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Civil Engineering seminar topics,latest seminar topics PPT for freshers free teshimaryokan.infor Topics for Civil Engineering. civil engineering. TOP 10 LATEST SEMINAR TOPICS FOR CIVIL ENGINEERING Civil can visit the Page to download the relevant documents, full seminar, reports, and PPT. Latest Civil Engineering Seminar Topics collection with Reports and PPT in PDF. Download full Civil engineering seminars in doc, pdf or ppt format.

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Explore Civil Engineering Seminar Topics PDF PPT, Civil Engineering Seminar Topics , Latest IEEE Civil Construction Seminars List, Top. 3 days ago Seminar Topics for Civil Engineering | Powerpoint Presentations Topics | Free Download technical PDF seminar reports, Best Journals. Seminar Topics for Civil Engineering with ppt and report , get seminar ppt and report in pdf format for free download.

Civil Engineering Seminar Topics. I want the report and ppt on swelling of soil or fundation on expansion of soil if its der den send it to my mail pls. Smart Material. I will upload it soon Reply. Log In Sign Up.

Engineers around the globe are continuously putting their efforts in green innovation projects and sustainable building which have many economic, social and environmental benefits. Ever growing demand for energy has been a major challenge for every field.

Since past decade Civil engineers have been working on various models to make more affordable energy-efficient buildings. With the latest research on newer materials and techniques, civil engineering will help to reshape the future.

It is highly suggested that civil engineering students should choose the latest innovations to excel in their career. The seminar is one of the important parts of engineering. The project topic decides your favorite civil engineering subject. It is the best way to express the interest, understanding and future directions of a particular subject or topic.

Latest Civil Engineering Seminar Topics with Journals [Updated ]

It might be helpful in deciding your field of study for higher studies based on the topics you select. So, choose your topic wisely to excel in your career. Self-compacting concrete 2. Modular Building Construction 3. I want pdf of under water wind mills Reply. Sumit Thakur - July 12th, at 3: We have taken your request Bindhya mam, it will be proceed soon… Reply.

Sir plz give a report and ppt on under water wind mill…. Sumit Thakur - August 8th, at 2: Hello Tharun, Your seminar will be on the blog soon, please keep visiting.

Hello Chinchu, Your seminar will be on the blog soon, please keep visiting. Divyanshu - August 9th, at Sonam - August 10th, at 4: Sumit Thakur - August 10th, at 4: Sumit Thakur - August 23rd, at 5: Hlw sir Water treatment plant ki pdf Or ppt mil skti h kya plz sir Reply.

I got your request.. I will upload it soon Reply.

Latest Civil Engineering Seminar Topics with Journals [Updated 2019]

Sumit Thakur - August 30th, at 3: Vijaya - September 3rd, at Sumit Thakur - September 4th, at 8: Hello Vijaya, Your branch is quite different, could you please tell me the name of any topic related to your branch, then I will be able to provide you some seminar topics Reply. Sumit Thakur - September 21st, at 1: Sumit Thakur - September 25th, at 3: Shreyas Yadav - October 25th, at 1: Sumit Thakur - October 27th, at 3: Abhijith R S - December 5th, at 5: Rekha - December 27th, at Manoj - January 9th, at 6: Can u upload a ppt or pdf on house shifting or raising and methods used in it… Or mail me Reply.

Sumit Thakur - January 9th, at Sir i need ppt and report on pre tensioning system, please upload sumit Reply. Nikhil - February 23rd, at 6: Kuber - February 25th, at 8: Sir please add seminar on water distribution network Reply.

300+ TOP CIVIL Engineering SEMINAR TOPICS PDF PPT Download

Ravi kiran - April 26th, at 5: Sir plz me full report of new techniques of erosion control on hill roads its urgent.. Arun kumar. M - May 14th, at 7: Srikanth - May 19th, at 8: Sir please can i have seminar report on solar roof and solar roads Reply.

Sir can I have details and ppt about stabilisation of soils by using chemical admixtures Reply.

Pdf topics civil seminar engineering ppt

Jennylyn Sevilla - July 3rd, at AMMU - July 17th, at 5: Abilash - July 26th, at 9: Altamash - July 29th, at 1: I also want some information about advanced construction technology in CE Reply. Pratik - August 17th, at 9: Can u please create ppt on plastic sleepers in railways Reply. Pls send me seminar pdf and ppt of using plastic sleepers in railway Reply.

Today, concrete block manufacturing is a highly automated process that can produce up to 2, blocks per hour. Biological nutrient removal in waste water treatment-Download Civil Engineering Projects. The rising concentration of harmful nutrient compounds — specifically nitrogen and phosphorus — in municipal wastewater treatment plant discharge causes cultural eutrophication nutrient enrichment due to human activities in surface waters.

Summer algal blooms are a familiar example of this eutrophication, and can present problems for ecosystems and people alike: Because conventional biological processes designed to meet secondary treatment effluent standards typically do not remove total nitrogen TN and total phosphorus TP to the extent needed to protect receiving waters, wastewater treatment facilities are increasingly being required to implement processes that reduce effluent nutrient concentrations to safe levels.

This can be very expensive and even impossible if space is limited. Download Civil Engineering Seminar on Biological nutrient removal in waste water treatment.

Engineering topics pdf seminar civil ppt

Permeability is one of the main factors that can affect the durability of the structure. Permeable structures can result for various reasons such as low cement content, poor compaction too much water during concrete mixing etc.

The passage of water through cracks ,joints, voids, and inter connected capillaries in the mass concrete makes the concrete pervious, ultimately leads to poor protection of structures, increases the rate of alkali aggregate reaction and also accelerates the rate of corrosion in the steel.

The impervious property of concrete can be improved by addition of admixture in the green concrete or by surface treatments and the phenomenon is generally known as waterproofing. The products used in both the stages of concrete are known as construction chemicals or admixtures and waterproofing is one of the aspects in construction aid.

These products are required for modifying the properties of concrete or mortar to make them more suitable for the work at hand or for the economy for such purposes are saving energy like Integral water proofing compounds,Acrylic based polymer coatings,Mineral based polymer modified coating,Chemical DPC for rising dampness,Water proofing adhesive for tiles, marble and granite,Silicon based water repellent material,Injection grouted for cracks,Protective and decorative coatings,Joint sealants.

Lateral soil deformations lateral spreading have proven to be the most pervasive type of liquefaction-induced ground failure. Lateral spreading involves the movement of relatively intact soil blocks on a layer of liquefied soil toward a free face or incised channel. These blocks are transported down-slope or in the direction of a channel by both dynamic and gravitational forces.

60+ Seminar Topics for Civil Engineering with ppt and report

The amount of lateral displacement typically ranges from a few centimeters to several meters and can cause significant damage to engineered structures. A number of failure modes may occur in pile foundations, depending on the conditions of fixity, pile reinforcement and ductility. Generally, if concrete piles were well embedded in the pile caps, shear or flexural cracks occurred at pile heads, often leading to failure; if steel pipe piles were fixed tightly in the pile caps, failure was at the connection or pile cap; or if the pile heads were loosely connected to the pile caps, they either rotated or were detached.

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Topics seminar civil ppt pdf engineering

Click here. Structural Light weight Concrete Lightweight concrete can be defined as a type of concrete which includes an expanding agent in that it increases the volume of the mixture while giving additional qualities and lessened the dead weight.