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Discover the love story that captured over 20 million hearts in Me Before You, After You, and Still Me Before You is a romance novel written by Jojo Moyes. With Still Me by Jojo Moyes out soon, here's a list of things to know before diving into the newest novel in the Me Before You teshimaryokan.info Me, the. asked: 'Why do you tell me that? don't you know?' .. sorts of things scattered all over the room, before an open bureau a paper knife and an English novel.

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(shelved 1 time as bahasa-indonesia-terjemahan) Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni (Goodreads Author) Melina Marchetta (Goodreads Author). Me Before You made me sad in no way did I feel relieved or find a super .. This novel is the sequel to “Me Before You”, so you need to read that book first to. Books shelved as novel-terjemahan: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, ( shelved 14 times as novel-terjemahan) .. Me Before You (Me Before You, #1).

Don't say "what?! She and her husband must be very happy and grateful. People who need help, and people who will do everything in their power to give them support. Poor him! Or did I? Lily, Will's daughter gets in contact with her and she wants to know everything about her deceased father, who she didn't know existed until he passed away.

Will didn't just make a choice for his life, he made one for the people he loved and who loved him. And no matter how unpopular that opinion may be in today's super-individualistic world that sees self-fulfillment as the highest achievable goal, I actually believe that our duty not to hurt the people we love is - in general - a little more important than the duty to "live our life as fully as possible.

Maybe Will is just an incredibly shallow person. He didn't really feel like that to me for large stretches of the book, but maybe that's just it. And maybe that's what made me so angry.

There's been some controversy about the story in connection with the release of the movie, and since I've discussed this a little in the comments, I thought I'd add a few notes into the body of the review as well - on why the message this story sends is so problematic.

Starting with what the message actually is: I don't think the author intended to tell us that a disabled life is not worth living and I would never accuse her of that. She made an effort to show that Will's life could be a good life and I have a feeling most readers understood that.

The problematic part comes in where she presents it as a psychologically normal thing for him to still want to die.

This reenforces very dangerous assumptions society already has about people with disabilities. Many able bodied people have commented that they completely understand Will and if they were in his position they'd want to die too. They are wrong. And I can say this, because there is actual data on this - the vast majority of people with similar disabilities as Will do not want to die.

They adjust - with time and the right support and treatment. So when a disabled person has suicidal thoughts it is not our duty as a society to "empower" them to take their own life. It's our duty to give them the best possible care, treatment and support so they stop being suicidal.

One argument frequently brought up is that this is the story of just one man. That it's not meant to be representative of all disabled people.

Me Before You Trilogy Series

While this may be a valid argument for any single story, the problem remains that these kinds of stories are vastly overrepresented in mainstream media. When was the last time a major Hollywood movie featured a quadriplegic lead character who didn't want to die?

When you're creating content that has such an impact on such a gigantic audience, you cannot flinch from the responsibility of the message you're sending by claiming that it's "just one story". It isn't just one story. You're influencing people's opinions about disability and suicide on a huge scale. And you're doing it in the worst possible way. View all 77 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. But, that's not the case here. There were absolutely no redeeming qualities in this book for me. In fact, there were a total of two points and by points I mean singular lines in this book where I genuinely liked what was said.

The first was when Treena said, "Oh, for Christ's sake, Lou. For once in your life, just get a grip" Page and the second was when Louisa said, "It's not my decision, Mum. It's Will's," Page Apart from those two lines, everything else about this book made want to tear my hair out. First, let's talk about the writing.

Before I started reading, I was under the impression that this book had "beautiful" prose, because that's what I'd heard from countless people. What I would consider "beautiful" writing i. The Night Circus, Ava Lavender, Ari and Dante is the type of writing that resonates with and is breathlessly easy to follow.

But what I got in this book were gems like: The way his eyes wrinkled at the corners. That place where his neck met his shoulder. Also add in a few "I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding"s and you can basically sum up the writing in this book. Point being, I was bored, it elicited no emotion from me, and I had to drag myself through each chapter. The characters? They were all insufferable. Will is a moody, brooding, bitter ass who stays a moody, brooding, bitter ass until the very end.

Of course he's also rich, handsome, stubborn, and loves literature and all aspects of "high culture" society. The perfect recipe for your stereotypical heartthrob.

Now let's address the unbearable plot. This whole book is based around the ridiculous premise that Louisa is trying to find a way to "save" Will by giving him a reason to live.

It's essentially pages of Louisa, an able bodied person, who decides that SHE knows when a disabled person is ready to die. Only to "learn" that she doesn't have the right to make that decision and he's just gonna die anyway. So you're left reading a book that can only have one possible ending. If this was supposed to be a story about Louisa learning that she was wrong… shouldn't the reader learn with her?

Because you don't. You know from the very beginning exactly how the book is going to end. Talk about predictability. Also I will just briefly mention that while I do think that making a commentary on physician assisted suicide is important and it's a topic that deserves discussion, I don't think that this was the best or most productive way to go about it.

