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There Prithvi Raj Chauhan was made blind. The story doesn't ends here. Prithvi Raj Raso hindi book also deals with how Prithvi Raj Chauhan. पृथ्वीराज चौहान इतिहास – Prithviraj Chauhan History In Hindi. Here is the best website for Read Prithviraj Chauhan's full history in Hindi. which may be considered the one and important source of Rajput history. Chand Bardai, the royal band of Prithviraj Chauhan of Delhi and Ajmer narrates the heroic . G.S. Ojha has written the first book in Hindi language named ' Prachin.

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Prithviraj Chauhan,biography,pdf. in Priviraj Raso. Here i give you a free book in Hindi which is about of Prithviraj Chauhan. Size - Mb. Prithviraja III popularly known as Prithviraj Chauhan or Rai Pithora in the folk legends, was an .. These include the Hindi movie Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan and the Hindi television serial Dharti Ka Veer . History of Mewar, from Earliest Times to A.D. Mateshwari. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Download Prithviraj Chauhan Biography In Hindi PDF Free Prithviraj Chauhan was the last independent Hindu king to the throne of Delhi. He a.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This designation is inaccurate, as several stronger Hindu rulers flourished in South India after him, and even some contemporary Hindu rulers in northern India were at least as powerful as him. The combined Chandela-Gahadavala army attacked Prithviraj's camp, but was defeated. Jaggadeva then threatened to have Abhayada sewn in a donkey's belly if he harassed the people of Sapadalaksha. Prithviraj had a dedicated ministry for pandits scholars and poets, which was under the charge of Padmanabha. Views Read Edit View history. The legendary account of Prithviraj's campaign against the Chandelas goes like this:

However, this legend is not mentioned in other historical sources such as Prithviraja-Prabandha , Prabandha-Chintamani , Prabandha-Kosha and Hammira-Mahakavya. According to Dasharatha Sharma [31] and R. Singh, [32] there might be some historical truth in this legend, as it is mentioned in three different sources. All three sources place the event sometime before Prithviraj's final confrontation with Muhammad of Ghor in CE.

No historical records suggest existence of these persons.

Prithviraj Chauhan

This is historically inaccurate, as Delhi was annexed to the Chahamana territory by Prithviraj's uncle Vigraharaja IV. The claim about his daughter's marriage to Prithviraj appears to have been concocted at a later date. Prithviraj's predecessors had faced multiple raids from the Muslim dynasties that had captured the north-western areas of the Indian subcontinent by the 12th century. During its march to Gujarat, the Ghurid army appears to have passed through the western frontier of the Chahamana kingdom, as evident by the destruction of several temples and sacking of the Bhati -ruled Lodhruva.

However, it does not mention any military engagement between the two kingdoms. Prithviraj's chief minister Kadambavasa advised him not to offer any assistance to the rivals of the Ghurids, and to stay away from this conflict.

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Over the next few years, Muhammad of Ghor consolidated his power in the territory to the west of the Chahamanas, conquering Peshawar , Sindh , and Punjab. He shifted his base from Ghazna to Punjab, and made attempts to expand his empire eastwards, which brought him into conflict with Prithviraj. Prithviraja Vijaya mentions that Muhammad of Ghor sent an ambassador to Prithviraj, but does not provide any details.

The envoy tried to convince Prithviraj to "abandon belligerence and pursue the path of rectitude", but was unsuccessful. As a result, Muhammad decided to wage a war against Prithviraj. The medieval Muslim writers mention only one or two battles between the two rulers.

Jami-ul-Hikaya and Taj-ul-Maasir mention only the second battle of Tarain, in which Prithviraj was defeated.

History prithviraj in hindi pdf chauhan

However, the Hindu and Jain writers state that Prithviraj defeated Muhammad multiple times before being killed: While these accounts seem to exaggerate the number, it is possible that more than two engagements took place between the Ghurids and the Chahamanas during Prithviraj's reign. He placed it under the charge of Zia-ud-din, the Qazi of Tulak , supported by horsemen. When Prithviraj learned about this, marched towards Tabarhindah with his feudatories, including Govindaraja of Delhi.

