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Easy book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A New York Times and USA Today BestsellerRescued by a teshimaryokan.infod. Can you find me these books please. Thank you in advance. Breakable ( Contours of the Heart #2) by Tammara Webber Sweet (Contours of the Heart #3) by. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Easy to love. Easy to recommend. Easy to want more . But best of all, EASY to review, because there are no questions as to how.

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Easy (Contours of the Heart Series) by Tammara Webber - PDF free download eBook. A Contours of the Heart NovelThe New York Times Bestseller by Tammara WebberRescued by a teshimaryokan.infod by a secretSometimes, love isn’t easy He watched her, but never knew her. One button - Read Easy (Contours of the Heart 1) Online, Free Novels Online, Read Book Online, Listen Novels Online. Easy (Contours of the Heart #1). Here Without You (Between the Lines #4). Good For You (Between the Lines #3). Where You Are (Between the Lines #2).

Jacqueline and Lucas are brought together for a reason…to save each other. Book The Oedipus Cycle: Though the story wasn't anything particularly original or ground-breaking, the way it was told and how relatable it was really moved me. Maybe some of this too: I cried, I laughed, I yelled and I cheered. Book Sarah by J.

One button - 15 links for downloading the book "Easy Contours of the Heart Series " in all e-book formats! Tammara Webber, New York Times bestselling author of Easy, is a hopeful romantic who adores novels with happy endings, because there are enough sad endings in real life. Before writing full time, she was an undergraduate academic advisor, economics tutor, planetarium office manager, radiology call center representative, and the palest person to ever work at a tanning salon. She married her high school sweetheart, and is Mom to three adult kids and four very immature cats.

Books Library. Book author: Tammara Webber. Sep 19, Reviews: Brief introduction: Get download links. Our system has detected that your browser probably does not support JavaScript. Please turn on Javascript, otherwise the functioning of the site will be impossible. Details of Easy Contours of the Heart Series. A college age, New Adult Romance. There's no indication of the university's prestige, the size of the university, the size of the town where the university is located, the size of the campus, or the make up of the student body in terms of diversity, socioeconomic factors, etc.

It's these sorts of details that make a setting come alive and they were sorely missed. I also couldn't identify with Jacqueline's college experience because her university didn't sound anything like any I've ever heard of.

She goes to a university where engineering majors are required to take economics, where professors assign seating in large lectures with two hundred students, where professors accept bad break ups as an excuse for missing a midterm, where a single professor can pull strings to a get a failing student into the school, where music majors take algebra.

There may be colleges where any of these things happen, but they're not typical, and taken together it was just hard to believe Jacqueline's college was real. There was a distinctly high school vibe about the school experience.

Pacing was also an issue. There were far too many unnecessary scenes, which did nothing to move the plot forward and the plot felt very disjointed. Plot points were brought up or alluded to but never fully explored, explained, or resolved begging the question of why they were included in the first place. Different plot points would be dropped at awkward times and forgotten about instead of being present throughout.

Lastly, the writing was very unpolished. There were a lot of awkwardly worded sentences, and a few punctuational and grammatical errors. I also thought many of the chapter breaks were oddly placed and some of the scene transitions were hard to follow, particularly those leading up to the emails.

Also distracting was Webber's tendency to recap action that happened during a time jump between scenes. While the dialogue wasn't terrible, there were quite a few instance where the characters would over explain things.

At one point, a character speaks for four Nook pages straight with only a one sentence break. The novel was definitely in need of professional editing. I would not recommend this book to anyone, although clearly it was enjoyed by many. There are far better books out there that portray the effects of sexual assault and trauma in a more realistic fashion. That's how it was for me, I went into this totally blind, I had absolutely no idea what the book was about, I think I read the blurb but it still gave me Wonderful!

That's how it was for me, I went into this totally blind, I had absolutely no idea what the book was about, I think I read the blurb but it still gave me nothing. And I am so glad for that! Anyway, I'll try to go through the most important things in the book. Prepare for a gush-fest!!!!!

