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Catherine Coulter. Midsummer Magic (Magic Trilogy) Catherine Coulter Online Midsummer Magic (Magic Trilogy) by Catherine Coulter ebook PDF download. A listing of Catherine Coulter's Magic Trilogy. Midsummer Magic, the first novel in the Magic Trilogy, was published at the end of Now, eleven years later. Midsummer Magic ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Catherine Coulter Catherine Coulter The FBI Thrillers Collection Books ePub (Adobe DRM).

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Midsummer Magic. Home · Midsummer Magic Author: Coulter Catherine. 20 downloads Views Midsummer Magic · Read more · Midsummer Magic. Let me know what you think of this first of the Magic novels it s one of my own favorites. Catherine Coulter"Donwload "[PDF] Edition Midsummer. Midsummer Magic (Magic Trilogy, book 1) by Catherine Coulter; Download.

Oct 29, Suzanne rated it really liked it. Why wouldn't he seduce a hottie? He's also irritated that the little lady is overstepping her bounds by running the stables. I am going to keep saying that because good lord I can't with this book. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Thank heavens there was no gang rape in this one, but the marital rape was disturbing and I'm a fan of the bodice ripper. Clicking the cover, or the popup, will take you to an excerpt if there is one.

Philip Hawksbury, the Earl of Rothermere, obeying his father's dying wish, hies himself to Scotland to offer for one of the daughters of Alexander Kilbracken, the Earl of Ruthven.

Frances Kilbracken, informed of the earl's arrival and his mission, disguises herself as a bespectacled dowd so she won't be the one selected by the young earl. But choose her he does, and for all the wrong reasons. The newly married couple return to England, together but not at all happy. Philip dumps Frances at Desborough Hall, his ancestral estate, and heads back to his old life in London.

Ah, but Desborough has a stud farm and racing stable, and Frances is magic with horses. When the earl returns to his home, driven by guilt, he discovers the woman he married has grossly deceived him. What follows is a battle of the sexes that will have you chuckling, maybe even howling with laughter. Let me know what you think of this first of the Magic novels - it's one of my own favorites. Calypso Magic, the second novel in the Magic Trilogy, was published in I haven't done any rewriting; the novel's just wearing beautiful new clothes.

It is in London. But fate, in the guise of Aunt Lucia, intervenes. She presents him with Diana Savarol, a young lady newly arrived from her family's Caribbean island and very unhappy at being forced into frigid England and tossed headlong into the marriage market.

These two very strong willed individuals eye each other, then go for the gold in an insult competition. The Plot It was just fucking stupid. So, Frances disguises herself as a frump so that the Rapist will ignore her. Or run the fuck away. Again, this character has no fucking sense of self preservation. Yes, she ditches the frump look but she sits there waiting for the Rapist to come back rather than stealing one of his horses and running off. And the whole thing why they get married….

Le sigh. By the way, the book is pitched as a comedy. But Gosh darn it, she looks hot with clothes on since she ditched those nasty glasses and ugly cap and gown.

Aug 25, graveyardgremlin rated it did not like it Shelves: After a fairly good start about the first 80 pages or so , I was hooked and was enjoying the book, then it went downhill and I finally stopped on page Be warned, there is what could be considered in our times at least rape.

However, it was a husband's duty to get his wife with heir; and I do get it, but that doesn't mean I want to read about it in a romance I believe I could have gotten over the first 'rape,' but then it happened again, and again, and most likely again but After a fairly good start about the first 80 pages or so , I was hooked and was enjoying the book, then it went downhill and I finally stopped on page I believe I could have gotten over the first 'rape,' but then it happened again, and again, and most likely again but I stopped before what might have been.

Pdf midsummer coulter magic catherine

Enough already! I ended up hating both the so-called heroine and hero, they just were not sympathetic, interesting, or anything other than horrible. Frances started fights, cowers, and snivels all the time, and frankly, she should have known she needed to fulfill her "wifely duty" to get with heir. Now I am not in any way saying rape is right, but back then she should have known what was going to happen, and all she does is act belligerent and righteous about it and wants to be left alone Ha!

