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DISCLOSURE by Michael Crichton, Excerpt - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. From the author of Jurassic Park, Timeline, and Sphere. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. YA-Beautiful, bright, and talented Meredith Look inside this book. Disclosure: A Novel by [Crichton, Michael]. Disclosure is a novel by Michael Crichton and published in The novel is set at a fictional . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

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Disclosure Pdf Michael Crichton is available here. You can easily download Disclosure Pdf Michael Crichton, Disclosure Pdf Michael Crichton. Soft Copy of Book Disclosure author Michael Crichton completely free. Reviews of: Disclosure by Michael Crichton PDF Book 1st Review – I'm certain that. From the author of Jurassic Park, Timeline, and Sphere comes an electrifying thriller in which a shocking accusation of sexual harassment triggers a gripping.

First edition cover. You on the ferry? Excellent read and good pacing. Sanders kept telling him, Its a Muslim country, Phil. Anyone who likes Michael Crichton or techno-thrillers, I recommend this book.

This art icle was downloaded by: To cite this article: The accuracy of t he Cont ent should not be relied upon and should be independent ly verified wit h prim ary sources of inform at ion.

Taylor and Francis shall not be liable for any losses, act ions, claim s, proceedings, dem ands, cost s, expenses, dam ages, and ot her liabilit ies what soever or howsoever caused arising direct ly or indirect ly in connect ion wit h, in relat ion t o or arising out of t he use of t he Cont ent.

This art icle m ay be used for research, t eaching, and privat e st udy purposes. Any subst ant ial or syst em at ic reproduct ion, redist ribut ion, reselling, loan, sub- licensing, syst em at ic supply, or dist ribut ion in any form t o anyone is expressly forbidden. Disjecta Membra I am a feminist professor who was accused by two students of sexual harassment.

This book is centered on that fact: While any accusation of sexual harassment seems to promise a juicy scandal, this particular accusation is more sensational due to the newsworthy anomaly of a feminist being so accused. At the same time as being portrayed as endowed with a type of terrifying sexual power that once unleashed was capable of annihilating men […] I was considered to be responsible for behaving like a victim, and creating a mentality of helplessness and vulnerability amongst young women.

I whirl around and push him away. He retreats, quickly, in disbelief, behind his desk. These three epigraphs have as their subject matter the untoward advances of a university professor, yet each story is distinctly different.

DISCLOSURE by Michael Crichton, Excerpt

Nurka certain ambiguity within the territory of sexual harassment. In this articulation, sexual harassment serves to illustrate the perceived inadequacy of a term that can only conceive of men as harassers and women as powerless victims. And to bridge the gap between the harasser and the harassed, both victims in their own stories, we have the postfeminist discourse of the power of female sexuality, where it is the young hetero sexual woman who toys with her professor.

That it invites sympathy for a white male subject makes it all the more interesting in relation to the typical sexual harassment case. In fact, it is probably, by now, excessively so.

It is the thorny issue of sexual harassment that this essay seeks to explore without the assurance of providing any answers, for this would undermine the theoretical grounding of the paper itself; namely, that the answers we seek are quite often beyond our reach. What I am interested in doing, however, is to examine some of the ways in which sexual harassment is understood, read, and narrativized in the contemporary cultural climate.

What I seek to do here is to suggest some ways of looking at sexual harassment that do not provide, or even depend upon, a singular authoritative interpretive structure. I will examine Disclosure—as a Downloaded by [University of Sydney] at Tell-tale Truth-tellers: The Economist US suggested that Bestselling author Michael Crichton has tapped into a growing white male fear that women are usurping their power in his new novel Disclosure.

Arguably, Disclosure taps into those discourses that see increased numbers of pro- fessional women in the workforce as a threat to male power. Succinctly put, Maria L. Downloaded by [University of Sydney] at Crichton himself has defended his book on the grounds that it is a kind of repressed voice of truth. He says in relation to the feminist discourses on sexual harassment: I can walk in the door and say what I see in the room and walk out.

I tell the truth. Egalitarian feminism is the only way […] I think everybody understands equal. Protectionism is not clear. Limiting free speech … cited in Jaynes, That Crichton positions Disclosure as a truthful representation of a Downloaded by [University of Sydney] at Such understandings are not all implicated in the backlash model.

