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Daughter of the blood anne bishop pdf

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Anne Bishop - Dark Jewels 01 - Daughter of the Blood. Home · Anne Bishop - Dark Bishop, Anne - Black Jewels 01 - Daughter of the Blood · Read more. Bishop, Anne - Black Jewels 01 - Daughter of the Blood · Read more · Anne Bishop - Dark Jewels 01 - Daughter of the Blood. Read more. daughter of the blood pdf. "Daughter" is a song by the American rock band Pearl Jam, released in as the second single from the band's second studio.

First things first, this book and I expect the rest of the series as well is not for the faint of heart. View all 14 comments. Locus Award for Best First Novel. Then Janelle enters his life and life begins aknew for him. Janelle, the once and future queen, is just a child but is already coming into the power that will outshine all in her shadow. About Anne Bishop. Sexual violence against both men and women , torture, rape, incest, pedophilia

Like all that followed Daughter of the Blood has not managed to be completely overshadowed by its predecessor either. I still had hope I would manage to finish this one. At this point I made two tactical errors.

First I peeked at the blurb for the next book. I quote: And Jaenelle will face her destiny when she remembers Daemon, Saetan's son, who made the ultimate sacrifice for her love If this is not a dead giveaway that we are talking about a romance disguised as fantasy, I do not know what is.

Please do not get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against romances, but only about romances that are honest about their genre from the beginning. My second mistake was in skimping through the reviews better people then me wrote. The moment I stumbled upon complaint that the characters often behave like complete retards just to move the plot I realized it is time to DNF.

If there is something I cannot stand is heroes both good and bad acting in a way that would make an ordinary wooden log look like an Einstein. There are better books out there. I would like to say my thanks to all my friends who discouraged encouraged me during the read. Their input made my hard decision to DNF easier. View all 10 comments. In grade six, my second best friend and I discovered her mother's V.

Daughter of The Blood

Andrews' Flowers in the Attic series and we snuck them out the bookshelf and read them in the park while eating chips and drinking lemonade.

We found those books so enticingly wicked and could not believe all the things we read about. No more Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew for us- all we wanted to do is read adult books and unbeknownst to us that these were the trashiest books out 2. No more Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew for us- all we wanted to do is read adult books and unbeknownst to us that these were the trashiest books out there.

Ok ok there was Harold Robbins but we didn't discover him until grade seven. The writing was barely adequate at best and highly repetitive. The men were constantly "steepling their fingers" and the women were "fluffing their hair". The women constantly hissed and the men snarled. You get the picture. The sex was quite dysfunctional and twisted and there was a fair bit of it.

The women were just as predatory as the men and nobody liked anybody very much except for the new "Witch" who was twelve years old Yikes I wish the writer had made her eighteen-if you read the book you'll know why I wish this. There was some interesting magical elements in the book but often the rules of the world were applied rather too conveniently to get the plot moving along.

I've seen this book labeled as dark feminist fantasy but I don't think this is an apt description. If you are looking for some excellent dark feminist fantasy I highly recommend Jacqueline Carey who writes exquisitely and has a fertile imagination with fascinating characters and plotlines. If you are in the mood for some trash then this book is adequate. I'm going to hang my head in shame though and admit that at some point I will read Book 2 because sometimes you want to read something that is "trashy, campy, cheesy and sordid".

Admit it you do too. Feb 15, Jess rated it did not like it. Things I did not like about this book: Satan is Saetan Demon is Daemon View all 4 comments. Aug 05, Lightreads rated it liked it Shelves: Excerpts from a stream of consciousness transcript as I read this series: Ah, right, his brother with wings.

Saetan Sa Diablo? For serious? Magical cockring of Obedience! Aww, that's actually pretty cute. Family togetherness, d'aww. Ew Ew! He just circumcised someone with his teeth! Oh, look, the unicorns just showed up. Someone else is in a killing rage, yawn. Magical cockring of honor! So he has wings, and also apparent Excerpts from a stream of consciousness transcript as I read this series: So he has wings, and also apparently pon farr.

