. The wagons head for the poorest streets of the city first. Chart the Future The ninth festival day is a half-day of work. Love's Night Midsummer night is the day of the Feast of Love.

During their rounds. Many folk don't take part. Traditionally these drinks are very watered down. Typically everyone eats too much and drowses in chairs and on beds and couches into the evening. Amalree's Pleasure: Flower-decorated wagons are sent out from the palace in the morning.

Monarchs are typically protected against attack for the day with various protective magics that mitigate the effects of missiles. Silvaeren temples and visiting priests provide free healing magics and care to injured contestants.

Commoners can communicate complaints and warnings. Taking part in such trials has also become a very good way for adventurers and hedge wizards seeking employment to attract the notice of potential patrons. Eating various sweet desserts from the bodies of fellow revelers is a favorite tradition at these parties.

Midsummer is the time when all families hold large and often drunken feasts. Open doors are invitations to all. Alustrielleads a "Hunt of Maidens. For rulers. It's also a day of contests. In more conservative locales than Silverymoon.

Various wealthy folk with large homes host parties at which naughty games are held. Everyone is well aware that it's "back to the everyday trudge and drudge on the morrow. The badge of the city of Zazesspur in Tethyr. In Silverymoon. Most rulers consider Shieldmeet the most valuable and informative day of their year. Speaking Truth Celebrated the same way it is everywhere else in the Realms. It depicts Stormdagger Keep. The low sages' experiential learning tends to be very good.

Tutoring and Discipline. Anyone with a coin or two can receive basic instruction in tasks from local guilds along the lines of "Don't do this. And priests of almost all faiths offer information about who the gods are. This information from priests carries an emphasis on the beneficial importance of the priest's own faith. Some guilds grow this arm of their staff into private investigators because they want to know what rival guilds are up to. In general.

That's why caravans are so socially important in way-stop settlements like Shadowdale.

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Commoners in lands with militias such as Cormyr are trained and drilled in local geography. Much common knowledge is built up locally from gossip. If Launsarra does turn up at such a place. Large and influential guilds desiring to increase their influence over time often establish tutors in more than just the work of the guild.

Pdf portugues 3.5 d&d forgotten realms

Guilds sometimes hire low sages to teach regular classes. I have all the dates here". Other sources of learning include high sages researchers. Private tutors are much used among the nobtlity and very wealthy who often want to have their young disciplined without having to do such distasteful work personally. The high sages. Local lore is often free for the asking from local courtiers or civic scribes "That property belongs to Lhannath the miller.

The intent is for their children to acquire all the results of a good academy without "the rabble" or worse. Most commoners hire low sages to tutor their children on specific matters. Since so many folk across the Realms have done military or militia service.

Purple Dragons get posted all over the realm of Cormyr. Informal tutoring-augmented by temple instruction-is the norm in rural areas across Faerun. There are always a few mock academies that are really houses of pleasure or private drinking clubs for young wastrel nobles which usually last only until uncovered in public scandals.

Schools and Academies Bards. Castle Ward Clientele: Young ladies of ambitious families. These individuals set themselves up. Secret Clientele: Men who need to impersonate women. Launsarra beats and terrorizes tutors. These clients enrich exclusive academies. Centers of T raining Here are a handful of currently popular academies across the Realms.

Such schools are usually created by glib. These public events attract social interest and more clients. Wealthy or noble patrons sometimes sponsor existing academies in return for the right to use them on rare occasions as private armies or agents spy on this rival for me. Many of these are in Waterdeep and Silverymoon because both cities have some social mobility within classes coin can buy you status as well as an ambitious.

They will have a door guard. Cluplcr I A few. Such tutors are often aging relatives. Folk who want to learn how to dance and fence. Romantic folk looking for lovers. T artel's House of the Sword Seawatch Street. Tartel encourages young and beautiful women to become clients by offering them half rates.

North Ward Clientele: Young guild members and unguilded shopkeepers desiring to learn number skills and "how business is really practiced" from a cynical.