It is a narrative that pits the visibility of sexual difference against the workings of a power that is invisible in its capacity to transcend the material body. A truth within an action, within a body that acts, or encroaches upon another body. The very title of the book already conjures up the metaphor of unveiling.

This implies that something must be uncovered, unveiled. For Freud that truth is depicted as none other than the female genitals. Freud writes: The fetish-object then becomes the metaphoric genitals. As a metaphor, the fetish-secret is localized.

It acts as a substitute for the unknowable, the invisible. Never mind. With one hand, he wiped the table with the dish towel, while with the other he continued to feed Matt. Eliza pulled the cereal box right up to her bowl, stared fixedly at the picture of Goofy on the back, and began to eat. Alongside her, Matt ate steadily. For a moment, it was calm in the kitchen. Sanders glanced over his shoulder: He should call the office. Susan came in, wearing jeans and a beige sweater. Her face was relaxed.

Im sorry I lost it, she said. Thanks for taking over. She kissed him on the cheek. Are you happy, Mom? Eliza said. Yes, sweetie. Susan smiled at her daughter, and turned back to Tom. Ill take over now. You dont want to be late. Isnt today the big day? When they announce your promotion? I hope so. Call me as soon as you hear. I will. Sanders got up, cinched the towel around his waist, and headed upstairs to get dressed. There was always traffic in town before the 8: He would have to hurry to make it.

He stepped aboard moments before they pulled up the ramp. Feeling the throb of the engines beneath his feet, he went through the doors onto the main deck. Hey, Tom. He looked over his shoulder. Dave Benedict was coming up behind him. Benedict was a lawyer with a fi rm that handled a lot of high-tech companies. Missed the seven-fifty, too, huh?

Benedict said. Crazy morning. Tell me. I wanted to be in the office an hour ago. But now that schools out, Jenny doesnt know what to do with the kids until camp starts. Madness at my house, Benedict said, shaking his head. There was a pause. Sanders sensed that he and Benedict had had a similar morning. But the two men did not discuss it further. Sanders often wondered why it was that women discussed the most intimate details of their marriages with their friends, while men maintained a discreet silence with one another.

Anyway, Benedict said. Hows Susan? Shes fine. Shes great. Benedict grinned. So why are you limping? Company touch football game on Saturday. Got a little out of hand. Thats what you get for playing with children, Benedict said. DigiCom was famous for its young employees. Hey, Sanders said. I scored. Is that right? Damn right. Winning touchdown. Crossed the end zone in glory. And then I got creamed. At the main-deck cafeteria, they stood in line for coffee. Actually, I wouldve thought youd be in bright and early today, Benedict said.

Isnt this the big day at DigiCom? Sanders got his coffee, and stirred in sweetener. Hows that? Isnt the merger being announced today? What merger? Sanders said blandly. The merger was secret; only a handful of DigiCom executives knew anything about it. He gave Benedict a blank stare. Come on, Benedict said. I heard it was pretty much wrapped up. And that Bob Garvin was announcing the restructuring today, including a bunch of new promotions. Benedict sipped his coffee.

Garvin is stepping down, isnt he? Sanders shrugged. Well see. Of course Benedict was imposing on him, but Susan did a lot of work with attorneys in Benedicts firm; Sanders couldnt afford to be rude.

It was one of the new complexities of business relations at a time when everybody had a working spouse. The two men went out on the deck and stood by the port rail, watching the houses of Bainbridge Island slip away. Sanders nodded toward the house on Wing Point, which for years had been Warren Magnusons summer house when he was senator.

I hear it just sold again, Sanders said. Oh yes? Who bought it? Some California asshole. Bainbridge slid to the stern. They looked out at the gray water of the Sound. The coffee steamed in the morning sunlight. So, Benedict said. You think maybe Garvin wont step down? Nobody knows, Sanders said. Bob built the company from nothing, fifteen years ago.

When he started, he was selling knockoff modems from Korea. Back when nobody knew what a modem was. Now the companys got three. He builds fax modems the size of a dime, he markets fax and E-mail software, hes gone into CD-ROMs, and hes developed proprietary algorithms that should make him a leading provider in education markets for the next century.