Oh, ahahaha, the unicorns aren't going to perform the wedding ceremony are they? Of course they are. You guys. I just. I don't even. VERY perverse, twisted, brilliant, engaging and provoking bit of fantasy reading It was definitely worth reading! Not for the faint of heart, not for the squeamish either. Lovers of angst will appreciate it. People with kid sex triggers won't, at all.

The book receives 5 stars for the original world built from scratch. A beautiful and terrible world submerged in darkness, where almost everyone is twisted to some extent I will go on with th VERY perverse, twisted, brilliant, engaging and provoking bit of fantasy reading I will go on with this series Q: We know how it ends practically before it starts.

That's why stories appeal to us. They give us the clarity and simplicity our real lives lack. There are some questions that shouldn't be asked until a person is mature enough to appreciate the answers. A woman with an education may be able to spend more time sitting in a chair instead of lying on her back.

A sound advantage, I should think. Aug 28, Amanda Ryan-Romo rated it it was amazing Shelves: If you like feminist fantasy fiction, this is the series to read. Bishop creates a fantasy otherworld unlike any I have read and I've read quite a bit.

Bishop further engages in disrupting patriarchy by showing the fallacies present for women in that social system. She challenges patriarchal norms regarding sexuality, language, power and relationships between women and men. Her work, which is centered in an otherworld that is distinctly non-medieval and yet is technologically vague as to almost be modern, empowers women by showing how they can empower themselves through belief in their own power.

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Blood the daughter pdf of anne bishop

Oct 18, Katie babs rated it it was amazing. I knew it was a dark fantasy tale that the majority of my fellow readers have glommed. I also come to the realization that Anne Bishop has created a universe unlike anything I have ever read before. I wonder in the ten years since Anne created the Black Jewels Trilogy, how many authors she has influenced? If only I had read Daughter of the Blood when it was first published! This book blew me away from both a reader's and a writer's perspective.

Every one in this book is not what they seem. The acts written are so questionable and the consequences are so very, very dark. This is not a book for everybody. There are brutal acts against children that consist of rape and pedophilia. The sex here is something that is not enjoyable for both the giver and receiver. Anne has written the sex act as a way to have power over someone. It is usually not done in love, but more for gratification.

It is cold and harsh. If someone does not enjoy the act, they may go insane, as some young girls do during their Virgin Night. The Virgin Night is when a young girl becomes a woman. And they better hope the man they are with is gentle and loving, because if their first time is brutal, the girl will be destroy mentally, forever lost to the Twisted Kingdom, a realm where their soul goes, never to return, because they have been brutalized.

There are three Realms within Daughter of the Blood: Terreille, Kaeleer and Hell. These Realms are separated through Gates, which are guarded by Priestesses. The society that lives in each of these Realms is ruled by the Blood and the Jewel. Think of it as a hierarchy or a caste system if you will. Within these caste systems are territories ruled by a Court. The Court can either be ruled by a Queen or a high ranking member of the Blood.

There are so many characters that make up Daughter of the Blood, but there are four main ones that come to mind and will become so very important in the next two books to come. They are Saetan, Daemon, Lucivar and Jaenelle.

There is Saetan, who is the High Lord and ruler of Hell. He has two sons that were taken away from him thousands of years ago. One is Daemon, the other is half-brother Lucivar.

They are pleasure slaves that serve their aunt, Dorothea SaDiablo, who I have nicknamed evil skank whore queen for good purpose. She has a magical Ring of Obedience around both these brothers. She can lead them around their cocks in the most literal sense. She controls them and pimps them out to pleasure any woman who can afford the price.

