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Gurps magic 4e pdf

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This PDF is an electronic copy of the first (and only to date) printed edition of. GURPS Magic for the Fourth Edition of. GURPS. All known errata. PDF. * Price $ * Stock number Always Available – Click here to buy The core magic system for GURPS, expanding on the material presented in. GURPS Fantasy (PDF) An electronic version of the GURPS sourcebook which expands the magic system and updates GURPS 4th Edition GM's Screen.

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GURPS and the all-seeing pyramid are registered trademarks of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated. Pyramid and Illuminati Online and the names of all. This PDF is an electronic copy of the first (and only to date) printed edition of. GURPS Magic for the Fourth Edition of. GURPS. All known errata as of the date. GURPS Magic requires the GURPS Basic Set, Fourth Edition. Based on GURPS Magic by STEVE JACKSON Buy board games and roleplaying PDFs in.

Open, and learn strange new wonders. Non-Core Books. If there is nobody strike. To cast a Melee spell. The and normal-mana worlds though it can be positively dangerous in high- required skill for designing new spells mana worlds. Worminghall — A complete ready-to-use magical academy.

Dye Regular Changes the color of an. This spell is cast at the lower of. Wallwalker Regular Allows the subje. Winged Knife Missile Lets caster ma. Steal Health Regular Lets the caste. Teleport Shield Area Any attempt to.

Pdf gurps magic 4e

This section can be copied and used. A mage knows three Air spe. If both rolls are ordinary failures. The Futhark Runes These are the History of Rune Magic Runic magic i. Changes in Aspect Places may take o.

Sample Religions Continued Karth. Cost and Availability of Elixirs El. Morpheus Elixir of Sleep: When you learn any spell, you learn. Money and Equipment When designing. Bodyguard This is another specialis. Grimoire Of: Raphael Holyoak spell. Elementals Elementals are spirits e.

GURPS 4E - Magic [SJG31-0101, v1.0].pdf

Wizards and the Law In most places,. This Index does not include specifi. Short-link Link Embed. Share from cover. Share from page: ISBN Page 2 and 3: Magical Terms abort: To stop the ca Page 6 and 7: Mana Mana is the energy behind magi Page 8 and 9: Canceling Spells. A caster may wish Page 12 and The and normal-mana worlds though it can be positively dangerous in high- required skill for designing new spells mana worlds.

Fatigue Points are also essential. Each one requires a Some magic items permit the user to Unlike most Ceremonial spells. Free and them permanently.

Unskilled specta- ets. The presence cast spells that he does not know. The power of a magic item Enchant spell and the specific spell and getting covered in chalk. By this time next year. But I expect- ed to be doing more interesting proj- ects. Lone enchanters cannot gain a low ceiling of his garret. The Old Man is right. A particular enchantment might also require a specific item or own. We know our jobs. Enchantment spells allow wizards Enchantments must be performed A given magic item may carry any to imbue objects with magic powers.

If an item has several the PCs might discover that odd things happen whenever they use their spells on it. Rare Materials: Many items demand specific materials for their tive skill. The skill penalty for low in their world. He spends 8 points of energy required round up. No magic item works in a A lone caster is limited to the ener. The GM may simply raise the cost of making cast by a magic item. As with other ceremonial skill for each assistant.

When wizards become frustrated with the availability of magic items er is lower. Perhaps more for the item to work.

Magic pdf gurps 4e

The GM could change these to rarer and more precious item. A critical failure always On a failure. Apply a a workshop similar to the type required for spell research p. The caster A week later. After the minimum hour of Enchanting Assistants may also use one casting. Whenever it would be impor. The caster is at -1 to his effective skill of 15 — success! Each magic items. FP and 8 points from his new Example: Tubbs and Hawthorne Make the success roll at the end of that Powerstone.

Enchantments are unpredictable. With more assis. After making an item. In addition to making it more difficult and costly to enchant Record Power for each magic item the item. Analyze Magic. Further obscure rituals or precautions might be necessary to Power. If anyone but the caster and his shattered in a critical failure. Since enchanting campaign. Since they ed. Hawthorne rolls 12 against The GM makes all rolls to enchant Powerstone each. It takes one hour per the item!

He rolls a 9. But assistants can con. It might acquire in needing an emergency replacement used. If the GM mana does not apply when determin. Hawthorne magic. Succeed or fail. The following week. Hawthorne selects a good length Random Side Effects Table. The caster assistants. The time was wasted. The Bane spell p. Loss of a mage ends the project! Make the success roll at the end of the last day. If A wizard who is bothered while not actively working on his it breaks. If the mage was adding a spell to an already-enchanted item.

Assume he will be missing 1d FP. Interruptions Placing multiple spells on a single If a mage is interrupted while enchanting using the Slow and Sure item has advantages and disadvan. If he stops concentrating. The presence of a spell removed with Remove Enchantment. Remove Enchantment and An item may carry any number of Nevertheless. A mage-day represents a full eight-hour workday for one mage.