Then there's Hawk ugh! What is Ms. Coulter smoking? I can't even fathom them going from hate to love and I do mean hate!

The author says the book "is just dandy the way it is," but it totally is not. She goes on to say that we'll chuckle and may even howl with laughter because of the battle of the sexes Now I don't know about that because I couldn't get past how totally unlikable Hawk and Frances were, among the other things mentioned, so who knows?

And frankly, I don't care to know. This book needed many rewrites and I do not recommend it at all! I wish I listened to the reviews and stayed away, but no, I had to stick with it. What can I say, I'm stubborn. To be honest I thought there was only one rape scene in the book and didn't know there were more, but I usually only skim them so I don't read any spoilers.

I am so sorry I read so much of this when I could have been enjoying a much better book. I really don't think I'll ever pick up another book from Ms. Coulter if her other books are like this. Sep 09, Jennifer rated it liked it Shelves: I was really excited to get it, but I was disappointed in the end.

I guess I had really high hopes for it given their review and it was only fine. One thing I did find interesting was how Coulter approached the difficulty of sex between a husband and wife when neither of them want it.

Midsummer Magic

It gave me a new appreciation for women in an arranged marriage. This is one of those old-timey historical-romance novels that did not age well. To a modern reader, it's rapey and a little creepy - the hero constantly casually threatens to beat the heroine, there are certain fat- and gay- related comments that in this day and age are unacceptable, etc.

That aside, the relationship between the central couple was awful, there was no chemistry, so it was generally bad. Dec 18, Karen Darling rated it did not like it Shelves: I hate the so called hero. He is disgusting and selfish. He is also a wimp, he cried tears when his father told him he had to get married. He is also a moron. This book made me so angry and disgusted that I couldn't finish it. I know everything works out well in the end, but I just couldn't get through it.

Thank God I got this free on audible, if I paid for this crap I would be livid. This should be zero star. It's not worth the 1 star I gave it.

May 21, Sue rated it did not like it Shelves: When all was said and done, I just could not get past the fact that the hero in this story was tall, dark, handsome, and a superficial ass. If you can buy the idea that glasses and a bad hair day will disguise great beauty, and if you can still fantasize about a man that these things will make a difference to, then buy this book.

Otherwise, keep looking. May 20, Cyndy Aleo rated it did not like it Shelves: I've inherited bags and boxes of quickie beach read novels from my mother and sister that I'm in the process of going through and releasing via Bookcrossing. Bodices Ripping Right and Left Philip Hawskbury was the second son, and expected a carefree life in the military. After his older brother's death, however, he inherited the title Earl of Rothermere as wel I've inherited bags and boxes of quickie beach read novels from my mother and sister that I'm in the process of going through and releasing via Bookcrossing.

After his older brother's death, however, he inherited the title Earl of Rothermere as well as his father's promise to a Scotsman who'd saved his life.

When his father appears to be about to take his last breath, Hawk promises to travel to Scotland to marry one of the daughters of the man who saved his father's life. Once there, he finds two beautiful girls Clare and Viola and the homely, frumpy Frances.

Frances has actually disguised herself in hopes that Hawk won't choose her, but Hawk decides that an unattractive wife who doesn't require much socially is perfect; he can dump her off at his country estate and go back to his life in society and with his mistress. Hawk dutifully tries to impregnate Frances before he returns to London, but once there, is instructed by his mistress that he should make love to his wife just like a mistress. When Hawk heads back to his country home, he finds out that his wife is actually intelligent and beautiful, and has set out to restore the horse racing and breeding program with some help from Hawk's scheming father that his older brother had going at the estate before his death.

Along the way, Hawk discovers that he loves his wife, and also that things with the horses and his brother might not have been exactly what they seem.

Giving a Bad Name to Romances Midsummer Magic is a prime example of why so many people look down on the romance genre as a whole, and could serve as a textbook for what NOT to do in a romance novel. It follows the formula for introducing the hero and heroine and starting them out at odds with each other, but it goes SO far past that to prove a point that it's actually nauseating.

Who on earth would want to read love scenes that are about as romantic as an artificial insemination for livestock? And then to go father, after Hawk has essentially raped his wife repeatedly, he dresses her as a boy and has her come down to the stables to watch them breed horses to get her in the mood. The character of Hawk is so dense that you want to slap him even realizing that this is a period romance, and the attitudes of men toward their wives were probably pretty much like this.

The fact that he is so dense as to think that wives didn't require or deserve the same care and concern during lovemaking that mistresses is beyond ignorant, and the reader hopes against hope that there is actually another strapping young man who will ride in and sweep Frances off her feet before this Neanderthal swings his figurative club again.

I like reading a good romance novel, especially in the summer when it's too hot to think, but this one had me so annoyed it couldn't even serve its purpose as a poolside trifle. This review previously published on Epinions: This was crap. I thought Coulter was a better author than this. Too lazy to check. The POV switches inside paragraphs got old fast.

The utter shallowness of the Hero's reaction to the Heroine's disguise trick was almost enough to make me pitch the book right off. The supposedly hilarious 'battle of the sexes' consisted of name-calling, fleeing to other towns and knee-jerk dictatorial behavior. The mystery was awkward and seemed like a last-minute way to finish Wow. The mystery was awkward and seemed like a last-minute way to finish off a story that was going nowhere the author seemed to enjoy.

There was one hawt sex scene though. Smoking hot. But that's not enough to make the rest of this drivel worth wading through. And so sorry, Ms Coulter, but no one does the awkwardness and repression and duty of sex between arranged marriage partners better or hotter than Mary Balogh.

I'm starting to wonder if it's me or the average romance reader with the problem here. Smart Bitches This was strongly recommended as a fun read.

But it was just bad. So why does it seem that well-written, enjoyable stories and romance are becoming mutually exclusive? Oct 16, Michelle rated it did not like it Shelves: I tried to push aside my feminism thoughts with this book.

Catherine midsummer pdf magic coulter

While I still think how he treated her was beyond wrong, I had to keep in mind the time period this book was written. However, I did skip over a few of the scenes ok more than a few because there are wayyyy too many because I was very uncomfortable. So I knew this wasn't going to be a 5 star book, but the characters progressively got worse and by the end, I couldn't care less what happened to the characters.

Nah fam. Oh, man. The problematic nature of this book. Can we please? Oct 06, Inga rated it it was ok. No No No. I don't know why this book is considered so highly by Smart Bitches Trashy Books. It is extremely outdated and even circa the Victorian era, marital rape was a no no no.

Read how much the heroine loved it. It's a witty book, that's true, but the era of raping your wife into loving you in romance literature is over for good thank heavens.

Jun 29, Sue rated it really liked it Shelves: Apr 26, Jamie rated it did not like it. The above book summary wasn't quite accurate, so I fixed it up a bit.

The newly [raped bride and her rapi The above book summary wasn't quite accurate, so I fixed it up a bit. The newly [raped bride and her rapist husband] return to England, together but not at all happy. Ah, but Desborough has a stud farm and racing stable, and Frances is [thrilled to be safe from him].

When the earl returns to his home, driven by [the need to rape], he discovers the woman he [raped] has grossly deceived him. What follows is [rape] that will have you [cringing], maybe even howling [in horror. That part I did for spite, the rest is dead on though even now it suggests a lot less rape than was actually in the book.

And the worst of it is, you're tricked into reading it because it starts out with the standard historical romance formula. Frances is drawn as the typical headstrong woman being married against her will, and Rapey is portrayed as the dutiful son who's reluctant but willing to change his wild ways to obey his father's final wishes.

Then Frances actually goes ahead and does something about her situation which is pretty clever: I won't even start on her preposterous stable hand 'disguise' later as I'm convinced the other hands knew perfectly well it was her and just kept quiet because of how hideously awkward the situation was. And then we have the part where the book becomes the most promising.