Daemon is beyond gorgeous and deadly. The so-called pleasure he gives these woman is through the power he has. So essentially, Daemon is still a virgin. He has been abused horribly, and I wonder if J. Ward found her inspiration for Zsadist because of Daemon. Zsadist and Daemon are very much alike in that sense, that they have been forced and raped. There is no escape for Daemon, only hope for a prophecy was told about the living myth; dreams made flesh will arrive in the form of a young woman, a witch who is Witch.

Daemon has waited and waited for Witch because she will be his true lover, the one who will own his soul. She is the only woman he can truly be with in every sense of the sexual, emotional, spiritual and physical. Where as Daemon suffers more emotional abuses, Lucivar suffers the worst kind of physical.

He too waits for Witch, to release him from his torment. Jaenelle can cross through all Realms, where she leaves her body to do so. This is where she first meets Lucivar and then his father Saetan. Saetan believes Jaenelle is the daughter of his soul.

He longs to teach her craft, magic that she must learn in order to keep her safe because Dorothea and other Queens would destroy Janelle. But by the age of twelve, Jaenelle is in a bad place. Her family thinks she is mentally ill and place her in and out of a hospital called Briarwood. Briarwood is not what is seems. It is a place where little girls, like Jaenelle are left to the mercy of the Uncles, men who enjoy the taste of little girls.

The way Daemon handles Jaenelle is very carefully constructed. Daemon knows that Jaenelle is the one he is meant to be with, but because of her, age he would never do anything to her. Even though he wants Jaenelle, he wants who she is inside, the woman she will become. Anne handled this relationship very well. He is very much an innocent, when it comes to his feelings for Jaenelle, just like Jaenelle is very innocent in her actions and feelings.

She finds a friend in Daemon, a companion that seems to understand her. She also bridges the gap between Daemon and Saetan. Father and son are on the path to forgiveness, all because of Jaenelle. From this point on, Daemon and Jaenelle will be separated and they both will go through some truly horrible things.

Jaenelle is brutalized in such a way that made me sick to my stomach. This was the one major peeve I had because the rape of a child is something I am just not comfortable with. The reason for this is to set up the next book because the abuse Jaenelle goes through, breaks her mind, where she leaves her body and disappears. She will be gone forever, a shell with no soul. It is up to Daemon to rescue her.

But he is not just rescuing the person that Jaenelle is, but her true being that is Witch. Anne leaves things open that will hopefully be concluded in the second book, Heir to the Shadows. Daughter of the Blood is disturbing. Dark is not a good enough word to describe this world that Anne Bishop has created.

Pdf daughter blood of bishop the anne

As for myself, the best word to describe how I felt reading, is of being consumed. Perhaps Daughter of the Blood could be compared to that of a car accident you just can turn away from. I may have been disturbed, and a bit ill at certain points, but I wanted more. I question why Anne had to go so far with some of things in Daughter of the Blood. Perhaps it was for shock value, or she felt it just fit in the world she was writing. I would have preferred not to read some of those difficult scenes, but again, my opinion is more of a personal nature.

Regardless of the dark tone and nature of Daughter of the Blood, Anne has written an amazing book that evoked so many different emotions. Jaenelle brought forth my memories of innocent and childlike dreams. Daemon gave me those barely unleashed feelings of lust and seduction, and Lucivar made me feel such pain and suffering. I wanted to torture Dorothea and make her eat her heart. Funny how Hell seems kind while the other Earth like Realms seem so horrible. Anne Bishop has opened my eyes to an incredible world that I will never forget.

View all 8 comments. People who like their fantasy very, VERY dark. This is a DARK fantasy story, if you're looking for an easy read then that's not what you're going to get here.

However, if you're looking for a story that is as compelling as it is disturbing then this may be just what you're after. If I'd known the kind of things this story included everything from child molestation, rape, incest, abuse, torture and much much more then I would have been wary about picking it up but no matter how squeamish reading it made me feel there was never a point where I wanted to put the book down and walk away.

I was so engrossed in this world and the characters that I just had to know what was going to happen next! Anne Bishop has created a fascinating but brutal world, one where power has completely corrupted the people in charge.

