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Happy house 1 pdf

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Teaching notes. Here you can download teaching notes and answer keys for the new Activity Book. Happy House Level 1 PDF ( KB). Download book for kid free: Happy Street 1 New Edition pdf Class Book + Activity Book + Teacher Book ~ Teache Resource Book Evaluation Book. Storysards 1,2. 9. Happy House teshimaryokan.info MB. teshimaryokan.info MB.

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happy house 1 teshimaryokan.info - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Happy House 1 Activity Book New - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Happy house 1 activity book. Happy House 1 New Edition Class teshimaryokan.infossed - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. happy house.

I've got a plane! I've got a bird! I'm smaller than the parrot and the monkey too. Its time for school! These are two one-page tests which cover the content of the course and evaluate the key skills of Listening and Speaking.

I brush my hair. I wash my hair. Unit 7 Test1 Listen and number. There's a cat on the chair. There's a mouse in a box. There's a bird on the table. There's a dog in a box. There's a tiger in the bed. There's a snake in the cupboard.

If the answer to the question is correct, they tick the box next to the picture. Where's Otto? He's on the chair. He's on the table. XNumber three.

He's on the cupboard.

Happy House 1 New Edition Class teshimaryokan.infossed

He's in the cupboard. He's in the box. He's on the box. XSkills test Listening 1 Listen and or X. I've got a bird! X Number two. I've got a train! X Number three. I've got a guitar! I've got a pencil! I've got a plane! I've got a book! X2 Listen, count and colour. Children listen carefully and colour the correct number of items for each object.

Five red balloons. One, two, three Three blue T-shirts. Seven pink cakes. Six yellow ducks. Nine orange pens. Eight green snakes. Skills test Speaking 1 Point and say. Children look at the pictures and point and say the words. Answers1 a mouse2 a hairbrush3 a cake4 a pencil-case5 a jumper6 a drum2 Count and say.

Children look at the pictures and count and say the words. E Who's this? There's a What's this?

House 1 pdf happy

It's a How many pens? One and one more I've got How old are you? I'm seven. Stamp your feet! One candle Unit 6 Bathtime! PupilsVocabulary Structures C-C linksa ducka hairbrushshampoosoapa toothbrusha towelhandsfaceteethhairHere's your hairbrush. Can you? Yes, I can. In the On the Do you like dogs? Where do tigers live? On land. In water. ReadingPupil canunderstand familiar names, words, and very simple sentences, for example on notices and posters or in catalogues.

Pupil can ask and answer simple questions in areas of immediate need or on very familiar topics. There's something in thejungle! Where are you a Unit 2 Lesson 6 code word! Food, food, food! Shopping for mum Some apples i ' l.

I Well, I like red [apples but Mum likes green apples. Don't forget! And some cereal. Sorrg, Jason! Unit 3 Lesson 1 It's eleven o'clock. It's three o'clock. It's half past four. I wash my paws, I wash my face, And I sleep till lunch time. I have lunch at half past twelve. I wash my paws, I wash my face, And I sleep out in the sun. I wash my paws, I wash my face, And I sleep till breakfast time.

Cant havea large apple juice, please? I 1' You bring. Unit 3 Lesson 4 This is Matt's sister, Liz. She's fourteen. She always has orange juice, toast, and yoghurt for breakfast. She sometimes has an apple but she never has cereal. He's ten. He always has cereal and a glass of milk for breakfast.

He sometimes has a banana — but not today. He never has eggs. This is Matt's teacher, Mr Harper. He loves breakfast! He always has cereal, beans, tomatoes, and two eggs.

Sometimes he has toast too! He never has bananas or yoghurt. He doesn't like yoghurt. Hurry up, Mr Harper. Its time for school! Part 2 They run into the jungle. It comes here every day and takes people.

What's the problem? Like a lion or a tiger - but big, V i like an elephant! It's got " D-1 my friend, Clara!

Follow me! Come on, Colin - you can The monster can ' do it. Hold on tight and jump over it, ' swing your legs. What's the matter? At last they come to a river. Where now? I think the monster is A on that island. We cook 3 I! It's a very old dance! Our town has a carnival in July. One girl is the Carnival Queen.

She wears a beautiful dress and a crown. This year the carnival is on July 23rd and my friend Jenny is the Carnival Queen! Some cards are very romantic. Some cards are funny. I This year Easter is in April. On Easter Day we eat chocolate Easter eggs. Dad hides the eggs in the garden and my brother and I look for them.

I have 3. I love my birthday! There's no school and everyone goes on holiday. The school cook makes some special bread. We give the food to old people in the town. My brother likes the noisy fireworks best. We put a candle inside and put it in the window. My family give me lots of presents and I give them presents too. We have a Christmas tree and a special family lunch. A day at the zoo! Excuse me! Which animals can you hear? A 2 3,2; I. Unit 4 Lesson 2 Guess my name! I'm smaller than the parrot and the monkey too.

I; Ben. Unit 4 Lesson 3 Look and listen. Oh, look over there! I but wait! What's this? Look, C0lI But what does it mean?

HAPPY HOUSE 1 Evaluation Book

These words are backwards too: Wait a minute! It's that way! Oh great! Unit 5 Lesson 1 Where can you. How many. Unit 5 Lesson 2 Look all around. Dont cross the road! Go straight across! Nothing coming! Go straight across the road! How do you go to school? V From the shopping centre to: I I the library. L 5 f I, I r This is a model of London.

Everything is small. There are lots of very small houses, shops, cars, and people. There are parks with trees and over here. It opens and the boats go under it. I can take two big steps and.

happy house 1 AB.pdf

Everything is small here too. There are woods, mountains, and a lake. A monster lives in this lake! But look! You can see lots of bubbles in the water. Unit 5 Lesson 5 Colin in Computerland The Island Monster: Part 4 And where's the monster? Climb down the rope quickly everyone!

1 happy pdf house

The monster is coming! Colin and his friends are on the island - but where's Clara? We're here now! Quick, Colin — give me your compass!

It's a statue! Colin is back home again and he's got 0 new message! Unit 5 Lesson 6 Extended Reading ll. It can swim for up to kilometres in the cold Arctic Ocean.

It lays Baby turtles are NOT its eggs in the sand. The journey takes three to four weeks. Another amazing journey.

Dad at the Sports Centre I really like going to the sports centre! Ilike swimming Unit 6 Lesson 1 I never miss a single day — Sometimes I do it twice! I do my homework on Mondays. I do my homework on Tuesdays. I do my homework on Wednesdays. I do my homework on Thursdays. I do my homework on Fridays. I do my homework on Saturdays. Our Mexican licensee Targmex has been producing some super fun products which we absolutely love! From earphones, headphones and mini speakers to selfie sticks, usb cables and chargers.

Everything you need for your phone, made fun with Happy House artwork. With Christmas just around the corner, we've designed some super cute christmas gift tags to help decorate your presents. We've also designed some fun, large tags, to use on any gift throughout the year!

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