The classes they take together She sees him in class all the time and there are stolen glances everywhere and he keeps sketching things. Yes I know the stolen glances are so high-school, but they were sweet and they made me smile until my cheeks hurt like crazy: The dance in the disco That was swoony and hot and I think I totally fell in love with Lucas there! Such an awesome scene, I'd kill to see it in his POV!!!!! Something you need to know about Lucas There isn't one thing about him that I don't like.

I know he's written that way, and sometimes it bothers me when the have no flaws, but here it just didn't!

Easy (Contours of the Heart Series) by Tammara Webber - PDF free download eBook

Anyway, he bites his lip a lot and rakes his fingers through his hair and has this half-smile going on all the time. For those of you who get irritated with those things, you'll probably be so here, but me, NOPE!! I loved it all, even with the lip biting and hands through hair and that half-smile that rarely went into a full one. At all! It is pretty unbelievable because she's so young and well, I am not a fan of reading about young people in books, but there you go.

No getting on nerves from her. So that's another reason I love this book! She does cry a few times, that I wish she didn't, but oh well, if I was ish and went through attempt of rape and several other things, I'd be a mess as well. Anyway, she just broke up with her boyfriend with whom she'd been for three years, so she's a mess there too. She starts noticing and avoiding Lucas at the same time LOL 6. The sketching I loved every single scene that involved him sketching her, especially the first one!!!

Her ex and the bad guy Her ex is a total jerk and I want to hit him in the balls like they did in the defense class. The bad guy is a total jerk and I want to rip off his balls like they did in defense class. There is something sad in Lucas's past Gosh I felt so bad for him: I thought it was one thing, but it turned out something completely different and even more terrible!!!

I want to hug him like crazy!!! The ending is great and amazing and wonderful and all sorts of mushy things I can think of! Well, I don't think I need to say more about it: DDD I completely and totally loved this book shocker, right???? Vishous - thanks so much for recommending this to me! Yes, you have created a monster!!! Fans of weak female protagonists. And it is perfectly okay to have your own opinion. But since this is my review, I take the liberty to judge the subject matter at hand from any and every angle I wish to.

And my problem lies with Jackie's unrealistic reactions to certain events, behavior and her acute sense of low self-worth. Such heroines in any kind of literature do not help to boost the morale of our kind, especially the ones who fall victim to sexual violence or violence of any sort.

Hope that clears up why I hated this book. Now begins my former review. She is conspicuously lacking in self-respect and a sense of self preservation. She is nearly raped in the parking lot while returning from a frat party one night by a drunken bastard. But does NOT report that to the police in fear of the party getting busted.

And her peers blaming her for it. Goodbye logic. Because apparently in this author's world either there's no law enforcement agency or the heroine isn't intelligent enough to figure out the use of one. Instead she enrolls herself in self-defense classes. That's pretty good and all.

She does not even tell her room mate what happened. Instead of doing the obvious she is busy pining for a random hot stranger with tattoos and piercings all over his body and makes out with him without even knowing him properly.

Apparently when it's him she forgets all about her attacker and the trauma of the assault. And adding to the preposterousness of it all, this random hot stranger is not only her economics class mate but also her econ tutor who is supposed to be an upperclassman with whom she exchanges flirtatious mails but does not know they are one and the same person. Uh what?

Contours the easy pdf of heart

He is an economics genius, looks like a badass with a motorcycle, works at Starbucks, can beat the shit out of creeps and play the knight in shining armor to this brainless bimbo in distress. I have never never come across anything so disgustingly cliche-ridden. It is at this point that I gave up hope for this book. It seems that 'rationale' is not the author's favorite word.

Had it been possible to give it a 0 star I wouldn't have hesitated at all. I wonder if the person who tagged this as 'realistic fiction' was being sarcastic.

There will never be a random, sexy stranger who comes out of nowhere to rescue you from danger. Never give your tormentor a second chance to attack you. And keep a pepper spray bottle or a taser in your bag. View all 43 comments. Huge 5 stars I really loved this story but not for the reasons I expected.