Bobs come a long way from some guy hustling three hundred baud modems. I dont know if he can give it up. Dont the terms of the merger require it? Sanders smiled. If you know about a merger, Dave, you should tell me, he said.

Because I havent heard anything. The truth was that Sanders didnt really know the terms of the impending merger. Although these were areas vital to the future of the companythey were the main reason Conley-White was acquiring DigiCom they were essentially technical areas. And Sanders was essentially a technical manager. He was not informed about decisions at the highest levels. For Sanders, there was some irony in this. In earlier years, when he was based in California, he had been closely involved in management decisions.

But since coming to Seattle eight years ago, he had been more removed from the centers of power. Well, I hear Bobs definitely stepping down, and hes going to promote a woman as chairman. Sanders said, Who told you that? Hes already got a woman as CFO, doesnt he? Yes, sure. For a long time, now. Stephanie Kaplan was DigiComs chief financial officer.

Michael crichton pdf disclosure

But it seemed unlikely she would ever run the company. Silent and intense, Kaplan was competent, but disliked by many in the company. Garvin wasnt especially fond of her.

Well, Benedict said, the rumor Ive heard is hes going to name a woman to take over within five years. Does the rumor mention a name? Benedict shook his head. I thought youd know. I mean, its your company. His assistant, Cindy Wolfe, answered. Sanderss office. Its me. Hi, Tom. You on the ferry?

Ill be in a little before nine. Okay, Ill tell them. She paused, and he had the sense that she was choosing her words carefully. Its pretty busy this morning. Garvin was just here, looking for you. Sanders frowned. Looking for me? Another pause. Uh, he seemed kind of surprised that you werent in. Did he say what he wanted? No, but hes going into a lot of offices on the floor, one after another, talking to people.

Somethings up, Tom. Nobodys telling me anything, she said. What about Stephanie? Stephanie called, and I told her you werent in yet. Anything else? Arthur Kahn called from KL to ask if you got his fax. I did. Ill call him. No, thats about it, Tom. Thanks, Cindy. He pushed the END button to terminate the call. Standing beside him, Benedict pointed to Sanderss phone.

Those things are amazing. They just get smaller and smaller, dont they? You guys make that one? Sanders nodded. Id be lost without it. Especially these. Who can remember all the numbers? This is more than a telephone: See, look. He began to demonstrate the features for Benedict.

Its got a memory for two hundred numbers. You store them by the first three letters of the name. He pushed SEND, and heard a long string of electronic beeps. With the country code and area code, it was thirteen beeps. Jesus, Benedict said. Where are you calling, Mars? Just about.


Weve got a factory there. DigiComs Malaysia operation was only a year old, and it was manufacturing the companys new CD-ROM players units rather like an audio CD player, but intended for computers.

It was widely agreed in the business that all information was soon going to be digital, and much of it was going to be stored on these compact disks. Computer programs, databases, even books and magazineseverything was going to be on disk. Users were obliged to wait in front of blank screens while the drives whirred and clickedand computer users didnt like waiting. In an industry where speeds reliably doubled every eighteen months, CD-ROMs had improved much less in the last five years.

DigiComs SpeedStar technology addressed that problem, with a new generation of drives code-named Twinkle for Twinkle, twinkle, little SpeedStar. Twinkle drives were twice as fast as any in the world.

Twinkle was packaged as a small, standalone multimedia player with its own screen. You could carry it in your hand, and use it on a bus or a train. It was going to be revolutionary. But now the Malaysia plant was having trouble manufacturing the new fast drives. Is it true youre the only division manager who isnt an engineer? Im originally from marketing. Isnt that pretty unusual? Not really. In marketing, we used to spend a lot of time figuring out what the features of the new products were, and most of us couldnt talk to the engineers.

I could. I dont know why. I dont have a technical background, but I could talk to the guys. I knew just enough so they couldnt bullshit me. So pretty soon, I was the one who talked to the engineers. Then eight years ago, Garvin asked me if Id run a division for him.

