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Mini project topics for mechanical engineering 3rd year_Frigate_pdf - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. PDF | The purpose of writing this book entitled “INNOVATIVE ENGINEERING PROJECTS” is to provide basic Mechanical Engineering Design of a Compressed Air Car. A mini Rice-Boil Plant for individual farmer. Free download of Complete Project in Mechanical Engineering,Aeronautical Engineering,Automobile Engineering. List Of Mechanical Engineering Major & Minor projects with complete reports in PDF, DOC, PPS, PPT or ZIP formats.

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Mechanical Mini Projects for all Mechanical students , mechanical . design and fabrication mini projects for mechanical engineering pdf, simple. Mechanical Project centers in trichy, Mechanical project centers in Thanjavur, Best Mechanical design and fabrication mini projects for mechanical engineering pdf, simple mechanical MECHANICAL & MECHATRONICS MINI PROJECTS. Explore 's of Mini Mechanical Projects PDF, Mechanical Engineering Projects, Mini Final Year Automobile Projects, Major Mechanical Thesis Ideas.

Mech — Pneumatic Scissor Lifter. Facebook Youtube. Mechanical Engineering Project,Gear Box. Treatment ways are aiming at the decrese of the organic carbon content so that the process output meets criteria for final disposal. Mech — Sand Collecting Vehicle. Thus in project we make simple stirling engine by that we can generate electricity here we demonstrate it for simple battery charger.

Complex shape can be extruded from the more readily extrudable metals such as aluminum. Similar to forging, lower ram force and a fine grained recrystallised structure are possible in hot extrusion.

However, better surface finish and higher strengths strain hardened metals are provided by cold extrusion. Complete project report for production engineering. Different commodities are dried locally using different methods including natural drying in open area, solar drying. Different solar dryer designs can be found in various parts of india and a suitable design can be selected for the prototype depending on the type of drying contents, climatic condition, etc.

Open air drying was reported as most common method of drying agro-commodities. The purpose of this project was to study, design, fabricate and test a solar cabinet type of dryer for drying mango. Main emphasis was givenin designing a simple dryer to be made from locally available materials and different products or materials are dried like cereals,legumes, condiments, fruites, vegetables, meat and fish mostly in open air or under shade.

A prototype dryer was designed for 1kg of mango slices to be dried by means of direct solar heat in conjunction with an auxiliary heater.

Processed mangoes enable exporters to serve their market even during off season period for fresh mangoes. Having gained the confidence on the dryer performance, detailed tests were conducted to study the effects of drying modes. From performance and graphs it is seen that the percentage moisture removal desired at the design stage was achieved. This is a one of the best project developed to help farmers using concept of mechanical engineering. Mechanical Engineering Project,Solar Dryer.

Company has a various machine tool for machining process. The Mechanical paver machine was construction on road whenever the dumper continuos to supplay the great and paver machine goes on road and layer by layer constructed the road.

When some variable load on paver machine by dumper great. The hydraulic cylinder has misalignment in rare case the machine was out of his road line and transfer the other road line. So road was not properly constructed. So we decided, we are study whole hydraulic cylinder and design modification and resist the failure of hydraulic cylinder.

Inspection, Periodic cleaning, Ram and cylinder maintenance. Cyilnder block replace, If material faults so changed the material, Treating surface for ram and cylinder, Using a good lubricating and modification its design so we are minimize this problem.

Mechanical Engineering Project,Hydraulic Cylinder.

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Spanner tool system is am improved and advanced technology that has brought about revolution in the automobile industry. Today all the automobile companies using it as their unique selling point.

The primary function of the spanner tools system is a maximum use in automobile industries as make of different type of vehicle. Our project is result of intense research and study of the various spanner tools, it consist of a working model that the demonstrates the whole concept of the working of spanner tool system in automobile.

The project includes designing, manufacturing and analysis of spanner tools system. The peculiarity about our project is that, we have tried to implement spanner in simple mechanical system and the thus we have made an attempt to demonstrate the concept of spanner tools system in the simplest manner possible. The whole system is designed by us per our understanding and is not just copied from any existing designed. The components and the mechanism used here are totally different from the conventional spanner tools system.

However we have made all the effort possible to bring its working as close as possible to the actual one. During the shearing process, an upper blade and a lower blade are forced past each other with the space between them determined by a required offset.

Normally, one of the blades remains stationary. Its ability to make straight- line cuts on flat stock Metal placement between upper and lower shear blades. Its ability to cut relativity small lengths material at any time since the shearing blades can be mounted at an angle to reduce the necessary force required.

Engineering mini pdf mechanical projects

To achieve reliable and cost effective diagnosis, Motor current signature analysis is used to investigate the use of an induction motor as a transducer to indicate the faults in multistage gearbox via analyzing supply parameters such as phase current and instantaneous power. In gearboxes, load fluctuations on the gearbox and gear defects are two major sources of vibration. Further at times, measurement of vibration in the gearbox is not easy because of the inaccessibility in mounting the vibration transducers.

This analysis system can be used for measuring the characteristics for a perfectly working gearbox and use the data as a standard for measuring faults and defects in other gearboxes.

The objective of this paper is to design and fabricate a gearbox motor current analysis system at different gear operations for a constant load. Steady load conditions on the gearbox are tested for current signatures during different gear operations.

The motor current analysis system can be used further to specify mainly faults in the gear, misalignment of meshed gears, and loss of contact of the gears. Download this Mechanical Engineering Project with report for Free.

Mechanical Engineering Project,Gear Box. Free download Project on Study on the performance and Emission characteristics using castor and mustard seed oil mixture and diesel blend in C. I Engine Mechanical Engineering Project. Bio-diesel is one of the most promising alternatives for diesel needs.. The present work has focused on the performance of castor non-edible vegetable oil and Mustard oil edible vegetable oil and its blend with diesel on a double cylinder, 4 stroke, naturally aspirated, direct injection, water cooled, eddy current dynamometer Kirloskar Diesel Engine at rpm for variable loads.

Initially, castor eat oil and their blends were chosen. The physical and chemical properties of Castor oil, Mustard oil and its blend were determined.

In general, viscosity of neat vegetable oil is high, which can be reduced through blending with diesel and heating them. The performance and emission characteristics of engine are determined using Castor and Mustard oil and their blends with diesel. These results are compared to those of pure diesel. Byanalyzing the graphs, it was observed that the performance characteristics are reduced and emission characteristics are increased at the rated load compared to those of diesel.

This is mainly due to lower calorific value, high viscosity and delayed combustion process. It is concluded that castor and Mustard oil can be used as an alternate to diesel. Mechanical Engineering Project,Bio Fuels. Even though there are a number of condition monitoring and analysis techniques, researchers are in search of a simple and easy way to monitor vibration of a gearbox, which is an omnipresent and an important power transmission component in any machinery.

Motor current signature analysis MCSA has been the most recent addition as a non-intrusive and easy to measure condition monitoring technique. The objective of this paper is to detect artificially introduced defects in gears of a multistage automotive transmission gearbox at different gear operations using MCSA as a condition monitoring technique.

Steady as well as fluctuating load conditions on the gearbox are tested for both vibration and current signatures during different gear operations. Diesel engines exhausting gaseous emission and particulate matter have long been regarded as one of the major air pollution sources, particularly in metropolitan areas, and have been a source of serious public concern for a long time.


There has been numerous research in the field of reduction of these pollutants since diesel engines came to major use. Nowadays NOx emissions are reduced by selective catalytic reduction.

Mini project topics for mechanical engineering 3rd year_Frigate_9486164606.pdf

Using an emulsion of diesel in water as a fuel has been a recent field of study in this field. In this project a new kind of emulsion is prepared by mixed surfactant method, major concern being the long term stability of the same. Then performance and emission tests were carried out by using the fuel in a two cylinder water cooled diesel engine. The results were matched against that of diesel and comparison graphs were plotted to see what are the advantages and disadvantages of using the emulsion over diesel.

Today transportation is one of the rapidly evolving technologies in the world. With the stringent mandatory emission regulations and high fuel prices, researchers and manufacturers are ever increasingly pushed to the frontiers of research in pursuit of alternative propulsion systems.

Electrically propelled vehicles are one of the most promising solutions among all the other alternatives, as far as; reliability, availability, feasibility and safety issues are concerned. However, the shortcomings of a fully electric vehicle in fulfilling all performance requirements make the electrification of the conventional engine powered vehicles in the form of a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle PHEV the most feasible propulsion systems. The optimal combination of the properly sized components such as internal combustion engine, electric motor, energy storage unit are crucial for the vehicle to meet the performance requirements, improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, and cost effectiveness.

In this thesis an application of Particle Swarm Optimization PSO approach to optimally size the vehicle powertrain components e. Compared to conventional optimization methods, PSO handles the nonlinear constrained optimization problems more efficiently and precisely.

This website is published by a member of the Our Team. Click here. Free download Project on Analysis of Grinding Wheel Mechanical Engineering Project Grinding is a metal removal process that employs an abrasivGW whose cutting elements are grains of abrasive materials of high hardness and high refractoriness The sharp-edged and hard grains are held together by bondingmaterial.

Free download Project on Magnetic Seperator Mechanical Engineering Project Treatment ways are aiming at the decrese of the organic carbon content so that the process output meets criteria for final disposal.

Free download Project on Various ways to Prevent overHeating in Pumps Mechanical Engineering Project Before converting raw materials to a finished product we need an accurate design of the product and also data required for manufacturing.

Free download Project on Solar Dryer Machines Mechanical Engineering Project Different commodities are dried locally using different methods including natural drying in open area, solar drying. Free download Project on Multi Point Spanner System Mechanical Engineering Project Spanner tool system is am improved and advanced technology that has brought about revolution in the automobile industry.

Free download Project on Design and Fabrication of Gear Box System Mechanical Engineering Project To achieve reliable and cost effective diagnosis, Motor current signature analysis is used to investigate the use of an induction motor as a transducer to indicate the faults in multistage gearbox via analyzing supply parameters such as phase current and instantaneous power. I Engine Mechanical Engineering Project Bio-diesel is one of the most promising alternatives for diesel needs..

Mech — Cylindrical Grinding Machine. Mech — Cylindrical Tapping Machine. Mech — Digital Fuel Level Indicator. Mech — Digital Gear Level Indicator. Mech — Eccentric Brick Breaker. Mech — Eccentric Pipe Cutting Machine. Mech — Eccentric Punching Machine. Mech — Eccentric Shear Cutting Machine. Mech — Electrical Ramming Machine.

Mech — Emergency Braking System. Mech — Emission Test For Co2. Mech — Energy Saving Light Arrangement. Mech — Floor Cleaning Machine. Mech — Foot Operated Hydraulic Lift. Mech Fuel Injector Testing Equipment. Mech — Fuel Processing Technology. Mech — Grass Cutter Machine. Mech — Fabrication Of Ground Dryer.

Mech — Hydraulic Cylinder Liner Puller.

Mechanical Mini Projects

Mech — Hydraulic Fork Lift. Mech — Hydraulic Machine Vice. Mech — Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine. Mech — Hydraulic Pressure Testing Pump.

Mech — Hydraulic Sheet Bending Machine. Mech — Hydro-Pneumatic Vice. Mech — Automatic Intelligent Braking System. Mech — Laminar Flow Water Turbine. Mech — Lamination Machine. Mech — Linear Following Robot. Mech — Magnetic Suspension In Vehicle. Mech — Marble Polishing Machine. G Gas. Mech — Milling Attachment For Lathe. Mech — Mini Fire Fighting Robot. Mech — Mini Hydraulic Press.

Projects mini pdf engineering mechanical

Mech — Mini Milling Machine. Mech — Mini Water Service Station. Mech — Mosaic Polishing Machine. Mech — Motorized Hydraulic Jack. Mech — Motorized Screw Jack. Mech — Motorless Weed Cutter. Mech — Multi-Drill Holder.

Mech — Multi — Nut Tightner. Mech — Multi-Purpose Ground Dryer. Mech — Nano Abrasive Rails Filter. Mech — Oil Pump Testing Equipment. Mech — Paper Cup Making Machine.

Mech — Pedal Operated Pneumatic Vice. Mech — Pedal Operated Ramming Machine.

Projects pdf mechanical engineering mini

Mech — Pedal Operated Reciprocating. Mech — Water Pumping System. Mech — Pneumatic Autofeed Punching Machine. Mech — Pneumatic Bearing Press. Mech — Pneumatic Can Crusher. Mech — Pneumatic Disk Break.

Projects mini mechanical pdf engineering

Mech — Pneumatic Forging Machine. Mech — Pneumatic Gear Tooth Grinder. Mech — Pneumatic Gripper.