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download or read book online in pdf or epub. [Read Online] You Had Me At Hello | Book by Mhairi McFarlane | Review, Discussion. [Book] Download You Had Me At Hello PDF. By Mhairi McFarlane. You Had Me At Hello you can download free book and read You Had Me At Hello for free. 'With the way things have turned out, you don't have to spoil what you and Ben had. You don't have to slowly go off each other, see the other one get senile and .

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You Had Me at Hello by Mhairi McFarlane - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. “Think of the great duos of history. We're just . You Had Me At Hello by Mhairi McFarlane - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. What happens when the one that got away. What happens when the one that got away comes back? Find out in this sparkling comedy from bestseller, Mhairi McFarlane.'Think of the great duos of history.

Big Ears? But the author's knack for accuracy,escalates it to addictive heights. Oh shit, I forgot. He still looks fine, Caroline says, and my stomach starts flopping around like a live crustacean heading for the pot in the Yang Sing kitchen. I remember Ben! Your choice, I say, shakily.

Rachel has a relationship with Rhys back them and Ben is single and they both start a very beautiful friendship. Yeah, I know, something is gonna happen, right? When you start reading the book you don't know how they parted ways after University so you are all the time wondering what happened and what made them lose contact.

You'll get your answers eventually. Caroline, her best 'happily married' best friend tells her she's seen Ben in town and as her life has been turned upside down after her breaking her relationship with Rhys, she decides she wants to see Ben once again. But Ben is not that single hot guy anymore, he's married now So this is the premise of their story, the book goes backwards and forwards all the time and you get to know more about their story when they were younger, what they felt for each other, what happened between them and what made them to come apart.

An Epilogue would have been nice. That part when Ben view spoiler [ accused Rachel of trying to break his marriage. That was very soap opera-ish, didn't buy it, especially when he was in her same situation 13 years ago. View all 52 comments. Jan 28, Joana rated it it was amazing Shelves: The story begins when Rachel, discussing her upcoming wedding, realizes that she and Rhys are not right for each other. To a point she doesn't know why they're still together.

And she comes to a decision to call it off. One day, after several turn of events she bumps to Ben, a friend from Uni, that she hasn't spoke in 10 years. Now we so get that it's a whole more in that story than meets the eye. And it always seems that they want to say more t What happens when the one that got away comes back? And it always seems that they want to say more than they're able to. But well, now Ben is married. Completely off charts but even so, she can't help to be friends with him, to have him in her life, even in a small way.

Did I really want to sit here listening to how he promised all his remaining days to someone else? Couldn't I have taken that as a given? Did I want to discover a broken man?

I wanted him to be happy and it was also going to be the thing that hurt the most. That's the reason this was such a bad idea. One of the reasons. Through the book, we get several flashbacks of their story, how they met and how they friendship grew.

They were a duo, a club exclusive for 2. And in those chapter you can just feel how connected they were. And you keep wondering what went wrong? Ok, i completely LOVE this book. It was actually a whole lot more than just Ben and Rachel story. I love her relationship with her friends, Mindy, Ivor and Caroline And gosh they were fun!

Each one of them could give advices and each one gave a different vibe in the whole group. And that all comming out scene, made me laugh like crazy!!!! I seriously wanted to punch this 2 in the face!! Gosh, in some points i actually yelled at my kindle, because I couldn't believe how she didn't see how crazy he was about her However, in the other scenes she was quite awesome.

I just wished we could get an epilogue or something like that, I know i'm greedy! Oh and if you get the chance to read this book, do what i did View all 31 comments.

Sep 17, La-Lionne rated it it was ok Shelves: I had such a high expectations for this book. I read couple of reviews that got me all exited, but it was a bit of a let down. The story had a really great beginning.

A collage kid proposing to a girl. It was funny, sweet and romantic. The prologue ends and you are in the present: Now she is single. There is a lot of her hanging out with her friends. Some moments were fun and some were just blah. I struggled to see the relevance to the story.

I liked her friends, they were a fun bunch, but their get togethers were soooo dragged out. The conversations went on and on. The story would have been just fine without a lot of them. The writing was good, but it could have benefited from a good editor. Then our heroine meets bumps into the hero of the story.

Here I though ok, let's have some fun reading about them catching up on the lost time. Unfortunately, I felt like their relationship took a backseat in the story. There was a lot of talk about her being 31 years old and having a carrier, her collage friends, and her social life outside their relationship. Which confused me, I thought this story was about the one that got away? I kind of liked their first interactions, but as I read further, she became kind of a bitch, in my opinion.

And towards the end I couldn't care less what will happen to them. The book is not horrible, the writing is alright and it wasn't a complete waste of time, but for me, overall, it was boring. I hope our next BR is better, Rosalinda ;-. BR with Rosalinda! View all 37 comments. Jul 15, Namratha rated it really liked it Shelves: And also: Ben and Rachel met in university and hit it off immediately. They were young and idealistic and sharp as a pair of new scissors.

They were best friends and partners-in-crime. A steady boyfriend on Rachel's part and a slew of blonde bedmates on Ben's part never put their friendship in their jeopardy. When they meet each other again, Rachel feels the friendship and oh, so much more come rushing back.

I have a brand new copy of this book and it already looks like an old-timer because I have moved back and forth, folded up my favourite bits and generally made it a tad messy with greasy potato-chip fingers only the best and most engaging books get stained with greasy potato- chip fingers.

Why did I love the book to literal bits 'n' pieces? Rachel Woodford is plain out lovable. She is. There are no silly dramatics, no oh-Lordy-I'm-such-a-quirky-doofus moments, no histrionics Sure, she is self-deprecating and a tad confused. But she's also mature, intelligent and burdened with a vulnerable streak.

Her daydreams are geekily adorable too: More of my fantasy fiction: I should throw in a few elves as ring-bearers. Rhys was etched wonderfully. And yet, the author furnishes him with just enough likeable traits so that he doesn't get slot into the bad guy-category.

Ben is beautiful, inside and out. Ben is noble. Ben is all about the happily-ever-afters and the orange blossoms and the white picket fence.

You Had Me At Hello by Mhairi McFarlane

Ben is funny, blessed with wit and also, with loyalty. He may not have married his soulmate but he will never cheat on his wife. Ben is the man of our untouched-by-cynicism dreams.

Ben is the perfect mate. And despite being so faultless on paper, he never grates on your nerves. Never, not once. Hail the slightly demented but ever-faithful trinity. Their characters are effectively summed up by these descriptions: She's sympathetic without being indulgent.

The difference between seeing the school nurse instead of your mum when you're grazed your knee. I call Mindy. She listens to the problem and writes a brief prescription. Go somewhere upmarket. Buy one size up if that looks better, shelve your pride. Pay whatever it costs. Wear with any heels you know you can walk in. Why should a man surrounded by woman be homosexual? Hugh Hefner doesn't get this treatment.

Obviously I should wear a dressing gown and slippers all day. Okay, not kill, just maim or slightly injure Hail Dobby! McFarlane is flawless. Her writing flows like the proverbial butter melting on a hot knife. Her wit, her empathy for her heroine, her kangaroo-like ability to hop between the past and the present keeps you thoroughly engaged.

If nothing else, I fell a little bit in love with her just for this wonderful way in which she summed up a single woman in her thirties: The story is nothing new. It's isn't earth-shattering in it's originality.

But the author's knack for accuracy,escalates it to addictive heights. Falling in love with your best friend is the best and seemingly secure feeling in the world. Having that love unrequited makes you feeling pretty much buried under seven-layers-of-turd.

McFarlane covers the whole spectrum of these emotions without ever getting maudlin or schmaltzy.

You Had Me at Hello by Mhairi McFarlane

To conclude, it's a cozy, funny , spirited, funny , emotional, funny , romantic, BRIT funny read. Did I mention that it's very very funny?!?

Pick the book up. You won't be disappointed. View all 4 comments. Nov 25, Bethan rated it it was ok. I have no idea how this is rated so highly on Goodreads: Add to this obscure references about Manchester, and "You had me at hello" quickly turned into "I can't wait to say goodbye".

Hello at had pdf me you mhairi mcfarlane

Sep 14, Jo Barton rated it it was amazing. There is nothing remotely contrived about this book, it is evident from the opening chapter that Mhairi McFarlane has a real skill with words. Her narrative is sharp and sassy, and she infuses her characters with such an abundance of spirit, that it is an absolute joy to read about them.

Rachel and Ben's story engulfs from the very beginning, and alongside some laugh out loud funny moments, there are some situations which really tug on the old heart strings. When I finished reading the book I fe There is nothing remotely contrived about this book, it is evident from the opening chapter that Mhairi McFarlane has a real skill with words.