And here I am. The call rang through. Sanders glanced at his watch. It was almost midnight in Kuala Lumpur. He hoped Arthur Kahn would still be awake. A moment later there was a click, and a groggy voice said, Uh. Arthur, its Tom. Arthur Kahn gave a gravelly cough. Oh, Tom. Another cough. You got my fax?

Yes, I got it. Then you know. I dont understand whats going on, Kahn said. And I spent all day on the line. I had to, with Jafar gone. Mohammed Jafar was the line foreman of the Malaysia plant, a very capable young man. Jafar is gone? There was a crackle of static. He was cursed. I didnt get that.

Jafar was cursed by his cousin, so he left. Yeah, if you can believe that. He says his cousins sister in Johore hired a sorcerer to cast a spell on him, and he ran off to the Orang Asli witch doctors for a counter-spell. The aborigines run a hospital at Kuala Tingit, in the jungle about three hours outside of KL. Its very famous. A lot of politicians go out there when they get sick. Jafar went out there for a cure. How long will that take? Beats me. The other workers tell me itll probably be a week.

And whats wrong with the line, Arthur? I dont know, Kahn said. Im not sure anythings wrong with the line. But the units coming off are very slow. When we pull units for IP checks, we consistently get seek times.

We dont know why theyre slow, and we dont know why theres a variation. But the engineers here are guessing that theres a compatibility problem with the controller chip that positions the split optics, and the CD-driver software. You think the controller chips are bad? The controller chips were made in Singapore and trucked across the border to the factory in Malaysia. Dont know. Either theyre bad, or theres a bug in the driver code.

What about the screen flicker? Kahn coughed. I think its a design problem, Tom. We just cant build it. The hinge connectors that carry current to the screen are mounted inside the plastic housing. Theyre supposed to maintain electrical contact no matter how you move the screen. But the current cuts in and out. You move the hinge, and the screen flashes on and off.

Sanders frowned as he listened. This is a pretty standard design, Arthur. Every damn laptop in the world has the same hinge design. Its been that way for the last ten years. I know it, Kahn said. But ours isnt working. Its making me crazy. You better send me some units. I already have, DHL. Youll get them late today, tomorrow at the latest. Okay, Sanders said. He paused. Whats your best guess, Arthur? About the run? Well, at the moment we cant make our production quotas, and were turning out a product thirty to fifty percent slower than specs.

Not good news. This isnt a hot CD player, Tom. Its only incrementally better than what Toshiba and Sony already have on the market. Theyre making theirs a lot cheaper. So we have major problems. We talking a week, a month, what?

Disclosure (novel) - Wikipedia

A month, if its not a redesign. If its a redesign, say four months. If its a chip, it could be a year. Sanders sighed. Thats the situation. It isnt working, and we dont know why. Sanders said, Who else have you told? This ones all yours, my friend. Thanks a lot. You going to bury this until after the merger, or what?

I dont know. Im not sure I can. Well, Ill be quiet at this end. I can tell you that. Anybody asks me, I dont have a clue. Because I dont. Thanks, Arthur. Ill talk to you later. Sanders hung up. Twinkle definitely presented a political problem for the impending merger with Conley-White.

Sanders wasnt sure how to handle it. But he would have to deal with it soon enough; the ferry whistle blew, and up ahead, he saw the black pilings of Colman Dock and the skyscrapers of downtown Seattle. Pioneer Square was actually shaped like a triangle, and had at its center a small park, dominated by a wrought-iron pergola, with antique clocks mounted above.

Around Pioneer Square were low-rise redbrick buildings built in the early years of the century, with sculpted faades and chiseled dates; these buildings now housed trendy architects, graphic design firms, and a cluster of high-tech companies that included Aldus, Advance Holo-Graphics, and DigiCom.

Originally, DigiCom had occupied the Hazzard Building, on the south side of the square. As the company grew, it expanded into three floors of the adjacent Western Building, and later, to the Gorham Tower on James Street. But the executive offices were still on the top three floors of the Hazzard Building, overlooking the square.

Sanderss office was on the fourth floor, though he expected later in the week to move up to the fifth. He got to the fourth floor at nine in the morning, and immediately sensed that something was wrong. There was a buzz in the hallways, an electric tension in the air.

Staff people clustered at the laser printers and whispered at the coffee machines; they turned away or stopped talking when he walked by. He thought, Uh-oh. But as a division head, he could hardly stop to ask an assistant what was happening. Sanders walked on, swearing under his breath, angry with himself that he had arrived late on this important day.

Through the glass walls of the fourth-floor conference room, he saw Mark Lewyn, the thirty-three-year-old head of Product Design, briefing some of the Conley-White people. It made a striking scene: Lewyn, young, handsome, and imperious, wearing black jeans and a black Armani T-shirt, pacing back and forth and talking animatedly to the bluesuited Conley-White staffers, who sat rigidly before the product mock-ups on the table, and took notes.

When Lewyn saw Sanders he waved, and came over to the door of the conference room and stuck his head out. Hey, guy, Lewyn said. Hi, Mark. Listen I have just one thing to say to you, Lewyn said, interrupting. Fuck em. Fuck Garvin. Fuck Phil. Fuck the merger. Fuck em all. This reorg sucks. Im with you on this one, guy. Listen, Mark, can you Im in the middle of something here.

Lewyn jerked his head toward the Conley people in the room. But I wanted you to know how I feel. Its not right, what theyre doing. Well talk later, okay? Chin up, guy, Lewyn said. Keep your powder dry. And he went back into the conference room. The Conley-White people were all staring at Sanders through the glass. He turned away and walked quickly toward his office, with a sense of deepening unease. Lewyn was notorious for his tendency to exaggerate, but even so, the Its not right, what theyre doing.

There didnt seem to be much doubt what that meant. Sanders wasnt going to get a promotion. He broke into a light sweat and felt suddenly dizzy as he walked along the corridor. He leaned against the wall for a moment. He wiped his forehead with his hand and blinked his eyes rapidly. He took a deep breath and shook his head to clear it. No promotion. He took another deep breath, and walked on.

Instead of the promotion he expected, there was apparently going to be some kind of reorganization. And apparently it was related to the merger. The technical divisions had just gone through a major reorganization nine months earlier, which had revised all the lines of authority, upsetting the hell out of everybody in Seattle. Staff people didnt know who to requisition for laserprinter paper, or to degauss a monitor.

I can see how this novel made a lot of noise in the 90s. Sep 02, Joy rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this. It was different than many of his other books, basically based on a real story where a woman had sexually harassed men in the work place and gotten away with it for years as a favorite of the boss.

An intelligent manipulative woman, she knew how to gain the boss's respect and stay in his good graces, mostly by playing to his emotional needs. I don't want to give away the story line so won't say more. Almost reads like an investigative report found in a big corporation. Exc I really enjoyed this. Excellent read and good pacing.

I really like Crichton and he never fails to make me think. The book micro got me to thinking about how far along our government is in scientific developments. You never know what's possible is the reality of our existence. Crichton never fails to excite and explore unknown areas. Definitely worth reading and I recommend heartily. Jan 15, Corey rated it really liked it Shelves: Michael Crichton is an excellent author, he really knows a lot about his technology.

A business executive, Tom Sanders who works for a computer firm is expecting to become the new director of his company. But things change when a female employee named Meredith Johnson gets promoted, and Meredith happens to be Tom's former lover. One night Tom goes into Meredith's office, she tries to sexually assault him.

When word of it gets out, no one believes his story, and Meredith has everybody believing To Michael Crichton is an excellent author, he really knows a lot about his technology. When word of it gets out, no one believes his story, and Meredith has everybody believing Tom is the villain. As Tom scrambles to defend himself, he finds an electronic trail into the company's secrets and discovers a scheme that could cost him his job.

Anyone who likes Michael Crichton or techno-thrillers, I recommend this book. My Rating - 3. Based on a true story of sexual harassment in corporate world, it was a superbly paced gripping thriller with frequent plot twists. The virtual data library sci-fi part was bit of a distraction from the main plot. Enjoyed the enigmatic dialogues of Max Dorfman the old man in wheelchair. Though felt there were a few plot holes with some unanswered questions. It was so fascinating to read about the problems associated with developing these products with eyes.