According to the 16th century Muslim historian Firishta , his force comprised , horses and 3, elephants. Muhammad's original plan was to return to his base after conquering Tabarhindah, but when he heard about Prithviraj's march, he decided to put up a fight.

He set out with an army, and encountered Prithviraj's forces at Tarain. Muhammad of Ghor was injured and forced to retreat. Prithviraj did not pursue the retreating Ghurid army, not wanting to invade hostile territory or misjudge Ghori's ambition.

Chauhan history hindi pdf in prithviraj

Prithviraj seems to have treated the first battle of Tarain as merely a frontier fight. This view is strengthened by the fact that he made little preparations for any future clash with Muhammad of Ghor. According to Prithviraj Raso , during the period preceding his final confrontation with the Ghurids, he neglected the affairs of the state and spent time in merry-making.

Meanwhile, Muhammad of Ghor returned to Ghazna , and made preparations to avenge his defeat. According to Tabaqat-i Nasiri , he gathered a well-equipped army of , select Afghan , Tajik and Turkic horsemen over the next few months. Prithviraj had been left without any allies as a result of his wars against the neighbouring Hindu kings. The 16th century Muslim historian Firishta estimated the strength of Prithviraj's army as , horses and 3, elephants, in addition to a large infantry.

Muhammad insisted that he needed time to confer his Ghazna -based brother Ghiyath al-Din. According to Firishta, he agreed to a truce until he received an answer from his brother. However, he planned an attack against the Chahamanas. According to Jawami ul-Hikayat , Muhammad assigned a few men to keep the fires in his camp burning at night, while he marched off in another direction with the rest of his army.

This gave the Chahamanas an impression that the Ghurid army was still encamped, observing the truce. After reaching several miles away, Muhammad formed four divisions, with 10, archers each. He kept the rest of his army in reserve. He ordered the four divisions to launch an attack on the Chahamana camp, and then pretend a retreat. At dawn, the four divisions of the Ghurid army attacked the Chahamana camp, while Prithviraj was still asleep. After a brief fight, the Ghurid divisions pretended to retreat in accordance with Muhammad's strategy.

Prithviraj was thus lured into chasing them, and by the afternoon, the Chahamana army was exhausted as a result of this pursuit. At this point, Muhammad led his reserve force and attacked the Chahamanas, decisively defeating them. According to Taj-ul-Maasir , Prithviraj's camp lost , men including Govindaraja of Delhi in this debacle. Prithviraj himself tried to escape on a horse, but was pursued and caught near the Sarasvati fort possibly modern Sirsa.

Most medieval sources state that Prithviraj was taken to the Chahamana capital Ajmer , where Muhammad planned to reinstate him as a Ghurid vassal. Sometime later, Prithviraj rebelled against Muhammad, and was killed for treason.

प्रथ्वीराज रासो | Prithvi Raj Raso Hindi Book PDF Free Download

After Prithviraj's death, Muhammad installed the Chahamana prince Govindaraja on the throne of Ajmer, which further supports this theory. The 13th-century Persian historian Minhaj-i-Siraj states that Prithviraj was "sent to hell" after being captured. The 16th-century historian Firishta also supports this account. Singh believes that no such conclusion can be drawn from Minhaj's writings. The Prithviraj Raso claims that Prithviraj was taken to Ghazna as a prisoner, and blinded.

On hearing this, the poet Chand Bardai traveled to Ghazna and tricked Muhammad of Ghor into watching an archery performance by the blind Prithviraj. During this performance, Prithviraj shot the arrow in the direction of Muhammad's voice and killed him.

Pdf history hindi prithviraj in chauhan

Muhammad of Ghor continued to rule for more than a decade after Prithviraj's death. After Prithviraj's death, the Ghurids appointed his son Govindaraja on the throne of Ajmer as their vassal. In CE, Prithviraj's younger brother Hariraja dethroned Govindaraja, and recaptured a part of his ancestral kingdom.