Overall I think it did more harm than good to use it as a plot device in a book that's marketed as a romance novel. Were you waiting for my thoughts on the ableism? Here you go. First off, as an able bodied person, I know my place and I'm not going to try to speak on behalf of anyone or pretend to know more about the issue than I do. The whole message of this book is that no matter what lengths someone goes for you, how much love, wealth, or support you have, living a disabled life is so unbearable that the only thing to do is to kill yourself.

Do with that what you will, but nothing about that message is right or okay in my eyes. But again, I am speaking only from my perspective.

So here are a couple of links to articles written by disabled people about their thoughts on the ableism in this book: Honestly the only thing about this book that made me cry was how painful it was to keep reading. But I just couldn't do it because I wanted to be able to talk about it in its entirety. So there you have it. All of my thoughts on this wildly popular, well loved book.

So much for going to see the movie. View all 41 comments. There goes my heart. Hold on. I need a few seconds to make sense of what happened. I was warned it would come as a shock, and even the author gently glided our thoughts toward that idea, but I still felt that PANG in my chest when reading the ending.

Louisa is a simple girl. She works. She cares for her family. She does what she has to do. He has a great job, a great girlfriend and the means to go wherever he wants and do whatever he desires. That is, before the accident happens. When Louisa and Will meet, there is no love at first sight.

She is his new caregiver. But the more they spend time together, the more Louisa discovers the wonders that life has to offer. I read Me Before You , expecting to discover the most poignant love story on earth. But I found something else instead. She never left the country and stays away from anything remotely dangerous. Will is determined to open her eyes to the unknown. With him by her side, she gains confidence, determination, learns not to let anyone dictate her actions and finally realizes what is best for her.

He is her sun and she is his. The themes of acceptance, family, friendship and life are even more present than the love one. Louisa is a charming woman with a sense of humor and fantastic imagination.

Reading the book through her perspective was utterly delightful. It will not affect your enjoyment of this book. You know why? Me Before You will win you over, whether you want it to or not. View all 56 comments. View all 7 comments. I kept seeing people say " Now this is a book ", and figured it was a lot of hype.

NO , NO it wasn't just a lot of hype. If you follow me on goodreads than you know all this month I've only well mainly only been reading books suggested to me from. If you follow me on goodreads than you know all this month I've only well mainly only been reading books suggested to me from friends on here.

Me Before You was suggested to me at least ten times. Lou is just average. She is barely floating through life. Long time job, rocking a steady boyfriend, and just above average taste in clothes. Will Taynor was a successful business man. Constantly traveling, being active, and enjoying his above average life. This all changes when Lou is laid off work and Will is in a major accident leaving him a quadriplegic.

After these events happen you'll more than likely be thinking the same thing I thought, " wow I know exactly where this cliche story is going to go ", and just like me you'll more than likely be wrong. Lou is struggling with what and who she wants to be. At 26 she really has no aim in life.

She finds herself at a job center which offers her the chance to be a sort of caregiver to Will. Will is the definition of a broken human. After two years of having no control over his life he has just given up hope. After a shocking plot twist Lou makes it her goal to make Will happy and is determined to have him wanting to live life again.

As they set out to travel and make the most of time their feelings for each other change and turn into something way beyond friendship.

You make me happy, even when you're awful. I would rather be with you- even the you that you seem to think is diminished- than with anyone else in the world. I was worried when I got over pages in and the book was still at that same pace. Once getting closer to the end I saw why it was that way. This story builds to something so amazing.

I wish I could come up with a better, more lyrical word than "amazing", but I don't think they've invented a word yet to describe the end of this story. The end of this book had me on the floor balling my eyes out.

Not kidding View all 37 comments. Just finished my re-read and all I have to say is everyone should read this book Still cried like a baby, but I love it! Before you start this book You will cry happy tears and sad tears. You will smile, laugh, be devastated, ugly cry, and if your like me- you will love the journey this book took you on. This is a story of two people who meet each other by chance, and change each others lives forever. H Just finished my re-read and all I have to say is everyone should read this book He used to be successful.

He used to be a lot of things. Two years ago, everything changed for him. Now, he is stuck in a wheel chair. He is a quadriplegic with no real hope at recovery.

He feels trapped. He just wants a way out. Lou just lost her job as a waitress and is looking for work. She lives at home with her parents, grandpa, sister, and nephew, and they count on her. After a few failed attempts at random jobs, she gets placed as a carer. She thinks Lou is right for the job. She gets hired to help Will out and be his companion for six months. The first few weeks of Lou working for Will, it is difficult. But eventually, they click.

Lou is starting to really like Will, and is pretty happy with her job. Until she overhears a conversation. She finds out that view spoiler [Will has a plan. He gave his parents 6 months, then he is going to go to Switzerland to kill himself essentially. Lou is not happy with this information. She wants to quit, but instead, decides to do something about it Lou tries all kinds of activities to cheer Will up and make him come to life.

