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Journey of Two Hearts by Anuj Tiwari is downloadable as an e-book from Flipkart for ₹ An extra ₹5 will get you the print edition on Infibeam. (Prices are as of. Anuj Tiwari works with a prominent IT company. He lives in Mumbai and works with NGOs over the weekends. 'I have tasted the water of many fountains'. Anuj Tiwari is a motivational speaker as well after learning from life now, http:// teshimaryokan.info

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It Had to Be You - Anuj Tiwari - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or. Journey of Two Hearts_ Will be - Anuj teshimaryokan.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), I was accompanying my engineering books that night to finish Prof. the culture. I Didn't Have the Perfect Love 'H ave you packed everything?' Mom asked. I knew she was suppressing tears but wasn't showing them. Mothers are like that.

I was happy that I found myself in this sacred queue. A Journey to Remember W hen you are away from something. I was still on my medication, a patient of depression, and a victim of love. I want to live my life. Have you packed everything? Mom, you know that is difficult, at least for me.

His books are based on real life incidents that he jotted down over the years. He gives lectures at colleges and universities, and lives in Mumbai. You can get in touch with him via Facebook at www. Praise for Journey of Two Hearts Pearls have come down on paper. Amar Ujala An unforgettable love story. First published by Rupa Publications India Pvt.

No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, or stored in a retrieval system, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the publisher. First impression 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 The moral right of the author has been asserted. Printed by XXXXXX This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, resold, hired out, or otherwise circulated, without the publishers prior consent, in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published.

I Love you Rachu Dear Frnds pls spread this msg until its reach to my rachu I thinks see knows my name Book Downloaded from: To Pakhis family and my parents, who gave me the best quality of DNA because I survived when everything seemed lost. Loving someone is not tough, But the real courage is to forget your loved one. The way we met, we met for a reason. We loved once, we lived once, Then we got the reason to live for each otherforever.

Few Months Later Acknowledgements. Have you packed everything? Mom asked. I knew she was suppressing tears but wasnt showing them. Mothers are like that. Yes, I replied. Keep your medicines, take care of yourself and promise me this wont happen again. She looked at me for an acknowledgment but it was hard to meet her expectations at times. I couldnt make any false promises to her and uttered a non-committal Hmm.

Listen to meIm trying to say something. She pulled me in front of her and looked at me sternly. Mom, you know that is difficult, at least for me. Just as I said this, dad entered the roomjust the person I didnt want to discuss these things with. Whats difficult? Youre going away from home; youve just been released from the hospital. Wasnt that more difficultstaying at the hospital for six months to treat depression? Anuj, this is the time to concentrate on your life and its up to you to utilize this opportunity or waste it away, Dad said.

His words hurt me deeply. Ive lost everything in the last few monthsmy friends, my happiness and my parents trust. Ive caused my family so much pain. But even after all this, will she come back into my life? I thought. I didnt say anything to dad, however, who understood, patted my shoulder and left the room. She wont come back into your life, you know that. Why are you wasting your life away for her? Mom asked, trying to reason with me. Mom, I cant promise you that, and you know that very well.

Weve discussed it several times now. I zipped up the bag. I didnt really want to leave home but the time had come for me to take on more responsibilities. I knew that my loneliness was going to make my life hell, though. Suddenly, I couldnt handle my frustration in any longer. I threw my small carry bag in the corner and sat on the bed. Mom understood.

She was the one who trusted me most and had high hopes for me. She came and sat next to me. Anuj, stop it now. Thats enough. Downloaded from gappaa dot org. I dont want to repeat these things over and over.

We both know that Pakhi isnt with youin fact, you dont even know where she is. Weve suffered a lot because of her. Whyre you still pining for someone who never cared about you? Whats happened to you? Dont you love your mother? Dont you care about your family? The purest love in the universe is the love of a mother. And that made me more emotional when I recalled that she had been softly crying the previous night when I had woken up to have water.

The thought of my leaving was clearly painful for her. With those unanswered questions, I left early next morning for Mumbai. Though I didnt cry in front of them when she and dad came to drop me off at the railway station, we knew how we all felt for each other. Sometimes we love our family so much that we dont have the courage to express it. I wanted to hug them but couldnt gather the courage as everything was happening for the first time.

I broke down on the train, though, and cried till I reached Mumbai the next morning. There, I searched in vain for at least one person to share my pain with. I forgot how to treat people, how to talk to them and how to make friends. Time changed people, and my life had changed completely.

The video I had made for her was still in that hidden folder, and it still made me cry. I was still alive; I could breathe, I could eat, I could walk and talk, but when I breathed, there was no fragrance in the air; when I ate, I couldnt taste anything; when I walked, my heart wasnt in it. Days and nights seemed endless. All my smiles were temporary, superficial. I cursed my destiny. Now there were no romantic messages on my phone; only a few songs of her choice remained.

I stopped replying to any messages from my friends, stopped picking up calls. I started keeping my cell phone on silent; eventually, I stopped carrying it altogether.

After all, there was no one left to call me. For several days, I forgot to wash my clothes, polish my shoes, and comb my hair. I started skipping dinner as I lost my appetite, and if my friends forced me to eat with them, I vomited in the middle of the night.

I lost kilos of weight in six months. All I ate were the tablets prescribed to keep my blood pressure normal and cure my depression. I started looking unhealthy, as well. Soon, people started ignoring menobody liked to sit with me or talk to me. I loved to sleep but now I started hating the night. Every morning, the memory of her made me cry, and that became a part of my life.