Govindaraja moved to Ranastambhapura modern Ranthambore , where he established a new Chahamana branch of vassal rulers.

Hariraja was later defeated by the Ghurid general Qutb al-Din Aibak. Prithviraj had a dedicated ministry for pandits scholars and poets, which was under the charge of Padmanabha.


His court had a number of poets and scholars, including: Prithviraj had encamped there at the time. Jinapati was later invited to Ajmer by a rich Jain merchant. There, Prithviraj issued him a jaya-patra certificate of victory. According to historian R. Singh, at its height, Prithviraj's empire extended from Sutlej river in the west to the Betwa river in the east, and from the Himalayan foothills in the north to the foot of Mount Abu in the south.

Thus, it included parts of present-day Rajasthan , southern Punjab , northern Madhya Pradesh , and western Uttar Pradesh. Only seven inscriptions dated to Prithviraj's reign are available; none of these were issued by the king himself: After his death, Prithviraj came to be portrayed as a patriotic Hindu warrior who fought against Muslim enemies. Prithviraj has been described as "the last Hindu emperor" in eulogies.

Chauhan hindi in prithviraj pdf history

This designation is inaccurate, as several stronger Hindu rulers flourished in South India after him, and even some contemporary Hindu rulers in northern India were at least as powerful as him. Nevertheless, the 19th century British officer James Tod repeatedly used this term to describe Prithviraj in his Annals and Antiquities of Rajas'han. Tod was influenced by the medieval Persian language Muslim accounts, which present Prithviraj as a major ruler and portray his defeat as a major milestone in the Islamic conquest of India.

After Tod, several narratives continued to describe Prithviraj as "the last Hindu emperor". Memorials dedicated to Prithviraj have been constructed in Ajmer and Delhi. He was also one of the first historical figures to be covered in Amar Chitra Katha No.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 10 April For other uses, see Prithviraj Chauhan disambiguation. Statue of Prithviraj Chauhan at Ajmer. Main article: Battles of Tarain. Find-spots of inscriptions from Prithviraj's reign, in present-day India. Singh , p. Somani , p. Singh , pp. Somani , pp. Volume Two: Cynthia Talbot The Last Hindu Emperor: Prithviraj Cauhan and the Indian Past, — Cambridge University Press.

Dasharatha Sharma Konstantin S Nossov Indian Castles — The Rise and Fall of the Delhi Sultanate. Singh Somani History of Mewar, from Earliest Times to A. Satish Chandra Medieval India: From Sultanat to the Mughals — Har-Anand Publications.

Sisirkumar Mitra Motilal Banarsidass. Chahamanas of Shakambhari Chauhans of Ajmer. Prithviraj Chauhan was the last independent Hindu king to the throne of Delhi. He ascended the throne in , age 20, and they dominated from the twin capitals of Ajmer and Delhi, he received from his grandfather Balla Sena Sena dynasty of Bengal. Love story with Samyukta, the daughter of his enemy, Jaichand, is very famous.

Samyukta Dev with them the day that "Swayamwara" is a popular romantic tale in India and is the subject of shallow Prithviraj, the poem consists Chauhan court poet and friend Chand Bardi. Muhammad of Ghor invaded India in and won the first battle of Tarain. After defeating the army of Muhammad of Ghor attacking army was asked to retire, but in true Rajput tradition he refused to do, because the war is not consistent with the fair.

He was treated very seriously, and his eyes burned with irons on the grill and became blind. Prithviraj but lost courage. Assisted by his friend and court poet Chand Bardi, it is believed that Muhammad of Ghor died of his talent to hit a single target based on the sound produced by it. He demonstrated this skill in archery competitions organized by Muhammad of Ghor.

When praised Muhammad of Ghor Ghor Prithviraj voice and launched the arrow at him. Muhammad of Ghor was so dead. To avoid death at the hands of the enemy, he and his friend Chand Bardi esfaqueou others. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. More Ebook Control Update by Category. Feedjit Live Blog Stats.