Some are successful, some are not. I loved this. Lou put her heart and soul into helping Will. She planned all kinds of trips and things for them to do. The horse racing had me laughing, I loved all her ideas and enthusiasm. It seemed like it was starting to help. She even got Will to go to a concert. Just for a few minutes more. Seeing Will happy, and Will and Lou dance- it was one of my favorite parts.

Truly, I think this is the moment she really started falling in love with Will. Will cares for Lou. He is always encouraging her to step out of her comfort zone, to live. As there six months was coming to an end, Will got sick. A bad case of pneumonia put their last big adventure off. But Lou came up with a new plan. She and Will and his other care giver went to the ocean. There, she decided to tell Will her true feelings for him. But is it enough I can't be the man I want to be with you.

And that means that this - this just becomes It made me think, it made me question things, it made me feel. There were points towards the end where I was like But in the end, it was his choice.

You pdf terjemahan me before novel

My heart broke for Lou. This is one of those books that will stay with me. One of the most emotional stories I have ever read, but it was also one of the most beautiful. Would reccommend this one to everyone!!! Me duelen los ojos de tanto llorar. View all 8 comments. Pages stained with tears. Used tissues. And my bruised, bleeding heart lying on the floor. I don't know how long I'll survive with a huge hole in my chest. I finished it a few hours ago but I'm still crying. It feels like I've shed an ocean of tears, fat, ugly Pages stained with tears.

It feels like I've shed an ocean of tears, fat, ugly droplets of liquid pain, but there are always more. My hands are shaking while I type, my jaw is trembling and God, words don't seem enough to describe what I feel. Imagine a tornado sweeping off everything in its path. Imagine huge, menacing waves crashing the rocks.

Imagine a raging storm. A clouded sky. Combine all of them. There, that's what I feel. I told him a story of two people. Two people who shouldn't have met, and who didn't like each other much when they did, but who found they were the only two people in the world who could possibly have understood each other.

He used to be an adventurous person, ambitious and confident, living every moment to the fullest and now, he couldn't even eat without help. And then he met Lou. Lou with her crazy clothes and lack of dreams invaded his life, trying to make him find beauty in simple things and adapt to his new reality, but she didn't predict that she would change as well, that she would find her place in the world and someone to really see the potential and fire in her.

Someone to understand. She made you hope, and then she scared you to death. Hope and terror , terror and hope danced and kissed and fought while the clock was ticking, while you held your breath and prayed, while you laughed and cried. There would be gut-wrenching moments and then some sweet moments that warmed you up and made you forget the knife that was twisting in your heart.

She created flawed, realistic characters , family relationships that were far from perfect but you sympathized with each and everyone of them.

She made you contemplate situations with religious, moral and legal aspects and understand the reasoning of both sides, even though it was killing you inside. She made you appreciate the things you take for granted. Will's sarcasm was his last defense, he didn't want pity or sympathy ,he just wanted the ability to make his own decisions and even that was taken away from him.

Lou on the other hand was always treated as if she was stupid, she never had the chance to shine, she never dared dream a different, more exciting life.

Two lost souls with nothing to fight for crossed paths. Two blind people found their light. And for a while, it was enough. It hurts so darn much. But I have to be strong, for Lou and Will. To live my life fully. And I am thankful I witnessed the most tender love story. One day, I'm going to visit Paris, drink coffee in Le Marais and imagine that the girl with the bee tights is walking next to the love of her life, who makes fun of her clothes but holds her in a strong grip and never lets her go.

View all 54 comments. I decided to read this book right after watching the trailer and crying, partly because Mr. Bates from Downton Abbey was there every single time he shows up- tears start streaming down my face and partly because the story was so moving. But I honestly did not expect this book to impact me this emotionally. While TFIOS made me feel like an emotionless robot, Me Before You made me think and contemplate and feel so many things all at once- I cried and laughed and felt anxious and hopeful.

This story starts out with Lou Clark losing her job at The Buttered Bun tea shop and I could honestly really relate to the way she was feeling during that period, especially with the financial responsibility she held for her family. After that memorable first day, she and Will start to get used to each other and even on occasion opening up a bit one with the other. Nathan walked in as I was finishing the dishes. But he said it — you know — in a good way.

Their second outing to the concert made me tear up, I could imagine it so vividly. Will was smiling. In fact, I think you had tears in your eyes you hated it so much. I felt really connected to Lou and Will and their families. Me Before You had extremely vivid characters, infectious humor, and bittersweet truth. And that ending definitely crushed me even though I knew what was coming — it did not make it easier to read and experience.

It hurts. Oh, and do not listen to this song , unless you want to sob like I did. I'm an Amazon Affiliate. If you're interested in buying Me Before You , just click on the image below to go through my link. I'll make a small commission! Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with http: Jan 05, Hailey Hailey in Bookland rated it really liked it Shelves: I did really enjoy this but not as much as I'd expected to.