I was still on my medication, a patient of depression, and a victim of love. Weeks passed and then At what time are you leaving tomorrow? Vishal asked me in his adenoidal voice, sitting on the bed. Early morning at 5 oclock, I said as I gulped down my coffee and clicked on the payment button to confirm my flight booking. He rolled his eyes and asked with a sceptical look, And when are you coming back? Next weeklisten, please receive any letters that come for me. Ive told the security guard too, I said, fiddling with the coffee spoon.

I had met Vishal in a hotel on the first day I came to Mumbai in July Both of us had finished college and, like many others, we had come to Mumbai to become Mammas best engineer betas. We belonged to that section of the Indian population which spent four years in engineering colleges measuring the figures of girls, studying about their virginity and discussing all possible types of bras; and were pushed into the hell of the IT industry.

Here there were only sagging boobs, loose dicks and a completely frustrating life. Smart people become friends when they know they have to follow a common path. We, too, followed the same rule and became friends and, later on, flatmates. Hey, are you going out? I need a print out of my ticket, I said as I copied the ticket onto a pen drive. He took it and left the room. Do you need anything else? No, I said and he walked out, closing the door.

What the hell is this in my bag? I muttered. As soon as Vishal got back, I asked him, Whats this? Condoms with extra dots, he smiled very innocently, as if he was talking about them for the first timea white lie. He knew about all the brands and flavours of condoms. After all, all of us had used them as birthday balloons in college as condoms were easier to get our hands on than balloons.

Who the hell put this packet in my bag? I carry this to office and at times even girls reach into my bag for things. How does it matter? This is for their use, after all! Jaankari hi bachav hai, dont you know? As he talked, he took the packet, tore one, inflated it, and hit me with it. Stop it, Vishal, youre such a Once again, I checked everythingbags, cash and gifts for Anushka, Kavya and Navya. I was meeting them after a long time in Delhi.

Next day, I took a flight from the Chhatrapati Shivaji domestic airport and reached. Delhi early in the morning at 7.

Anuj Tiwari

Initially, I didnt want to go to Delhi but I couldnt say no to my mother who was dedicated to maintaining social ties. I was expected to be in Delhi to attend my elder cousin Navyas wedding. I took the metro from the airport to Connaught Place where Kavya was supposed to pick me up. Mom, do I have to attend this marriage ceremony alone?

Why arent you coming? Everybody is asking about you and Im tired of answering these queries. I ran my tongue over my parched lips. It wasnt too hot but was hot enough to make me thirsty. Holding the cell phone in one hand and the trolley bag in another, I was standing at the CP metro station with no clue about which gate Kavya was going to emerge from.

Kavya was my hipster cousin, three years younger than me, and we were the best of friends. I always saved her from Chachijis questions when she was out with her hostel friends for night-outs. Often on these occasions we used to whisper to each other Aankhon se surma churana toh hamari aadat thi. Navya was known as Hitler didi because of her dictatorial behaviour and she always kept an eye on us. However, tomorrow those eyes were going to be fixed somewhere else.

Tomorrow was her mehendithe day every girl dreams about, one that brings myriad colours into her life. You know your dad has gone out of station for some office work. Your Chachaji will be very upset if nobody from our family attends Navyas wedding. You shouldnt forget that you too have an elder sisterwho will come to her marriage if we dont attend their weddings?

Mom gave me a lecture on my social responsibilities in answer to just one question of mine. Mothers will be mothers! Okay, but I dont like him. He has cheated us and taken all the money, land and savings of grandpa and even the gold coins that you got in your marriage and here I am, serving him!

Is that not enough? I shrugged, wanting to change the topic but mom had not taken my comments well. I have saved enough for you. Dont be greedy like others, she replied diplomatically.

Mom, its not about what I have, its about what my father earned for his entire life and left in grandpas custody. I could have forgiven even that but cheating grandpa and taking his signatures on fake papers was the limit! I just cant accept that. I realized I was shouting when I noticed that people were turning to stare at me as they passed by. Ill talk you later, I told mom, feeling upset.

By the way, Ive called Kavya. Shell take care of you. And dont meddle in the affairs of others, mom said compelled by her forgiving nature that was difficult to bear at times.

Books pdf tiwari anuj

To be truthful it is great, but to suffer and accept everything even when it is unfair is never fruitful. Where are you right now? Im waiting here at CP for Kavya and her friend to pick me up, I answered.

Okay, take care of yourself And give me a call once you reach home, I need to talk to Navya. Ive sent some jewellery and bangles for her, mom said. I walked towards the yellow line, looking at those pretty girls.

Irrespective of what time of the day it is, Delhi always has a fresh look about it and the credit for this goes to Delhi girls. How do they manage to put on so much make-up? Its early morning and here they are, complete with mascara, lip gloss and eye liner, wearing the latest collection of fashionable, branded kurtis, I thought. My eyes fell upon a group of pretty girls who were waiting for the metro. I realized that the glow on their faces and their confidence was what made Indian women so special.

These qualities really set them apart and made a great case for Indian beauty being the best in the world. Standing there I remembered those days with Pakhi in Delhi when I used to wait for her. Nothing had changed in the last two yearsif anything had changed, it was me and my circumstances.

Before I could suppress the sudden stab of pain, I saw Anushka in the distance wave at me and I broke into a smile. She looked like the sun that rose from behind the mountainsstunning, heart-warming and pretty.

Hey, she said in her musical voice, throwing her hair back. Hey, I smiled Surprised? Kavya told me that youre coming, so I thought of giving you a surprise, she smiled sweetly. Where is she? I asked. Shes on her way. I remember the first time I met Anushka. She was gorging wildly on a hot dog in a restaurant, and I had laughed at her loudly.

Though I am still made to pay for that but that is a fair price in exchange for a friend like her. Shiny long honey-coloured hair, rosy red luscious lips, a heart-shaped face and her luminous blue eyes had always held my attention. Her wide mouth and the adorable dimples on her cheeks, her naughty but charming expressions always won the hearts of others.

Pronounced cheekbones, a stunning smile, long eyelashesshe was beautiful. Anushka became a very good friend of mine and she was my naughtiest friend. Punjabi girls always rock, she used to say to me as she was a Punjabi girl. We had spent a good deal of time roaming around in the lanes of Connaught Place in Delhi.

At times, her caring nature confused me. Her respect for me and the way she supported me in difficult situations made me wonder if she loved me. Friendship had a very different meaning for her and that was, in fact, more pleasant and truer than love. Therefore I sayPunjabi hearts always rockand Punjabi kudiyan always hot.

She gave me a loving smile and her voice was loud enough to attract the attention of those passing by. By the way, how are you, Romeo? Im good. How are you? I smiled in return. Im as awesome and cheerful as the last time. God has given us a beautiful life so I just live by trying to meet his expectations and by being happy.

She glanced at her reflection in her cell phone screen. By the way, looking good, I said. She blushed and put her phone in her bag without saying a wordthen suddenly both of us laughed. We both walked towards the escalators. Why do girls like always pink? I asked, looking at her pink Baggit handbag. She laughed. You havent changed even a bit in the last six months.

There is no definition of likes and dislikes. Wellpink suits me so I like wearing pink, she cooed, pinching my cheek. But youve gained a lot of weight for sure I blinked innocently.

Live life king size, she said inflating her cheeks like a balloon and placing both her hands on her waist. By the way I was nominated for Miss Delhi this year and I am sure they are a better judge of beauty and brains. Are they still alive after going through the torture of meeting you?

Ill kill you, she punched me on my shoulder. Girls are always assessed on three basescurves, beauty and intelligence, and she was blessed with all three equally. Her dimpled cheeks were enough inflame even ice. She was very attractive and had a good sense of humour.

Her cell phone beeped and she received the call and said, like a true-blue Delhi-ite, Where are you? Come soon, kamini. Before Anushka disconnected the call, Kavya came from the back and jumped on her, shouting in excitement.

We were all meeting after years so this was expected. Lets go, Kavya said. After roaming around in CP all day, we took the metro when it started getting dark. Why are you looking so shy? Anushka laughed at me as I stood by the door. Im not looking shy, just tired, I replied croakily. Oye Multan ke sultan, you can have fun even in the metro, Kavya patted me on my arm and said in her playful voice, nudging Anushka. People around us glared at me and that was enough to make me embarrassed.

Why do you girls always pull my leg? I sighed and closed my eyes and my college days flashed in front of my eyes. She had looked after me from the day I had told her about Pakhi.

She was one of my few friends who knew our story. You can sit for a while if youre tired I hope you know what will happen to you after reaching HRC, Anushka said pointing towards a seat in the corner and both of them giggled.

HRC, why? I asked, surprised. That had been their plan all along, I guessed correctly. They were standing at the door and I was standing just next to them, leaning on the wall. All of a sudden a group of college students boarded the metro at Central Secretariat.

It seemed like they had all bunked their classes and were headed for some fun. Some of them sat on the floor where two coaches of the metro were joined and others were standing at the door. That place made me remember the times when Pakhi used to sit there with her dance group, Hans Gang. They were from Hansraj College and were quite famous across Delhi University. She used to say, Metro seats are only for elders and senior citizens, this is the best place to sit for us.

She was crazy. A tall girl in a plaid coat wearing cat-eye glasses looked at me while my mind was flooded with one sweet memory after the other, which haunted me on a regular basis now. It felt like I was with my college friends. I remembered when my friends placed a big cake on the table just outside my hostel room.

As my roommate had broadcasted an invitation message through the IP messenger throughout the hostel, all those devils were in front of my room within a minute. We believed that free cake gave us more calories, love and memories to remember forever.

Birthday bumps, chilled water, cake, kicks on my ass sandals, shoes and hands, they used almost everything on me and I was still smiling because it was my birthday. Those rude friendsmerciless devilsnow I miss them all. Hope I could see them. My life changed completely after college. While in college, we grumbled every day, looking forward to the time when it would get over and we would get a good job.

Now that we had reached that stage, we longed to be with each other again. Back-slapping friends, numerous cups of tea on sleepless nights, so many stories and very little studying, it went on till the end of the very last semester.

We all used to sit together in the canteen, sharing four samosas and a bottle of cold drink amongst a group of eight or ten friends. Few chapattis on a single plate and many takers I really want my college days backthe silly fights, canteen food, the exciting gossipimitating lecturers, cursing them. Though we were loaded with assignments and projects, we had fun in our own way, which we miss now. In the evening, we all used to walk together so much laughter, such happiness, no anger and no pride.

Dinner was just an excuse to meet everyone at the same table. We enjoyed even in the classroom. Teased the professors, threw pieces of chalk at each other, ate chocolates, bunked classes, went for movies and never listened to anyone. Borrowing money was great fun, especially when it was used to spend on girls to gift them chocolates. There was very little money but a lot of love.

Then there were examsthe scary time. Last-minute notes, night-outs, pestering studious girls for their notes, watching latest movies before the exams and then finally waking up just an hour before the exam.

Once the grades were out, we would sigh and promise ourselves that wed do better next time and will score more for sure, but nothing changed in the next four years.

During this beautiful journey, love blossomed in my heart and very dramatically, I met my lovemy precious Pakhi. Life suddenly seemed brighter and more beautiful.