Society is ruled by those of the Blood, men and women with magic whose abilities are defined by the colour of jewel they receive at birth. It is a matriarchal society where territories are ruled by the Queens who have the strongest magic and they are served by their male counterparts the Warlords. There was peace and happiness for centuries until they fell under the power of a dark and twisted High Queen, Dorothea, a woman who thinks nothing of terrorising the people under her command.

In fact she has encouraged the other Queens to treat men as worse than nothing, they are often little more than sex slaves who are under complete control of Dorothea and the other Queens that she allows to rule over smaller territories.

The world is split into three different realms - Terreille, Kaeleer and Hell - but most of this story takes place in Terreille and Hell I have to admit I'm a little confused about how Kaeleer fits into the picture but I'm assuming that will become more clear as the series continues.

The realms have been divided and under Dorothea's reign Terreille has become a dark and terrifying place. There is only one hope for the realms to be reunited and prophecy has long since told of Witch, the most powerful Queen to be born in centuries, one who will either heal or destroy the world. For centuries Saetan, the overlord of Hell, has awaited the birth of Witch and finally she is here. Jaenelle is just seven years old when she finds her way to Hell and befriends him and he instantly recognises her for who and what she is.

It will take years of training before she is ready to fulfil the prophecy but that is only if he manages to keep her safe from those that seek to harm her. Jaenelle is already capable of incredible and terrifying things but she doesn't have proper control of her magic and desperately needs the lessons he can give her.

Saetan is a father figure to Jaenelle and he would do anything to help her but that isn't easy when she is so determined to follow her own path, she is a wanderer who has friends throughout all three realms and in her own way she is just as determined to protect those she cares about.

She refuses to stay safe in Hell when her friends need her help and she keeps secrets about things that happen because she tries to spare Saetan the pain of knowing the kind of trouble she is in.

Jaenelle also befriends Saetan's two sons Daemon and and Lucivar although her relationship with them is very different to the one she has with Saetan. Daemon and Lucivar are both slaves who are under control of Dorothea, they have spent centuries being abused and tortured biding their time until Witch comes into her power and can free them. We don't see a great deal of Lucivar here but whenever we do get his point of view he is either suffering the worst kind of torture or watching it happen to someone else.

I'm actually glad we don't see more of him because his scenes were incredibly difficult to read about, I just wish I could say they were the worst in the book and unfortunately they weren't! Daemon is a pleasure slave who has spent centuries forced to do the bidding of Dorothea, but in spite of that he actually has a kind of innocence to him, one that Jaenelle brings to the surface through their friendship. Daemon would do anything to keep Jaenelle safe, he would go through any kind of pain or suffering himself if it meant she didn't have to but even he isn't powerful enough to protect her the entire time.

Scenes towards the end of the book absolutely broke my heart and I have no idea how Jaenelle is going to come back from what happened to her.

Daughter of the Blood

Thankfully the abuse she suffers is one of the few scenes that isn't detailed graphically in the story but the aftermath is more than enough to show just how badly she suffered and it makes for difficult reading.

Daughter of the Blood is a fascinating but brutal story, it is graphic and unflinching when it comes to showing the darkest that the world has to offer. This is a compelling book that hits you where it hurts and makes it hard to keep breathing but one that you can't look away from.

As much as I'm kind of terrified to see where Anne Bishop will take us next I'm in it for the long haul and there is no way I can stop reading this series.

The world building is absolutely fascinating and I am so invested in these characters that I want to see them get the happy ending that they deserve. Apart from Dorothea and a few others who are evil to the core - them I want to see suffer in the most brutal ways imaginable!

View all 14 comments. Jul 18, Holly rated it it was ok Shelves: Major mixed feelings on this one. I bumped my original 3 stars down to 2 after a bit of thought. On one hand- I kept reading because I was so curious about where the story was going. On the other- this book made me squeamish and uncomfortable.