I think too many people were telling me how much I was going to love it and how emotional it was and that kind of set me up for failure. It was sad, but I wasn't moved to tears and while I really did like it, I didn't love it. Just watched the movie trailer for the first time and I got chills. Honestly I think this is one of those cases where I'm going to like the movie better than the book.

I just had a lot of trouble connectin I did really enjoy this but not as much as I'd expected to. I just had a lot of trouble connecting with the characters in the book but I already felt connected to the movie characters, if that makes sense.

View all 28 comments. I finished this yesterday and thought it was great but I can not express what I felt this morning when I woke up thinking about them. Me Before You is real, just like life is real. This is a book about friendship, love, patience, ambitions and many many many more things. You know what? I had the pleasure of reading this gem on paperback and I marked the whole damn book and I was planning to quote some of the best sentences but I am NOT gonna do that.

You wanna know why? Because you need to experience this book, you need to read it blind This book will teach you to LIVE BOLDLY Will used to live boldly, he was an attractive guy on his early thirties with a great job, a hot girlfriend and an amazing life in London until one day everything changes. Two years later he crosses paths with Lou who apparently has nothing in common with him. But they have to spend time together whether they like it or not.

But she discovers that pushing your limits, walking outside your comfort zone is not that bad. And this is how you write Romance. This book just taught me that there are people who are worth it out there.

People like Lou who would leave everything behind to help someone like Will. I understood every single character, their POVs, even Will's dad. I will respect all your opinions, hope you can respect mine. Living with someone like Will and loving someone like Will is NOT easy and view spoiler [ I understand what they did, if you love someone you would do ANYTHING to see that person happy hide spoiler ] I am totally against view spoiler [ suicide but in this case I truly understood him and I would have helped him to go to Switzerland.

He was living a miserable life, he wasn't happy and he has the right to decide what to do with his life. Ramon San Pedro was in the same conditions than Will view spoiler [ and he did exactly the same and when I saw that on the news I was a teen but even then I understood him hide spoiler ]. If you get a chance, pls watch the film Mar Adentro by Alejandro Amenabar , if you loved this book, you'll love that film.

I know this might not be a coherent review but I am still a mess! I'm not going to write a proper review about this book. I dont want to spoil anything for you.

Just read it, you wont regret it. Oh my god this book was so mind blowing but mostly heartbreaking. Will Best before: Given the circumstances Will is all the time cranky, rude , vile to her because his life is miserable. However, they start getting along because Lou is the only person who contradict I'm not going to write a proper review about this book. However, they start getting along because Lou is the only person who contradicts him and that's something intriguing for him.

There are times that he is such a tease and it was nice to know that after so long he finally seems happier. After a while we see that due to his state Lou doesnt want to leave him alone , much less quit her job. Will inevitably manages to become part of her life and her daily routine. Sadly , Will is hiding something.

He is an adult and he has the right to do whatever he wants with his life but damn I dont know if I agree with his thoughts. Wouldnt it be selfish to stop him? Of course it would be but still it doesnt feel right. If I were him I might wanted to do the same but if I had someone like Lou caring for me I dont think that I would consider it like an option anymore. Well, Lou is trying to stop him from doing anything crazy and I really admire that she is the only person that hasnt lost faith on him.

She has only six freaking months to change his life but she never thought that he would change her life as well. I loved Will! He is one of the smartest book heros I've ever met.

The one day you have everything and the next nothing. His story will totally affect you. He is not the book hero with the fucked up past who finds release at sex. This book is unique and very depressing but you'll never regret reading it. Lou is simply wonderful! She is trying so hard , with gallant efforts to help him and she deserves a million congratulations.

No one forced her to stay with him but she did. She had the right to leave him but she didnt. She's full of exuberance which affects him possitively. This book made laugh a lot. Lou's family is so crazy! Will is also so sarcastic and Lou loves it.

I also cried a lot. I couldnt help it. But I had promised. You wont get disappointed!! Don't Settle. Just live well. Just LIVE. I just finished my re-read of this book. Sometimes a second trip into a book doesn't end well for me. I see things that I did not pick up the first time and I end up not liking the book anymore. That didn't happen with this book.

Because guess what I'm doing? I'm sobbing. Not crying. Big ugly snot running tears. It takes a lot for a book to do this to me. There is no reason to go into what this book is about. Most everyone knows or has heard by now. The movie is soon to come out and the s Rereading! The movie is soon to come out and the second book is out I have it and now I'm terrified to read it Can anything hold up to the magic that is this book? I guess we just have to put on our big girl tights and see.

Five stars again. That makes ten doesn't it? First read: June I remember when I was a little girl the excitement of a really good book just took me away from whatever was going on in my life.

Books have always been my escape and my peace. I had gone through a reading slump in the last months and I've picked it back up finally. After reading this book I'm so glad that I did.