The pdf heart of contours easy

What I expected was an angst filled, all consuming, volatile romance between the hero and heroine. What the author gave me, however, was far from that and much better. Overall this book is more about the heroine's journey to self-awareness than about her romance with the hero. Typically, I prefer romance centered plots to storylines involving the heroine's relationships with multiple characters.

However, this book not only Huge 5 stars I really loved this story but not for the reasons I expected. However, this book not only delves into the heroine's personal growth and her relationship with other characters, but also has one fantastic love story with a hot yet tortured tattooed hero, who is also extremely endearing. In addition, the story is amazingly mature in dealing with sensitive subjects for a Young Adult book. Easy is a realistic, captivating, and simply fantastic book!

I highly recommend this wonderful story. So somebody told me this book was like Beautiful Disaster but not completely horrible, woman hating and nonsensical. I snorted, thanked them for the rec and went on my merry way. So let me express this in the most calm and reasonable way I can.

It was, indeed, a really fun, lovely read that I highly endorse. View all 46 comments. Mar 02, Raeleen Lemay rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dear lord. View all 3 comments. Wow, really enjoyed it. A hot tortured guy who was obsessed and possessive of Jacqueline, but in a way that never crosses the line.

Easy (Contours of the Heart 1)

He defends and protects her from a violent sexual rapist on campus, and gives her reason to believe that her decision to attend the college that her now ex-boyfriend chose might not have been a bad decision after all. If you like a hero with some tats, a small lip piercing, and rides a motorcycle, you'll love Lucas. After the altercation,Jacqueline finds herself drawn to Lucas. He is a student in her economics class, and oddly one of a few she truly trusts. Because she is so drawn to him, she lets her girlfriends convince her to play hard to get with him in hopes he could be a rebound man from her ex-boyfriend.

Too bad he didn't take class very serious, he spends his time sketching images instead of listening and taking notes. Jacqueline She soon finds herself a bit torn between Lucas and her online tutor Landon. Landon and her have never met, but he is smart, motivated and interesting. They exchange a ton of emails, and he becomes an invaluable resource and help so she doesn't flunk out of economics.

Campus Party Life The author did a great job portraying the reality of college life. Partying, studying, flirting as well as the risks and how to protect oneself. As much as I didn't agree with Jacqueline's decision early in the story, I do realize sadly how common that is.

The story has quite a few twists and kept me fully engaged all the way through. While the subject matter is rather dark at times, it never gets bogged down with the drama.

The main focus remains on Jacqueline and her building attraction and relationship with Lucas. The romance story was the best part, and it never goes overboard on angst and self inflicted drama, as BD was notorious for.

In a nutshell, this story really is about Jacqueline's journey after making her rash decision to follow her boyfriend now ex to his college. Wonderful things happen for her too, including meeting some great friends and the oh-so-hot Lucas. She was a very likable character, smart and deserving of good things.

Her chemistry with Lucas felt real. I rarely read YA, but this one is actually considered more adult in nature, and I agree. Think of this as a blend of YA with more adult material and some steamy sexual scenes mixed with some fade-to-black moments. The make out scenes get super steamy hot, but when it is more than that it will fade to black. The relationship is right for their age and maturity, too.

I am so glad I took the chance on this one, I highly recommend it. View all 67 comments. So easy to like, so easy to get lost into the story, so easy to get to the last page and wish for more You simply start reading it and the action feels so natural that you don't stop until you reach the last page.

This is one of those stories. I liked her voice smart and funny , her strong personality - after what almost happend to her in the beginning of the book she still could pretend that her life was almost the way it used to; she still managed to keep her head up and confront whatever it was to confront. Yes, she needed a bit of time to recover, but that only makes her human and that only makes me like her more.

If I had to describe her in a few words I would say that she was really stubborn and she almost always knew what she wanted and how to get it. Even though she still had some feelings for her ex she wouldn't have left him back in after that embarrassing break-up that's the spirit!

