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Download Doc Love - The System (Dating Dictionary). Doc Love's The System DOWNLOAD PDF - MB. Share Embed Donate. Report this link. Short Description. Doc Love's The System. Guys, I came across this blog bashing Doc Love: I am very familiar with Doc Love through his work on the website teshimaryokan.info, and for.

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Doc Love - The System (Synopsis) - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Doc Love - The System (Dating Dictionary) - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Dating Manual. Convert any PDF to Word documents for free. PDF to Office conversion is fast and almost % accurate. Boost your productivity with the best PDF to Word.

D9ou should learn to chill out. Written by Deborrah Cooper. Call once a week to ask for date - three minutes max on phone. If you are looking for the easy answer or quick fix, don't look here. Only weekday dates until she asks you to take her out on a weekend. DEat it up.

D9ou should learn to chill out. RT4"evel6 ItFs good to love each other 4Interest "evel6. The D5ystem E There are reasons why so few people are happily married. ENCE Act it. E6 Confidence. Tom would have to have said. EAre you living with someone.. EAre you married.

Is it confidence. Tom was a Challenge. If she says. Caprice prefers guys who are not Dhungry. Tom shows self control. D2ednesday is my only free night. E 3ecause The D5ystemE weeds out the users and the phonies you wouldnFt want one of those.

E I said over the phone 49ou will see how sweet she is when you have your firts fight? E5low it down. E Try to figure out why these war stories are opposite of each other in principal am I going to fast.

I mean what company.

Doc Love's The System

E D5ports car E DNo. D2hat do you drive. ERead on. I call it having empathy and sympathy for my: IFm not really interested in a relationship right now4Not with you.

E youFre screaming. EI donFt have time for men right now 4: Caprice owns her own company. It is so darn simple. DI canFt wait to see you again E4Again. E D2hat do you drive. Interest "evel cuts everything.: D2hat restaurant0E 7EAR The Psychologist.

Pdf doc love

DIf you donFt have anything positive to say. D2ho cares. In an argument. Is she hassle free. The shrew. If you answered DyesE to five or more of these. EEIf I had to share a prison cell with a woman for the rest of my life. D9ou donFt want to put your money on this nag0E Plus.

Doc Love - The System (Dating Dictionary)

E "ater that night. E Intransigent D: Tom can meet as many stranger as he wants in proportion to how many guts he has. It pays to advertise 3usiness Adage Tom gave up chasing women a long time ago 2hy. D2hy is she doing that.

EI love youE. I tell the audience.

Pdf doc love

D2hat girls. E Is this guy cool. Caprice had a cooler with her. DI love you D. Caprice said. I love attention0 Third. D i love you. Dwhatever you say. E 5ay. Dyou have good taste0E? D2hy do you treat me so well.

Doc Love - The System (Synopsis)

D3ecause you earned it. In actuality. E say. If you see a woman you love. D2hatFs your name. E Notice. Dnice to meet you Caprice E 5ilence Caprice has -ero Interest "evel. Another never used opening line is. DI would really appreciate you helping me meet someone E D? E DPlease introduce yourself to me E If you are shy. E 2hy. DI will call you. I call this law of relationships, the D? E D,oes that mean 9 wonFt see your mom again.

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I also find his descriptions of how men and women relate a bit juvenile. He advocates the constant "taking of the temperature" of a woman's interest level - which allows little room for spontaneity and comfort in just being with a man and enjoying him.

The men who date using his system as their primary guide are pretty easy to spot - they are over-sensitive to every nuance you make and always need reassurance about the smallest things - and get panicy if you do not give them your attention at all times.

God forbid in the middle of talking with them you have to tend to your child - or an unexpected business call on call-waiting! You must not be interested in him! There is such a fearbased focus on avoiding rejection - that the potential for genuine connecting is sabatoged with a constant focus on the amount of attention a woman gives a man. The system equates attention with love rather than genuine intimacy and relating. Some of the things he advocates to develop self-discipline in his readers actually reak of insecurity and a lack of the men to act on their own judgement.

His writing has the basic energy of: Healthy women watch and wait and get to know a man before they offer a great deal of flexibilty to him and his needs. A healthy woman does not give her love indiscriminately - any more than a healthy man does. There is almost an absence of his understanding that there is a process of mutual "qualifying" that needs to take place for a healthy relationship to be built. I will still give this to my son when he is older as a tool for discussion - but it will be read with real discrimination.

It will be read with the understanding that this is not written by a man with a deep understanding of the inner life of women or the truly complex nature of romantic human interaction and intimacy, but rather by a man who has not yet moved beyond the basic flashcard understanding of the language of love.

Last edited: May 5, Read the 22 Rules for Massive Success with Women. Everything you need to know to become a huge success with women. And it's free! Francisco d'Anconia Master Don Juan.

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Corona said:. LovelyLady said:. C-quenced Master Don Juan. What makes you so understanding of the inner workings of women, besides the fact that you're a woman yourself? As far as I know women don't even understand themselves especially when it comes to matters of the opposite sex. I know you won't agree with me but it's a fact. When I follow his advice things almost always goes well for me.

What other explanation is there for that? I think you've been reading too far into something you don't understand therefore you developed some fantasy radar for "spotting" the men who use his system.

Just because a man shows a similiar attitude to his principles doesn't mean that he must be reading up on Doc Love. Also Qualities such as over-sensitivity, insecurity etc. I just find it rather ironic that you highly disagree with him yet those men who have mastered his principles or are naturals at this game are the same men who you would respond positively to.

Everything you say is entirely subjective.

If you "feel" that men should act accordingly to their own judgement then why don't you let your son do the same well? I say give him the book and let him make his own decisions based on his not your own experience. C-quenced said:. Luthor Rex Master Don Juan. Do you really believe this? Latinoman Master Don Juan. Joined Apr 21, Messages 4, Reaction score Interceptor Master Don Juan. Following negotiations, if you're not satisfied with the settlement that's offered, you may instruct your lawyer to take the case to trial.

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