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This book to me spun it's magic around me and encompassed me in it. I laughed and cried so hard I thought my heart was breaking too. There was not one line in the whole book I didn't love. Amazing writing on a hard subject. Jojo Moyes made the most wonderful characters of Lou and Will come to life for me. I loved them both and just hate that book reviews just cannot do them justice. I kept putting it down so I would not finish it in a hurry but could not leave it alone. Best book I have read in years.

This is the point that I usually highlight a friends review for spotlighting Not just those that get bumped on your feed every five minutes because the reviewer feels that it doesn't have enough "likes" to carry them to the top of the most favorite list for the week.

It ended on a very powerful note, so any book that calls itself a "sequel" has to match that kind of power. This didn't, not even close. We follow Lou's life a year and a half after the death of Will, and we see what her life has become. Honestly, I didn't enjoy this Lou very much. Gone is any spark, any vitality, any humor, and without those aspects of her personality I had trouble staying engaged with her.

I didn't like this pushover Lou, and I barely recognized her from the previous book. Her life is wholly depressing. Lou is stuck completely in this sort of limbo, and reading about her mostly boring day to day things felt one-note and tedious.

Lou's family details, like her mother's newfound feminism and her sister's meddling, seemed contrived and almost silly. I didn't get what those side plots added to the story, and I didn't find them compelling.

Lou's love interest was just He was sexy in a classic romance way- the patient, motorcycle-riding savior- but I simply didn't feel the chemistry between him and Lou.

It felt like a relationship without weight, certainly without the intensity of Lou's relationship with Will. If you are going to present a love interest to follow the one from Me Before You, it would have to be absolutely epic And don't get me started on Lily. No spoilers from me, but Lily just irritated me to no end. She was SO selfish, and I struggled to feel much sympathy for her rich-girl plight. I know the author tried to give us reasons to empathize with Lily, especially near the end with her convoluted backstory, but I was rooting for Lou to branch out and have more of the story-line to herself.

However, this book's greatest crime, IMO, was that it was boring. I kept putting this book down and starting other stories, only to force myself back to this one after a few hours.

And though this book has brief moments of greatness, and it wasn't bad or offensive in any way, it also failed to grab me the way I was expecting it to. After the way Me Before You gripped me, I think this was the biggest let down of all.

View all 37 comments. It was heartbreaking, but it was the heartbreak of an impartial observer. I liked Louisa Clark, but, for whatever reason, I never connected with her the way I do in a well-developed story, and the story itself was so. I suppose it felt like tragedy for tragedy's sake. And that shit pisses me off. If you're going to ground my heart into the pavement, there had better be a damn good reason for it. What's the most impossible falling-in-love scenario I can come up with?

Excellent, let's do that. How can I make moving the relationship forward equally impossible? And how can I make the whole thing pointless, from start to finish, while inflicting the most emotional damage?

And look at the title: It's deceptively selfish. It's meant to be a love story, right? But the eye glances over it, and the brain makes excuses, so that you don't realize until it's too late that it's a one-sided love story.

Or maybe it's ambiguous, and my interpretation is a reflection of my overall experience. I saw the same spark Will had seen in Louisa, the unrealized potential, and I decided to give Moyes the chance to cultivate that potential. It allowed Moyes to craft something entirely different, something that felt real , even after the meticulously crafted WOE of what came before.

Louisa Clark transformed from a cardboard placeholder into a person of flesh and blood. Treena, previously, a stock baby sister, spoiled and selfish, became a bright young woman struggling with the consequences of a teenage pregnancy. I could feel her despair and guilt wrestling with her love of the son that had complicated her life. Her parents were equally changed, as were Will's.

Then there were the new characters, like the members of Lou's weekly group therapy meeting, who we spent little time with, but who were all clear, individual personalities. And Lily. That girl broke my heart worse than Will Traynor ever did.

Before pdf novel you terjemahan me

But this time I laughed as much as I cried. At the meandering tangents poor Marc unsuccessfully tried to rein in during the Moving On Circle meetings. At Thom's boyish antics, the looks exchanged between sisters, Mrs.

Clark's refusal to shave her legs after taking a night class of the feminist variety, and a dozen other things besides. And that laughter made the pain bearable, the pain of truths that were ruthless in their simplicity. A child who knew that her mother loved her, but not as much as she loved herself. A group of strangers bound together by grief the rest of the world had forgotten: Without someone to talk to, every sight I saw—whether it was the Trevi Fountain or a canal in Amsterdam—felt simply like a name on a list that I needed to check off.

These were smaller pains, but they were no less potent. I've always internally scoffed when I've heard or read about someone not realizing they were crying until their face was too wet to ignore, or some Good Samaritan gave them a tissue--how can you cry and not know it? But AFTER YOU taught me that there are some hurts that sneak up on you, that are subconsciously recognized, even when experiencing them vicariously, and several times throughout the reading I found myself similarly effected as those I'd previously ridiculed.

