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Before you begin, please create your “Yoga Nidra Nest”- use a blanket to cover the mats, set up and rest in queens pose (or savasana) with a bolster under the. Yoga Nidra is a powerful self-development tool that is used to help heal the To Our "Essential Yoga Nidra" PDF Guide To Clarify & Jump-Start Your Practice. International Journal of Yoga Therapy — No. 23 (1) | 11 ARTICLE Defining Yoga-Nidra: Traditional Accounts, Physiological Research, and Future.

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𝗣𝗗𝗙 | The psychological crisis of this age is one of the severest challenges that human race Yoga-nidra is a state between sleep and samadhi, a half-sleep. The terms Satyananda Yoga Nidra"*, Satyananda Yoga® and Bihar Yoga® are trademarks owned by International Yoga Fellowship Movement (IYFM). The use. In this article you will find 2 yoga nidra script pdf and 5 audio recordings available for free download. At the end of the article you will find an in depth yoga nidra.

I realized that sleep was not a state o f total unconsciousness. But once you open the doors o f the d eep er m ind and you repose in yoga nidra. This energy is redirected for healing and rejuvenation o f overtaxed tissues. I was absolutely certain that I had never read or written them. Retrieve your password Please enter your username or email address to reset your password. Although it is true that someone in turiya would be Download pdf.

But they could n o t be still. I was invited to a detention camp to teach yoga. But the m an in charge begged m e to retu rn. Secret o f transform ation T h ro ug h the practice o f yoga nidra. Precisely twenty m inutes later he would em erge. I knew I could not teach them any yoga in th at state. T h e next day I p h o n e d the detention cam p to inform them that I would n o t be com ing again.

I will tell you about an experience I had with h ard en ed criminals which will m ake this m ore clear. I told them all to lie down quietly on th eir backs and get ready for the practice. T hen. T his process is n o t only m uch quicker than o th er systems which work on an external basis only.

For h alf an h ou r I only u ttered two sentences. T hey have been quiet ever since you left. In As soon as I arrived in the com pound. W ithin seconds his loud. They laughed a n d hooted. H e re are the cigarettes you gave m e. I took out the packet o f cigarettes which I had been given and said. W hen I asked them to get ready for surya namaskara. Release of tension. W hen it was my turn to speak. I am so sorry that I gave you those cigarettes. H e knows the reality. O n the seventh day there was a farewell m eeting.

What is the secret o f this transform ation? T h e second time I went to the prison. Daily reports came to inform m e that their dispositions were im proving and th ere had been fewer quarrels than ever before. And knowledge of truth only comes when you are free o f tension. T h en he also knows how to behave.

Please give them back to m e. T h e subconscious m ind is a very obedient disciple. If you know how to practise yoga nid ra. T h en the ordinary m ind and intellect will follow suit. At this m om ent. It is a Y state o f m ind in between wakefulness and dream. T h e root o f creativity. You do not have to fight with your nature. Training the Mind oga nidra m eans sleep with a trace of awareness.

When you practise yoga nidra you are opening the d eep er phases o f your m ind. This simple practice o f yoga nidra has the capacity of p enetrating into the depths of the hum an m ind.

If you practise yoga nidra. Yoga n id ra is reg a rd e d as a tantric practice because in tan tra the evolution o f m ind should become a spontaneous. You cannot remove it by h atred. R eceptivity o f m ind can be aw akened only w hen the In H indu mythology the symbol o f yoga nidra is Lord Narayana reposing on the ocean o f milk.

From his navel a lotus flower springs. Ju st as you m elt iron and then cast it into a particular m ould. Man is weak because he is depending merely on his intellect and the inform ation o f his senses.

H e is lying on a large serpent with many hoods. Yoga nidra is a practice which will help you to dive d eep into the depths o f your mind. Go down to the lower recesses o f the m ind and cut the root. For the last century. T h erefo re. If you keep following the instructions o f the person who is guiding you in yoga nidra.

Lord Narayana is in repose. T h e state o f receptivity In daily life m ost people are not very receptive. But once you open the doors o f the d eep er m ind and you repose in yoga nidra. This m eans that in yoga nidra. T his is only possible when the distractions are withdrawn and the m ind is calm and flowing on one sm ooth level. T h e illogical.

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Wait until he is completely relaxed. With the help o f yoga nidra. I then rem ained in th at village for six m onths and taught yoga nidra to the children and teachers in a school. Because I had only converted his intellect. After five years I retu rned to his village and found he was still following the same profession. T he thief also attended these sessions. For instance. H e even came to the point o f feeling that he was a sinner and I thought I had perform ed a miracle and converted him.

All the highest ideals o f life should not rem ain in the scriptures. What is the obstruction? T h ere m ust be some reason why it is so difficult to p u t our ideals into practice.

We are all intellectually convinced about good and bad. If you know a person with bad habits. After speaking with him for a long time. Intellectual conviction is one aspect o f hum an life. I finally convinced him that stealing was not the right thing to do. D uring this peak period o f receptivity he will listen to you. In spite o f the fact that you agree.

Yoga Nidra.pdf

Yoga n idra puts us in touch with our psychic personality which is responsible for all that we think and do. If I say that this is right and that is wrong.

Sankalpa is a Sanskrit word which can be translated as resolve o r resolution. It is an im portant stage o f yoga nidra and a powerful m ethod of reshaping your personality and direction in life along positive lines. This is because the ideas put into our m ind are contrary to our real nature.

Although you may suggest great and sublime things in yoga nidra. Anything in life can fail you. U nderstanding hum an nature Before applying yoga nidra for a specific purpose. W hether you want to become a painter. Everyone has his own nature by birth. This nature continues with a person throughout his life and it is responsible for all his achievements and failures. Most of us are floundering in the darkness. Sowing the seed o f change In yoga nidra.

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Adults have been indoctrinated so much that their behaviour is very rarely natural and spontaneous. At some stage in our lives. But first you must have a direction. If you know what you wish to achieve in life. Habits and religions can be changed. T h e sankalpa has to be made. O nce the seed o f sankalpa is plan ted d eep in the subconscious. This is because the resolve is either not planted deeply enough. Before and after the practice of yoga nidra there is a short period dedicated to sankalpa.

Many people m ake intellectual resolves which rarely bring results. Using the technique o f yoga nidra. In the same way.

Such a state occurs during yoga nidra. T he sankalpa takes the form of a short m ental statem ent which is impressed on the subconscious m ind when it is receptive and sensitive to autosuggestion during yoga nidra.

Sometimes we go the right way too. Sankalpa is a seed which you create and then sow in the bed of your m ind. Everyone has many desires and ambitions. It should be planted when the m ind is relaxed and ready to accept and absorb it. For success. If you first prepare the bed with fertilizer and m anure.

T h e resolve you make at the beginning of the practice is like sowing a seed. When the m ind is clear. This deep and powerful seed will If you prepare the m ind and sow the seed properly. Sankalpa is a determ ination to become som ething or to do som ething in your life. But if you utilize it only for the eradication o f bad habits such as sm oking or drinking.

A sankalpa should only be m ade when one u n d e rstan d s its real p u rp o se an d m eaning. It is better to choose a sankalpa that will change your whole personality so that you become m ore balanced. If you want to transform your life pattern. In the beginning most people do not know what sankalpa is or which sankalpa they should make. T h e seed of change is found in the resolve m ade in yoga nidra.

This resolution m ust be backed by deeply ingrained willpower in o rd er to be carried through. T h e purpose of sankalpa is not to fulfil desires. Sankalpa can create a direction for your whole life if you use it wisely. Although you can use the resolve for therapeutic purposes. Sankalpa is a powerful technique an d it should be used intelligently.

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If there is a negative tendency or habit in your life and you want to correct it. Sankalpa is a very powerful instrum ent in the hands of man. No personality is beyond reform ation. W hen sankalpa becom es the directing force. Each o f us has the power to rem ould our own m ental structure. You can even say that sankalpa is the force o f will. T he purpose o f sankalpa is to influence and transform the whole life pattern.

These archetypes. Ju st as a camera registers whatever has been p hotographed onto the negative. Even as a W hen the m ind becomes subtle during the practice o f yoga nidra. D octrine o f karma Yoga nidra is a practice which brings the d eep er layers of the psyche into conscious experience. It relax the whole system. When we practise yoga nidra. T h ere is.

In every area o f the brain. Experiences in Yoga Nidra Igiven. T he third layer o f samskaras is in the process o f maturity and fructification at the conscious level. Man is n o t only a biological substance. T he macrocosmic creator evolves the planets and the universe. Experiences such as levitation may occur while the consciousness is traversing through the subconscious m ind. T h e deepest layer in which samskaras are engraved and processed is the unconscious where they rem ain latent and unmanifest.

This is the subconscious level w here the sam skaras are in the process o f transition. When the awareness penetrates into the subconscious realm. Karm ic ex p erien ces During the practice of yoga nidra your consciousness travels through one layer o f consciousness to another. Sometimes the consciousness is not able to go deep. All these experiences.

T h en you have some sort of relaxation. T h e macrocosmic creator is known as God. T he second layer of samskaras is not so deep.

When this dissociation takes place between m ind and body. In the doctrine o f karma these three levels are known as current karma. Sometimes it goes very deep. Sometimes in yoga nidra. Yantras and m andalas are the m ost powerful way o f releasing the stored archetypes into conscious awareness.

T hese are fundam ental g eo m etrical a rra n g e m e n ts. T hese are the archetypes which em erge from the psychic realm during yoga nidra. Mandalas are com posed of yantras.

Nidra pdf yoga

All th e p e rm u ta tio n s a n d combinations of a line. Sometimes experiences o f a past life arise directly.

Yoga Nidra Script – The Best Guide and Resource

E xtrasensory ex p e r ie n c e s Behind the senses a n d the m ind which we know. D uring yoga n id ra. According to m odern psychology. This is why the subconscious memory can be such a vast and efficient storehouse o f o u r past. T h e whole process of knowledge takes place through these archetypes which form o ur in n er p rog ram m in g.

T his is how the process o f yoga nidra eliminates the whole store of karmas and purifies the d eep er levels of the mind. A single image or p icture can convey an experience which w ords cannot adequately express. T h ese in n u m e rab le archetypes are locked inside our being. T h e n we can manifest the latent faculties o f the suprasonic cerebral circuits. T h e symbols used in yoga n id ra a re actually m andalas o r pictorial conceptions. H an d lin g the ex p erien ce In my opinion. In India there have been many great yogis who lived like madman.

T his is called sensorial experience. Far this. I consider m adness a spiritual experience which m an has not been able to handle. For example. T h e possibility of this experience is i n h e r i t in every hu m an being. T h e extrasensorial centres in the brain are known as suprasonic circuits. Even a blind m an can see. W hat is die difference between a yogi and a m adm an? In this brain there are centres o f extrasensorial perception which sometimes explode in yoga nidra o r in meditation.

If there is no flower. We can all see external objects. At flat time. T h e m ind is som ething like a m otor car. In yoga nidra the im portant thing is simply to expose yourself to the instructions of the teacher. Even if you are agonized mentally.

But if you are a good driver you know how to manage. If you try to concentrate in yoga nidra you will obstruct the natural flow o f awareness which takes the m ind deeper into the Self. T hen whatever is being spoken is im printed on it. It is very natural for the practitioner o f yoga nidra to miss some o f the instructions because in the practice. Even if your m ind is full o f anxiety and worry. If you are disturbed.

Just keep your m ind moving from point to point and be aware o f every experience. If you are not able to lie down because of some sort o f excitement.

Yoga nidra is not concentration T herefore. Although this practice is presently only intended to offer relaxation. Even if you are dream ing o f som ething else. So w hether you are practising yoga nidra with a teacher. D harana concentration 7. Asanas postures. Samadhi transcendental consciousness T h e first four stages are preparatory or external stages. T hese stages are perform ed essentially by the conscious m ind. Yamas social code 2. Niyamas personal code 3. T h e last four stages are higher or external stages.

Patanjali divided the path o f raja yoga into eight stages. Dhyana meditation 8. Pranayama control o f prana. T h e classic exposition of raja yoga is found in Yoga Sutras. Process o f Pratyahara Ithenrajathe yogic system. Stages o f raja yoga 1. Pratyahara withdrawal of the senses 6.

T h e science o f yoga nidra is based on the receptivity of consciousness. These higher stages involve the subconscious m ind. During concentration you know you are concentrating. W hen th e consciousness is o perating th ro u gh only one sensory channel e.

T he rest o f the terminals are disengaged and their connections in the cerebral cortex are dissociated so that no m essage gets th ro u g h to the m otor organs. In advanced stages. A w areness is progressively withdrawn from the external world. W hen consciousness is operating with the intellect and all the senses.

W ithdraw ing the m in d Yoga n id ra belongs to the higher stages o f raja yoga. When the senses are disconnected for some time in yoga nidra. For m ore inform ation on this topic refer to Four Chapters on Freedom. T h is profound state is such that even the sense of self- awareness is com pletely consumed. In o rd e r to prevent the consciousness from becom ing completely withdrawn.

