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Issb book in urdu pdf

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ISSB-COMPLETE teshimaryokan.info - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or List of Urdu Sentences PDF Issb jutt PPSC FPSC Tests Complete Book. Free ISSB Preparation Books pdf Download For Inter Services Selection Board Tests. These ISSB Preparation books will help you to prepare better. [email protected] teshimaryokan.info 1 | P a g e.

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COMPLETE ISSB teshimaryokan.info Sentence Completion Test In Urdu 26 incomplete sentences in Urdu are to be filled in by the candidate with in limited time. COMPLETE ISSB BOOK. Army . Muhakkilat ki dunya Black Magic Book, Computer Books, Free Pdf Books, Muhammad, Urdu amliyat books Free Download. ISSB Test Preparation Book Free Pdf Download. Inter Services Selection Board ISSB Interview Questions and Answers in Urdu Mostly Asked List Sample is.

Nevercopythe suggestionsforitmightleadyoutowrongconclusions PleasetakethePracticetest. Pakistan put its first satellite Badar-I into orbit in Our preparation pattern includes all the tests which you will be giving during the course of your selection process. HometeachesusManners 7. These armed forces coordinate with ISSB to take the test and to purify the suitable and eligible candidates for that designation they have applied.

It will not only adversely affect your original performance but is also likely to mar your personality pattern. We wish you all the success at ISSB. Iss k ilawa koi or num ka logically koi relationship nhi ban rha. Yup…it includes intellegence test which is of two types verbal nd non verbal it also requires general knowledge islamic studies general science quick maths etc my test is on 25 august i ll tell you further after that.

Ok Fine.. How can I make my prepration for general knowledge islamic studies general science quick maths etc??? Ok kindly must inform me after 25 August. Aoa as per my promise am gonna tell you that the initial was very tough though verbal non verbal was easy but academic test was tough mostly question were of physics so focus on acceleration velocity formulas ok….

Your email address will not be published. ISSB Test Preparation Book Free Download Although in Pakistan many retired officers established test preparation centers to trained the candidates for ISSB tests, in these centers trainers trained every applicants as the rules of ISSB but the knowledge about country, world, sports, country situation and other things just prepare after study these books which available online here.

Here we upload many ISSB test preparation books which are helpful for test: Noman August 17, at 9: Yousaf Raza Gillani is 27th prime minister of Pakistan.

Pakistan first accepted Iran as a Country. Ameer-u-deen khhudwai designed national flag. Hazrat Usman R. A arranged the present arrangement of Holy Quran.

In pdf urdu book issb

Simon commission came to Pakistan in Name of the book of Ch. In 2nd world war America Attacked through Belgium. A embraced Islam in 6th Hijri. PIA was established in Muhammad bin Qasim defeated raja Dahir. Ali Garh collage got the status of university in Indian national congress was established by A. O Hume.

Mehmood abbas is the president of Palestine. Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi attacked 17 times on sub-continent. Members of national and provincial assemblies elected the members of senate. Punjab University is the largest university of Pakistan. W first came to Madina in 13th Nabvi. First five verses of Holy Quran were revealed in Cave Hira.

Pacific Ocean is largest ocean of the world.

Book urdu issb pdf in

Atlantic Ocean lies between America and Africa. Head quarter of United Nations is in New York. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan died on 27th march, Nehru report was presented in Surah Baqra is at number 2 in Holy Quran. David Cameron is the prime minister of Pakistan. ECO economic Corporation Organization consists of 10 members.

Minto Marley terms were made in Holy Quran is 4th Holy Book. Descartes discover geometry in Nelson Mandela was the first blackish leader of South Africa. Angel of death is Hazrat Izraeel A. Anti terrorist center is established in Peshawar.

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Israel came into being in First journey of Hazrat Muhammad S. W was to Abwa. Muslims entered in Sindh in Area of Punjab is km. Angela Markel is germen chancellor. Afghanistan has no prime minister.

Najashi was preached by Hazrat Jafar Tayyar R. English Channel is associated with BBC. Abu Sufiyan was the leader of non-Muslims in Ghazwa-e-Ohad. Badar is the name of a ground. Bahadur shah zafar ruled for 20 years. Abu Sufiyan embraced Islam in 8th Hijri.

There are 12 months in Islamic calendar. GHQ is located in Rawalpindi. Holy Quran has Rakuh. First mosque build by Hazrat Muhammad S. Area of Afghanistan is km.