When I finished reading the book I felt quite bereft, it was almost like I had lost some good friends, and unusually for me, I was sorely tempted to start back at the beginning and read the whole story again. Jul 09, Kylie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I really love this book, sure I hated Olivia and Simon but screw them because I loved Rachel, Mindy, Caroline an Ivon the last theee are the greatest friends I will tell you.

At firs I struggled to get into the book. I would definitely recommend it!. Props to the author. La Mcfarlaine ha uno stile molto sobrio, che riesce a focalizzare esclusivamente l'attenzione del lettore sui due protagonisti. Avvalendosi di sagacia e umorismo ha saputo sottolineare i difetti e i pregi, senza rendere i personaggi delle caricature di se stessi, ma sottolineandone ogni caratteristica.

Ho adorato quindi Rachel per il suo carattere brillante ed estroverso, per la sua dolcezza e insicurezza, e le avrei dato volentieri una testata per tutte le volte che non ha saputo mostrarsi coraggiosa con Ben. Si Ben a fiumi. Un uomo creato e raccontato per stregare una lettrice: A be ok bello e sensuale oltre ogni dire Questi due sono l'incarnazione delle anime gemelle per antonomasia, sono fatti per stare insieme ed invece si ostinano ad essere solo amici, negandosi uno di quegli amori che si leggono raramente.

View 1 comment. Rachel e Ben. Ben e Rachel. Jul 23, Yoda rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book is so adorable I could die. I actually got butterflies in my stomach while reading this!

Aah I just love, love, love Ben and his friendship with Rachel. Its a well written story with engaging characters, there is not one single character in this book thats spendable.

I just wish I had more books by Mahiri McFarlane. I seriously cannot oversell this, no matter what expectations you have it will be better! Nov 11, Kaila rated it liked it Shelves: It was definitely an enjoyable read, but not at all what I was expecting. It was fun and the characters were interesting, but the romance was not at all what I had hoped. To me, this read like 3. To me, this read like a British rom com film. As a lover of rom coms, I did appreciate this but I did find myself wishing I was watching it on screen rather than reading it.

Objectively, I enjoyed the book but really not as much as I could have. This includes the names of all the characters and major events. Many different aspects of the book remind me of other books and movies, rather than having an original and unique storyline. Because I could picture scenes vividly, as if watching a rom com, I found many of the interactions more humorous and interesting. This book was very witty and humorous,, which is the major aspect that drew me to the story.

Rachel was often down on luck and had very humorous commentary on what was happening to her. She remained mostly positive despite some unfortunate circumstances. I think this somewhat hindered my enjoyment of the book. In this lively and compelling account-now updated with new material by the author-Rubin chronicles her adventures during the twelve months she spent test-driving the wisdom of the ages, including Heidegger, Gadamer and Ricoeur main topics in hermeneutics such as language, truth, relativism and history the engagement of hermeneutics with central disciplines such as literature, religion, race and gender, and art hermeneutics and world philosophies including Asian, Islamic and Judaic thought hermeneutic challenges and debates, such as critical theory, structuralism and phenomenology.

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We called both sets of parents when we got home, ostensibly to share our joy, maybe also so we couldnt go back on it when wed sobered up. Not moonlight and sonatas but, as Rhys would say, life isnt. Now I picture this day, supposedly the happiest day of our lives, full of compromises and swallowed irritation and Rhys being clubby and standoffish with his band mates, the way he was when I first met him, when being in his gang had been all my undeveloped heart muscle desired.

For how long is the band going to be the third person in this relationship? Are you going to be out at rehearsals when Im home with a screaming baby? Rhys pulls the wine glass from his lips. Wheres that come from? What, Ive got to be a different person, give up something I love, to be good enough for you? I didnt say that. I just dont think you playing should be getting in the way of us spending time together on our wedding day.

Well have a lifetime together afterwards.

Mhairi McFarlane

He says this as if its a sentence in Strangeways, with shower bumming, six am exercise drills in the yard and smuggling coded messages to people on the outside. Pub 7. I take a deep breath, and feel a hard, heavy weight beneath my ribcage, a pain that I could try to dissolve with wine. It has worked in the past. Im not sure this wedding is a good idea. Its out. The nagging thought has bubbled up right through from subconscious to conscious and has continued onwards, leaving my mouth.

