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We're offering this calendar in printed form from Ookoodook and digital PDF form The Order of the Stick: Good Deeds Gone Unpunished is a collection of five. This Digital Edition PDF is the first time this material has been presented in of everyone's favorite band of stick figure adventures, the Order of the Stick, first. A place for anything and everything related to [Order of the Stick (OOTS)](http:// teshimaryokan.info). Speculate on what.

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Order of the Stick (also known as WORDSWORDSWORDS), written and drawn by Rich Burlew, is by far one of the most popular /tg/-related. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Documents Similar To The Order of the Stick - Start of Darkness. OOTS - Order of the Sticks. All rights reserved. THE ORDER OF THE STICK, OOTS, BELKAR BITTERLEAF,. GIANT IN THE PLAYGROUND, as well as all characters featured in this work.

It helps that Burlew has never revealed what anyone's level is, specifically so he can fudge the rules. Is Windows Phone even a thing anymore? But the series will be continuing, because the response from all of you has been really positive so far and there are just too many monsters left to draw, not to mention whole character classes I haven't touched. The best part is what happens if we go over that goal, though. All of their builds are purposely terrible on Burlew's part to both A make the fight scenes last longer than two panels, and to B emphasize reliance on clever tactics and teamwork to win.

Roy reluctantly agrees once he learns that Xykon has survived and is recruiting a massive army of hobgoblins to seize the remaining gates.

Order of the Stick

As payment for their future aid, each member of the Order receives a boon, one of which is the repair of Roy's sword. The Order makes a brief diversion to Cliffport to confront the Linear Guild. After Nale frames Elan for the Linear Guild's crimes, Elan escapes from prison and reunites with Haley with the help of a dashing swordsman named Julio Scoundrel. Haley recovers her speech and confesses her love for Elan, who reciprocates. Miko, who does not know about the plan to find the gates but does know about Xykon's army, overhears the conversation and jumps to the conclusion that both are in league with Xykon.

She strikes her master down, and is immediately stripped of her paladin status by her gods and imprisoned. Xykon's hobgoblins attack the city the next day. The Order helps Shojo's heir, Hinjo, hold the city walls.

Xykon attempts to circumvent the defenders, but Roy leaps up to the zombified dragon that Xykon is riding, and the two duel once more. Xykon overpowers Roy and sends him falling to his death. Xykon and Redcloak attempt to activate the gate hidden within the castle's throne room, but Miko, having escaped from prison, destroys the gate in an attempt to protect it. In the ensuing explosion, Miko is killed, and Xykon and Redcloak escape.

The city falls to the hobgoblins. Haley and Belkar become separated from the party when they go to recover Roy's corpse, while the others sail away with Hinjo and the surviving Azurites. Roy finds himself in the Afterlife with his father, who cannot rest until Xykon is gone. Roy is found worthy of entrance to paradise, but he returns to his father's side when he learns that almost four months have passed. Looking down, he sees that Haley and Belkar have formed an underground resistance movement in hobgoblin-occupied Azure City.

Haley accidentally summons Celia, who convinces her to look for the other half of the party.

Their travels take them to Greysky City, where Haley is betrayed by one of her old friends in the Thieves' Guild, but the Order triumphs over the Guild in the ensuing battle. Meanwhile, Elan, Durkon, and Vaarsuvius stop the nobleman Kubota's plot to assassinate Hinjo, and Vaarsuvius kills Kubota after capturing him. Vaarsuvius then flies to an isolated island to search for Haley, where Vaarsuvius is attacked and defeated by the mother of the black dragon whom Vaarsuvius had killed during No Cure for the Paladin Blues.

After the dragon threatens to kill Vaarsuvius' children, Vaarsuvius contracts with fiends to rent out the souls of three evil spellcasters. Vaarsuvius then kills the black dragon and her entire lineage by "renting" an epic Familicide spell. Loath to waste this increased arcane power, Vaarsuvius teleports to Azure City to defeat Xykon, but is knocked out, during the battle, and loses control of the souls.

Witnessing this, the paladin O-Chul escapes from prison and attempts to destroy Xykon's phylactery, but it falls into a storm drain and is lost. Vaarsuvius and O-Chul are teleported to Hinjo's fleet by Xykon's monster in the darkness, which O-Chul had befriended during his imprisonment. There, the Order regroups and Durkon resurrects Roy. The story arc ends with the Order sailing towards the next gate and Vaarsuvius apologizing to the neglected familiar Blackwing, who tells Vaarsuvius that it saw what appeared to be another world in the rift in space caused by the Snarl.

The printed book contains strips —, plus extras.

What's Going On Here?

Their search for Girard's Gate takes them to the Empire of Blood, where Tarquin, the Empress's chief general and the true power behind the throne , dramatically reveals himself to be Elan's father. However, Tarquin and the Linear Guild join forces and plot to seize the gate for themselves. Meanwhile, in Azure City, Redcloak's troops recover Xykon's phylactery and destroy the resistance's base.

Redcloak, who is plotting against Xykon, gives him a fake phylactery and keeps the real one for himself. The Linear Guild arrives shortly after in hot pursuit. Belkar, Durkon, and Tarquin become separated from their respective groups in the ensuing battle. Belkar and Durkon encounter Tarquin's cleric Malack, who kills Durkon, turning him into a vampire thrall.

Belkar reunites with the Order and they continue deeper into the pyramid, overcoming various traps and illusions along the way. When they discover the gate, Roy decides to destroy it, and consequently the entire pyramid, rather than risk it falling into the hands of Evil.

Again the Order sees what appears to be another world in the rift. Tarquin kills Nale for disobedience upon returning and sends a vast army to attack the Order. Tarquin is left in the middle of the desert as the Order flies away on Julio's airship towards the last Gate. The final strip reveals that the Northern Death God, Hel, has placed a spirit in the vampirized body of Durkon, and plans for the spirit to bring ruin to the Dwarven lands as Durkon helplessly struggles trapped in his own body.

Julio's airship gets damaged in a storm, and the Order stop in the steampunk -inspired gnome town of Tinkertown to repair it. Haley deals with her old enemies, while Roy and Durkon search for a cleric who can cure Durkon's vampirism.

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They encounter Veldrina and Wrecan, [32] who are traveling to the Godsmoot, an interfaith council of clerics. The Order flies the pair to the Godsmoot with the goal of restoring Durkon to life. At the Godsmoot, they discover that due to the threat of the Snarl, the gods are casting votes conveyed through their mortal representatives on whether to destroy the world and start over.

Durkon, revealed to be the High Priest of Hel, votes in favor of the destruction, causing a tie. With the swing votes of demigod priests potentially dooming the world, Roy tries to eliminate the High Priest of Hel to negate the vote. They fight to a stand still and the demigod priests vote and also cause a tie — with the priest of Dvalin needing to consult with the Dwarven Council before he can cast a vote. It is then revealed that Durkon has killed and vampirized all the members of the Creed of Stone, who walk into the room.

Durkon abdicates his position as High Priest and hands it over to one of the newly formed vampires as he and a few other vampires teleport to the dwarven lands to dominate the dwarven council so they will vote in Hel's favor. Roy regroups with his team and they fly to a dwarven city named Firmament. After defeating a tribe of giants, the Order gets to the city, where they gain allies among them Hilgya Firehelm, accompanied by her and Durkon's infant son and fight newly vampirised dwarves.

The Order takes the fight to the High Priest and his vampire minions, but, although they initially prevail, the vampires manage to hypnotize most of the Order, breaking their plans and leaving all of them unconscious.

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However, in the meantime Durkon who, throughout the book, has been forced to show the High Priest his memories tricks the High Priest into absorbing the rest of his memories all at once, effectively turning him into a copy of Durkon, for a time long enough to get their body destroyed by Belkar.

Durkon's soul ascends to the afterlife, where he encounters Thor, who reveals information about the nature and history of the Snarl, the Gods and their creations. According to an introductory strip included in Dungeon Crawlin' Fools , the world operates under three sets of laws: Physics, Magic, and Gaming specifically, paper-and-pencil roleplaying games.

The characters make references to real-life individuals Michael Jackson [n 21] or Jessica Biel [n 22] , fictional characters from other sources Green Lantern and Firestorm , [n 23] or pop culture in general.

Sometimes, fictional characters or explicit "third-rate knock-offs" thereof from other fantasy works cross paths with the main characters, such as the halfling " Frudu Biggins ".

Three main areas of the world's geography have been mentioned: Other characters, such as the lawyer Phil Rodriguez, show a third light brown skin color. Most of the seen Southern Lands seem to be mountainous, rocky and barren, though what seems to be a more tropical forested nation and a colder region have briefly been seen.

The people of the Southern Lands are significantly different ethnically and culturally, with nations roughly analogous to real-world Asian cultures such as China and India, the most prominent of which was Azure City, which greatly resembled feudal Japan though a few Chinese elements were present. Four separate areas in the South besides Azure city are briefly shown. The Western Continent is split into an Elven forest in the north and an expansive desert in the south, separated from each other by the Goaway Mountains.

Due to the continent's fragile political state, a large number of nations cluster around the edges of the desert. The Western Continent includes Vaarsuvius's homeland, and is close to an island with abandoned Elven ruins, where the Azurite fleet landed. There are three primary polytheistic pantheons worshiped by humans, all based on real-life mythology: Dwarves worship the Northern Pantheon. Lizardfolk worship the Western Pantheon.

Elves have their own gods separate from the main pantheons. There once was a fourth primary pantheon, the Eastern Pantheon, based on the Greek pantheon led by Zeus. These deities were killed by the Snarl and so had no role in the re-creation of the world; only people who are privy to the story of the Snarl have ever even heard of them.

The Order of the Stick - Start of Darkness

Each pantheon has a deific color: The afterlife in the OOTS world resembles the Great Wheel cosmology, with separate planes for the departed of each alignment.

The Lawful Good afterlife plane has been portrayed in the comic as a mountain with seven plateaus loosely based on Mount Celestia , and the side of the mountain the deceased enter from in depends on their religion.

The first plateau is dedicated to satisfying physical desires, such as for sex and food, while higher levels offer spiritual satisfaction. Much of the humor of The Order of the Stick is based on roleplaying games particularly the Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition ruleset , with characters freely discussing game mechanics , such as experience points, skill sets, and random encounters. Burlew occasionally creates characters and situations specifically to highlight what he considers common problems and deficits among roleplayers.

The controversial paladin Miko Miyazaki is one such character; Burlew has said that she represents the division among players of the game over whether or not one character should be allowed to "police" the remainder of an adventuring party. In the commentary for No Cure for the Paladin Blues , Burlew likens this story to the squabbles that might arise in a group of roleplayers, which threaten to destroy the fun that they have created together.

The comic occasionally directly comments on current events in the roleplaying game industry by the inclusion of characters that represent the participants. In the last three comics to appear in Dragon , the OOTS members encounter a green dragon that serves as a self-identified allegorical figure for the magazine itself.

Potato Head the signature toy of Wizards of the Coast's corporate parent, Hasbro. Due to its reflection of the comical excesses of gaming culture, [49] The Order of the Stick has been hailed as "must reading" for those who play roleplaying games [34] and "the roleplaying comic to beat".

The comic's stick figure art has received mixed reviews. Some critics praise its "surprisingly expressive art", [53] with PvP cartoonist Scott Kurtz adding that the comic would not be as funny or have as much heart if the characters were drawn in any other style. Surveys of webcomic site traffic held since May have consistently placed The Order of the Stick as one of the 10 most widely read webcomics in existence.