Pdf books anuj tiwari

Talking over the phone for the whole night, walking on the bridge alone but feeling as if the whole world was with youI miss her the most. Towards the end of this journey, placements came, and all of us got jobs. It was now the final week and we were in tears.

Today, all of us have sufficient money to enjoy ourselves to eat fantastic food, to live a royal life but we dont have our friends with us those who taught us how to walk in the journey of life. Today, we meet big personalities and attend meetings, but miss all those who taught us how to talk in an interview My eyes became wet and Kavya waved her hand in front of me and broke my reverie.

Eyes slightly squinted, scratching her nose, she asked, Hey, what happened, what are you thinking? I remained silent. Actually, I couldnt say anything as I was almost choking on emotions. Nothing, I managed to reply. Not again, Anuj! Nothing, I was just lost in my college days; I miss my friends a lot. How I wish I could meet them again! I gave her a fake smile. You can try being friends with us, too. You can talk to us about everything, even about your sex life if you wantwe wont stop you from doing so, Anushka murmured flirtatiously.

Shut up. Hes my bro, Kavya said, nudging her with her elbow. Lets go, our station has arrived, cooed Anushka. The station never arrives. It is the train that reaches the station. I laughed at her. So funny, lets go now, she patted my back. Doors opened and we de-boarded the metro. Wait, Anushka suddenly said. Now what happened? Kavya stuffed her hands into her jeans pocket. Anushkas lips curled into a big bright smile, Mriga is also joining us. Shes just reaching.

She just pinged me on WhatsApp. A girl walked in from behind both of them and waved at us. I guessed that was Mriga and responded with a nod.

I had not met her before but had heard about her from Kavya. Mriga put her finger on her lips and approached us silently. I nodded with a smile. She sneaked up from behind and punched both of them on their backs and started laughing. Hello, babes. They all hugged. Mriga was a sweet, innocent and decent girl. She didnt like partying much but went out for a few only with her best friends.

She knew very well what she wanted from life. She was one of those girls who had never been in a relationship but had had numerous crushes starting from Ranbir Kapoor to her college seniors. Quite a few boys were attracted to her but she had a simple solution to stop them: I know were good friends but Im committed to someone else; how can I cheat on him?

I couldnt stop laughing madly when I heard this crazy story. In the last month of her college, her classmate had proposed to her and she had replied, Deepak, I understand but my marriage has already been fixed for next month. I just finished distributing all the cards and dont have any left. Please do come with the others.

After some time, I asked Kavya, Are we not going home? Its late. She came close to me and whispered, Dont get all melodramatic, lets just have fun. We reached Hard Rock Caf. I was happy but somehow not comfortable as I was there with Anushka, Kavya and Mriga. However, that didnt matter for them. Be ready to rock, hero, Anushka teased me, entering the gate.

Mriga smiled and Kavya and I followed her gaze. It was quite an experience to visit that place. Spread over a large area with state-of-the-art facilities, HRC had a stage for live performances, and Hard Rocks signature retail Rock Shop. It had an irresistible menu consisting of classic American fare including burgers, sandwiches and salads, waiting to awaken your taste buds, while a Meri Dilli counter also represented local flavour, consisting of favourites like chicken kebabs and more.

We all took our place just in front of the bar. Unexpectedly, I was reminded of how when Pakhi and I were together, we were always on the look out for a decent place, less noisy and romantic I smiled emotionally remembering those moments. We always preferred a place where we could talk and get to know each other than noisy, flashy places on initial dates. These days couples go to famous, crowded places on first dates but they forget that even though they might be adventurous with food but that doesnt mean one has to experiment with food on the first few dates.

It is more important to discover and know each other in surroundings where you are comfortable rather than knowing a new cuisine in a place where you are self-conscious.

After knowing each other well and sharing our feelings with each other we had a perfect and memorable date at a beautiful Indian restaurant where the decor, lighting, music and atmosphere were exactly as she liked. We enjoyed so many dates savouring each others company. Moreover, every date added a new shade of colour to the abode of our love.

We never showed our love in public places but were dedicated to each other. Our thoughts were always aligned as we believed that one rose was better than giving a bouquet of rare flowers, a gentle touch was better than public displays of affection. A smile would make each others day and do a lot more than calling each other every moment to say we loved one another. Where are you? Stuck on those chicks? Nothing, I gave a smile and was brought back to the present. While youre here,. Is my cousin a gone case or are all girls like this?

All you can think of is shopping and spending money and beautifying yourselfand you keep spending on the same things! I asked Anushka while the other two craned their necks to listen. Because we have many things to show, you guys have only one and even that you cant really Mriga shot a six as I threw a bouncer.

We had come to know each other enough in the last few hours for her to comfortably include herself in my crazy conversation with Kavya and Anushka.

Shouting in a voice like a foghorn, Mriga said, Im hungry. Need something to eat. With a lopsided smile, Kavya nodded. I took the menu card and Anushka bit her nails. Fragrances, music and dim light, the moment seemed so hazy and romantic, I just missed one person very badlyPakhi. Before I could start feeling sad once more, Mriga asked trying to make conversation, So hows it going in Mumbai?

Its pretty fineMumbai is a nice place to live in, I turned to her and said. Yes, Ive heard a lot about Mumbais night life. So where do you go to enjoy your weekend? When God made this life, he filled life with happiness and sadness and to balance that happiness for some people, he made IT industry, I replied and they all laughed aloud. Sowhats her name? Mriga asked, taking a sip of water and wiped her lips with the back of her hand.

Neither was it the right question nor the right time for it. Anushka and Kavya looked a little worried on hearing this as they knew how I felt when people asked about my past.