In the practice o f yoga nidra. In response to these waves. Scientifically it has been found that when you practise yoga nidra. D uring yoga nidra the consciousness is suspended for a few m om ents periodically. Sometimes it is very close to the senses and at o th ers. When you fix your awareness on the parts of the body. W hen the consciousness is at a rem ote distance. W hen pratyahara becom es deep and powerful.

When the m ind dissociates itself from all the sensory channels. This is how involuntary control is established an d awareness is m aintained.

T hese gradually stim ulate and awaken the h ig h er cerebral a n d psychic faculties o f the brain. He recorded that standing resonant waves are set up in the circulatory system in deep m editation. Unless the involuntary systems of the brain have been trained.

T h e late Dr Itzak Bentov developed a sound scientific m odel of this process. T hen the cerebral fluid which flows around the brain underneath the skull is charged with a high level of energy. O n the b orderline During the practice of yoga nidra the consciousness is at different levels.

In yoga nidra we train the m ind by taking it through a series of practices which bring about the desired state o f awareness. T h e state o f m ind achieved in yoga nidra is far beyond hypnosis. This is the aim o f yoga nidra. In yoga nidra there should be no psychic experiences. A lthough they may start from the same point o f relaxation an d receptivity. At this point one begins to have psychic experiences. But the truth is that these two are totally different sciences.

You are neither on the psychic plane n o r the conscious plane. T h e quantum o f consciousness is n o t the same as when you are thinking.

W hen you begin to develop psychic awareness. W hen you e n te r the deep state o f pratyahara. T h e consciousness can go as far as you can lead it. This is the fundam ental difference between light and deep pratyahara. In the state o f yoga nidra you are always on the borderline. Y oga nidra and h y p n osis B ecause yoga n id ra b rin g s a b o u t a state o f sensory withdrawal. This is a very beautiful state which scientists call the hypnagogic o r hypnopom pic state.

You are relaxed. T h e p attern o f awareness in the m ind should be constant and unbroken. T h e energy your brain is receiving now is through ida and pingala. It receives a higher quality o f stimuli and develops a different type o f awareness than what we are experiencing now. T his is a very tamasic condition. According to yoga there are three im portant nadis or energy channels in this physical body known as ida.

But if. T h at is hypnosis. T h e fundam ental d ifferen ce Scientifically speaking. If you close off ida and pingala by means o f pratyahara. T h e consciousness is confined to a small area and the capacities are limited. In o th e r scientific terminology they are referred to as the sympathetic.

It is a m om entary happening. You are not conscious on the sensory level. D uring yoga nidra the brain is completely awake. Ida conveys the m ental force. A process o f automatic thinking is going on. T he subject asks the therapist. This often results in obsession. You are responsible for yourself and I am responsible for myself. This is the attitude which yoga nidra develops.

T h at is the fundam ental difference between the states o f awareness achieved through hypnosis and yoga nidra. But in yoga nidra.

He gives the technique. T h e practitioner consciously cultivates his own in n er faculties and allows the intuitive inner knowledge to blossom forth. T h e sex drive. During yoga nidra. I am not responsible for you. O ne follow s the instructions not the instructor Yoga nidra does not d ep en d on suggestion and persuasion. T h e instructions are given directly and the only suggestion is contained in the resolve. In hypnosis. T he instructor is only a guide.

If you ask the yoga nidra instructor the same question he will tell you.

In yoga nidra one learns to induce his own state o f relaxation by following the spoken instructions. A type o f brainw ashing O f course.

Pdf yoga nidra

If you call yoga nidra brainwashing. In the receptive state created by yoga nidra we are able to correct the negative patterns already existing in the brain. You can only do it in samadhi perhaps. Doctors have tried all m ethods to treat her but have failed. How to stop it? For those who are not. If you are able to resolve her fears by injecting one simple idea into her m ind. This is the best way.

In yoga we are taught to follow the path o f knowledge. Take a girl suffering from a fear psychosis. After all. What are televisions. It is really very good if the brain is washed with som ething clean. Using stimulating electrodes to probe the brains surface.

T h e brain is the physical m ediator o f consciousness. Yoga Nidra and the Brain o d e m neurophysiologists have been able to dem on- M. T h e practitioner o f yoga nidra begins at the o th er e n d o f the nerve pathway by heightening the awareness o f the body in o rd e r to stim ulate the brain. R elaxin g the m ind by relaxin g the body T his is where we m ake the connection between the latest neurosurgery and the m editation technique o f yoga nidra.