Many participants are noted for adopting avatars drawn in emulation of Burlew's stick figure style, with some fans even creating additional "fancomics" in that style on the site's message board or their own sites. Black Dossier. The Art of Webcomics. The books are widely distributed to online and brick-and-mortar retailers in the hobby game market, [70] [71] as well as to comic book direct retailers.

All four books feature an introduction by the author, as well as a preface written in the voice of one of the characters from the strip. The compilation books feature a number of pages of "bonus material", primarily additional strips inserted into various points in the story.

The bonus material for Dungeon Crawlin' Fools , for example, includes a nine-page opening to the story that Burlew felt introduced the characters in a more organic way than the online comic's cast page. On Jan. War and XPs back into print, which eventually raised enough money to reprint the whole book series. The Dungeon of Dorukan. The game, which was released in September , utilizes cards and a board, and has strong influences from games such as Talisman and Dungeon!

The Dungeon of Dorukan is designed for 2—6 people, aged twelve and older. The player is able to train their chosen member with a variety of shtick cards. Each character provides a different gaming experience, and the players have the ability to either aid or harm their teammates.

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The game has received two expansion sets. The first one, The Shortening , released in by APE Games, [82] [83] included new cards and rules to reduce the duration of the game. The second 20 card mini-expansion, Sticky Shticks , was announced as a pledge reward for the "reprint drive" Kickstarter campaign.

Players would be able to take on the parts of Nale, Thog, Sabine, and other members of the Linear Guild in their own dungeon adventure, or they can combine the materials in the game with those from the Dungeon of Dorukan set for a massive Order of the Stick vs. Linear Guild head-to-head adventure. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Order of the Stick Principal characters, from left to right: Main article: Characters of The Order of the Stick.

The Order of the Stick. Retrieved Giant in the Playground News. Goo goo g' chuul". Paizo Publishing, LLC. Save vs. If you liked them so much you'd want more, there's good news: But not any time soon. I need to dive into another one of the outstanding PDF stories next. You'll notice there are still a few drawings that I didn't manage to get mailed yet since last time. As I've mentioned before, the postage on everything has been coming out of my regular book sale income for a while, so I can only mail one or two of those per month.

They'll continue to drip out as circumstances allow. Until next time, thanks as always for whatever patience and support you can still manage to muster for me, wholly undeserving of it as I am. Aug 19, I had the crayons out, so I decided to do something with them that also tied into the current story in the main comic.

You can get it at the Wallpaper page on the website, same as always. And that should give you a fair idea of what I accomplished since the last update, too. I have not mailed any of this art yet, however, so don't go checking your inbox for shipping notifications.

They will likely trickle out over the next few weeks, a few at a time, while I keep working on the rest of them. Also, I will be going through my Kickstarter message inbox before I mail anything, so if you have an address change for your package, you can send it to me there and I'll make sure to update my list.

As far as what else I did, let's look at the Workometer. The half-shaded boxes represent the pieces I finished but didn't mail yet. So the only other thing I did was start on the Winter miniatures set. I am aiming to release that during this upcoming winter, which means I needed to get started on it now.

Order of the Stick - 1d4chan

Beyond that, I've done some writing on one of the stories remaining, but not so much that I'd feel OK lighting up a box. My goal for the next update is early November, by which time I hope to have all of these boxes mailed and another stack of art completed while being well on my way with the Winter miniatures.

And you'll also get the last wallpaper, too. Thanks, as always, for your patience and support. I will be releasing the Summer miniatures that you got back in to the general public sometime in the next week or two. Like the Spring ones, there will be a small selection of additional monsters plus the updated art style, and the same discount will apply. Rather than clog your inbox with another email when that happens, you can just use the same coupon code I gave you in the previous update to get the discount, if that's a thing you want.

And if it's not, feel free to never think about it again. Update 78 For backers only. Jul 5, Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. The Order of the Stick Reprint Drive. Thanks to our loyal fans, we reprinted the entire back catalog of The Order of the Stick—and funded a bunch of new stories, too! Available to order! Rich Burlew. Share this project.