I knew what she was hinting at but pretended not to know anything. Where there is a night life, there is a girl, said Anushka and Kavya together in a shrill voice to convert this question into a joke. Its not like that, I answered simply.

Mriga looked at me, her prolonged eye contact making me uncomfortable for a while. She was not drunk but the depth of her eyes created some noise in my mind. I could see something in her eyes, but I ignored it. In the month of December when Delhi was chilly and cold, all girls were looking super-hot in either skirts or hot-pants. They had enough spark to cause a fire in the bay. Do all the girls come here to have fun? I asked myself. As usual, stupid strings of thoughts ran through my mind.

Energized girls dominated the caf as I could see only a few shirts and several skirts there. Hey, I want one vodka shot, may I? Anushka asked pointing to the bartender. Its very difficult to manage a girl when she is drunk. She can pull you into the worst situations,.

I have the best answer for you and that is a big NO, I cooed and pinched her softly on the cheeks. Even I dont have an idea as to when Id be coming here again. Just one, please she requested like an adamant child, almost pleading by the end of it.

Yes, whats the big deal? Even as children we all had Dr Brandy, isnt it? Kavya added fuel to the fire while Mriga was looking at us. Okay, then Ill tell aunty to give you Dr Brandy once we reach home, but as of now, no, you cant drink. We have to reach home before Hope you understand. Well try this next time for sure, okay? I said in a serious tone to Anushka. If you wont allow me, then Ill tell my mom that you took advantage of us girls tonight, she said gravely.

Good tryI still cant allow you, sweetie, I teased her. So mean you are. But she remained seated, holding a glass and rolling the ice cubes in it. The waiter served our food with a side of sour cream. Large potato shells fried golden brown and filled with Jack and Cheddar cheese, crisp seasoned bacon and green onions. I tried to keep her busy with the food and conversation so that she couldnt repeat that again.

Hows she? Anushka twirled her potato skins with her fork. Mriga did the same and Kavya chewed the last bite. I asked, looking around. A bouncer, a burly black man with a goatee, caught my eye. That girl in ultra mini skirt with , Anushka widened her eyes and slowly turned to the girl who was wearing a white T-shirt that had a few abstract drawings across the chest with these words at the bottomcatch me if you can.

Her hair looked like someone had cut it with garden shears but she had perfect curves. Should I talk to her for you? Mriga said, curling a tendril of hair around her finger and sipping a glass of pinacolada. I scoffed and growled at the same time. No problem, she smirked and took a small sip of lemonade from Anushkas glass. The music became louder, and the air inside became hazier. All waiters came together and started dancing, standing on the small platform which separated the caf in the bar from the other area.

I had heard about the evening dance of HRC but it was a lot of fun to watch their sing-song movements. Mriga clapped down on the table in excitement. The smoke in the caf was swirling around. Chilling time, ice cool glasses in hands, some with beer, some with soft drinks and only one with melting cubes of ice mine.

Turning her eyes like juggler while snapping her fingers, Kavya asked me. She knew about the phase I had gone through in past few months. For what? I questioned, finishing the last pieces of nachos from the plate. Are you not happy being here after a long time? Anushka asked, expecting a reply in the affirmative. Thanks a lot for this. Well, day after tomorrow Im going back to Mumbai, you guys have fun.

I pinched. I never wanted to leave them. Kavya held my hand and assured me that everything would be fine. Hey brother, Im always with you. I know I act stupid at times. I created problems for you when mom caught me during college night-outs and she shouted at you but you didnt say anything.

Not only you are a great lover, good son and a friend but youre also my genius brother. Ill miss you a lot. I had never seen Kavya so emotional before. What happened? I know youre my naughty sister but why are you crying? Stop it, I said. Cant you extend your stay? Mriga asked, and both of them looked at me.

I wish I couldWell, why dont you guys come to Mumbai? I told them all. Yes, that would be greatat least Id be happy. Every day mom forces me to cook from morning to evening. Moreover, my bloody neighbour always talks about my marriagebeti badi ho gayi hai haath peele kar do, bloody beep.

We all laughed. My wristwatch said it was I had to reach before Lets go guys, I said, having a sip of water. Anushka interrupted in between, Just one last shot of vodka. Whats that? I asked her. Before I could confirm that she was having vodka, she had emptied the glass.

When did you order this? Are you crazy? I almost shouted at her. Im sorry for that but I wanted to have just one peg, she sounded completely drunk. What sorry, Anushka? I shouted, clenching my fists. I have lost control over myself, please give me your hand and help me stand up, she said. She swung to the other side. I stood up and held her, putting my hands on her shoulders and came out of the caf.

Everybody around was staring at us, especially at her and me, the way I held her and she hung on me. You know, youre my best friend.

Only you can get me out of this, she laughed. I held her hand; drunken Anushka was out of her senses. A guy was staring at us and had been noticing us for quite some time.

He came up to us and said, May I help you? I can manage. I placed my jacket upon her shoulders and held her. He went away. Kavya was scared to go home. It was This was going to be a big mess and I regretted coming here. Well have to sleep on the road in this winter, I answered in anger. I dont want to go, I dont want to go, she sang. Now stop it, Anushka, control yourself, Mriga held her waist and moved ahead.

Kavya followed us. Getting these girls home safely was a herculean task for me. The streets were dark and deserted. The few street lights that were on were no better than years old oil lamps in the dense fog.

Delhi was never safe for women and as it was I was struggling to find an autorickshaw and after walking for almost a kilometre we found one on the other side of the road. Anushka started laughing, Lets go now. Enough fun for the day. She gave a childish smile, very similar to the one I used to give my mother after stealing jam from the kitchen.