She also has a great best friend Erin , a bit crazy but lovely nevertheless, and this made me happy because I love to read about good friends that can be there for each other. There was a lot of humor involved and that was also great because some topics were pretty hard to digest and my heart needed a few happy moments here and there. I liked that he was spontaneous and at times not as predictable as Jacqueline wanted him to be.

It still gives me goose bumps, I didn't expect it to be so horrifying, but it was and I wanted to keep him safe, to hold him in my arms forever and make him forget all the bad things in his life.

I guess I am saying a bit too much, but I can't help it. He is the main reason I loved this book and he deserves every single thought I have about him.

I need a tutor to flirt via email and I think that this smart guy might be just perfect for the job. I loved the e-mails between the 2 of them - they were so fun and flirty and cute..

There is the need to move on, there is the need to forget, there is the need to start over, and what makes this story special is the fact that all these things fit so perfectly together. You are not overwhelmed by them, but you can understand them, feel them.

There was one tiny thing I didn't particularly enjoy: But between these moments he was mostly absent. I couldn't fear him, he didn't seem to be a threat Also I don't understand why didn't Lucas just called the police in the beginning I understood why he didn't kill the bastard, even though in his state of mind he was pretty close to do it and I can't even judge him for that Still, without this fact we wouldn't have had a story to read, so I'll just let this go.

But I didn't like him, just so you know. I guess this is it; these days I am not too good at expressing my feelings for the books I like, but "Easy" is really good and easy to love, so I am sure that you will like it. Pick it up, read it, love it, and come back to talk more about it ; Happy midnight reading! View all 29 comments. I loved Tammara's Between the Lines series. I've read all three books in the series more than once. So, when I found out she was writing a book with college aged characters, I was thrilled.

Easy did not let me down. From the moment I began reading it I couldn't walk away from it. I cried, I laughed, I yelled and I cheered. It's an emotional journey that I wasn't expecting.

This is one that will keep you up reading all night long. View all 10 comments. Nov 27, S. I am so stinking in love with this book! It had everything I love—romance, heartache, friendship, a mysterious, compelling, sexy as hell leading man I may be completely head over heels in love with Lucas now.

No, I definitely am. It also touched on a very serious subject in a realistic way that drew you into the minds and hearts of the characters. I could see myself reacting in the same way, having the exact same thoughts. I hope anyone who has gone through that same situation reads this book and takes her words to heart.

This book just moved right to the top of my all-time favorite books list. Read-along with Jenn. After reading this story, I had to ask myself, why have I never read a Tammara Webber story before?!! Jacqueline Wallace followed her boyfriend of three years, Kennedy, to college and then unexpectedly, he dumps her to sow his wild oats. Jacqueline is devastated and for two-weeks she can't bring herself to face him in the economics class they share. She finally realizes that no guy is worth failing a class and trashing her GPA.

So Jacqueline goes to the teacher and After reading this story, I had to ask myself, why have I never read a Tammara Webber story before?!! So Jacqueline goes to the teacher and throws herself on his mercy, begging for a chance to catch up and pass the class. He connects her with the class tutor, Landon, and they begin emailing back and forth working on retrieving her grade. She starts to connect with Landon through the emails and wonders what he looks like. In class, Jacqueline notices another boy, Lucas.

When he's not sketching in a notebook, she catches him staring at her, many times. Jacqueline never noticed Lucas before, but now he seems to be popping up everywhere. Now that she's not with Kennedy anymore, she can't help but see that he's gorgeous: Jacqueline doesn't know if she's ready for any relationship so soon after her break-up. Also, she's not sure if someone who is clearly just sketching and not listening in class is someone for her but she can't deny that she's attracted to him.

Should she choose a guy who satisfies her body or her mind? Add to all of this, Jacqueline is getting very unwanted attention from Buck, a frat-mate of Kennedy, who suddenly after their break-up, is all about bullying and stalking Jacqueline! This guy is beyond creepy, and his type is the reason I carry pepper spray in my purse! This story starts off with a bang!

My heart was literally pounding in my chest from the opening scene! I won't say what happens but it was some start. As I said in the opening I could not put this book down. I read it in one day! I just loved everything about it. I liked that Jacqueline doesn't let the events in her life drag her down.

She grieves over her break-up but then dusts herself off, and gets back to living. Her friend and roommate, Erin was the best sort of girlfriend. It's the type of relationship all us girls yearn to have, someone who is loyal and helps to empower us against what trips us up in life. It was a nice change from the usual "mean-girl" plot line in so many books now. Now let's get to Lucas, he is easily the knight-in-shining-armor of this book.

He's so respectful, protective and just plain HOT! Some of the scenes in this book had me wiping off the steam gathering on my glasses many times! Let me tease you with a snippet: Or overpowered.

But I do, absolutely, want to kiss you right now. I stared at him. Finally comprehending that he was waiting for a response, I said, "Okay. He held me in place, lips near my ear. When he kissed the sensitive spot, my breath shuddered. That's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the steam written in this story!

There is so much more to this story than the romance but I don't want to give anything away. Stay away from spoilery reviews if you can. This story is best discovered by reading it yourself. I highly recommend this story, just writing this review makes me want to read it all over again! I'm definitely reading anything else written by Tammara Webber.

Easy (Contours of the Heart Series) - free PDF, DJVU, DOC, EPUB

You can find this review and more at The Readers Den Love is not the absence of logic but logic examined and recalculated - heated and curved to fit inside the contours of the heart This might be my favorite book of Webber's to date. There's something about the stories she writes which makes me throw out my preset ideas of what I wouldn't like in a book. She rearranges my reservations and makes me want to know more about her flawed characters.

It's Love is not the absence of logic but logic examined and recalculated - heated and curved to fit inside the contours of the heart This might be my favorite book of Webber's to date. It's like a big fat bonus. Even though there were a few 'tried and true' plot points that are guaranteed to bring out the screaming fangirls, I didn't feel bamboozled you just can't stop my love for weird words into going along for the ride.

So what does this make me? But I'm not going to hide my admiration for a love story that did just so happen to make me feel a little bit warm and fuzzy inside. It was a sweet read. I would have fallen for Lucas myself if I was Jackie. How could you not?

He was wearing drawstring pajama bottoms and a dark t-shirt, the sexy lines of his tattoos spilling from his sleeves to his wrists. He also wore thin, black-framed glasses that accentuated the blue in his eyes and his dark lashes.

Lucas was kind, protective, smart, artsy, and caring. Yes, he was the entire package. Maybe a bit too much at times. He could kick your assailant's ass, work several jobs, draw an incredible life rendering of you, cook you a fabulous dinner, and help you get your econ grade up, all before making your head swim at his lovin' skills. I had a few flashbacks of the hero from Extreme Exposure. I'm hardly complaining though. Lucas was the hotness, even if he was too good to be true. Mild spoilers ahead but they really only tie to things you'll end up finding out pretty early on in the book, so I'd say it's okay to read them anyway.

Here's what I liked: The email exchanges. They were fun.

The friendship banter. It was realistic.

I know some people might be upset at one girl calling another a slut, or seeing two girls scheme how to catch a guy by acting 'interested, yet still indifferent' yes that is a contradiction, but I understood it If you're friends with me long enough, at some point you will be called a hooker.

It is my term of endearment. The emphasis on how rape is serious and needs to be reported so other people aren't hurt in the future. The suggestion of therapy to a character who wasn't healed from a past hurt. Not all hurts go away. Book House by Frank E. Book Hugo Read This! Book Human Monsters: Book Incest: Book Inside Scientology: Book Into Thin Air: Book JFK and the Unspeakable: Book Junky by William S. Book Kindred by Octavia E. Book Learning to Kiss in the Snow by D.

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