Then Treena would give Lou a look that I've received many times from my own sisters: She pulled the kind of face at me that told me simultaneously that I was an eejit, and also that this was no surprise to her whatsoever. Instead of the manufactured grief that resulted from a series of events so horrifying that you couldn't help but react to them, regardless of how foreign that grief is to your own life experience, you get the pain from the aftermath of that loss.

It's a real pain that few of us aren't familiar with, and that made me feel it all the more deeply. But it was the potential that made the real difference.

The potential for something more than unremitting pain. My recommendation is this: You'll only be disappointed. It is lovely. And frustrating, and heartbreaking, and REAL. My review of Me Before You View all 28 comments.

Se los recomiendo.

View 2 comments. View all 3 comments. Feb 15, Alejandro rated it it was amazing Shelves: Louisa Clark returns!!! And since I won't make any spoilers, I only can tell you that you'll have a lot of surprises!

And the best of that?


Judging is easy. Nobody expects that you save the world, but as Oskar Schindler found out… …to save a life is to save the world. And not lives needed to save from a physical wound, some lives needed to save from soul wounds and sometimes they are in such dark place that they put themselves beyond of accepting help and they can be testing, but if you think that it's the right thing to do, not matter the outcome, it will be worthy too.

Nobody will do what you need to do in the world. If you don't do those things, nobody else will do it.

You're unique in the world in ways that you wouldn't believe it. For better or worse. It's A Wonderful Life! I just think that the thought that nobody else will do what you must do, it was right to apply here. Since you are the only one able to judge yourself and your own actions. Other people and their actions and repercussions? Only God can judge them. View all 33 comments. I laughed, I cried, I laughed so hard that I cried, and then I sobbed ridiculously.

This book has some of the best examples of female friendship I have ever seen in my life and I absolutely love Lily and Lou's friendship. So beautiful! After reading Me Before You , I couldn't help but want to keep the story going. Lou was charming and understandably heartbroken, and despite knowing that sequels rarely live up to the original, I decided to give it a go. After You is so different from Me Before You that it often felt like a standalone more than a sequel It was good in that I didn't feel like I had to spend the length of the read constantly comparing the two in order to determine whether it was a goo After reading Me Before You , I couldn't help but want to keep the story going.

It was good in that I didn't feel like I had to spend the length of the read constantly comparing the two in order to determine whether it was a good follow up.

But I also felt a bit let down. I had become so attached to those original characters that to be thrown in with a seemingly new group was maybe a bit weird. That being said, I found this book to be thoroughly enjoyable. I wouldn't, though, put it in the same class as it's predecessor. It's different, it's a fabulous story, but I didn't feel the emotional pull or the need to devour it that I had before.

Quite honestly, I think I give this one a hard time because my expectations were so high. What did I think?: This book is far from a disappointment. It's a fun, easy read and if you loved Me Before You, you'll likely enjoy this one too. It wasn't at all what I expected, but that didn't take away from the enjoyment of it. It did feel a bit rushed to fit in a second storyline almost, but since I enjoyed this story as well, I really didn't mind too much.

Who should read it?: If you've read Me Before You, I definitely think you should give this one a read. It's a fun story that will have those that loved it's previous book will love knowing what happens afterward.

View all 9 comments. Jan 06, emma rated it did not like it Shelves: This review contains spoilers for Me Before You. With unexpected sequels like this one, I suppose it comes down to whether the sequel adds anything to the original.

I recognize the temptation to write a follow-up to Me Before You. Man dies, everyone learns something, moves on, creates something wonderful out of his death. Or at least liking it enough to appreciate its follow-up. I was already sensitive to criticisms of the first book, because I hate liking things that could be problematic in any way.

Let me explain my love for Me Before You so I can carefully outline my qualms against this follow-up. It made a claim for the humanity of assisted suicide, which is a cause I believe in. And it had a nice theme - we only have one life and we need to live it. This book was pages of the latter, again. No, we had to follow along as she monotonously ambled through it. There was no grand love story. Though there was a forced and un-interesting one alarmingly close to the first book.

Also, some heavy-handed looks at, like, violence? Maybe gangs? I think I detected what may have been a soon-removed effort to discuss mental illness. Instead, it inserts truisms. I liked Will Traynor. Or did I? I liked their romance.

The worst kind of sequel is one that casts an uncertain light on your feelings for the first book. I feel bad for my family - in day two three? My mom, a fellow Moyes appreciator, wisely told me to stop reading it. The entire appeal of this book is in the promise of character development. Really, this felt like reading a wholly different world from the first book. She sums up her thoughts on her participation in the pot-smoking with: But Lily was like the cool girl in class, the one you found yourself trying to impress.

From a grown ass woman. Bottom line: If you loved Me Before You like I did, swaddle yourself in that love. Ignore negative reviews, and especially ignore the existence of this book. View all 21 comments. At the start of "After You", I told my friend Iris I never thought it was a great idea to write a sequel to "Me Before You" For one thing, "Me Before You" was never written 'with' the intention of their being a follow up.