Sorry, I just wanted us to have fun and to make this day memorable for us. Hope you wont forget she said, holding her ears in a gesture of asking for forgiveness. She was not drunk.

It Had to Be You - Anuj Tiwari

She had just pulled a prank on me. Ill kill you, I tried to catch her. She laughed like the devil. How can I do this without your permission? I was angry but their craziness made me smile. Well miss you. Dont make this moment sad. We enjoyed together and well meet soon, Mriga said. Now were getting late, lets go. All four of us took an autorickshaw and I preserved those moments in my heart.

Next day, I attended Navyas marriage ceremony and did everything as per my moms expectations, and the day after, I was back to I came to Mumbai after the few hours of happiness with Kavya, Anushka and Mriga and with dreams to make our own nesta golden nest of love but before I could collect and weave twigs and grass together, a storm came one night and destroyed everything.

I could neither cherish my dreams nor attempt to rebuild the nest. The past again won over present and it kept playing it over and over in my mind. Myriad shades of romance. An unforgettable love story. Pearls have come down on paper. And what a mother says — a son for a mother and a man for life partner is everything in her life.

I Love you Rachu Dear Frnds pls spread this msg until its reach to my rachu I think see knows my name Book Downloaded from: No part of this publication may be reproduced I Love you Rachu.

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work. All rights reserved. Park New Delhi editorial srishtipublishers. And those people who left me with no reasons. That day I learnt one thing — when the sky cries. I can remember when I was I prepared a speech and in the middle of the speech. I want to say thanks to them. Ankit and Ankur.

In addition. It happens in our society — if your neighbour is a doctor or an engineer. I started my life with a very normal school. Love you. I never discussed that awful day with anyone as I thought my mother would shout and feel awkward. Anushka for helping without reasons. My dad used to tell me when I was a kid.

Tiwari books pdf anuj

I forgot those tough English words which I had mugged up a night before. But it was more painful when my own classmates laughed at me.

I cried at the next moment. Somewhere they put courage and passion in me to go ahead in life. And every time my mom slapped me and put me back to my studies. I had both. I used to say to my mom.

When I grew. So I was sure. Before I become more sentimental and go ahead. Everyone started laughing and I felt like crying. I always wanted to do something different from the crowd. Acknowledgement W ho says. I just checked.

I could only remember one thing that my mother had said — never give up. Everybody was running in the race of engineering from the day one till the day they got the offer letter from some multinational company.

Picking up the pen and writing this true tale has had some reasons. People always used to laugh in my school days because I was not like those modern boys who used to play with costliest toys and went to high class schools.

Thanks to the whole team at Srishti Publishers for publishing me and listening to me whenever I flagged queries. When I was a kid. A lot of love to the cities I spent a few years of my life in: For bringing me up with affection and helping me learn how to be Bareilly: The place that made me an engineer of machines and a narrator of Guna: Love you all. This place gave me memories to remember for the rest of my life. Mumbai is known as the city Mumbai: And the most special thanks to the adorable readers who loved me so much and supported me.

For always treating me like its own son and giving so much love. Where I spent a year of my life and learnt about friendship. The city of lovely romantic weather and wonderful people. More Than That Marital Status: Committed or Complicated? You are Far. I Cared. What was my Mistake? A Month Later Epilogue: A girl wants a caring. I want your eyes to see the success. Hope after reading this. Please remove from your mind that I want to leave you. A guy who takes care of everything in my life.

I know we have had a lot of fights in the last few days. Either we were too busy romancing or too busy fighting. Prologue H i Anuj. I wanted to share a lot of things with you. I can see him in you. Why would I leave you? We love each other so much and there is no reason to leave. Please read this mail with patience. A girl never gets into a relationship to get involved physically. I just want to love you forever.

I love you a lot and I want you to be happy. For a girl. You pamper me like a small kid as my dad used to do. Your Loving. I talked to you very rudely. We had always abided our motto. Ring the Bell I stretched my body. It was obvious to say. She smiled at me serenely. Engineers wake up when the rest of the world sleeps. Though later on for next four years my birthday was the coolest birthday in the college but they were always hot and never left any chance to celebrate. I was accompanying my engineering books that night to finish Prof.

It was the most romantic season. It got worse when I heard there were low uninterrupted knocks on my door. I asked. It fuelled the spirit of wanting to roll in the blanket or hang out with friends at the campfire after the sunset. Uday was completely involved in managing Fest Utsav and his physique gave him sensational charm to bring out fire in new-comer females from different part of the country. Joshi had high expectations from me in upcoming examinations. Luckily or unluckily I got the same.

This kind of knock usually sounded like unwelcomed trouble. My clock had often symbolized the times that life in hostel and life at home could never be at tandem.

As all assignments were aimed to be completed overnight. We were in full vigour at the dawn of 15th February I looked at her.

At the end of three hours and thirty pages of work. In a residential engineering college though. It was usual from last few days as being one year senior. We became good friends because we were from the same city Bareilly.

With parents around things were porous. Uday and I were sharing the same hostel room this year. I have to finish this off. I could hear. He screamed and walked in. He started singing a song by Akon. Tilting his head hardly to my side. Maddy staring back at me. Maddy asked to sing a song.

He used to stay out drinking until the booze is gone and especially he had tendency to get into fights. I started singing and the room got a silence more than class. Maddy replied in his too loud and clear voice. Uday and I laughed. He used to live in squalor with way more guys than there should be. Keep it up lads. I was not wondered that how he was enjoying his life without a whiff of tension as I scratched off and jotted down random shambles.

Door opened. He jumped at the other side of the bed and said. He glanced around. Maddy was the frat star. A red mark on his neck made me curious to know what interesting happened again for a girl.

