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Styxx sherrilyn kenyon pdf

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Otherwise, that child would live a life of absolute agony. The only one who did was Galen. Why not tell Archon Shell rip out my heart and devour it if I do. Her only hope was that she found the child first. People make their own reality. A pair of fucking eyes I want to rip out. For the love of the gods, please rip out my throat.

Then a deep, low whisper answered her. Tears filled her eyes and choked her. Only then did he kneel by her side and pull her against him. His muscles were even larger and harder than before. She cradled his head in her hands as he rocked her in his arms. Her tears flowed down her cheeks. You beast! I had no idea we were about to be attacked by our own allies.

I took ten-and-four stabs to my back, hand, side and front and one to my left cheek, just to make sure I was good and humiliated. In spite of the seriousness, she laughed. He pulled her hand to his lips and inhaled her skin before he nibbled her fingers, then he stretched out on his side… with his left cheek up. He placed her hand over his heart and held it there so that she could feel the rapid beat through his chiton.

She moved her hand to toy with his curls that wrapped around her fingers. She kissed his nose.

Kenyon styxx pdf sherrilyn

She made a face at him. Styxx closed his eyes as she licked and teased his chin. This alone had been worth coming back for. But even as that thought made him smile, fear made his stomach ache. How would she react if she learned who he really was? She would hate you as much as everyone else. And if she ever learned of the wretched, degrading bargain Apollo had forced on him….

The only one who did was Galen. Not even when they kicked him in the crotch and left him bleeding.

Pdf kenyon styxx sherrilyn

I fear war has changed me. I spent almost two years ankle deep in blood and body parts. We burned our dead, day and night until the stench of it is permanently lodged in my throat and nose.

STYXX by Sherrilyn Kenyon Chapter One

There were days when the fighting was so thick that enemy arrows and spears blocked out the sun from us. She knew each of the battles he spoke of and the horrors. Never before had she understood the fear of the families left behind and how hard it was to wait for a loved one they might never see again. Tears welled in her eyes as she wished she could take those memories from him. She smiled at his humor, then kissed him. She knew just how temporary the truce would be. As hard as it is to live with the memories of war, I would never be able to face myself as a coward.

Is your uncle still annoying you? Has your mother finally killed your Aunt Epi? Did your grandfather ever get his sword back from his brother? Styxx cursed silently as he entered the room. He looked every bit as wan and weak as Styxx felt.

Words failed him, too. What did brothers say to each other after all that had happened to divide them? There was no trace of the abuse he knew his brother had been through.

Nor a single battle scar Styxx laughed bitterly at his accusation. Believe me, I did nothing to save either of us. Why you? What makes you better than me? A pair of fucking eyes I want to rip out. Did the cook burn your toast this morning? Or was your bath water too cold? Did your valet forget to leave out the right garment? Acheron was just like everyone else. Making assumptions based on nothing but stupidity.

Instead, because of Acheron, the king had always been suspicious and cold. Never quite certain Styxx was his.

While their father doted entirely on Ryssa, there had always been a hint of reservation in his eyes when he looked at Styxx. Styxx shook his head. But Acheron would never believe the truth, anymore than Ryssa did and Ryssa had borne witness to some of it.

Still, she had it in her mind that he was the one their father favored. People make their own reality. That was what Praxis had taught him years ago.

A hundred people can witness the same exact event and give two hundred and three different accountings of it. Everything is filtered through our emotions, Young Prince. As king, your job will be to listen to both sides of every matter and try to find the truth that lies somewhere between the opposing accounts.

Styxx had seen the veracity of that time and again as he sat with his father and listened to testimony from the nobles and citizens as they brought trial against each other. The subtlest gesture that was misread Styxx paused inside the courtyard doorway as he caught sight of Apollymi sitting on a stone bench that overlooked a dark fountain.

So this was the bitch who had forever changed and ruined his life Styxx swallowed hard as that old wound ripped open and flooded him with pain. This was the present and once again, Acheron needed him. Taking a deep breath, Styxx studied the goddess who despised him even more than his own mother and sister had. Her pale blond hair was a stark contrast to her black gown, both of which flowed around her perfect body. Ironically, the Atlantean goddess of ultimate pain and destruction had to be the most beautiful woman who had ever lived.

The splashing water made a soothing sound in spite of the fact that they were both currently in hell. Her isolation struck him hard as the memory of his own slammed into him and reawakened a horror he did his best every waking minute to forever bury. There was nothing worse than to exist in a tight hole where the only company you had was the sight of your own face in a cold reflection that showed you just how much you hated yourself.