Im surprised I dont want to take it back. Rhys shrugs. I said to do a flit abroad. You wanted to do it here. No, I mean I dont think getting married at the moment is a good idea. Well, its going to look pretty fucking weird if we call it off. Thats not a good enough reason to go through with it. Give me a reason. Maybe Im the one sending desperate messages in code.

Mhairi at mcfarlane hello me pdf you had

I realise that Ive come to an understanding, woken up, and Rhys isnt hearing the urgency. Ive said the sort of thing we dont say. Refusal to listen isnt enough of a response. He gives an extravagant sigh, one full of unarticulated exhaustion at the terrible trials of living with me. Youve been spoiling for a fight ever since you got home. No I havent! And now youre going to sulk to try to force me into agreeing to some DJ wholl play rubbish for you and your divvy friends when youre pissed.

Book it, do it all your way, I cant be bothered to argue. Rhys takes a slug of wine, stands up. Im going to get on with dinner, then. Dont you think the fact we cant agree on this might be telling us something? He sits again, heavily. Oh, Jesus, Rachel, dont try to turn this into a drama, its been a long week.

I havent got the energy for a tantrum. Im tired, too, but not from five days of work. Im tired of the effort of pretending. Were about to spend thousands of pounds on the pretence, in front of all of the people who know us best, and the prospects making me horribly queasy. The thing is, Rhyss incomprehension is reasonable. His behaviour is business as usual. This is business as usual. Its something in me thats snapped. A piece of my machinery has.

Its not a good idea for us to get married, full stop, I say. Because Im not sure its even a good idea for us to be together. Were not happy. Rhys looks slightly stunned. Then his face closes, a mask of defiance again. Youre not happy? No, Im not happy. Are you? Rhys squeezes his eyes shut, sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose. Not at this exact moment, funnily enough. In general? I persist. What is happy, for the purposes of this argument? Prancing through meadows in a stoned haze and see-through blouse, picking daisies?

Then no, Im not. I love you and I thought you loved me enough to make an effort. But obviously not. There is a middle ground between stoner daisies and constant bickering. Grow up, Rachel.


Rhyss stock reaction to any of my doubts has always been this: Everyone else knows this is simply what relationships are and you have unrealistic expectations.

I used to like his certainty.

Mcfarlane hello you me mhairi pdf had at

Now Im not so sure. Its not enough, I say. What are you saying? You want to move out? I dont believe you. Neither do I, after all this time. Its been quite an acceleration, from nought to splitting up in a few minutes. Ive practically got hamster cheeks from the G force. This could be why its taken us so long to get round to tying the knot. We knew itd bring certain fuzzy things into sharper focus. Ill start looking for places to rent tomorrow. Is this all its worth, after thirteen years?

You wont do what I want for the wedding see ya, bye? Its not really the wedding. Funny how these problems hit you now, when youre not getting your own way. Dont recall thisintrospection when I was buying the ring. He has a point. Have I manufactured this row to give me a reason? Are my reasons good enough? I weaken. Perhaps Im going to wake up tomorrow and think this was all a mistake. Perhaps this dark, apocalyptic mood of terrible clarity will clear up like the rain thats still pelting down outside.

Maybe we could go out for lunch tomorrow, scribble down the shared song choices on a napkin, start getting enthused again OKif this is going to work, we have to change things. Stop getting at each other all the time. See a counsellor, or something. He can offer me next to nothing here, and I will stay. Thats how pathetic my resolve is. Rhys frowns. Im not sitting there while you tell some speccy wonk at Relate about what a bastard I am to you.

Im not putting the wedding off. Either we do it, or forget it. Im talking about our future, whether we have one, and all you care about is what people will think if we cancel the wedding? Youre not the only one who can give ultimatums.

Is this a game? If youre not sure after this long, you never will be. Theres nothing to talk about. Your choice, I say, shakily. No, your choice, he spits. As always. After all Ive sacrificed for you This sends me up into the air, the kind of anger where you levitate two feet off the ground as if you have rocket launchers on your heels.

You have not given anything up for me! You chose to move to Manchester! You act like I have this debt to you I can never repay and its bullshit! That band was going to split up anyway! You are such a selfish, spoilt brat, he bellows back, getting to his feet as well, because shouting from a seated position is never as effective.