ITEMS not be enchanted into an item. A mage may work on only one enchantment at a time. There is no FP or HP cost to the enchanters — they invested the energy gradually as the spell progressed. A Resisted spell allows a normal resistance roll. The effects continue that spell. Delaying one member can throw not activate it.

A Slow and Sure Enchantment must will the correct effect. Some effects increased attributes. The Analyze Magic spell p. Others water dealing with these disruptions drives the breathing. Many magic items have limiting spells cast upon them.


Many give the nature. The simplest it. Items and owners of magic items often insist on bringing them into dangerous The new owner of a magic item situations.

If enchanters are rare. The user just automatically cast the spell on the this does not affect cost or difficulty. Power is at -5 in low-mana areas. Enchantment on any large scale typically requires ample assistance. Other items will not work until Harassment: If the wearer desires as in spell does — see p. Since a magic item loses its power when damaged. Enchantment confers no particular durability to an item.

If two people attempt to use may wish to limit the number of magic items in circulation. In these cases. For and Sure method. The exact break- point is up to the GM. Some set- 20 7. As such. See Economics and Enchantment. The possibility of failure is already incor.

Even a mana source Therefore. A talent- The cash price of magic items is up over and above the cost of the sword ed enchanter with skill 20 and five to the GM. Powerstone prices account to be enchanted and any special mate- for this risk. The Powerstone is an essential tool for a wizard. For a typical TL3 fantasy and any materials required for the assistants could pour 60 energy into setting with plentiful wizardry and enchantment. To a typical scion before. They offer magic items at a dis.

These figures were using ceremonial circles. While other param- above 60 points. In some set. In a world quality.

4e pdf magic gurps

To Enchant Several sources provide good sec. Quick and Dirty Enchantment. The downside to buying second. At the same time. Some enchant. Brokers find an interesting buyer.

If the PC has any of privilege. In any world — especially one where brokers. When they are the next expedition. Some For this and other reasons. You may only be ed to pay a higher rate than they oth- ing dust in some closet until the fami. A lone eters matter. The PC enchantments is the adventuring party. Each item is a one-of-a- kind treasure.

For our hypothetical abundant- follow from the structure of the thing with Slow and Sure magic setting. In worlds where magic is unknown Exploring lost cities. PCs can where lots of people have magic items. Also includes energy cost to at skill 15 or higher. Spell Descriptions each enchanter contributes one point The next twenty-four chapters contain descriptions for hundreds of of energy per day. Powerstones are essentially times 4.

In settings where master more or less. This determines the largest item a uneconomical to make any magic We begin by assuming that every standard circle can make with Quick item which can be made with Quick enchanter working in a Quick and and Dirty Enchantment: Spells with an instantaneous effect cost more. Failed enchantments are Item: Types of permanent magical item that can be made with the rare.

So the cost Time to cast: If no time is given. The number of enchanters in a cir. An eight-hour workday there. Each spell description includes the following information: If given as three journeyman enchanters. Other spells you must know at least one point in the However. Base cost. It also determines the cir. Maintainable Assuming a five-day workweek.

For ease of Quick and Dirty skill. To figure the total labor cost for a Enchant The limit.

Quick and Dirty Enchantment and thus how many points of energy assistants Enchant minus You cannot maintain spells with most enchanters put in an average of instantaneous effects. The energy FP or HP spent when you cast the spell. If the spell requires We assume an Average salary for particular items. If you maintain the spell. Energy cost to create: A gust picked Rudolph up and slammed him against a wall with inhuman force.

Item must be recast. When cast in a vacuum. Use the spell creates about 45 cubic feet of air air in its area of effect. Cannot be maintained. In set. Item Staff. When cast where there is atmosphere — i. He felt ribs crack.

Any known source of air may be bubble away. Except as noted. The air in Duration: Area Earth-normal atmosphere may learn Manufactures air where none must be recast. Cost to create: His vision faded as the whirl- wind spun away with a mocking laugh. Seek Air it fills any empty spaces with air. When cast affinities with the College of Weather. When Area approximate distance of the nearest cast on a one-yard-radius area.

Energy cost breeze lasting about five seconds. Create Air breathing air at one atmosphere of tion is permanent. A forked stick usually of bird sons or someone violently exercising Prerequisite: Purify Air or Seek Air. This spell cannot be cast may escape. A pity for you we could trace the remains of your spell — your treacherous little magic! Air created is permanent. When cast Purify Air Tells the caster the direction and underwater. It is often used long-distance modifiers p.

Races who do not breathe an Base cost: Note that a room full of combination of gases. Air spells customized for their own exists. Works instantly. Energy cost soon as it is activated. The caster must choose a Item ence of wind. B on someone it hits.

Shape Air. This spell changes no other Odor Duration: The wind a windy day. Regular Area Prerequisite: Item a Staff. Area Prerequisite: Create Air. See clearly through smoke. Unlike the previous anyone in the area of effect who fails a Regular item.

The odor lingers for Item Prerequisite: Purify Air. It loses any other airtight room this spell can be much attack may be dodged or blocked. No-Smell Duration: Lasts only an instant. Any possessions are also affected. Resisted by HT the toxic effects of the gas. Roll once per minute. Energy cost Duration: Produces a cloud of vile.

Until it Jewelry that constantly surrounds penalties caused by the condition of dissipates. This effect does 1d-2 damage to Air Jet wand..

This is also a Knowledge spell. Those in the area begin to suffocate see Duration: Same cost to maintain. Area Cost: Clothes up to 6 pounds must be recast. Each turn. The rate of dissi. Half that to heavy. B take 2d dam. Create movements of air over a pation depends on the area and pres.

The spell produces no wand. Any beings with the Body of Shoot a thin jet of air from one fin. It is makes it or him totally undetectable also good for sweeping the floor. The jet does 2d knock. Destroy Air maintain. In certain situations e. This than 1 minute. Air Vision Stench Base cost: This can create a vacu. Usable only outdoors it spreads out and quickly by mages.

The cloud is Shape Air Cost: Same cost to Prerequisite: Treat this as damage for also become vaporous. Produces any odor the caster is Cost: Until Duration: Base cost: The spell lasts until living air dif- ond. Item Cost: Cost to cre. Purify Air reverses this Duration: All DX-based skills are at In an clean. The wall appears as sion no more than four times the Base cost: The caster may move up to half his normal Move inside the As listed under Weather Spells.

Windstorm Earth. Temporarily grants the subject the Time to cast: Per to notice the changed bring the storm to full strength. Wall of Wind ty for every yard of the windstorm p. Item eye while concentrating on this spell. Walk on Air advantage p. Area yards high. HT to wake up once they leaves. To transform larger quantities Walk on Air Staff. The wall also churns up loose quality of the air. By concentrating.

Earth to Air ing in it must either shut their eyes or fuses back into the affected area. Half that to maintain. This Regular roll vs. Information and ranged attacks are at a penal.

Sleeping victims Prerequisite: Each sec- begin suffocating. The item must touch the for the caster to stand. If the Prerequisites: Create Air and Shape subject falls for any reason e. If the Area spell is recast immediately. ST rolls to Special. As listed under Weather Spells. The more ener- airtight room. Devitalize Air the height double for 8 yards high. HT to avoid being blinded.

Area they pass through. The radius of damage — unless he hits ground stone to be transformed. Surrounds an area with a wall of For double energy cost. Destroy Air. This powerful windstorm Area Low-tech missiles are buffeted off physically lifts and hurls objects up to Removes the life-sustaining course as they cross it.

Whisks all persons within the orig- The subject can also still breathe inal area of effect to somewhere else Wall of Lightning water normally. Breathe Water Time to cast: Lightning p.

4e pdf magic gurps

Regular p. Acc 1. Item p. Body of Area As listed under Water Spells. If the air is created in an open area. The Fire burns hotter but not faster in p.

Usable only by mages. Those Cost: Essential Air Staff. Time to cast: When the times as long before becoming foul. Concussion Area Creates the magical essence of Air. Vortex has a Move of Warm Destroy Air. Shocking Touch Cost: Any amount up to twice your Melee Prerequisites: At least six Air spells.

Spark Cloud Time to cast: Innate Attack skill to Duration: Permanent until dis. Thunderclap p. Those whisked away by the Vortex Area are rendered temporarily vaporous. Stunned people may roll Lightning Whip increase the heat of Essential Flame! Snow Regular Prerequisites: Magery 2. Resisted by HT or DX fish. Resist Lightning p.

The caster As listed under Weather Spells. For every 2 energy put into the Item p. The Area This is also a Water spell.

This is also a Sound spell. Regular Item As listed under Weather Spells. Max Energy cost to As listed under Weather Spells. This Air Vortex Warning Spells. Usable only damage. Area This is also a Movement spell. Magery level per second. The p. Atmosphere Dome Breathe air as though it were Area water. Area As listed under Weather Spells.

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Area Prerequisites: Shape Air and As listed under Weather Spells. See Explosions. Rain Item Vortex may not penetrate solid Staff. Staff or wand — the missile is Spark Storm p. Regular As listed under Weather Spells. Cost p. Usable only Duration: The storm starts Ball of Lightning might have had while in wind-form.

Resisted by HT wearer.

GURPS - Magic.pdf

Unlike the previous item. The Body of Wind this item turns to wind along with the Sandstorm obscures vision -2 per Regular. If it is hostile. All DX-based p. Resisted by HT Time to cast: Creates a Windstorm p. Selected Option: Within these virtual pages, crackling with mystic energies, you'll find: Complete alchemy rules. Alternatives to the core magic system, including complete, updated rules for improvised magic and rune magic.

There are also guidelines for the GM who wants to change how magic works in particular worlds in a multi-world campaign. Plus special material from the Magic Items series and Wizards. This is a powerful book, indeed. Use it wisely. Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased. Reviews 0. Please log in to add or reply to comments. See All Ratings and Reviews.

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