He had his own friends. Hold it now bummer. He shrugged. Just wanna say baby. You can do this for me. Only mine. I had never done this before. After an uneasy silence he spoke to me directly. It seemed he knew about it before. There was no Whats App so messages had their own importance. I was single and was ready to mingle. I wanna love you baby…Come to me. I have to complete my assignment okay. The tableside clock said 1: You will be mine…Only mine…. A cold chill ran through the calves of my legs.

Come to me… With those frets. Maddy came to my bed. Uday sniggered. Why are you so serious about the assignments?

Just Copy and Paste it. He tried again. In the midnight. I ignored him. Maddy snatched the phone. I frowned. She disconnected the call. I tried again and ended with the same result. She could be suffering from cold. I added. Maddy walked out. I hurled a proper series of abuses at Maddy finishing with..

I turned to find Maddy again dialling her number. Good night. I watched helplessly as he bent low and went into a silent fit of laughter. Unable to contain myself. Is this Pakhi? He snatched the phone back. I stared at screen.. Next moment she picked the call. She said firmly.

I attempted to peer out of the glass window but the cold from outside had created a fog making this difficult. This got repeated multiple times as I was still not sure to take a valid decision in between womanhood Vs hormones-hood. I exhaled and watched my breath turn the cold morning air white. If you are married and still using condoms. After a syncing pause I replied.

She picked the call after passing more rings. Horn Ok Please I f you are married. Before her voice went harsh. I had become enough mature and decided to call her or her voice was good to hear again. I tried to make her comfortable by saying sorry once again. As I looked outside. That shows your attitude towards life and people. In a slow voice. The texture of the sheet against my skin felt good. Or I can just ignore it. I responded. I just hit redial button and disconnected.

Somewhere I was still stuck in the conversation I had just few hours back with that girl. If you are single and still living with dreams with your hands. Relations are not maintained on sorry and apologies but sometimes they work in a magical way. It was Sunday. I dialled her number. As it was done from my cellphone. I heard an alto. As per the womanhood. As always. At the other end. I woke up at 7: And who are you? I replied. Being comfortable. I could hear movement downstairs of Uday and others going for breakfast.

I woke up to the dots of sunshine dancing across my room from the window through the lace of my curtains. I was courageous now. I promise you. I looked at those small mountains surrounded with dense fog in the morning breeze. Whatever she told me about him changed my perception towards him.

After having Samosa in Sunday breakfast. One hand was on my waist and other was holding the phone. He always used to tease her as she was pretty and intelligent. Chattering of birds. Seems good. How do you know him?

I started a good morning. I was standing in the balcony of my room. Being a girl what should I understand of this. I said. I rose off in my cozy bed. Delhi girls are not only fair with faces but also with fair minds. The sun was growing slowly as the time stopped for few moments.

Phone line disconnected. To get results according to actions. I trust you. I sat comfortably on the chair in balcony. I looked outside. I covered myself in rust brown and pink colored blanket. I pulled out the phone that lay beeping in the right pocket of my denim.

I was only able to see the edge of the sun in the fog. I have to go. Once again. I laughed. It made me frenzied to know more. That night. Happiness slowly filled in as I thought I had found a friend. It was too early but my mind made a map. Alone in my room. Was the call perfect or not? Was my way of talking good?

Would Pakhi be thinking about the conversation too? Then I realized I was such a foolish guy but true with my thoughts. I looked at the mirror. I laid curled up in my cozy bed. I predictably. I wondered. I twirled my phone between thumb and the middle finger. I saved her number. There is always a tomorrow.

Pdf books anuj tiwari

I was smiling at nobody in particular. Answer came from my heart and I neglected the proposal of my stupid mind. This was the time to clean out the old nest. I threw it under the pillow but that was not enough to knit the dreams again. She took some time. So it could be the part of joke. She received the call. I went ahead and dialed her number.

I tried to look at the clock. Delhi University. I introduced myself. I kept my eyes closed and stayed in my bed. Slim or fat? I thought for a while. Before she could chock me more. Both of them were pointing in opposite directions. I twirled fork in. She wanted to know as I took to silence to fit in all the surge of facts. A seemingly confident girl. When God made females. Delhiites N ext morning. These girls exchange information as fast as some geek network stuff.

I thought. I was still uncertain on whom to turn to —heart or brain. I woke up bit early. Do all girls giggle so much? I made a mental note to raise this in the next guy-discuss-girls meeting.

I put my hand under the pillow and looked at cell phone with half opened eyes. She was still giggling for some godforsaken reason. She said very cutely.

It was hard to curb the urge. There was one is to eight ratio to fight for a girl. When she chided me. This much effort if I could put before coming to engineering college I could hopefully get of the IITs and after that I could get any model with perfect figure. After half an hour. Efforts were true and sensible but I failed to execute at the right time. I racked my brain to remember the details again. What did she say? I laughed and then grinned as I realized.

I had to confirm if she is a trustworthy. With her honeyed voice. I abused myself on acting like a dork. We can catch up later. I pushed the volume up and got a very paining answer. I felt a sharp pain in the gut as a number of depressing questions arose. I called her shamelessly. So I was counting minutes in wait for her ping.

As usual. Rather than being human. I was too eager to talk her. I just had to wait for a while before I found out a reason to call her. It silently echoed on the walls across and reverberated back at the receiver end again. She is also from Delhi. What in the name of holy mother Mary. I was choked when I heard that. How clever they are? I murmured. I messaged her simple good night message and within a minute.

I smiled and that was enough to make me sleep happily. The days were normal but the nights were too cold. How stupid I was? T here is difference between love and like. Okay listen.