You want what you want, and you never think about what other people have to give up to make it happen. Youre doing the same with this wedding. Youre the worst kind of selfish because you think youre not. And as for the band, how fucking dare you say you know how things wouldve turned out. If I could go back and do things differently Tell me about it! I scream. We both stand there, breathing heavily, a two-person Mexican standoff with words as weapons. Right, Rhys says, eventually.

Im going back home for the weekend I dont want to stay here and take this shit. Start looking for somewhere else to live. I drop back down on the sofa and sit with my hands in my lap. I listen to the sounds of him stomping around upstairs, filling an overnight bag.

Tears run down my cheeks and into the I hear Rhys in the kitchen and I realise hes turning the light off underneath the pan of chilli. Somehow, this tiny moment of consideration is worse than anything he could say.

I put my face in my hands. After a few more minutes, Im startled by his voice, right next to me. Is there anyone else? I look up, bleary. You heard. Of course not.

Rhys hesitates, then adds: I dont know why youre crying. This is what you want. He slams the front door so hard behind him, it sounds like a gun-shot. In the shock of my sudden singlehood, my best friend Caroline and our mutual friends Mindy and Ivor rally round and ask the question of the truly sympathetic: Do you want us all to go out and get really really drunk? Rhys wasnt missing in action as far as they were concerned: And he used to observe that Mindy and Ivor sound like a pair of Play School presenters.

Mindy is Indian, its an abbreviation of Parminder. She calls Mindy her white world alias. I can move among you entirely undetected. Apart from the being brown thing. As for Ivor, his dads got a thing about Norse legends. Its been a bit of an albatross, thanks to a certain piece of classic childrens animation.

Ivor endured the rugby players in our halls of residence at university calling him the engine and claiming he made a pessshhhtycoom, pessshhhty-coom noise at intimate moments. Those same rugby players drank each others urine and phlegm for dares and drove Ivor upstairs to meet the girls floor, which is how we became a mixed sex unit of four. Our platonic company, combined with his closeshaved head, black-rimmed glasses and love of trendy Japanese trainers led to a frequent assumption that Ivor was gay.

Hes since gone into computer game programming and, given there are practically no women in the profession whatsoever, he feels this misconception could see him missing out on valuable opportunities. Its counter-intuitive, he always complains. Why should a man surrounded by women be homosexual? Hugh Hefner doesnt get this treatment.

Obviously I should wear a dressing gown and slippers all day. Anyway, Im not quite ready to face cocktail bar society, so I opt for a night in drinking the domestic variety, invariably more lethal. Carolines house in Chorlton is always the obvious choice to meet, as unlike the rest of us shes married, and has an amazing one. I mean house, not spouse no disrespect to Graeme. Hes away on one of his frequent boys golfing weekends.

Caroline is a very well paid accountant for a very large chain of supermarkets, and a proper adult: At university, she wore quilted gilets and was a member of the rowing club. When I used to express my amazement to the others that she could get up early and exercise after a hard night on the sauce, Ivor used to say, groggily: Its a posh thing. Norman genes. She has to go off and conquer stuff.

He could be on to something about her ancestry. Shes tall, blonde and has what I believe is called an aquiline profile. She says she looks like an ant eater; if so, its kind of ant-eaterby-way-of-Grace-Kelly. I have the job of slicing limes and salting the rims of the glasses on Carolines spotlessly sleek black Corian worktop while she blasts ice, tequila and Cointreau into a slurry in a candy apple red KitchenAid.

In between these deafening bursts, from her regal perch on the sofa, Mindy is gifting us, as usual, with the Tao of Mindy. The difference between thirty and thirty-one is the difference between a funeral and the grieving process. Caroline starts spooning out margarita mixture. Turning thirty is like a funeral? The funeral for your youth. Lots of drink and sympathy and attention and flowers, and you see everyone you know. And for a moment there we were worried the comparison was going to be tasteless, Ivor says, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

Hes sitting on the floor, legs outstretched, one arm similarly outstretched, pointing a remote at something lozenge-shaped thats apparently a stereo. Have you really got The Eagles on here, Caroline, or is it a sick joke? Thirty-one is like grieving, Mindy continues. Because getting on with it is much worse, but no-one expects you to complain any more. Oh, we expect you to complain, Mind, I say, carefully passing her a shallow glass that looks like a saucer on a stem.