It was like stepping back in time and guided through what the early development of these products involve to get where we are today some 23 years later. It was also interesting to find that, like today, many of the tech people were young in their 20s indicating that some things stay the same regardless of the number of years that have elapsed in the meantime. Throughout this book and this is a good indication of how well written it was I found myself being pulled so much into the book that I lost all sense of where I was, at least whilst reading.

As a result of this I managed to finish it in 3 days! I loved the book's whole premise and the way it was dealt with allowed the reader to see how notoriously fraught with difficulty sexual harassment cases are. There are many characters throughout but it never felt like it was overdone. We meet Meredith Johnson who is the woman who harassed the male protagonist, Tom Sanders.

She certainly knew her stuff and rarely allowed herself to be ruffled by people who should have known better. The characters in this book were well described and developed and they came across as very real and believable. I have added him to my list of favourite authors. Sep 29, Louann Carroll rated it liked it. Up and coming executive Tom Sanders is secure in his job and his line of work.

He has a wife he loves, a child he adores, and a home on an island just off the coast of Washington. He ferries into work at DigiCom each day and oversees a group of techies working on a prototype of hardware that, for some reason, fails and no one knows why.

In the midst of the mystery, Sanders discovers the company is about to be bought out and a new boss is taking over the position Sanders once thought was for hims Up and coming executive Tom Sanders is secure in his job and his line of work. In the midst of the mystery, Sanders discovers the company is about to be bought out and a new boss is taking over the position Sanders once thought was for himself.

Problem is, she's an ex-girlfriend he hasn't seen for years. While disappointed, he accepts the condolences of his peers and adjusts his thinking taking into consideration that no one had ever formerly offered him the job. When the new boss suggests a 6 pm meeting in her office, he reluctantly agrees. Thinking he is there to discuss the hardware failure he is surprised to find two bottles of wine and a boss ready for pleasure.

Sanders' is happy with his life. He has what he wants and he fights off her advances, ending up leaving her half naked on the couch. Without warning, she accuses him of sexual harassment which is a strictly female dominated HR issue. When word gets out Sanders seeks out an attorney on whose advice he tells his wife and rethinks the issue of sexual harassment. Sanders comes up with a scheme that will turn Digicom and its merger upside down. With the truth behind him, he will prove that men are no longer the predators, but have become the prey.

BUT it is a book that makes you think instead of run away in fear. As a woman it was really hard to see and accept that a female boss would act like that, but I am sure it is possible and has more than likely happened on some level.

The writing is good, but it does take a little effort to get through the first pages. After that things start to get interesting. Overall, I gave Disclosure a 3 because it did not equal his other books, but Disclosure is still a good enough read to keep it above a 2.

Jul 24, Shannon Wyss rated it it was ok. I feel very ambivalently about this book.

On the one hand, i was engrossed in the plot and really wanted to know what was going to happen. It is also very important for the stories of men who are sexually harassed by women bosses to be told. On the other hand, this book's take on the subject did not come off as feminist or liberatory for people of any gender. Of the book's women characters, only one is decent; the others are "bitches" or neutral. The one self-identified feminist character in the I feel very ambivalently about this book.

The one self-identified feminist character in the book, sadly, falls into the "bitch" category. Add to that the many comments by various characters in the book disparaging women's right, anti-harassment laws, and women's position in the corporate world. All of those statements could have been over-ridden by the book's characterization of its female actors. Unfortunately, Crichton lost an opportunity to show how women in the corporate world can be allies of men in the fight against sexual harassment and how men can support other men in the same fight.

His brief epilogue fails to counter the overall impression that the book leaves. I was curious about this book for long, because And this book about sexual harassment I have no idea how the story would go. And finally, I have a chance to read it, thx to Mrs.

Michael crichton pdf disclosure

Alie Marie. Off course this book not talked about the sexual harassment only. Crichton still put technology as the main problem. And one thing amazed me, the whole pages only tell a story of 4 days: D Bravo, Mr. I do adore your I was curious about this book for long, because I do adore your works. Lately, Michael Crichton has become one of my favorite authors, and I especially liked Jurassic Park, The Lost World a little bit less, and Congo a touch less than that, with Micro and, now, Disclosure, joining the realm of "meh".

