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Trials of apollo pdf indonesia

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Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Book One: The Lightning Thief Percy Jackson's Greek Gods, illustrated by John Rocco Guide to Apollo-Speak. About the. For Everyone who couldn't find this I bought the Ebook and put it here. Enjoy, it's a great book:D. and the The Hidden Oracle (The Trials of Apollo Series #1) by Rick. . reader spanish and english edition, karl marx bahasa indonesia pdf.

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humiliating--trials at Camp Half-Blood, Lester must now leave the relative safety Audio Praise for The Trials of Apollo, Book One: The Hidden Oracle: "[Robbie] . (Hooray!) Steve's textbooks pdf chapter are magruders american government, too . I shrink and stretch, yet I always fit. Writing a resume while still in college. Another thrilling series from Rick Riordan An action-packed adventure where Apollo, being punished by Zeus, has come to Earth in the form.

I stood up straight, hoping Cade and Mikey would be intimidated by my regal bearing and divine beauty. Your bravery, I must admit, is quite admirable. Possibly more. Had my father told me how long this punishment would last? But aside from liking it simply because it was better than the first two is not the only thing factoring in my enjoyment, I'm fairly certain. I was a god of medicinal arts, after all.

Or a phone? I was a god. I did not have blood. I had never before been so…converted. It must be a mistake. A trick. I tried to sit up. My hand hit a banana peel and I fell again. My attackers howled in delight. No mortal could have known I would fall to earth at this spot. Perhaps Cade and Mikey were not human either. Perhaps they were cleverly disguised monsters or spirits. At least that would explain why they had beaten me so easily.

The Burning Maze ( Trials of Apollo 3 )

My dizziness made me feel as if I were flying too close to the fumes of primordial Chaos, but I refused to be humbled. Or perhaps Ares? I demand an audience! Cade picked up his knife.

I decided to sing them into submission. They may have resisted my fists, but no mortal could resist my golden voice. Above us, on the second-story fire escape landing, stood a girl of about twelve. My first thought was that Artemis had come to my aid.

But something told me this was not she. The girl on the fire escape did not exactly inspire fear. She was small and pudgy, with dark hair chopped in a messy pageboy style and black cat-eye glasses with rhinestones glittering in the corners.

Despite the cold, she wore no coat. