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I SILENT DEATH Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition by Uncle Fester Loompanics Unlimited Port Townsend, Washington This book Ls sold for ii^ormaiiaruil. Silent death uncle fester pdf - death uncle fester pdf 2nd Editien by Uncle F silent death uncle fester download Vest Busters Practical LSD. 13 books found, also search"Uncle Fester" in, , Uncle Fester · Silent Death [2nd ed.] in PDF file format for free without need to spent extra money.

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Silent Death. Chapter One. What Makes A Good Poison? tasteless, odorless poisons described in this book. Alternatively, some of the brew may be mixed up . Uncle Fester - Silent Death - Revised Exapnded 2nd Edition - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. The present second edition of the Color Atlas of Pharmacology goes to print six years after Color Atlas of Pharm Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture 8th .

Us effects axe delayed for a day cr so. New in My favorite size k 24MO. This means it is time to add another dose of sulfuric acid to the nuture. The unfortunate victiina of this bewildsing malady to age decades in a znaUff of days. Od tbe next page, we see a cylinder of nitrogen or COjgas. Smoke in he hood riwuld never escape.

It was the lab manual used by the Aum cult for their nerve gas manufacturing operation. This celebration of that ancient and fine art of poisoning largely focuses upon the guerrilla deployment of chemical warfare technology on scales ranging from individual assassination missions to large scale assaults covering areas equivalent to several city blocks.

Nerve gases, ricin, botulinum toxin, and many other agents are covered in detail along with production and deployment information. Rating details. Book ratings by Goodreads. Goodreads is the world's largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. We're featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book.

Close X. Follow us. Please enter manually: Phosgene To owrccaoe dui prcbion. Riosgn coded up causing mre death and wjury ihu other gas need in Worid War L It was veiy Silent Death 20 snetky, m that people oAes did oot realize they wtn bdsg gassed with phtBgcw, and its effects were often ddayed for a day or twa A few stDriesfromWorld War] will hdp to illustrate these poiDB.

He got a good night's sleep, bad a fine breakfast, but aocn after, he became vey side and died 24 boun after Us fatal wtaft. Moral of the story: It a subde. The next day be was dead. As you can see from the above stories, phosgene was a great advance for the art cf poiaoc u n g. Many ote strongholds of the power system yn, those placei!

WIqt this kka has not bees put iao practice beftxu. Ic speaks poorly for be quality of mpcenary fighting gomg od these days, too much cooveotional thinking. Now that you see bow p ;t6rtfially useful idnsgeoe is. For this reason, U iaofteo sided and shipped as a tiquid in cylinders. Phosgae has a faint sowU which has ben described as like musty hay or great com. Dqieoduig co which sauce you bdievc. The figure I put the moat Mhia says one pan in P ho sg m e bu some cgiirics which must be taken into account to efieotvely use k.

Past of all, it is quite a bit heavier than air, so it will smk. The neoessity of imrcduciag it Into the ventilation system could be avoided if fans or other active PMthodi of keeping the air inoving D the target buikting are in use, Ptwsggne also baa a strange effect on the taste of tobacco smoke, ft makes whu would DonnaUy be a fine siiKke taste like rolled up hay.

Wbete this would alert the roark iX or Just make them curse thor txiad of smeta is diffkult to say. Tbe chaoge in tobacco taste is especially pronounced io pipes. Mach then rusts met al This rust taken a btUe Mule to develop, so it will na akrt the vkkmn, but i coukJ be of hdp to mvestigators later, to deunrane the sate of the attack. At the recommended coocemration. Pohaps a alight dogle in he throat or smarting in be eyes, but his very quicldy passes and all seems wdl to tbe mark.

Phosgene gas has no colcr. He may, in fact, feel euphoric. Uok does the victim know that bis hings have been seared, tod are fiUiog vp with fluid, whsk be is feeling so good. Jost bow long it takes to begm feeling sick depends on bow krge a dose of tbe gM the nixiffl received. Whh smaller doses, it could take as long as 2 days. The victim finds that the most insigntfkant effort will send Ins pulse through the roof, and his tonured lungs hirtiing for trath.

The person literally begins to drown in fluid seeping from his king tissues. It comes up o the mouth as a wMy fluid wkh socne blood in k.

The questiou is, what will it be bsaed as? Of course, purchases of phosgene by a suspect would be damtang evidence. How then docs a psson get some phaegcoe?

It U usuaDy found in gas cyliulers under presstve, aUwogb it is sometimes fixmd aa a solution in toluene. For those ci os who don't have the connecticins to get pboagoie fer us, k ie wise to make some up frem scratch. It is not particularly bird, nor dangeroua. This Is an interesting rcnctioo. You mostly get back tbe carbon monoxide and chhrae you staited wHb; coly a amail amount of phosgene Is made. You can bei tbat you will never see bat one on MacGyverf Us best way fer pbosgeDS to be made on a fairiy smalJ scale U by reacting fummg sulftric add with cnrbcm toiuchlcdde.

Carbon tetznchkride is fairly easily availaUe at tbe hardware score at a very Sflent Death 24 cheap price. Ii is becoming scarcer lately because h has been found that prolonged exposure to carboa leerachJaride can caoae liver prublezTis, but it can still be found at these easy sources.

It is a mixture of sulfur tnoxide in sulfuric acid, with the usual concenlraiioft cif sulfur triaxide 50;i. The reaction that actually takas place is between tba sulfur trioxsde in the fuming sulfuric acid, and the carbon lemchloride. The chkxosulfocuc acid produced as a byproduct stays mr u Bquul dissolved in the unreacted sulfuric acid. Ko healing ia needed to make this reuction go. Grenades producing phosgene can also be devised. This is because phosgene does uobebevable things CO rubber, like turning it mto an oily goo.

For this reason, the phosgene must be directly pumped into the venrilarioo system of whatever building is to be attacked The air iniake of an ah conditioner is a very coovertient place to ttxroduce gases mto a building.

ChapUr Three War Gases A coovBttiau sized batdi of phosgene to show bow this system wnrid is about a cubic foot of pbosgne. In cakubtiog the amount of gas afloally ddivered to the urges, it must be rcnwnbeied that the gas Ivsi has to fill the fUsk and the lengthen tubing. So the volume of the ar space left above the chemicals in the flask, and the volume of the osida si the length cf tubing oust be nibcracled from the toul amount of gas produced Now to begin. The section of tubing, aeepper.

Puoang sulfmic add is even werse than regular sulfuric add Always wenr glovea and tyt protzetioa The valve of the aepantory humd is opened a httle, and a slow stream of fumiog sulfuric add is allowed to flow into the 3-necfted flask.

The rate of addiden of futmog sulfuric add should be cootroUed to keep the amount of phosgene bubbling out at any tune under centroL Tte reaction is pretty well done about 3 raifln teg after the last tf the fummg sulfuric acid has been added to the ooboQ tetrad] kride, so long as the mixiiig was OK.

The liquid idt in the flask can thes be rinsed out with water watch out for mcire fumes! A batch of uny size can bo oiade. To niaVe half as ontdv use half as much of both chemicals.

If ordinary concentrated sulfuric acid is used, the reaction takes anocbcf course. The reactioa done this way also requires headng, and be addition uf infusorial earth as a catalyst. See Chemkoi Abstracts, Vol. A gremde for phosgene would be a very handy hiiig. First of all, both mgredienta used m the makittg of phosgerte ace liquids. U gives off fumes that develop pressure if h is warm.

It is also really coiTOsive to a wide variety of subsiaikces. As art ahenative, the CQi could just be poored iuo the pope instead of kept in a ccotahw m die vase.

This would help shrirk the size ttf the grenade for easier throwing. The diudvaritages cd doing this are: This design xwld be scaled up feu ose as a bomb w be dropped from airplanes.

Silent Death 2nd Ed - Uncle Fester.pdf

The grenade shonid coouin at least twke as much funing sulfuric add as carbon letrachfcofidc, psi as with the gas generator. Arsine Arsine AsHj.

That's not to say that rt ii a perfect poison. No, it leaves traces which couW cooedvaWy be detected These traces ore very slight, however, so they may oa be connected to the sorry condition of the mark. The trace that arsine leaves is a small trace of arsenic in tltt urine Whether this would be enough to allow die coroner to piece togedw the clues and diagnose arsine would depend upon the skill of both the coroner and the poisoner. After all. Now that yoc've heard the bad stuff about arsine, la's move on to its good points.

It is a very deafiy gas. A ccoceriraikin of ooe pan in Over a period of alcul half an hour, one part in is deadly.

Over a period of an hour, one part in CXX can cause death. Aisioe is also very exodc. This is an iropataoi poiat In its favcc. PoisoiUDg by arsine is occasiccally. Afis being dosed, there is a latent period of up to a diy or ao before any symptoms show up. A grenade for arsine is much simpler ud more productive than the phosgene grenade. Ibot are two redly good methods for making arame. One is about as good as the other, and the method cbceen depeuls on vriiich raw naterials the attacker can moet easily gel his hands on.

Method mte one is based upon the reaction that takes place between sine powdir and hydrochloric acid. Many school boys have found out that when you zmx these two together, the zinc fizza like enzy, protfeemg hydtogen gas. While zinc is uodergdng this reaction, it becomes what is Unned a powerful reducer. In fact, actually doing it is sa snnpk that I'm sure a moikey coaid be cnmed la do it. To gee going making some arsioe. Then another 70 grams of arsenic trioude is weighed om and k is dissolved in hydrochloric acid.

Et may be sold under the name nuriatk acid. Seven hundred ml of it will be rmded. When the acid hits the zinc, gas is produced like crazy. Some of it is hydrogen, and some of it is arsme.

The poisoner could aU too easily become the poisoaee trying to flU a tire with arsine without excellent ventslatioo. The amaum of arsme prodoced accccdiog to these directions is about Vr cubic foot.

A grenade for arsine using these chemicals is pretty easy to pul together, and could be a lot of fun. See the diagram on he next page. When the boUle breaks, the chemkals rrax togetbo.

One drawback that atsme has as an assault poison is hat k does not have good knock-down power. Us effects axe delayed for a day cr so. A wise lactidan will keep this in mind wto pUomsg ao assault. Chapter Three War Gases 31 The outside of the bottle is wrapped with aluminum foil, held inside the foil.

A fregiie liter sized botbe against die glase of the bottle lllled with BOO ml of is grems of zinc powder hy d rtxsN oric ac id and The other good method fer making arsine is by reacting dilut ed saMuric add wjfli nac arsenide ZjiaAsj. SikotDcMb 32 Now fbc a last few wocda oq amoe.

Arsine it a Oarmiablc gas. Phosphine In a liccle known gai named phosphine, we encounter what Is. After aD. The d: For this reasoo, ttheo Quincy and hb gboubah bretbers at tbe morgue stait eximmang thebedfiy flnkdiof a victimcf Xasjdm ibaeb nctiung for than to see. That b tla way of tte wcekl.

Thatisoottouyihatthetukb irrgxxsible. Quito the ccettrary. Tbe cause of du difficulty b the Cad that phosphine, as tunoally prepared, will bwst into fians wten u com in contact with air. Thb denoys be pbospbine, making die attack fiitile. Tbe resulting ftames could abo iitiure the would-be attacker, sod spoil aay dement cf surprise tbe ittacker may have had gomg fot Phosphine kself does not Bpoecaneously burst iuo Oames in air, but an uoivoidabk by pr od uct of making it. These eyfinden ire hard to come by, however, because pbosphme b lacking ia practicsl uses in the bbontocy.

It may also be useful to mask the anell with heavy doses of room freshener or vduitevcr else may be useful te covering the smell of rottca fish. The deadly dosage of phosphide is abcpui the same as for arune.

As usual fee gssesi the deadly concemtion depends on bow long ihe vkUm win be breathing the rnuture. Tbit is because phosphine is destroyed in the body, so there is do seed to keep doses to a minimum to tiuJm ixs detection naxe difficult, lo my opinko.

Lower coDcemraticns of it can be used if the exposure ia longer. There are two preUy good mkhods fer making pbospbme. Bcah of them ate gas generator type processes. There is oo grenade for phosphine because of its ceodency to burst into Oatnes on cootecl with air unless precautioDS are taken. The byproduct dipheephine, which is tbe cause of its fianmbiUty in ah, is not shown in the above reaction, bra it Is nude Donedideas.

Ncfw for a word aboot phosphorous. There are two common foms of pboephorous: The yellow fans is pretty dangerous for several reasons. Thai explains iu use in incendiary shells and bombs and firewodts. Secondly, it must not be tcuched with bare fingers, or nasty buns will result. Finally, it is a pretty good, but quite detectabte poison when swallowed.

About 50 digrams will do a man in. Now with all the preluninaries taken care of. Od tbe next page, we see a cylinder of nitrogen or COjgas. As usual, the center neck hokh the. When it is time to make phosphine. Tins will take a f6v maatta. Afta that the hoc is tomecf ooco the Qask, and iIk water bioughi up to a simcner. During dm ms. When it is this ddute. TUs same apparatus can be used is make phosphine from ocher chemicals.

U ia a gray powder. If grama of it is placed m the 3-necked fUsk no wasr in the flask! Volume , page A weQ. Secondly, nent gas auJ other duoucal weapons have ooi ben popularized aid romanticized by om culture the way that ookes have bctt. This list is nearly emfless. Tbefl may be the oniy way any group sbeat of ndior governmental status could obtain a nuke, but dus is deftmtely OA the case ftr nerve After all.

What exactly is nerve gas? K is also not a gas. An explosion is always great for bringing cut crowds of evioua onlookm into the opa, where titty can fami ly fall victim CO the effecu of the gas.

Nerve gas is a genehc lain which covers sevmJ related substances. The smenns of the thrae main types of nave gas are shown betow: Sarto b about 10 timee more than Tabuo, and Soman b about three times more powerful than Sarin. Brasialown could take a couple weeks. Howdo tiwee nave gases cause death?

To explain this, coe rnusi ftrat know a tittle bk about how nervB cause muscles to ccatract. Whoe the nerve counects to the nuucle, tittre b a little junction Sikat Death 42 area. When nerve gas eaters the body, each and every onleotle of H goes OQ a search and destroy masaioo. When they find each cMher, die nerve gas des the cboUoeatense, tMldng H permaaeotly useless for lerviciag the inusdea.

Death silent uncle pdf fester

A good way to ger an Idea of what death txwn nsve gas s Hke is to spray some Qks with Raid. It worics the same way on Qks that nerve gu does on bumaas. First the twUchnig, then no useful Rutko ai all is possible. If people had wings, they would dk on their backs, buzzing anoDd in Wo dreks. The victim loses ccsxiol of hk or her bowds and k oosble to breathe.

Pdf death uncle silent fester

Deob follows in tninucea. Not all people are equally sasitlve to nerve gas. They also found that bathiog in bjcaibouafe of soda Arm aoi Hammer sdutkns or arnmnnia k a good first aid procedure far miner spills on the tkuL Injections of atro p i n e is an anrtdnte far nnSd perkoning widi nerve gu.

Chapter Four Nerve Cos: Tbt use cf nerve gas ki usaaaiaackn k its tvnpkiX use. Hat is fifficuh to say. Thk test is roudneiy done in some anas, and not at all in others. Probably not, so kng as an excessive ajBDUot of it was nci used, because it will all be tied up m tte mark's body, bound to the cbcdmescerase. So, the vodkti is likely to be ptMsoaiog by substance xnkawwn. The anuuoc of dne requM for dda to happen dependa on bow add the rain is; the nwee acidr the faster h goea. About S hours is required fix rain cf typical addky.

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Other aspects of the cheoutiy cC oerve gases wiU be covered in he syntbem seetkn Gd tUa cbaiaer. Fcr starters, the rooftops chosen shcuU be at kast 5 V 6 stories Ugh. It B wsmtial hat the charge cf expkuive be under tbe nerve gas, w that die blait Lifts it upward, rather than driving it uito a cement vaB or Boor.

Each nerve gas bomb should have at Ifv w a ctwple gallons of active ingredkot and sufficient explosive for this purpose is one that does nm create a Lot of heal in its explosicD. Blntiog powder may ilw wosic.

The third optkn a quite obviously favciite. It is to attack with neve gas the way k was meant to be used, via aeial assault litis cooid be most safdy done ushig one or okr ultralight aircraft asabmnber. It can be cowtructed cheaply and easily from materials. A plane so coostmctEd is virtually umraceabte since there is no paper trail of titles anl serial numbers toWenofy it.

An ullraliBbc needs no special airfidd to taka off and laud m. Ko great arooum of akili is retted to learn bow to fly an ulcralighu Lessons are tvdlaWe from local uhrahgbis clubs ard ocher, more convemkmal ouileo.

Maintenance oi an uhraligbt is also pretty ample, since the typical engine conies out of a VW beetle. This is because the placK is not bound to tbUow roads, and so can take an escape course which aotos can not follow. Uptffl conplction of the mission. It ki no wonder notUng ever gets settled in such a way. It is also the meibod most likdy lo bring a raspotue of mror from the uoaffected populatwna in ether loealkiea.

The dm two inedwds would undoubtedly re min d them of Shiste Modem uctica. Since the btinbe abonld explode in nidak for best reaults, care nuat be taken in the conatiuccioa cd the demnabon tyatem. It is not joK a matter of dvowing tfaem overboard and watdung tbem on be ground bdow.

To ensure that the bcobs explode In tbe ak. Pirre all, the inM must know at what akkode be is flying and stick carefully to tbe ptamedabieudr for the attack. A imy satisfoctory althudeto a nerve-gas attack is feet. Iht tiine required for an object to fall a given tistaiKe can be calculated using the fioUowng formiila: The square toot rf 53 k a linle ewer 7.

The beet height for detonaboo of tbe bomb depoxb oo the size cf the bomb, aial bow hard tbe wind is Mowing. Begum at organic syodtos are nohuious for spilling the things they are coMdng oftodwmaelves.

Per las reason, a coriim amouA dumical expotiae will be assuoKd in ibe toowto Kcska. Tht care required in die asanifacture of nerve gases can beet be Ulustntad with a few xioriee from be Worid War D nerve-gas factohea cf Nazi Germany. These factories were busily diunung cut Tabun for moat of tbe duraiion of the war. Everybody knows bow Mg tbe Nazis wera oo cyanide. It was certainly not a matter of not being toiliar wiib Sam since dwir big man, Geitiard Schrads, led be earn to inveoted dwm bofb.

Tbe sUndvddresa for the workers in tbe nerve-gaa factonea was a rubber suit made of two layas of rubber with a layer of ckxh in between, and a respsalcr. Even widi tbe protective clothing, moat of to wofkera mSerad from varying degrees of poisooing. AccHtos, cf courae, happened with to moat deadly oooseqoencee.

Thqr ail died wittaiD mhsims Another time, seven workers were zapped in to face wsib a gushing stream of Tabun. Id spite of immediale and iiuensive medical effort, five of tom died. In a laboraioy, accitots can be avoided much more easily than ID a totxy sdting Even so. Ihis is for wishing oB any spills lhat nay hit tbe iksL A good hood for exhausting fomes to to outside has to rank Silent Death 50 high ofl the list of pricaities slso. Add to his some atnipme snlhue for ermgency aid. SborOy after puUicatian of the first edidon of this booX however.