When reviewers say this book is dark what they mean is it contains some really unpleasant aspects of violence, rape, incest, and pedophilia. Most of the characters were pretty awful human beings. Women rule men in this world and they do it by brute force. Which leads to some pretty twisted men. It was by and large a very negative reaction. I was ok with the storyline because I'm a fan of destined love. Ryodan knew without a doubt that Dani would be his other half in a few years when she became an adult.

He was waiting for her. This book played with that idea too but it took it too far in my opinion. The sexual nature of this culture and the various races icked me out. I almost put the book down multiple times. Now on top of all of this I had major issues with the writing.

It was disjointed and not well set up. In the beginning it reminded me a lot of Jacqueline Carey's Phaedre series.

Anne the daughter bishop blood pdf of

I was thrilled because although that series was dark I really enjoyed it. They both kind of throw you into the middle of these worlds. But unlike with Jacqueline Carey's series that world building never really comes.

I found it really confusing. Too many names and official titles. I spent hours reading this book and I still don't understand where in the world these places are and how their magic works. And the writing was SO dramatic.

One chapter convinced me that Daemon hated Surreal and the next it seems like they're best friends. I'm pretty sure Daemon is bipolar. So much angst. So here's the kicker- even after all of that and the frankly horrifying event that happens in the last few chapters I'm still considering reading book 2. Am I a glutton for punishment? I'm hoping that book 2 does what I kept waiting for book 1 to do- jump ahead a few years in time so I can stop being so grossed out by this blossoming love story.

Feb 12, Zeek rated it really liked it Shelves: Anne Bishop's Black Jewel's Trilogy pinged my radar a few years back when old Blogger friends couldn't say enough good about it. Per usual, it took me all this time to finally get to it, but it didn't take me long to see the appeal. High fantasy to be sure, The Black Jewel's Trilogy follows along the lines of what made this genre popular. And for those of us gals who need it- a dash of romance! Book 1: Daugh Anne Bishop's Black Jewel's Trilogy pinged my radar a few years back when old Blogger friends couldn't say enough good about it.

Daughter of the Blood. In the first book, Daughter of the Blood, we are introduced to the characters who will populate the entire Series.

Daughter of the Blood (The Black Jewels #1) by Anne Bishop

Janelle, the once and future queen, is just a child but is already coming into the power that will outshine all in her shadow. The chosen one whose coming was foretold over years ago, she would be the one to put an end to the corrupt rule of the Jeweled Blood Queens- witches who rule the people known as The Blood. But the women in power will not loose their grip so easily and it will take the wisdom of her soul father, brother, and future consort to keep her safe until the time she is ready to come into her own.

Right off the bat I became enthralled with this story. Long a lover of fantasy and romance, I knew this story had the potential to be a great read. I wasn't wrong. From the moment Janelle enters the scene, answering the call of the lonely brother of her soul- I was hooked. I have to admit, it was difficult for me to set aside my preconception of one character before I could truly let myself enjoy the ride though-that character being Saetan of course, the soon to be mentor and teacher of Janelle as well as her father- not of blood, but of soul.

Saetan is a sympathetic character in this tale, long relegated to the halls of Hayll and a shell of the man he used to be, subsisting on blood and darkness. Then Janelle enters his life and life begins aknew for him. In DOTB, the characters are all locked in their own prisons- Saetan to the fragility of his mind and body and the dreams of what could be and Janelle to the hands of those who should be protecting her but are instead locking her away to keep her in line.

Luciver, the brother of Janelle's soul and her future consort, Daemon, both literal sons of Saetan, are enslaved as pleasure slaves by and for the Queens of the Blood. But by the end of the first book, we find them all beginning to break free.

One will sacrifice his own sanity for the sake of Janelle's life. Another is left to uncertain future at the hands of his enslavers. One begins to realize his hopes and dreams and for Janelle, the nefarious reasons for her captivity come to a stunning climax that will make you eager to run out for the next installment! Great beginning to a magical story! Be warned, the plotting is complex and unfolds over three books, but it is a story not to missed!