D&D 3.5e - Forgotten Realms - Lost Empires of Faerun.pdf

Young nobles desiring to learn how to duel and to meet young ladies for amorous purposes. Women wanting to pretend to be a man for a revel. Silvery moon Tantathra's Stormwind Alley Clientele: Folk who want to learn to sing or play simple airs on stringed instruments. The proprietor. Those desiring to make potions that induce sleep. Corondorr's Countinghouse Aveen Street. Tantathra sells teas. Men from all walks of life both masters and servants.

Unapproachable East.pdf - The Forgotten Realms

Those willing to join the Purlrend. All who desire to learn the laws and ways of business up and down the Sword Coast. The tutors sell paintings. Persons desiring to pay for company from the beautiful female instructors employed by the proprietress a one-eyed retired adventurer by the name ofA mrat h a "Re dt resses " Dalree. Those who desire to appreciate.

Sea Ward Clientele: Persons desiring to learn how to fence or defend themselves with or against a light longsword or smaller blade. Ardrult Rezunder's secret investing cabal. Those desiring to invest in shady shipping enterprises by land and sea. Not-So-Secret Clientele: Amateur musicians. Swindlers who want to learn all about dodges. The actors are usually provocatively clad women.

Throughout the play. These traditions don't seem to have formal names. These are often known as marvel masques. They also put on the equivalent of Punch-and-Judy shows.

In the Sword Coast lands from about Waterdeep south to Amn. Traveling companies of players are summertime features of the Heartlands. The style probably migrated from Calimshan to Chessenta centuries back.

Recently in Sembia. In Faen1n. In Neverwinter. These harpists literally sit center stage for most of a performance. When these silent plays are performed in club settings. Carters and merchants also have a long history of earning extra coin as they travel by doing mimicry of well-known figures Vangerdahast.

Many Sword Coast cities from the Tashalar north to Waterdeep continue to celebrate a tradition of tableaux in festivals and the revels of the wealthy. It is from this Chessentan term that Cormyr and other lands around the Sea of Fallen Stars get the term "masquerades" for their masked balls and revels.

Talking Toes shows. These shows are known as Oldboots or. Audiences expect actors to ad-lib or add new jests and mockeries to certain comedy plays. Tableaux is a play in which scene after scene of motionless actors is revealed. Performers often play roles of the other gender in both directions. This theatrical style is known in Calimshan as malakram. These performers often make extra coin selling.

These audience favorites are the dramatic confrontations between legendary heroes and dragons. Acting isn't a disreputable profession except in places where traveling companies in the past have practiced thievery with heavy hands.

Many temples have small morality plays that are never seen outside their sacred precincts and are supposed to be kept secret from all who aren't deeply and loyally devout.

He has not hesitated to tell us so. In several cases we ' ve felt moved to follOw his h. Thzs was my way of trying to turn so meg us a c oser. Be it the work of darK forces. Hopefully such entries will be few. Item the First: In the original boxed campaig Set of the Realms and in the first issue of this newsletter. Waterdeep is as northerly a site as an acting troupe would voluntarily end up at a tour's end. This way they can make covert contact with others in their group along the way.

Smaller troupes of both varieties are far more numerous. Some monster-playing performers are doppelgangers who are very well paid to appear as humans with webbed hands or feet. Most troupes also offer services: They check coins for value and authenticity.

Harpers and members of other secretive groups and cabals often join traveling acting troupes as a means of remaining "unseen among the many" while moving around the Realms. Traveling Troupes A medium-sized traveling troupe of performers is some sixty to eighty people. The Famous Seven Actors. Aside from the obvious acrobatic acts and acting performances.

Traveling troupes are far more likely to winter in southern Tethyr. In such secretive meetings. That need usually means dwelling on farms. A stirring. But only the wealthiest performers can afford to winter in friendly-to-artistes Silverymoon or Everlund. Troupes might also offer more shady assistance. They are under strict contract not to harm patronsthough of course no such restrictions apply to nonpatrons who happen to come within reach of such creatures outside the club.

A troupe disbands every winter. Cormyr is "law and order" safe enough. Acrobatic entertainers need warm weather. Stretchers and slings are commonly used. Herbal Lore Everyone. A slapstick. The bloody "god's justice" account of how seven overambitious adventurers seek the same treasure. Rorold the Lusty by Anonymous. Splinting is common. Apothecaries prepare and sell physics. Aballar the Mighty by Nareth Quod of Neverwinter.

If a village not on a trade route has a shrine as opposed to just a priest or hermit. If a shrine has two or three staffers. Scarring as an aftereffect of injuries is common. A village on a trade route might have an apothecary. A comedy about a timid man consistently misunderstood as a hero. The moral tale of how a hated. Herbal lore about which see more below is predominant among such practitioners. Herbal painkillers usually liquids that are brewed and drunk.

The organs of all humanoid races are known. Harl the Serpent by Anonymous.

Pdf forgotten d&d 3.5 portugues realms

A dark comedy about a stylish but despicable womanizing villain who is finally brought down. An inspiring semi-comedy wherein the ghosts of the last kings of five vanished realms haunt young seekers of fortune.

3.5 realms d&d portugues forgotten pdf

So the application of heat and skilled massage part of what real-world chiropractors do is in part covered by these relatively inexpensive services. Orcs and all goblinkin goblins. Relatively few sages specialize in herb lore. Chapter I Fleshwort Made from the stalk of a gray. Harlthorn Drinking the liquid derived from boiling down equal parts of the thorns from harlthorn bushes a common Heartlands wild shrub with dried or fresh leaves of the very common weed known as hoof-leaf because its flat.

This does nothing to remove the cause ofthe discomfort. Herbs often do not need to be fresh. Eating a volume roughly as much as the eater's palm. Here follow some widely known effective medicinal uses of raw plant gleanings. Clothes being ovenboarded are moved to new dry hot surfaces several times to speed the process. A Cormyrean consulting a guild member is expected to buy guild products. It grows all over the Heartlands and the North.

None of these plants exist in the real world. Many travelers and street-dwelling poor use these services regularly to get clean. Ovenboard drying is laying wet clothing out flat on boards heated by proximity to an oven or hearth or chimney to rapidly dry them.

Since this is a sleep typically filled with pleasant dreams. Bloodstaunch Found in dry gullies in semiarid temperate zones. In Cormyr. The tatterskyre is a gnarled shrub that tends to form loops or drooping arcs like wild raspberry canes.

Tatterskyre Eating small flakes of tatterskyre bark slows bleeding internal and external and thickens the blood. It is a professional fellowship of those who study animal and plant life with the aims of understanding natural cycles fully and thereby exploiting natural substances-from plant saps and distillates to beast ichor and organs-to make scents. For some. Felsul Tree Chewing the soft wood that directly underlies the bark of a felsul tree.

This herb can aid the healing of many sorts of internal wounds. If sewn into an internal wound. Dathlil The tiny petals of the common white ground flower known as dathlil work to neutralize poisons for some who consume them. Tonandurr Bark Bound against open wounds. Dathlil can work on contact. The effects vary widely with the individual and the poison being fought against. Though an illness might not be fatal. There's a lot to be said for healing magic. For most individuals.

Some individuals even use it to try to become half dragons. This substance works on humans. Dragon blood is widely believed to impart the longevity and vigor of the mighty wyrms. Blood of the Dragon Down the centuries. Known Afflictions There are many wasting and rotting afflictions. The afflicted can gasp all they want. Talona Heartstop heart attack Plagues: Death can take a tenday or more. Persons desiring to make a good impression who can't get a chance to bathe properly will work scented oils into their hair and rub scented oils on their bodies to change their strong odor into something less unpleasant.

Most victims soon drift in and out of consciousness and just lie there. Various remedies are championed. If victims are too weak to reach water. In Calimshan. Blacklung fever. Realms-wide names. Because of how little is known. Spotted Plague Thick clusters of swollen. People do not have not reeking.

The "bad hygiene" of the Realms means that people wash their hair every four days or so and again before special occasions. The reasons for these disagreements are the various churches. They disagree on treatments. People might well flee "plague-hit" areas.

Featherlung Drying out the lungs and making people wheeze loudly. As happens with realworld doctors. A Lords' Edict was long ago issued banning the making and selling of drugs in Waterdeepso the relevant crime is Willful Disobedience of Any Edict. Spotted plague causes a shivering. Selling is done face to face. Sometimes hearing is affected. These eventually break..

Since alchemy. Survivors have permanent pockmarks.. These so-called "runners" tend to be lone individuals or gangs of no more than three. It causes victims to go very pale. In practice. It's not a crime to use drugs. Most drugs are secret-recipe mixtures of herbal distillations. Local laws often restrict making and importing of drugs.

Waterdeep provides a model to use for tolerant trading cities where local rulers or dominant temples aren't trying to control drug use.

The former is enacted on all outlanders and those who do not own property. This shaking hampers balance and movement and makes writing. When not fatal. When fatal. Poisons are always seen as bad except when used with state sanction in war. The drug trade in Waterdeep is largely confined to Skullport and Downshadow..

Shaking Plague This plague is associated with Scardale nowadays because that's where it most recently struck in the mids DR.

In other words. Tansabra When injected it must reach the bloodstream. Chaunsel Upon contact with bare skin.

Certain littleknown arcane and divine spells can force release from "tansabra sleep. Alindluth When ingested. A lethal dose is not related to the amount of the drug administeredit depends on a person's tolerance for the number of distinct times his body undergoes the effects. Creatures in tansabra sleep don't heal naturally.

Drug making is secretive and a matter of constant experimentation. This means that breathing is suspended. The drug. Others get mild rashes and itches. Vornduir When inhaled as a powder. Waterdhavian justice has no attempted or intended murder charges. For a few. This statement holds true for the majority of poisons.

It is often used by thieves or others working in darkness. Aside from those exceptions. In effect. There are no known side effects. Repeated exposure to tansabra can kill an individual. For these folks. Here follow just a notorious. For others. To many people. Vornduir prevents shock and immobility due to exposure. Overdosing causes days of numbness in the affected area. Srindym An iridescent.

Belarris O ne of the few poisons that can be cooked thoroughly in food and remain effective. This poison works by injury. The physiology of some individuals dwarves in particular enables them to shrug off certain poisons. Unless otherwise noted such as for dragonbane. T he effects of multiple doses are cumulative. Calad causes short-term distorted h earing and vision in its victims. Making srindym is a closely guarded secret that involves elven blood.

Very few individuals know how to make srindym-or know where the secret caches of it are. Lorbralinth Better known as just lorbral. Even if a poison enters the system of its intended victim. Poisons are illegal. Touching the concoction does no harm. During this time. Srindym acts as a sort of antidote to itself. Dragonbane is used to best effect on real dragons. If the poison takes full effect. Imvris A clear. Someone who ingests a dose is hit with a tide of fatigue as the substance enters his system.

Calad T his golden. As with drugs. Other creatures are "merely" wracked with pain and internal distress. T he effect is nearly immediate. Some folk build up a tolerance to poisons that they are exposed to repeatedly. D ragonbane A legendary poison that is far more often counterfeited than found. Elves including drow are immune to srindym. No single creature can be affected by a subsequent dose of the stuff for about a day thereafter.

For a victim who has suffered at least seven consecutive hours of paralysis. Other kinds of creatures quickly b ecome disoriented and stiff-jointed. Here follow a few of the most infamous or most widely available. The poison causes paralysis in those who are exposed to it.

Dragons tend to slay anyone they encounter carrying it. Yet this method of disseminating information works. Yethgrel An enspelled mixture of the spittle or blood of seven sorts of monsters.

No matter what else it might be. Swiftsleep A gummy. Some brave-or desperate-individuals have deliberately taken yethgrel so as to survive a few deadly exchanges of combat. The Harpers.. In much the fashion that srindym works see above.

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Some of those who employ this poison are not initially aware of this aspect of its makeup. The substance wreaks havoc on the physiology of anyone who drinks it. Innkeepers and tavernmasters are often paid by the Zhentarim or other power groups even small local cabals to talk about something.

It also might be absolutely not true. When delivered into an open wound or otherwise directly into the bloodstream. Thardynyn A translucent yellow liquid that's odorless but tastes like sugary strawberries.

The freshest news is the most in demand-which. It takes a lot of energy and a glib tongue. Any bit of clack you hear might be absolutely true. In many a wayside settlement. Thardynyn is harmless if consumed. Travelers can often earn something to eat or a drink or two by relating enough entertaining lore. These nerchants are not rren known l ocally. I must dangle an array of posszbzlztzes before you. That mysteriOJs!! This is from the Company of the S tag player pack.

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