Expecting a complete plane crash Louisa has an accident early in this story To the extent Louisa was still grieving, it would have been more realistic if Jojo Moyes began this story about 6 or 7 months after his death.

By 19 months I saw potential Moyes wrote several incomplete plots, with a variety of characters Basically, this novel lacked a powerful focus!!! It lacked powerful - fresh- insights! It was like an 'ok' meal. View all 31 comments. I'll try to forget. I don't think we needed a new story.

I'm not saying this is bad, it's Jojo - it can't, but it just kind of ruined part of what I imagined for Lou after the end of the first book.

And every single time I read Will's name in this my heart skipped a beat, and I c Review after the read 3 - Because I love Jojo Moyes - Stars I'm sorry, I'm very sorry to say that I would've preferred that this book was never born.

And every single time I read Will's name in this my heart skipped a beat, and I confessed I was a little bit annoyed with all those characters, it was like if they were "intruding" our story.

And I'm sorry to say that the most annoying and boring part was Lily. I couldn't care less about her. I really don't know what to say about this book, probably I shouldn't have read it, but I couldn't resist. So, if you loved the first book and you're not sure about this, I'd say that you can easily skip this one and continue to imagine what you want about their lives But if you really want to read it, then read it like if this is a new story and you don't know who Will was, even if it's impossible, you have to forget everything you knew about them.

Anyway, if you read it prepare your tissues, it's always Jojo Moyes ; I'm gonna die. I'm happy and scared because I can already imagine what's going to happen I'm not ready for this. View all 10 comments. You are going to feel uncomfortable in your new world for a bit. It always does feel strange to be knocked out of your comfort zone… There is hunger in you, Clark. You just buried it, like most people do. Nothing short of beautiful! An emotionally charged story about healing and learning to believe in yourself after a painful loss.

I am in love with this story! I fell in love with You are going to feel uncomfortable in your new world for a bit. Well, the sequel After You feels like the epilogue I desperately needed! This story picks up about eighteen months after the ending of Me Before You. After a fateful night where she suffers from a horrible accident, she returns to her hometown to recover and there begins her attempt to heal from her wounds both physical and emotional.

Through her recovery, she meets a cast of wonderful characters that slowly become the foundation for her new life. She meets Lily Houghton-Miller and Sam Fielding, who I absolutely adored because in their own ways, they brought back the Lou I knew from the first book. I appreciated how Lily challenged Lou to try and move on without a feeling of guilt clouding her every move. Beautiful set of characters that were a perfect addition to this story! There was also another set of secondary characters that added a whole new flavor to this novel.

The Moving On Circle was a breath of fresh air! Daphne, William, Natasha, Fred, Marc and Jake each complemented the story with their own journey toward recovery. I enjoyed their therapy sessions that revealed their insecurities, fears and hopes. It was all so serious, yet shared with a level of brevity that kept the story flowing with ease. Adored them! This family was absolutely flawed to perfection! It was quite clear they cared about Louisa and her struggles. Finally, the spotlight deservedly belongs to Louisa Clark.

Throughout this entire journey, she showed compassion, bravery, determination and heart. I wanted her to become not only the Louisa we knew and loved in Me Before You , but an even better version of that character as she worked hard to recover from a painful experience.

Lou has become my favorite female character of ! Loved her!! There were moments and passages in this story that truly hit me hard. After You had many of those moments of brilliance. Overall, I believe fans of Me Before You will enjoy journeying with Louisa Clark as she learns to fall in love and believe in herself again.

Beautiful… absolutely beautiful! The "After You" sequel is good not as good , but for a different reason. Many folks complained about the need for this second book, and with the first one being made into a movie, it may have been a required follow-up as opposed to a story that yearned to be told Let's dive in Story The book opens about 18 months after the first 3 stars to Jojo Moyes 's After You , the follow-up to Me Before You , which was a very popular book made into a movie earlier this year.

Story The book opens about 18 months after the first one ends, which was when her patient and soul-mate, Will Traynor, committed suicide. If you are reading this review, it's not really a spoiler as that's the whole point of Me Before You -- how will she handle the tragedy of being with him You can also check out my Book 1 review in the link below. Are you listening? P Louisa the girl who fell for Will has been on the outs with her family due to her role in Wil's suicide, and she took a year off to travel and try to move forward.

Of course, it never happens, and she goes back to the quiet and sheltered life she had before she met him. When she accidentally falls off her roof, it sets into motion several challenges for her to face. Some think she tried to kill herself. Some think she is rotting away her life.

She goes back to a very sad job where she's yelled at by a nasty boss all the time. She tries to get better by going to a self-help group for people affected by a loved one who died.

She meets the ambulance medic who saved her after the fall. She gets a job offer to go to NYC. And she meets Lily, the secret daughter Will had that no one ever knew about. While Louisa tries to figure out her life, she learns all the lessons she needs to be able to move on And that's for you to find out when you read the book I can't give a spoiler away, right?