First, the "tech" is just not that techy, now it comes across as outdated. They're essentially, it seems, talking about trying to get iPads and smaller cellphones to work, which, hey, in the s or whenever this was published, that's pretty spot-on. It didn't make me feel like a scientist like Jurassic Park did. As with Congo, the tech comes across more in terms of "screens! Typical sentences read like, "Saunders looked at the display, which showed bits per second, and grimaced.

Second, over a hundred pages into the story, and now the protagonist is becoming the victim of his ex-girlfriend's wrath I just don't care for the characters, namely, the protagonist. Third, the book comes across as anti-women. Early on, it's said that women only get top jobs because they're screwing someone, then the ex-girlfriend is apparently an anti-male crazy ass bitch, then the protagonist's neighbor says that women are crazy, then the protagonist's wife gets all anti-male So I think the book, the plot and the characters, comes across as flat.

It's techy, but the tech is neither interesting nor adds to the story, it's just the character's job, I get that they're smart but it's also boring, and, after twenty years, a bit outdated. And focusing so much of the first hundred pages on tech, rather than character building, is where I think the story's fatal flaw.

Not much else to say. Really, I'm sure I would've liked the book a bit more if I had the patience to read it all the way through, but I don't care much to go on that journey. Siapa yang tidak mengenal Michael Crichton?

Penulis sci-fi paling ngetop berkat karya-karyanya yang sensasional. Buku beliau yang saya baca baru 2, yaitu Timeline dan Sphere. Namun keduanya sungguh sangat mencengangkan, bagaimana seorang Michael Crichton meramu kata-kata dan science menjadi sebuah cerita yang seru dan enak dibaca. Nah, sebuah buku dari Crichton yang judulny Siapa yang tidak mengenal Michael Crichton?

Nah, sebuah buku dari Crichton yang judulnya Disclosure ini yang akan saya bahas. Melihat tulisan yang ada di cover buku ini, sungguh sangat berbeda dengan buku-bukunya yang lain, karena disitu tertulis: Tetapi ternyata saya salah. Namun, setting dan tempat kerja tokoh-tokoh novel ini yang istimewa.

Ditulis pada tahun , perusahaan yang diceritakan ternyata sebuah perusahaan yang bergerak dalam bidang teknologi. CD-rom, drive komputer, telepon genggam, hingga internet sudah sangat fasih diceritakan oleh Michael Crichton.

Cerita dari buku ini sendiri diambil dari kisah nyata. Crichton menuliskan catatan bahwa ini nyata di akhir buku. Bahkan, Crichton mewawancarai si pelaku-pelaku yang terlibat dalam kejadian ini. Memang, tema yang diusung seolah klise, pelecehan seksual. Namun, ada hal yang lebih besar dari itu, buku ini menyadarkan kita tentang kenyataan di masyarakat luas bahwa pelecehan seksual seorang wanita terhadap pria itu tidak mungkin terjadi.

Ya, seolah-olah pelecehan seksual hanya terjadi oleh pria terhadap wanita. Nah, pelecehan di buku ini jelas terjadi dilakukan oleh Johnson terhadap Sanders. Akibatnya, Johnson menjadi murka dan tidak bisa menerima. Hal itu belum seberapa, karena keesokan harinya, justru Sanders menerima laporan dari atasannya yang lain, Blackburn, bahwa ia telah melakukan pelecehan seksual terhadap Johnson. Bahkan Blackburn mengusulkan agar Sanders segera mutasi ke daerah lain untuk mencegah terjadinya isu tidak sedap ini tercium keluar.

Apalagi saat itu perusahaan ini akan merger dengan perusahaan lain yang lebih besar. Sanders, seorang kepala divisi, yang tadinya digadang-gadang akan menempati posisi yang ditempati oleh Johnson langsung mendapati hidupnya yang tadinya nyaman dan berprospek cerah harus menghadapi realita baru ini, dimana dia dituduh melakukan perbuatan yang dilakukannya, dan dicibir pula oleh lingkungannya karena perlawanannya bahwa dia yang dilecehkan oleh Johnson dianggap tidak masuk akal.

Akhirnya, resiko diambil oleh Sanders. Ia menempuh jalur hukum dengan menyewa pengacara, Louise Fernandez.