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Argos catalogue pdf

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ArgosCatalogue UK pdf 1, × 1,, 2 pages; KB. ArgosCatalogue UK pdf 1, × 1,, 3 pages; MB. It has PDF versions of most 80's catalogues as well a lot of 70's, 90's and that link to my brother; he was an avid fan of the Argos catalogue. Flash December Free archived data available on ArgosWeb! New JTA tariff policy; How may I access my Argos data? and more. PDF.

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Argos is a UK company that was formed in Orange means I have a PDF copy of the catalogue and blue means that I own a physical copy of that. Even though the event is finished, we still like to keep our ranges fresh and relevant. New products are launching all the time, so keep your eyes peeled for any. UK catalogue shopping online for appliances, DIY, electronics, furniture, garden supplies, gifts, Sign in with your existing Argos account to manage your trolley .

Archived from the original on 25 June Main article: Eddie Strohacker 3, posts 26 months. Digital Spy. However, if delivery is selected then the item s can be paid for and delivered. I'm astonished how mush stuff from the earliest catalogues that I remember from when I was a small boy.

Why not have a nice relaxing sit down on this giant banana-thing? Before Wikipedia, there was Microsoft Encarta Maybe we should donate to Wikipedia after all. The Rebound was the best remote-controlled toy of the s. Our last entry from is Disney's choking hazard collection. The tiny pieces were easy to lose, meaning complete sets are rarer than hen's teeth these days.

These days, you can play it online for free. Thanks, the internet. Golf Master 2 looks particularly exciting. The SunBall was attached to a pair of sunglasses so you could practice headers while looking super cool.

It was voted "best way to break your nose" in Power Rangers: The Movie came out in , so it was a big year for the brightly coloured space ninjas.

Approximately 1. It's your BFF's birthday, but what do you get her? Why, some bumblebee stud earrings and a dummy necklace, of course. BMFM is — without a doubt — the best cartoon about a race of alien, anthropomorphic, motorsport-loving mice ever made. In , you could tell how much money your friends' parents were making based on the quality of their playhouse. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves was quite an adult film.

There were torture scenes, murders, and an attempted rape, so it makes perfect sense to turn it into a series of kids' toys. Take that, Sheriff of Nottingham doll that looks nothing like Alan Rickman!

Argos catalogue scans

Despite the fact that no one could actually use those planet-shaped bouncing toys, everyone owned at least one. They must have had a great PR company.

Interchangeable watches seemed like a great idea The NES was — without a doubt — the very best console of all time. This page really does highlight just how old The Simpsons is. Also, that Bartman costume is the stuff of nightmares. It was amazing. If you were alive in the '80s, you probably owned at least four of these toys. You definitely owned Gordon the Gopher. Everyone did. Jem was the most '80s toy of all time.

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She was basically an equine Miss Havisham. In October , it was announced that the Argos visual branding would be undergoing changes from This began on 23 January, with the relaunch of the main shopping website, and a new logo. The websites claim to make shopping with Argos more accessible. As of , a small number of stores in operation remain unchanged with the original pre branding, store layouts and calculator-style computers, while other stores have been refurbished with new branding, store layouts, colour schemes, and digital touch screen computers that are often used for browsing items and checking stock.

Former "Extra" marked lines will be available in all shops.

Pdf argos catalogue

However, stock levels will entirely depend on the area's demand for that particular line. If it does not sell, then the item will have to be ordered in to that shop. Argos shops in city centres will theoretically have a slightly different stocked-in range than those on retail parks.

Argos (retailer)

In September , Argos announced a click and collect scheme, in partnership with eBay , which will allow customers to collect their eBay purchases from any Argos shop across the United Kingdom. Some shops are also located within a Homebase store. Current editions [ when?

Shop copies are ring-bound and the pages individually laminated. The Argos shopping process either involves completing a small order form with the catalogue numbers of the desired items.

Argos provides red pencils formerly small blue ballpoint pens , then blue pencils in shops for this purpose.

Catalogue pdf argos

The order form is taken to the checkout and the items paid for, then the customer is given a receipt which indicates where they should wait for their items to be brought to them from the storeroom. Additionally, "Quick pay" kiosks are also available to place orders and pay. Customers can also shop and pay for their items online on the Argos app or by the Argos website.