Population of Pakistan was Hazrat Ameer Hamza R. A was the uncle of Hazrat Muhammad S. Battle of Plassey was fought in Grand Canal is in china. In Pakistan voter should be of 18 years. Last Asian games were held in China. First Pakistani Squash champion is Hashim khan. Jan Sher khan is the Pakistani Squash player, who has won most championships. Hinda was the wife of Abu Sufiyan.

Football world cup held after every four years. Venice, the Bride of the Sea is in northern Italy. Great Wall of China was completed in B. Great Wall of China is miles long, 25 ft high and 12 ft wide at the top. The city of Rome was founded in B. So far 27 abundments have been made in the US constitution. The statue of liberty was installed in ; its height is IRNA is the news agency of Iran. Whale fish feeds its babies on milk. Saudi Arabia is the largest oil exporter in the world.

Russia embedded Afghanistan in Mustafa kamal, particularly known as kamal Ataturk, the founder of modern turkey was born in and died in Pakistan put its first satellite Badar-I into orbit in North yaman and south yaman were reunited as yaman in The original inhabitants of America are known as red Indians. The legislative assembly of AJK consists of 49 seats. The modern Olympic Games were first held in in Athens, Greece. Gawadar became a part of Pakistan in 9 September, Suez Canal was opened in Hitler assumed power in Germany in The people republic of china was established in after the defeat of nationalist forces.

This canal joins red sea and Mediterranean Sea. Aquatic life is not possible in this. National anthem is written by Hafeez Jalandhri. There is no sea that touches the boundaries of Afghanistan and Nepal. Shami, Sarfraz Rafique and M. Indian Ocean is in south of Pakistan. Lance Naik is equal to Air man of Air Force. There are 99 men and 22 women in Khyber Pakhtun Khawa assembly. British have no written constitution. If there is an explosion on sun, its sound cannot reach the earth.

West Indies is in the north of Latin America. Pakistan did nuclear explosion in 28th may, at Chaghi. Ghouri missile is a nuclear missile. Its name is on the name of Shahab-u-din Ghouri. Chief justice of Pakistan is Iftikhar Ahmed Choudhry. Sky colour is blue due to Ozone. There are 57 countries in OIC. Upper house of Parliament is called Senate. Longest boundary of Pakistan is Durand line along with Afghanistan.

L is the abbreviation of Kahuta Research Laboratories. Nepal is in the west of Bhutan. Quetta, Chaman, Zob, Ziarat, Qalat. Objective resolution was presented by Liaquat Ali Khan in , in national assembly. Red colour is the sign of dander because its frequency is very high. Parade held on 23rd march is known as Pakistan day Parade. Panama is in South America.

Taxila located between Rawalpindi and Attock. New Zealand is in Australia continent. Length of Pakistan India Border is km. Length of boundary between Pakistan and Afghanistan is km. Brigadier and Air commodore of Air force are equal.

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Area of turkey is km. Afghanistan is in the north of Iran. GT road was constructed by Sher Shah Suri. Abdul Salam rewarded by first noble prize of physics. Red sea is besides Saudi Arabia and Yaman. Mediterranean Sea in the south of Europe, north of Africa and in west of Asia.


Spain is the world champion of football. Muslim League was established in Height of K-2 is m. Range of Ghouri Missile is km — km. Major General Sikander Mirza was first president of Pakistan. Pakistan became the member of United Nations in September, Length of boundary line between Pakistan and China is km.

Islamic Revolution Came in Iran in Lake Manchar is in Sindh. Length of Khojak Pass is 5.


World war two started in Total Coastal area of Pakistan is km. Length of boundary line between Pakistan and Iran is km. China, America, Russia, British and France are veto power countries. Quetta, Zob, Chamman, Qalat and Ziarat. Download pdf. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link.

Need an account? Click here to sign up. Help Center Find new research papers in: Worst moment of my life 8.

My ambition of life 9. Turning point of my life Highest achievement of my life Strange event of my life Thrilling event of my life Painful event of my life Charming period of my life Fruitful period of my life. Successful moment of my life. Defeat of my life. Shocking news of my life.

Bad period of my life. Worry of my life. Latest dream of my life. Frequent dream of my life. Pleasant dream of my life Time Time never comes back. Money Money is secondary to character. Beautiful girls are also intelligent. In the class they were studying.

Urdu in issb pdf book

Complete these sentences. Discuss and prepare these topics. Who plays important role in grooming of children, father or mother? Struggle for the rights of women is in the rest of country or not? The personal interests are prevailing over national interests? The movement for rights of women is imposing a negative effect on society.