Herb Kcibt. The penalty for doing so is now life in prisoa AppaieoUy these narrow- mmded people cceuider the manufacrure of nerve gas to be ao antisocial act. As a result, it is best to not advertise the nature of the product toosvidely. There axe several practical reasons for this. Sarin is considerably men potent than Tabun.

Tabun usea in its manufacture the cboncal whistleblower's ddigbt. Even so, h is best to stidc to the sure thing. Very good Arections for the symbexis of Tabun cao be found in an article by Hcdmsledt in Acio Pkysiol. Scandinavia, page 25 uf Chapter Four Nerve Gae: IXrectkiis for its maikifacrure are found 00 page 27 of same artick. More details of its preparatsco are covered in an ardek in the Journal of the CHemisrry Society qf London, page to by Saunders and Stacey.

DPF k caoNderably weaker than Tabim, but the book is good reedbig as it covers how industriil-sctk fcoduction problems were overcome. Sarin was made in Gennaoy during World War n by the fbiknving process: Purity is next to Godhness even in nerve gasi Hus process could still be made to work lodsy. Dateskua fyr nuking it can be ibuod in the Journal of the Chemistry Society of London page Tbe audwn are Ford- Moore and Perry.

It will net be repdsed bat because Orgtmic Syntheses can be found in any good library, and the enfking directiofis in it are always so clear and rdiabte hat ooe cm place his utmost trust in them. Now foe dtf produetkn of nave gas. The glassware is set up as shown in tlv drawing on tbe nev page. A drying tube is attached to one of the three necks. It is GOed with drieriie. NaOH dnald not be used because phosgene reacts with it A nBAKtic stirring bar is put into tbe flask, and a tbomzneta is put down the caotral neck into the cbemicai in the flask o nuBtor Hs taiy q a ture.

The use ctf rubba in any port d this assembly is to be avoided because phosgene actads k, and will cause its remaiifi to flow into the proAicx. The end of he tobmg should extend well below be surface of be liquid n the flask. The tbennomaer is svatched to make sore the terrqKnture stays in the range of 20 to 30 degrees Cmtigntde. It is wise to check the efBciency d the hood wkale the reacdon is going by puffing a dgame outside he hood.

U should suck the smoke in prickly. Smoke in he hood riwuld never escape. Phosgene is a vidous poisoo: The following reaetkn takes place: Chapter Four Nerve Gus: A vacuum is attached o the vacuum adapter, and a vacuum is slowly built up in the flask. Siining should be continued during the vncuom ueatnau. An excelkm substitute is to a ciubeii adaprer about H full with dinv-aizad pieces of broken glass. I have often used this fev vacuum fractional disUUntions with fbe resulls.

With u good. The smtll amount of forerun may be collected with a SO ml rouad-botlam flask, then the prodoci collected in o nd round-booom fUsk. The yield of clear Liquid is oeaiiy 2S0 ml. A reievui cocking tip and cosuwcitary ure called for at this poinL Id tbe aftermath uf the and Jupanese nerve-gas attacks.

I spent ui excess of twelve hours bdng interviewed by Japanese TV oetwerks. During this lime, I was able to punq them for informatko net available in tins conary. Analysis of the nerve- gas residue showed that a large fraction of their product was di- isofvopyl metiiylphosplKioate. This demonstrates, first of all. If they had, they wooUl have ooticed that their reacdon was ucomplece at tlua seep.

With the atartuig mauriaL made, Sana caa oow be produced. Sarin, is not so harmless. AU work zousi be dott io the bood Rubber protective dotbrag oust be wont A 5- gallca pUstk pail fUJed wift svaier to which a few cans td lye have been added must be handy. The strong lye solutioD wiu destroy the Sarin once it has been in contact with it for a few hairs. Now for how the Sarin is produced.

The glasawire is set up as shown below: Chapur Four Nerve Gas: Bakiog it in an oven for a few hours dries out glassware niedy. All iogredieou should be of a high grade ami feee of mniffitre. The fdlowmg reaoioQ occurs: A Biidiner funel is then assembled to a fljteriog flask, and the flask is connected to the vacuum line.

The vacuum is turned oa and the reectka ooucture is Shered. Tbe salt which was made in the rewtkn wrill filter out It ahnuld be rinsed widt socm imtfaykm chkmde CD get the last of the product.

A Vlgreux cohnm ot aoiiUr frecdooating device should be attached, A vacuum is applied, and the raethykne ddoride is Temoved unda a vacuum. When most of it is gone, beat may be appAied lo the Qask and the product collected in a ml flask. The yield Is a little over ml of Sarin. All glassware goes into the lye soak after use, and the rubber clothing into a somewhat weaker lye bath. Worit surfaces should also be drenched with the lye section.

The end of the vacuum Una must also be soaked. The container that the Sahn is ohzmatdy pvt into should be very securely stopped who ftiU.

A plastic pkam nascer works well for this. After rinsiflg off the sohshon after a few boors, he container should be coated witl a layer of wu. It nuy now be considend safe, so long as it is not dropped. Now for my apeculadone on the production erf Soman.

Their method is: Moat of ua are facoiUar with this subetanre from doing the pinacol reanangemeni in organic lab. The one-galkn sise blast-dispersal bomb described earikr io das chapor, if filled with this V-gas. The lethal zone downwind of the sins would be consickrtbly greater with the V-gas. The same size payload on the bomberplane would peck a much greater punch. The ow on the rigfac is the quatenvy amraocDum compound derivative produced fitn it by renting it with ontbyl iodide.

Of ccurse. Tfaif test would have to be done while the body is scill fresh, or the enzyme system will go kaput anyway as a natural result of being dead and rocQfig. A larger explosive charge would be Mceasary to do he job of shattering a solid mass of V- gas into a misi.

It tends tu reunange into less- loxk substances when Idt suoding. This process can be slowed dowD by freezing, but not stopped completely. In any case, it is very slow and not a matter fix cooceiu. The V'gas. A pandemooious scene reminiscent of spying a room filled with flies would be the most imnKdiale result. The controlled US cudia blacked ooi news of tMa auack fv fecr of ms!

In tins trial cun for the big shcpw. There they rapidly heated maybe a pint of ibdr Saris product, and let he fumes drift downwind into the apartments, where they IdUed about a dozen people and wounded Also, vegetation in the vicinity was scorched, due to action of the phosphorus oxides, along with HCI and HF. This reasombiy effective, although hardly inconspicuous delivery method was abandoned in favor ot a cnudcpoi s ch eme for tbdr subway attack.

To get he Sario up into the air. Bven wi b be added surface area imparted by the dilulioo with acetonitrile. Sarin's vapcv pressure is just too low at room temperature to cause mudi to evaporate into the air. The Poor Mat 's Atom Bomb 63 to consider his altemacive, me must first look at tod the common aeroaol can found in all our homes. For nerve gu.

There are no real hnats upon the possible size of de aerosol cootainer. The pt e f e r re d material fir construam of this device is stafflieas sted, as fakly thm layers cd steel can be eaten away by nerve gas.

To coQstruci such a devke. It should reach neariy lo tbe bo ua n the ccolainer, and be wdded flawlessly into a lid or fiUiog portal for tbe coDCainer.

The stem should end in a spray noazJe such as those found at die hardware sKce to garden apnyers. Next, we should consider filling the container. When fiBed. Cool dcFwn the coataiaer bottom with dry ice-acatocie, and sirralarty chsU a conumea Freon It can be checked to leakage ooce it wanw back lo room temperature by using caged birds, etc. It would be moat convenient to rig this automatic opening system with 8 timpr, although radio control is also possible.

No special equipiostt ii nesM to produc e it. How well bey do thig, with all die aneotkn they lavish on dope, is a nuner to speculation.

The Poor Man 's Mom Bomb 65 are all notorious govemmenc soiicries Co protect their fedoal coj tracts. TTie smaller local disaibotocs may be less eoanured cf filling out toms for Unde Sam. P CH, OC. They are refltwed logciher fee ihrce hours, then the purification proceto given in the maio text of the uiricle is firflowed.

OC,H, fH.

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Cl Tlhs reacticn is done exactly the same way as inthe Sarin syo- thesis. The phosgene a. With be preliminaries out of the way. The interestiog subslaace used instead of sodium fiucride, 2- dimecbylajnino edtanetiiiol. Who the have been added and oucd, a good. The byimaduct of this reacboo. TUa add abscvptioe is the reaaoo for having the trieihylaraiae 'a the reacdon mature.

Without it. The flltmadreactioa mixture is then reiunied to a ml romd' bottom flask, a few boiling cUps added, the glasswve sm up for simpk datiUation.

An aspirator is perfect for tins job. Qua again this flask is set up for suqde dislillabon.

Silent Death (Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition) - Uncle Fester

After a gmaii focmin is c? Tins baihng Chapter Four Nerve Gas: The yidd is to ml cf jvoduct A fair anuuot of tar renuiiu in the distilling fladL Tins product may be poured into a large glass bottle for storage, as with Sarin. The 40 oz. To do this, a couple drops cd V-gas are put into a teat tobe M filled with ether. The imxture is beared lo boiling for a fow hours, then allowed to slowly cool down. The ether and unracted methyl iodide are removed under a vacuum, the crystals washed with a little more edur, and the resulting product is ready foe ure.

To aidBeve auccass both Rujjt be surmouQied. Tbe secood obstacle is not so easily passed. That is to make the tragic event appear to be of natmal origb or an accidett. Enianng this scene is a very widely known cfaenycal with a very little known property. Hydrcgen peroxide HjO: Tbtf find use in indusny as bleaching ageors. Raninablc items like wood, cloth, fumiure, carpeting, papa, etc. The amcpuDi of time delay between applying hydrogen peroxide tod the resulting fire depends on a ioK of factors.

So the wanner airi ckkr it is, the fisttr the waia will evaporate and the lasta ii will bunt mto flame. Tliey also have no smell. Whai about oumba two? Dnring a fire, it will break down to water and caygesL Most detectors cd gas dranatographs will not even know k k that, if it should survive the fue.

It is far from mystenous, or even clever. It calandy is ffodc that taking digitalis makes cne vulmble to pcboaiDg. Cuny, page For ejumple. It is found in the leaves, seeds, ud flowers of the plant.

The digiuLis can be extracted from the pUoc by blenderizng the plant parts cotfaining the dighalts until they are powdered, and then soaking be powder in vodka proof will do. The residue coootos dighahs. A nv frb better job can be done using an bo-Il bash oti extractor. Perhaps ooe could be found at a garage sale. The extract so obtained will contain a oixture of digitalis glycosides, mainly hgicoxin.

Modtfu iDcdicines do not usually coot tin a mixcure of ingrediam- For this reason, prscription medicine matching that of the made ia employed by successful poisoners.

Fcr more informacicin see: The unfortunate victiina of this bewildsing malady to age decades in a znaUff of days. Tlieir immune sysicns turned against their own bodies and chewed what was of to bits.

They steadily shrinkmg human skektem, except for thev rapidly growing inmm. The nervous system wu also a target, result in loss ccnrol of rnuacks fcr ihe lucky. Those not so forcuoaie wee cast mm the depths of inaamty. Most are oow dead. Every test came up negative. The best xmnds were stumped. They wwe like tnedkai detacUves. In a pant, these free radicals allow the paint to polymerize and Inside a hving body, these free radicals react raodonily with tissue, aging it.

After enough damage k dene, the SOentDalb 78 inuxutt syuoD do longs recognizes the dunagsl tissue as bdooging to the body, so it attacks sL In do time s ail, the whole orgaaisra foils apart in a tnost mysunous manner.

Apparently, that wu do the case, as all those thouaattla of enMhIle b arg ain butDere eagerly chewed down the oil. For instance. H m me of a Urge numbtf of 4nK cib whiefa have bam used M oils" ia Faint Otter mentfurs of this group foclnde h ni m d oil and rung bL a good paint supply ceolcr shoukl be able eo get sosne if they don't have any on hand.

To the best ctf my ksowladge. Lower anKrants can be counted on io do heavy dunage as well. Cbemkab ahiefa fonn free radicals weak m much tte sartv way as ratfioactive maMoals. The Jeqairity Bean Ttejequiriiy bean, also called the rosary pea or osb's eye, is a vine whkh gtows in tropcal areas, inchating Fktida.

This daai produces beautiful seeds which are popular with the local crafismeQ Chapter Six Poisons From Nature 79 for foshkrtng neckkea. The beautiful, yet deadly seeds of tte joqivity been are about tte sze of a pea, and are red and Mack in cokv. Their hard coao them perfect for making jewelry, and in pea shooters, I suppose. Their beauty also makes it very unlikdy that anyooe would cyiuwrinn tte desire of a persca to own a few pounds worth ttf these tittle gemi.

Betwath the hard coat ttf the sands, io the pulp ctf tte seed, is a most foirtnafiig polscn called abrin. This is because ctf the needk in tte haystack effect. Either quick kDodolown with death, oc time deky effect, the Longer ttebeser.

The fatal dose of equiricy bean a about 10 of then for an adulL The wiae pdaoner wlLL add a few lo be sure of the resuUa. In preparing cttf beans for serving, there are several pohxa whkb nust be observed for beat resutu.

There are two reasons for ibis. The secisnd reason for husking the peas is diet intestinal contents, stomach cxntents and vonst and feces are usually closely exaidned for clues to the iUneas or death of the tanfortunate victsTL Fmcfing the hulls of jequinty beans in any of the above meotioQed would be a dead giveaway to the cause of the malady. Serving the jequtfhy bean is sure to be an an form aQ to Hself.

Procems are sensitive to cooking, and their pr opertie s aie radically changed in the process. Pwt numher two is a serving suggesboo: Imown also ts saxitoxin or gonyaukenin, is me oS the most diabolically effective poisons for assassiaatioa known. It is effective within seconds whn injected. Tins Knin is also exceedingly difficuU to detect and analyze m the body cf be victim.

There are several reasons for tias. It does not have many easily definable cbenical characteristics. SsxitDxin dos not seem m be writable for analysis by the GC- mass spec see Chapter ThErteen for mere details , so it evades deteetkn by the most powoful and commonly used analysis madkins k forensic toxietdogy.

SaxitoMo's bek of characteristic reactiaa makes detection by ibis muriwt uidikdy uokes there is tome other chie to betp them atoni, such u undigested sbeQfuh in the stomadi. SaxitoKin is a powerful poisen that tiny amoMts are qake deadly. TUi makes the tadt of finding it that much more difficult Exactly luw poisonous this sheiifirii or muueO poison is depends upon bow it is administered lo the mark.

The sycnpiontt of saxiuuun poisooiiig when it if grvoi orally are imeiesting to say the lease. Within 30 nanuiee of eating it. The victim then becomes uncoordinated and appears to be duuk. Words are fanned only with the greatest difikutiy. If given by mjectioQ, the course of evotfs is much faster, wkfam a few minutes but the cause of death is sdU respiratory ffailae.

The soura of shellfish toxin is clams and riBsaeb growing in coastal areas. Along the shore of the Gulf of MexicOb a atightiy diffmeot toxin is involved but k is just as deadly. Tbeae dams and become poisonous during the swnmer mootiis becaose they filter out ami feed upon poisonous plankton bekmging to the genus Gonaulax and Gyranodmum. These piankton contain the aaxitoxift. The peak ot deadlineas is usually reached during July.

As could be guessed from the above, k is pretty hard to say just bow amay miwerh cr clams will provide a lethal dose to the target A few geoeralitiea baa can make life much simpler. First of slL mussds ait uMsUy much mere toxic than clams. After putting away tirai many t bH lfiifhi even Jetivo Bodine would be full. A quirk of fete, however, simpltfws things again. Over two thirds of the pedson in clams is cuDccniraied in the uphon. In imsids. This greatly cots down on tbe ameunt of ibeiUisb ehich mist be consumed fer fatal effect.

It is very simple aod requires no kind of skill. The poison dissolves weD in the broth, so cUm cbswdff eaist who pick out the cIud meet will soU be posonsd.

Tbs first step in extracting the poison is to dkscct the ibeDfUh. For clams, tbe siphons tiwst be cut out and saved. For mussels, be dark twal k cut out aod saved. If p roce s sing is begun, tbe sbeUfista parts ktoukl be put into a Mender, and an eqnal volume of addifiBd alodwl added. TUs is done by feedng soem of k to a parricularly obnoxious dog or cat. Tktt cofiee fiber is put imo a tomato juicer or some other sirilable hdder.

Tbe nnoenil spirits are poured off, and the poisen Mtting on the boOcan of the pan is allowed to tky. Afiff testing to determioe bow pomot it is. If this method acunds too bard, there is another erne. In this tiMbod, the clam slfboos or musd dark meat is Blendaued, and then spread flirty dmdy onTcflcD-coated cookie pons lo dry. Sons io totin g pH pepw cociM in handy hera h is easily availabk ftcen a vanay of sources with no suBpirion attached.

The purified poison described above is for from pure. The autbm is SebaoU. In fut absorptkn cf be toxin ento add washed hforic braiKi activated charcoa]. Virtually every library has field guides, and they are among the most popular books in any library.

No suspiooa is attached to diedEiog out field guides to weeds. The Uloees caused a the unfortunate soul who consumes these weedb is a puazlmg thing that in many ways resembles a severe attack of diabeses. In no tkoe ai all, the vkxhn is down for the count. Tbe brsih smelb like aceune, and blood sugar is very low, just as in tbe severe attack of diabeiea.

An autopsy will show the Mver and Idcftoeya in bad aiape, but not rnuch else eccept kx panerm damage, wtndi wiU fit in with the diabetes theory quite well WhM happens to the active ingrediem. Old Abe's mom. Nancy Hanks Lincoln, is said to have died fron trembles.

It is also known chat treraetd is a cumolative podaoo. In foes, is the way that moat peopk are stiickn by trerhbka. AlOmarivciy, the musb can be filtered through a large coffee filter. Then this brew is fdtsred throogb a cofiee filter again, the akctml that fibers through being mixed with the first batch ptanr joke.

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Funlly, Chapter Eight TrembUs 91 some nure alcedol is spUshed onto he plan remains, and be last bit of juke squeezed out of iL The greenish colored plant juice can be tunied iuo a gdden colored brew by adding abom half a teaspoon of powdered ectivMed charcoal lo the akchol solution, and storing it in well for a few Dusiei.

It ifaculd then be filtered efafough coffee filten uotfl aU the acrivmad dHTcoil has been removed. Pouring k into a glass ate Ash and saning H in a warm spot will speed up he evapo ra doc greslly.

TUs is only goin to be successful if the made Ainks Na bquer straighi. My guess is that he fatal dose is in dm 1 to 4 ounce range. In ibc9e mvestigadoQa. Botulism is a tfisease generally caused by eetiog food in which tbe bacaeria Cipttrkiia borulinum has grown.