Strengths 1. Lou is a fantastic character. She's flawed which makes her real. She's whiny yet she stands up for herself. She's smart and she makes dumb decisions.

She's got potential but she lets it waste. We can all find a piece of Lou's personality in our own, which makes reading about her and understanding her actions all the more interesting She's quite relate-able The plot is great, especially as a follow-up to Me Before You.

It could have gone in many directions, e. Instead, the book gives us an 18 month break from the last one, and its inherent immediate reactions to the death, which also allows the reader time to grieve and want to see Lou move on.

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It's witty. Dialogue is on-target. Characters are bold but also complex. The story is consistent. It holds interest. I don't want to feel harsh and judgmental of character actions, or find myself in love with something perfect that doesn't really exist Suggestions I don't believe there should have been a follow-up to Me Before You, and I'm a serial-fictionist The first one was so good as a stand-alone, I don't want to compare anything to it with the same story and author being involved.

Perhaps if I just picked up After You, I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much without knowing what happened to Lou in Book 1.

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Book 2 After You is a good story with good writing, but there wasn't anything special about it, hence why I have it a 3. If I hadn't witnessed her struggle in the previous book, it wouldn't have been as powerful in this book to watch her recovery. Final Thoughts So If you love Louisa and her family, then why wouldn't you want to read another pages about their life It's there It's a day's read.

It's enjoyable. It just isn't the same as it was the first go around. But you still want to know "how is that friend of mine different these days If you love the author's style, read After You. It's a well-written book and has a few good characters you will root for. If you can accept the original is the best, and know that you won't always get the same vibe and attraction to its successors, then you probably have an open enough mind to check out what happened in her later years.

But if you are looking for an amazing follow-up with an absolute blockbuster of a story and ending to Lou's life After You is a slice of what happens to her in a 3 month period set nearly 2 years after the first one ends.

It's nice. It's a good read. But you won't walk away with the same level of emotions as you did with Me Before You. About Me For those new to me or my reviews I read A LOT. I write A LOT. First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at https: Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Vote in the poll and ratings. Thanks for stopping by. The book was first published on 29 September in the United Kingdom. A second sequel, Still Me, was published in January It continues the story of Louisa Clark after Will's death.

She is trying to move on. She was convinced by his motivation to change, so she moved to London and got a job in an airport coffee shop. One night, she decides to go up the roof of her building to sit alone when someone from behind her talks to her.

She panics and falls off the roof. She breaks many bones and takes a lot of time to heal. After she gets well she enrolls in a moving on circle in a church and lies to everyone and tells them Will's name was Bill. Lily, Will's daughter gets in contact with her and she wants to know everything about her deceased father, who she didn't know existed until he passed away. Lily wants to get to know her grandparents, so she moves in with Louisa.

She hates living with her mother, stepfather, and her half-brothers. Meanwhile, Louisa gets to know Sam, the father of one of the boys in her moving on circle. Sam is also one of the ambulance drivers that helped save her life.

As she gets to know him, a new love story begins to grow in her life. Nathan gets in contact with her and offers her a job in the USA. She interviews for this job and gets accepted. It is such a hard decision for Lou as she had just started to fall for Sam. View all 6 comments. Lou will get happy in this one, she has to! If not I might just end up throwing another book against a wall. I get the feeling I might need it.

View all 12 comments. Andrea Valeska I wish you luck reading this book! XD Thank you, Andrea! So disappointing Jojo Moyes is one of my top favorite authors, I have loved every book I have read of hers up until this one.

Me Before You is in my top five favorite books of all time, I still get emotional just thinking about that story. I wish so much that I could say this novel was a worthy sequel, but to me it just wasn't, not even close. This sequel in my opinion, is the exact reason that kind of perfection just shouldn't be messed with.

Me Before You was written as a stand alone, and So disappointing Me Before You was written as a stand alone, and after reading this one, I honestly feel it should have been left that way.

I know that Moyes wrote this story in response to her fans who wanted more of this story that they loved, but that doesn't mean it was a good idea to go there. Me Before You had my all time favorite epilogue, and I can say that re-reading that evoked more emotion from me than this entire sequel did. After You was not only unnecessary, but it felt contrived, and to be honest, I'm sorry that I read it.

On a positive note I am looking forward to the film. I plan to watch it in my own house on dvd after everyone else is in bed, with a box of tissues, a gallon of chocolate ice cream, and maybe some wine.

Please don't open this unless you want spoilers. Here's my spoilerish emotional outburst, or the rest of my review. Nothing about that felt authentic to me.

I felt like it was just a cheesy way to try to keep Will and his family in the story. If you hate that part of the story, it's really hard to like the book because it really takes over. And the fact that it was Lily who was there when she fell?

Oh, brother. And holy hell, how many different characters did she need to bring into this? I don't care about Will's father either. Also, I think I just missed Will. I liked Sam, but I just really didn't feel their connection.

This was supposed to be about Louisa's journey after Will, and she wasn't even the focus of the book. View all 53 comments. View all 13 comments.