Why western nations are more developed then us? What is the reason of deliration of moral values in our society? Discuss 7. Football is cheaper then cricket. Why Govt. Causes of terrorism in Pakistan. Reason of unemployment is education or poverty? Deeni madrasa are playing an important role in educating poor children but their but their impression is not good.

What steps should be taken to improve their impression? The reasons for increasing of smuggling in Pakistan and what steps should be taken to overcome this? Participation of students in politics. Is co-education is useful? Love marriage or arrange marriage? Who is successful in Life? Couragious Intelligent Or Syppathetic Who is spending good life? Hostel students or others?

Should we recognize India as regional power? Islam gives us the message of peace but we are murdering one another. How we can encounter western and Indian media? What could be effective defense of Pakistan, Education or Weapon? Discuss And time for each question is just 6 seconds or maximum 10 seconds. Questions related to speed 1. If 1 dozen eggs are of Rs. UQuestions related to Partnership 1. Divide Rs. Find the zakkat on ,,,,,,,,, UQuestions related to Poles 1.

Distance between 2 poles is 10 yards. How much poles will be in 50 yards? Distance between 2 poles is 2 miles. How much poles will be in 50 miles? Distance between 2 poles is yards, how much distance will be cover by 11 poles? If a boy secures marks out of , what will be the percentage? If monthly income is rupee, what will be the annual 12 months income? If monthly saving is , what will be the annual saving? If weekly income is 50 rupee then what will be the annual income? If income of 5 months is rupee, what will be the annual income?

Questions related to average 1. What is the average of 2, 3 and 4? Tell the average of , and ? What is average of 2, 3,12,1 and 7? Average of 2 numbers is 8, if 1 number is 5 then tells the second number. Try to solve in mind in 6 seconds each question. Which is greater? A class consists of 60 boys and girls. If 8 boys are more than girls then tell how many boys and girls are in class? Add these numbers. A class consists of 73 boys and girls. If 5, 7,9,19 boys are more than girls.

Tell how many boys and girls are in class? What is your name? What is age of your Father? Your number among brothers and sisters? From which district you belongs? Which personality inspired you? Why you want to join Pak Army? If you found Rs. Which games you play? What are your activities with your friends?

What is the slogan of Pak Army? Naara-e-Takbeer Have you did sexual activities with girl or boy? Anybody Did or tried to do sex with you? Do you have girlfriend? Sc Wasim Ahmed. Who is the fastest bowler? China man, out swing, in swing, league cutter, off cutter, Yorker. Who is your favorite player? Who has made higher score in one day cricket? Chief of army staff: General Ashfaq Parvez Kyani 2. Chief of air staff: Air-Chief Marshal Rao Suleman 3. Chief of naval staff: Muhammad Asif Sandila 4.

Chairman joints chief of staff committee: General Khalid Shameem Wynne 5. Corps commander Rawalpindi: Lieutenant General Khalid Nawaz Khan 6. Lahore II. Sialkot III. Chairman NAB: Admiral retired Fasih Bokhari Commander Squadron Leader Lt. Where and which tank is being made in Pakistan? Al-khalid Tank at Taxila 2.

Which missile is made by Dr. Abdul Qadir khan and what is its range? Ghouri and range is km. What is A. C Armoured personnel carrier is a vehicle used to move Army personals from one place to other.

Weapons of Armoured and Infantry Armoured: LMG, MG, hand garnet, rocket launcher, mortar. Its range is different.

This is weapon of infantry. This is indirect fire, this is armoured weapon. This is weapon of artillery. This is for direct fire. This is armoured weapon. When was zakkat made an obligation for Muslims? Who is called leader of prophets? Hazrat Muhammad P. Who is called father of prophets? Hazrat Ibrahim A. Who was swallowed by the fish?

Hazrat Younis A. Who was the imam behind whom Hazrat Muhammad S. W offers his prayers? Hazrat Abu Bakar R. What was the name of Hazrat Usman R. A Father? When was wine declared haram? When the interest was declare prohibited? Name the only Sahabi mention in Holy Quran? Hazrat Zaid Bin Harris R. What was the profession of Hazrat Adam A.

Cultivation and Weaving. How many languages could Hazrat Idrees A. S understand? Which prophet rules the Jin in addition to human being? Hazrat Suleman A. Which prophet discovered Hajr-e-Aswad? Hazrat Ismaeel A. Give the name of Prophet other then Hazrat Suleman A. S who could understand the languages of birds? Hazrat Dawood A.

Give the name of Prophet who was expert of astronomy?