View all 5 comments. Jan 29, Shannon Giraffe Days rated it it was amazing Shelves: The three realms of Terreille, Kaeleer the Shadow Realm and Hell are ruled by the Blood, people given the gift of Jewels of different-ranking colours. They are supposed to be caretakers of the land, and are deeply heirarchical. It's a matriarchal world, but a taint, a rot, has seeped into the Blood, and now the ruling Blood - both female and male - spend their time indulging in pleasures of all manner, often cruel.

Some of the races are long-lived, and the Demon-Dead in Hell still have the use The three realms of Terreille, Kaeleer the Shadow Realm and Hell are ruled by the Blood, people given the gift of Jewels of different-ranking colours. Some of the races are long-lived, and the Demon-Dead in Hell still have the use of their Jewels. Some have been around for more than 50, years. And they all have very long memories.

Kaeleer follows individual Queens, since there is no Queen of Ebon Askavi and she would be the Queen above all others. Terreille, corrupt and dissolute, has been taken over by the High Priestess of Hyall, Dorothea, working in tandem with Saetan's Demon-Dead wife Heketah.

They are both absolutely horrible people, who find entertainment in having men castrated. Saetan and his two still-living sons, half-brothers Daemon and Lucivar, have been waiting centuries for the arrival of the Queen who will rule them all and end forever the corruption of Dorothea and Heketah, which has already seeped across the closed borders into the Shadow Realm: Who, at the beginning of Daughter of the Blood , is just a 7 year old girl called Jaenelle, suffering abuse at the hands of her family and the doctor she is given over to.

There is a lot that is different about this fantasy book - and the entire trilogy - from the typical good vs. First off, it is one of the first fantasy stories I have read where I believe. What I mean is, Dorothea and Heketah and all the people they use, and all their perversions and cruelty, are intensely believable. Even though they are extreme, I think it is the way Bishop writes that draws me in so thoroughly. Her other characters are equally well-written - and there are a lot of them, but I never felt overwhelmed.

The interesting thing, to me, was that even though Jaenelle is technically the main character - in the sense that everything and everyone ends up revolving around her, focused on her - we never hear her voice. She never narrates. And this works perfectly. She is so other, by the end, that the only way to know is by understanding how those close to her - and those trying to manipulate her - perceive her.

The insipid covers of these books always put me off - that and the uninspiring blurb which gives no real indication of what these books are like. But it's a great story and very well written, and I read this trilogy in five days. It helps when they're all available! New editions with much nicer covers are available now, by the way.

View 1 comment. Feb 25, Marta Cox rated it it was amazing. The first book in what is known as The Black Jewels trilogy and now to be released on Kindle internationally. This is a classic piece of fantasy writing by this established author and it's an absolute joy to read such unique world building. This is unashamedly a journey into a world of imagination unlike any other that you will take. So be prepared to feel both challenged and revolted by all the machinations you are about to encounter here.

An ancient prophecy foretells of a Witch who will appea The first book in what is known as The Black Jewels trilogy and now to be released on Kindle internationally. An ancient prophecy foretells of a Witch who will appear and unite the three realms and free them all from tyranny. It's a land that's ruled by blood and magic and controlled by Queens who expect undying servitude.

The Witch will be the ultimate embodiment of magic. Saetan is guardian over the Hell realm but has learned of a young girl Jaenelle who although still a child has the ability to traverse all the realms. He's determined to teach her but she's slippery and refuses to share her secrets with him. Jaenelle is from Terreille and suffers greatly at the hands of her family as they believe she is of unsound mind and emotionally scarred.

At times Jaenelle struggles to even trust herself and almost believes that what she sees is just her imagination. Institutionalised she is at the mercy of those who would do her harm and she sees no way to escape her fate. Saetan has two estranged sons Lucivar and Daemon but time and the taint that's spreading throughout the lands has caused them all unmitigated pain.