I answered her call. It feels special when someone wakes you up early in the morning and you give all the reasons not to wake up. She replied with a cheerful voice. I have forty more minutes before class begins. Clock said 8: We just had one week talking over the phone.

I snorted. Get up now. Get up means get up. She suddenly said. I charged up. Come in your balcony now. The cold wind rushed towards me.

I rolled in the bed again. I entered in the lecture theatre. Now get ready for classes. I felt relaxed when he said. After five minutes of refreshment break. When a girl acts innocently. I was shivering. Mohanty said. Physically I was present in the class but mentally I was in daydreams. Bizarrely I asked her in the evening.

I was shocked. Last ten minutes are always most important. I was ten minutes late for my class. Suddenly I found him in front of me and asking the question about essential conditions for stability. He repeated. Get out of the class! I looked at him.

I took some time to recover and gave the answer confidently. I thought I could answer and be in class. I was just…. Things were changing in life. I walked towards balcony. A girl can change your life. Mahajan was taking lecture on stable and unstable systems. I was ready for the second battle. I breathed deeply. The class had been overfed for a shock. I was completely unstable the moment I reached in the class.

I walked and almost jumped with ecstasy. Unexpectedly in the second class. How can you do this to me? Complete silence in the theatre. I said come in your balcony. What now? They never said No and I never asked for more. I was managing two… I started putting my phone on silent or vibration all the time. Girls are the best creature of god but they are the unpredictable creature to hide all the secrets of them..

Call duration was inversely proportional to my monthly expenses.

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Even in the class. When you step out for education or to make your career. Now with money for one. Every day was different from the previous one and I got to know something about us. I managed with that only and obviously. I stood up. I was just true from my side and was ready to be the same for years for her. She replied sombrely. The mission was accomplished. I had solution for that. She never wanted to go away from her family but when her father had gone through paralysis attack. When we are away from our home and family.

Everyone has a past. More Than That W hen things come on your head then you realize its importance and impact. I knew how difficult was to not miss your home. She just needed a friend who could listen to her and now she had the best one. When a girl lives alone. She started sharing her naughty ideas. Sometimes tears wet my cheeks when she used to open her old memories. If she had a problem. Many times life gives these many situations to go through it.

In college. I called back and asked. These were just our feelings which were. I could feel myself as her true friend. If we get the right one.

It seemed like she got everything in just few days. One day she called me and we talked for more than half an hour.

I was just few months elder than her. I am always with you okay. I just made her realize that she was the best girl in the world. Nobody is perfect in the world. Good sense of humour is important to know about a person. I want to prove those people wrong who say. She messaged me that day. Sitting with aunties and mother actually. She used to warm me and that after coming from college. I knew her very well at times and felt that something was hidden and untold.

She used to forget to have milk in the morning. I just want something in return. I could try and understand girls and their feelings — what they like. I just want to be with you as a good friend. One day suddenly she called me. We are very good friends. She was childish. My feelings are true. Her moods swings confused me. That day. I am always with you and now you can enjoy your life because it will never comeback.

I promised myself. I replied at the next moment. I felt jealous and it verified that I was a human with emotions and feelings. I picked her call. I enjoyed a lot today. I interrupted in between. How are you? W hen a girl comes in life. Prateek was her school friend who was doing engineering from Jaypee Institute of Information Technology.

Stomach on the bed. I told you my friend Prateek is coming to meet me today. Marital Status: We enjoyed the whole day with him and he was looking so cool. I was biting the bullets as she was describing the things about him. It was dawn when I woke up at 5 pm because I had to wake up late night to talk to her.


Please pick my call. Please once pick my call where are you Please Anuj once pick my call. The last word of her line was the reason of my all questions. Now I got confused. Am I fat…? Trust me. After an iteration of calls. I was just kidding. We were very close friends now. I asked without thinking anything. Prateek proposed me today. I just wanted to hear a negative reply from her. I disconnected the phone- line.

Our day started together and ended with the same. Is she fat? I answered her call with a question. I rubbed my face on pillow and wiped tears. I was happy and she was enjoying it. Unspoken words are always dangerous.

He said that you love me. I was kidding. I kept my phone on silent. We roasted our. I picked her call and we clarified all misunderstanding and things came on the track. Please just once. Please trust me. At least talk to me.

I wanted to pick and talk. It seemed she had wet eyes too. Things were not broken. Cell phone started beeping arrival of her messages. Please once pick my call. I just thought?

What would happen after college. Where this friendship was going. It was just a third morning when I was waiting her to come online on G-talk. I knew that seven days were going to be without fun. I was waiting for you from last one hour: I was with mamma.

Did you have your breakfast? I am fine: Missing me? Those days. My eyes were wet too. She was going to her home for a week. I have promised you so many times. Sometimes you involve with few things which help in other ways. You are going home. Next morning she had to leave and got a message in the morning- I am leaving. Swear on me? Girls always have tendency to listen what they want to listen. A message popped-up on the right side of my laptop screen. I was going to miss her badly.

I miss you a lot: When will you come back? On Wednesday. Be with your friends and come late in your room okay. Maybe she loves me too and is waiting for the right time. Some other day. Miss you a lot. She changed the topic and asked about my exams and I understood she is also missing me a lot. I know you have to say something!!! All time I just eat and sleep. LOL Me: Well you say how are your days going with family? How can anyone love over a phone. She said she has something to say to me.

I composed a mail for her. Miss you too. Take care. I went to the conversation history. Come soon. You spend time with your friends. Or did she mean to say she is missing me at home. You enjoy your days but study too. Miss you: Miss you too Me: I felt good by doing this. Chat message popped up.