His gaze went to the two Charontes who stood on opposite sides of her. Not to mention, she had an entire Daimon army to serve her and keep her company.

Just speak. He narrowed his gaze on Apollymi as his hatred rose to swallow every last remnant of his pain. She rose with the same slow, graceful movements he was now trying to learn from Acheron.

Sherrilyn kenyon pdf styxx

As she turned to face him, her eyes flashed from swirling silver to a deep, vibrant red- another thing she shared with her son. I see you for what you really are. Styxx caught his bitter laughter out of habit. As a human, that kind of response would have caused his father to knock him through a wall. And that was okay. Before he could blink, she vanished, then reappeared right beside him.

She sank her hand deep into his short blond hair and wrenched it hard. She laughed at his threat, then tightened the grip in his hair. A mere shadow of the man he has become. No one will ever mistake you for him. How could they? Strange to hear his own doubtful litany coming out of someone else's mouth. How he should have been drowned the moment he was born.

Her eyes flashing again, she jerked him against her and sank her fangs into his neck. He gasped at the raw, unrelenting pain of her bite. A pain she took pleasure in giving him. For the love of the gods, please rip out my throat. Maybe then, for a few minutes at least, he might actually be at peace.

But as she drank from him, her hold started to gentle and the pain lessened. Not that he remembered the sensation of being hugged. Apollymi pulled back to look up at him with a stern frown. His blood stained her lips. Styxx shrugged her arms away. She reached out to him, but he stepped back. And honestly, he preferred it that way. Now he could move into his next prison and be done with it.

He wiped the blood off his neck and turned to leave. This time he gave free reign to his disdainful snort. Hell be the mortal prince who hears the voices of the Atlantean gods even when he doesnt worship us. Betanya Agriosa stood up from where shed been sitting next to her mother, Symfora. With flowing black hair and perfect caramel skin, she stood out from the other Atlantean gods. For the record, I want to state my dis plea sure over all this.

I may be the goddess of wrath and misery, but I find it distasteful and wrong to hunt down an innocent child and kill him because of the accidental prophecy of three little girls. Archon glared at her. My daughters may be young, but they hold the power of two pantheons in them. You better than anyone know how powerful that makes them. While his daughters were born of him and the Greek goddess Themis, Betanya was Atlantean and her father the Egyptian god, Set one of the most powerful beings in existence.

Some even claimed Set held more power than Apollymi, and that was something Archon never wanted to test. Betanya arched a brow. You dont fear me. That wasnt true, but Archon w asnt dumb enough to let her know that. Betanya held a lot of dark power herself and he w asnt about to cross her. No one with a brain would.

The last time a god had taken her on, the world had almost ended over it. You dont draw the same powers Apollymi does. And we dont know what powers her son holds. Misos nodded in agreement.

As the son of Apollymi and Archon, he could easily be the mightiest of any pantheon. Archon inclined his head to his brother. We have twenty- one years to find this boy and kill him. We cannot fail. The sooner hes destroyed, the better for us all.

Betanya clenched her teeth as they began to divide the world between them. Apollymi had always been one of her allies. And Bet hadnt been here when the other Atlantean gods had united their powers to trap her in Misoss hell realm, Kalosis.

Personally, she couldnt blame Apollymi for her anger. Had they ganged up on her and locked her away while calling for the life of her child She, too, would show them exactly how dark her powers ran. But like it or not, Betanya was part of this pantheon and would be honor bound to hunt for the child.

Shed just do so leisurely. Her great- grandfather, Misos, approached her. What are you thinking, child? That its a sad day when a mere baby can threaten a pantheon so powerful. While I concur, I would remind you that pantheons have fallen for a lot less. He kissed her brow. Fine, Tattas. She used the Atlantean term for grandfather. Ill take southern Greece and Egypt where I can use my powers to find him She looked back at the leader of this cursed quest and spoke to him.

I have one question, Archon How is it that here at home, where you have full power, you couldnt tell the baby was mortal? The queens son stank of a gods powers. Not to mention, her husband died well before its conception and to our knowledge, shes had no other lovers. That smacked of Basis interference. He growled low in his throat.

Obviously, I was wrong. I should have known Apollymi wouldnt make it that easy on us. Betanya arched a brow at that. There was only one god from outside their pantheon it could possibly be.

It was Apollos son? Most likely.

Kenyon styxx pdf sherrilyn

She cringed inwardly. While she wasnt afraid of the Greek gods, she didnt want to be in another bloody war with them. Every time she went up against their rampant stupidity, she felt like it sucked a portion of her own intelligence out of her.

And you think the Greek god will be all right with your actions? Archon wasnt concerned in the least. Why would he care? He has bastards aplenty he ignores. Besides, he doesnt dare rattle our cage since Atlantis is the only place his Apollites can live and thrive. No other pantheon will tolerate them among their people. And the warring Apollites had been a constant source of grief in.

Atlantis, but Archon didnt see it that way. To him, they w ere another set of beings to honor the Atlantean gods and feed their powers. To her, they were creatures who were as likely to turn on them as they were to continue to worship them. Anything Greek made her skin crawl. She hated them above all races. Out of the corner of her eye, Betanya saw Epithymia slinking out a side door. Tall, beautiful and golden, she was the goddess of all desires. Curious about what had her so skittish, Betanya followed after her.

Outside the hall, she froze instantly. Yes, Bet? What I can do for you? What have you not confessed? Epithymia stiffened. That which I will not confess. Unwilling to play this game, Betanya gestured toward the hall theyd just left. Then perhaps I should tell Archon about this? Dont you dare! Epithymia grabbed her arm and hauled her to acorner so that they couldnt be overheard by anyone.

I have to do something I dont want to do. Kill a baby? Epithymia scoffed. I wish. That would be easy. This from a goddess of light powers? If Epithymia was so quick to kill, it explained so much about Betanyas proclivity for violence. Apollymi has enlisted me in her scheme and I have to do it.

If I dont I cant even tell you what she holds over me because I cant afford for anyone to learn it. That bitch! Betanya frowned. What has she asked you to do? Birth her child. Betanya sucked her breath in sharply at that implication.

Hes not born yet? She shook her head. And if you tell a soul, I swear Ill join Apollymi against you. Rage clouded her vision as Betanya glared at her.

Do not threaten me. God or not, I will feed on your entrails. But in this, you dont have to fear. I have no desire to kill a defenseless baby. Epithymia released her. Because I have a plan. Apollymi wants me to oversee his birth to make sure nothing goes wrong with it, and I intend to deliver him myself.

Betanyas stomach clenched at what the goddess was telling her. You intend to touch a babe who will be born without god powers? She nodded. That was so cold The humans will tear him apart in their desire to possess him. And they will hate him for it. Epithymia winked at her. Im just following my orders from Apollymi. To the letter. Why not tell Archon Shell rip out my heart and devour it if I do. I wouldnt cross that bitch for anything. I cannot even hint at where that child is or anything else about his birth.

She wrung an oath from me. And Atlantean gods could never breach their oaths. As such, they tried their best to never make any. It would be kinder to kill him on delivery than to leave him with your touch and no protection. Epithymia held up her hands.

Apollymi wont let me. So Im doing this her way. And if you breathe a word My oath, I will never tell the ones hunting him where he is or what it is you do. No sooner had those words left her lips than she realized what shed said. It was just such a slip that had cursed poor Apostolos. Epithymia glared at her. I didnt mean There was no need in explaining. I can still kill him if I find him. Epithymia relaxed. Good luck, Agriosa. She left to go to her own temple down the hill.

Betanya sighed at Epis parting shot that referred to the fact that she was also a goddess of the hunt. She absolutely hated the thought of harming a child. Any child.

And yet What shed said was true.

Styxx | Sherrilyn Kenyon

Death would be the kindest act. Otherwise, that child would live a life of absolute agony. No one should be condemned to such a horrific fate. Im sorry, Apostolos. As in all battles, when a soldiers wound was mortal, no matter his age, and there was no doubt he would die from it, the kindest thing was to end his suffering with a single fatal blow.

She would commit this mercy killing and pray that one day Apollymi could understand and forgive her. It was for the good of all. Especially the boy. Her only hope was that she found the child first.

The other gods would not be so merciful to him. June 23, 95 48 B C King Xerxes stared down at the infant boy who peacefully slept in his arms. How could his joy have turned so bitter so fast? For a moment, hed believed himself to be the most blessed of all kings.

That the gods had granted him two sons to rule his vast empire. Did he even have one? There was no doubt that the firstborn, Acheron, was born of the gods. That his wife- queen had whored herself to them and birthed it. But Styxx The king studied every inch of the perfect, sleeping child nestled against his body. Are you mine?