Both Daemon and Lucivar are enslaved by evil power hungry Queens but when Daemon feels the pull of Jaenelles blood magic it's clear that finally Witch has arrived! Jaenelles considerable powers are not yet fully honed and she will need protecting from those who seek to control power. Jaenelle is still a child but she will face danger and depravity before her destiny will be realised. This is a very different type of book for me as it's pure fantasy rather than the urban fantasy world that Ms Bishop has recently ventured into.

This is not a pretty read and aspects of it are truly vile! Males are violated and even castrated and although not erotic there is quite a strong sexual aspect to this story. There is a lot to remember as the author introduces quite a few characters and it's an original idea to connect magical powers with gem stones. It's a richly drawn world and just pulls the reader in. At times it's hard to see how the heroine Jaenelle can ever overcome her circumstances and take her rightful place but that's where the three main male characters step up.

I loved the almost paternal feelings displayed by Saetan and the honourable actions of Lucivar but the area that some readers might struggle with is the attraction shown by Daemon for what is essentially a child! I thought that the author portrayed Jaenelle as an old soul and this reader could believe that time would bring the couple together.

Many societies see nothing wrong with young females finding themselves in relationships and it's important to remember this is a story set in a brutal and deadly world.

This book charts the beginning of these characters journey and it's a very complex storyline that Ms Bishop weaves. This is probably the darkest fantasy that I have encountered and is populated by those who only seek power and will do anything to achieve it. Political intrigue is rife within these pages but more disturbingly so too is brutality.

A book I didn't want to put down and yet curiously at times I didn't want to read it. The fact that I had to finish it is telling I think. An amazing piece of work and thought provoking too. Apr 20, Tom rated it really liked it.

The world building is actually done throughout the series so it was Awesome to reread and follow everything much clearer. It was also during a BR so it was interesting to see how confusing this is the first time around. I didn't have as much problems as my buddies the first time around but I'm glad I got the input of those as they read it for pimping purposes Let me say this is a me series.

In no way do i believe most will get it and it is an uncomfortable read at times. It is a very intense Fantasy and one of my favorite trilogies. I'll wait till I reread to make the decision though. Because that will happen! What the hell did I just read! Daughter of the blood blurb says that the Dark Kingdom is preparing itself for the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy.

Janelle is a child with more power than the world has ever scene. Sadi tries to train her which is going to be tough being she has more power than he can even imagine.

Daemon is a sex slave that has waited years for the Queen to come into power and becomes wrapped around the little 12 yo while trying to keep her safe. This was a pretty damn DARK fantasy! Apparently there are a lot of perverts that are into kiddies in the Dark Kingdom.

Even the good guy Daemon got a little creepy. And to be honest most of the book he just treated her like a sister except for a couple of creepy moments.

What a frigging complex character. She was creepy then cute then SCARY and she just always kept me on the edge of my seat when her part came into the story. I LOVE Janelle not like Daemon…haha she was such a good hearted heroine and I hope she comes out of this book with some semblance of herself. There was probably one too many storylines going for me and the politics was drug out a little for my total enjoyment.

There was a lot of world building in the first half of the book and the second half was a lot more intense. This one is white-hot. A wonderful new voice, Ms. Bishop holds us spellbound from the very first page. Join Reader Rewards and earn your way to a free book! Join Reader Rewards and earn points when you purchase this book from your favorite retailer. Epic Fantasy Paranormal Fiction Category: Epic Fantasy Paranormal Fiction Audiobooks. Paperback 2 —. Buy the Audiobook Download: Apple Audible downpour eMusic audiobooks.

Add to Cart Add to Cart. About Daughter of the Blood Seven hundred years ago, a Black Widow witch saw an ancient prophecy come to life in her web of dreams and visions. Also in Black Jewels. Also by Anne Bishop.

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