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I'd better warn you right away that I'm not an enlightened person and no person in this room will ever become enlightened. There is no such thing as an. A meeting with Tony Parsons hits you like a typhoon. Everything — any idea or concept on whatever level — is wiped out completely and immediately. What is. TP: Trying to change your way of life is another barrier. Liberation is simply sitting in what is, without any idea of becoming anyone or changing anything. It is just.

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The nature of liberation is direct, simple and as natural as breathing. Many will come across it and shuffle quickly back to that which they think they can know and. Tony Parsons-All There is () - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read book online. A simple, direct, but fundamental shift in perception reveals that all there isанаis liberation. But oneness does not become apparent through something gained.

All the natural laws still apparently function. There are quite a number of people. It loves all that. It feels more spacious. People appear to do the lottery and win it.

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