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Download Software: Infix PDF Editor Pro Full Crack. Download Software: Infix PDF Editor Pro Full Crack . Your uninstaller pro full vn zoom. BIKE TECHNICIAN / MECHANIC – FULL AND PART TIME – HOUSING AND HEALTH BENEFITS. Ad id: EDWARDS, CO Distance: 33 mi. Edit · Facebook · Twitter; Email; Print; Shares; 1 Comments This week's parsha, Vayakhel, opens with the command to keep Shabbos. We can easily fall into the trap of associating Shabbos with only restrictions, with an unfortunately negative . Magdil means to enlarge, to grow, to make bigger.

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Nitro Pro Enterprise Every shabbos needs to be an existential and meditative experience. Each report includes a summary of its latest results, detailed reasons to consider before buying or selling, its last earnings report, Industry analysis to see how it stacks up against other stocks in its industry using key valuation metrics, recent news and more. We can then enter into the next week rejuvenated and inspired to become even more. That's exactly what Zacks Premium provides to help you improve the performance of your portfolio. Magdil means to enlarge , to grow, to make bigger.

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Visit www. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. This includes personalizing content and advertising. To learn more, click here. Shabbos as Fundamental It is striking to consider how fundamental Shabbos is in Jewish thought. Shabbos is included amongst the Aseres Hadibros, the Ten Commandments, which are viewed not only as uniquely important, but, as Rashi explains, the root categories that contain all the other mitzvos.

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Rav Saadyah Gaon describes at length how every mitzva falls under one of these ten categories. Furthermore, the punishment for desecrating Shabbos is not just death, but skilah, stoning. According to most opinions, this is the most severe of the four death penalties. Why is this the defining feature of religious observance? What makes Shabbos a root mitzvah, why is its punishment so severe, and why do we see it as the measuring stick for all of Torah observance?

What is the secret of Shabbos?

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Usually, when we have a specific time of kedushah, a holy point in time, there is a unique positive act that we associate with it. On Rosh Hashana we blow shofar, on Sukkos we sit in the sukkah and shake the lulav, on Chanukah we light the menorah, on Purim we read the megillah, on Pesach we have the seder, and on Shavuos we learn Torah.

On Shabbos though, we tend to think less about what we are meant to be doing, and more about what we are not allowed to do.

The issur melacha, the prohibition against creative actions on Shabbos, seems to dominate our focus. We can easily fall into the trap of associating Shabbos with only restrictions, with an unfortunately negative connotation.

These prohibitions can seem to take over the day, leaving us feeling restricted, limited, or even trapped.

Into the Depths of Shabbos: A Taste of the World to Come (Vayakhel)

In a very enigmatic and cryptic manor, the gemara in Brachos 57a compares shabbos to Olam Habah- the world to come. Once again, we are left to wonder, what is the deeper meaning of shabbos?

In order to answer all of our questions we need to first understand the difference between Olam Hazeh- this world- and Olam Habah- the world to come. Olam Hazeh- the world we live in- is the place of process. In this world you get to choose who you will become.

Every single day presents you a new opportunity to become even greater than you were the day before. This world is therefore the place of movement and becoming, where we progress down our personal path of change and growth.

Olam Habah-the world to come- in contrast, is the place of being, where you experience everything you have built in this life. No longer can we move or become, no longer can we build.

Rather, we experience a static world, lacking both movement and process, where we enjoy everything we created during our lives in this world.

The joy of this world is the ability to grow, to learn, to become. The pain is that it is limited; we are only in this world for a short period of time and then we leave. All the potential we failed to actualize will remain eternally so, merely potential.

This can be compared to a person who is given a pile of clay and one hour to mold it. During that hour, he can create anything he wants, impress any form he desires into the clay. After the hour, the clay is taken and placed into the kiln and whatever form he created during that hour will remain forever. So too, we receive a lifetime in this world to mold ourselves. During our time here we have the free will to create ourselves, to grow.

Once we leave this world, we remain forever as the beings that we created. Rather, the reward is in fact you , the consciousness and self that you created during your lifetime. The weekdays parallel this world, a time to physically create, build, and grow.

This is the spiritual parallel to our transition from this world to the next.

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