A conversation is held between Rapey and his servant that gives the reader the impression that because the other two sisters are so lovely that they'll have no trouble finding husbands, he'll marry dowdy Frances who'll help introduce her sisters to London society in turn. And that would have been a great plot! Let's do that! And that's when you start to realize this book is going downhill. Frances refuses his proposal and Rapey decides, nope, he must have heard wrong. That happens a lot in this book, particularly during the rape scenes.

Frances refuses him or tries to escape, and he decides he's totally misunderstanding her because why wouldn't she want to have sex with him. He berates her for not appreciating his kindness of using lube when he forces himself on her, and congratulates himself for this unnecessary gesture of goodwill.

Catherine coulter pdf midsummer magic

In one scene she's having a panic attack in the bathroom because she's gotten her period, which means she isn't pregnant yet so he'll continue to rape her.

This was also the part where I realized a publisher read this and thought 'romance novel'. I found one review of this book which claimed that the author was going for historical accuracy in arranged marriages. Even if this were true, shockingly enough, readers of romances don't read them for their historical accuracy. We read them for the fucking romance. The whole point is to sweep the reader away to a world where true love exists and real gentlemen abound.

How do you expect your readers to root for your hero when you've made him into a detestable scumbag? I stopped reading the book because it got me just so fucking pissed off I wanted to reach into the pages and stab Rapey. Or the author. The part where I stopped was where Rapey decides Frances's problem is that she needs help getting into the right mindset, so he 'disguises' her as a stable hand and smuggles her into the stables to watch a live cover of one of the family stallions.

That's horse sex. He forces her to watch horse sex. Worse, it's choreographed horse sex. One of the other Goodreads reviewers posted a link to a video of horses mating, but I wasn't brave enough to watch it. There are a lot of things I'd do for a review, that isn't one of them. But writing this I mustered my courage and searched YouTube. But you know what? Even if the videos are all made as a means of distributing information, there's just something about watching videos of animal husbandry that feels really creepy if you don't have a good reason for it, and a book review is really not a good reason.

The preview stills showed me all I needed to know, but I hit Wikipedia to make sure I got the gist.

Download/Read Catherine Coulter: The Magic Trilogy free pdf - spokrilora - teshimaryokan.info

Basically the mare is restrained and she and the stallion are manhandled into place by the stable hands. There is nothing sexy about this process. At all. If a live cover turns you on, you should be concerned. But apparently it turned Frances on, because from what I read in the other reviews she's all on board for sex now and sets out to seduce her rapist! Which makes sense? I skipped to the ending before this, but even just by reading the 'hunky-dory' attitude she possessed about her husband at that point I'm inclined to agree with the multiple reviewers who cried Stockholm Syndrome.

This book is right up there with 50 Shades of Sexual Abuse. There's a pseudo-mystery thing at the end that comes out of nowhere, Rapey makes all sorts of inappropriate sex comments to his servant then immediately expresses confusion as to why he would say that, which possibly warns of some kind of mental illness to the servant , sorry, he's confused why he'd make inappropriate comments to the servant , not just in general , the author seems to be confusing 'mistress' with 'prostitute', uh, what else?

The verdict? Jul 15, Laurie Hale rated it liked it. Don't let them deter you from reading the book, I'm starting on the next in the series now.

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As far as this book goes, I didn't love it, I didn't hate it. The main male character is a complete ass and there were some things that I thought could've had a bit more attention. It does have a few spots that made me giggle and several spots where a I cursed the main male character, he really is an ass.

Good book, go ahead and read it. I buy my books used from thirftbooks. Not very magical This story needs proofreading, as it has quite a few mistakes. The hero is really a jerk, and there are quite a few yukky rape scenes to endure before any romance happens.

I find it unlikely that any woman with half a brain would fall for a guy who has raped her, humiliated her, and has tried to dominate her. He makes her dress up like a boy to watch horse breeding, and it's supposed to turn her on?

Feb 09, Cheryl rated it liked it. I listened to this book on Audible when I had a long and snowy drive. It was entertaining enough, though a bit silly at times. The main male character is a bit of an oaf, but I suppose not every character is meant to be loved. Submit Search.

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