The customer can either pay online and get the item either delivered or "fast tracked". However, if delivery is selected then the item s can be paid for and delivered. Upon handover of the goods if shopping using the catalogue number method , after receiving the receipt from the checkout and the item has been collected by the customer, the receipt is stamped "received" by the shop to ensure that it cannot be re-used.

Catalogues are complemented by seasonal sales flyers, offering price reductions on existing deals. Other items are sometimes available in flyers, such as ex-catalogue goods at reduced prices, especially after the launch of a new catalogue.

In March , Argos carried out a trial of a new catalogue branded Argos Home in over shops in the United Kingdom. This proved successful, and on 5 August , it launched the second Argos Home catalogue, this time in all Argos Extra shops. The catalogue only contains home furniture and styling tips for the current season. Most items displayed in the Argos Home catalogue are also available in the main catalogue too. There are occasionally new lines in the Home catalogue which may not have been available at the time the main catalogue went to print.

In October , Argos announced that, as of , that they would be closing a number of their catalogue shops. Thus fewer catalogues will be made available nationwide. This decision was made after a significant profit fall, and also to boost the popularity of their online shop. Claims, however, from the media that the shops themselves would change from their [13] states are false.

Following the merger of Sainsbury's and Argos in September , an increasing number of stores now contain digital computers as well as laminated catalogues for a wider customer-base in addition to more standalone stores being relocated into nearby Sainsbury's supermarkets. Argos is the registered owner of a number of brands, which feature on a substantial number of products contained within the catalogue, including: In August , Barclays and Argos announced a joint venture to produce an Argos credit card in the same year Barclays also joined with Thomas Cook.

These stores are operated by Argos [35] following Home Retail Group's acquisition of a stake in an Irish retail chain with the same name.

Argos operated a financial services price comparison website, in conjunction with BeatThatQuote. On 19 September , Argos TV launched on Freeview nationwide on channel 55 for a limited set of hours, as well as full-time in Manchester on channel The channel broadcast 24 hours daily, and was produced by ETV Media Group, with four hours of live programming each weekday, and eight hours a day at weekends.

In the channel was removed from Freesat on 9 May, Freeview on 12 May and Sky on 13 May in order for Argos to focus resources in other areas. In February , Argos opened five shops in Mumbai , India. Argos had a franchise agreement, run in conjunction with HyperCity ; its Indian retail partner. In January , Argos closed all its shops in India due to poor sales.

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In July , Argos sparked a political controversy in Scotland, when it sacked several workers for refusing to work on a Sunday. The Act did not apply to Scotland, as there was no legislation regarding Sunday trading applicable to Scotland. Although Argos later retracted its decision to sack the workers and to enforce a Sunday working clause in Scottish employee contracts, [49] its actions led to the passing of the Sunday Working Scotland Act which extended the legal right of employees to refuse Sunday working to include shopworkers in Scotland.

If an employee were to agree to work on a Sunday, they would be paid time and a half. This was then changed during , when employees' pay went from time and a half to the normal hourly rate. In May , Argos, along with rival retailer Littlewoods Index , was accused by the Office of Fair Trading of price fixing goods from toy manufacturer Hasbro. Watchdog praised Argos for its speedy voluntary recall of the affected products, compared to the two other retailers involved.

However, during a lengthy case ending in , customers won compensation against the company. In January , the higher price that Argos charges for goods in Republic of Ireland , compared to the United Kingdom, attracted criticism. In Argos withdrew from its involvement in the controversial Workfare scheme introduced by then Prime Minister David Cameron. Argos and its parent company Home Retail Group were heavily criticised by some for their involvement in the scheme failing to offer jobs to those who successfully completed the course.

An external company poster produced by Home Retail Group's owned chain of shops, Homebase, supporting unpaid work to boost profits was leaked to the public and led to the discontinuation of workfare by all companies within the Home Retail Group and several other major companies. All three charities will be Argos "Charity of the Year" in their respective territories in an arrangement scheduled to run until From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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British catalogue retailer. This article is about the catalogue retailer in the United Kingdom and Ireland. For other uses, see Argos disambiguation. Trading name.

33 Argos Catalogue Pages That Will Make You Feel Hopelessly Nostalgic

Operating income. This article needs to be updated. Please update this section to reflect recent events or newly available information. November Main article: Workfare in the United Kingdom. Home Retail Group.