T h e progressive m ovem ent o f awareness through the parts o f the body not only induces physical relaxation. If you have ever practised this technique. T h e neurosurgeon affects the body by stim ulating the brain. By physical standards. In this way. T his flow is accom panied by a subjective Once this sequence is established it should not be altered. At the same time we make a total run through the brain surface.

H e exists as a neuronal abstraction o f the physical body. Now we can begin to understand why the precise o rd er o f rotation o f consciousness throughout the body parts is so im portant in the practice o f yoga nidra.. T hese areas are almost as large as the space allotted to the entire rem ainder o f the body from the wrists to the toes.

Neck 8. T runk Jaw 5. The i age before and after yoga nidra session were merged, and then 4 images were deducted from the first 2 merged images. The first map from the four corresponds to the experience with feeling of different part of the body, the second map shows the experience of happiness and satisfaction, the third image shows the experience of walking in a village in a sunny day and the fourth picture shows the experience during the meditation on the uestio Who a I?

The Results The data that was taken by EEG demonstrated that the state of subjects in the deep relaxation state is like a dream state during the whole time of yoga nidra process. Furthermore, this state was evenly allocated on all brain zones during 45 minutes of deep relaxation practice. The research took an hour and a half for each subject.

During this period of time the subject was lying motionless in the constant posture that was identical for all participants of the experiment. The state before Yoga Nidra was compared with state during Yoga Nidra, and received data showed significant differences between these states.

The data from PET Scanning showed the people were not in sleeping or dreaming or other unconsciousness state and had fully conscious awareness. The brain images during this experiment demonstrated gradually engaging of different brain areas depend on type of yoga nidra session, where it was possible to activate some areas and where it was actually impossible.

Some similarity between maps of all 7 yoga teachers participated in experiment was revealed. Concentration Without Efforts It could sound paradoxical, but most people who participated in the experiment entered the meditative state almost without efforts. Conclusion The research showed that everyone can achieve the state of complete awareness in different deep states and spontaneously control his or her brain activity.

This proves that meditation is an active state like dreaming, deep sleep and wakefulness. Rest The picture was generated on the basis of the state just before yoga nidra.

This state is equal to the normal wakefulness state without stress and tiredness factors. The images shows the activity of the brain stem and the cerebellum, which means readiness for an action. Also the image shows the activity of the frontal part of the brain. This part is the responsible for our social activity and for the connection between deep emotion and intuitive areas. Meditation The picture shows the brain state during the Yoga Nidra session.

The visual centre, which is located on the back side of the head, and the somatosensory centre situated on the top of the head, have a connection with the limbic system, which means that visualization skills are increased and, which is more important, that there is a with the emotional centre. Some teachers achieved the very clear state of mind and memory during and after the yoga nidra session. The most active centers are speech and language centers.

The main point is the striking contrast between the activity of these centers and all background brain activity. Concrete The vision and tactile centers were active and engaging in the moment when subjects moved their attention from one part of their bodies to another, especially on the face because the face occupies the greatest part of the homunculus. The same was with the experience of happy and pleasure day in a village.

On the photos 1,2 and 4 active areas are highlighted, and it implies that interaction takes place at all highlighted areas including the deep structure of the brain, not only a surface. Enhance Focus. Effortlessly achieve the laser-like focus of deep meditators. In this heightened state of mind, you become more efficient and can accomplish more, in less time. Sleep Better. With Yoga Nidra, you can experience refreshing , rejuvenating deep sleep.

Scientific studies confirm that guided meditation has a powerful impact on every aspect of a person, from lowering blood pressure , to strengthening the immune system. Unleash Your Creativity. Amplify your ability to tap into Inspiration. By connecting your conscious and subconscious mind , Yoga Nidra will help you unlock new ideas easier than ever before. Ready to Try Yoga Nidra?! Ready to Go Even Deeper?! Try to imagine the kind of impact this would have on your life?

Or Discover Each Unique Practice…. What People Are Saying…. Discover A World of Transformation. Who is Yoga Nidra good for and what conditions does it treat? Its therapeutic qualities make it an exceptionally powerful technique for many people who suffer from the following health concerns: Does Yoga Nidra help cure sleep disorders?! Download the Yoga Nidra Collection. Together we can make a huge difference!! Share This Page. Do you want massive traffic? Dignissim enim porta aliquam nisi pellentesque.

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Pdf yoga nidra

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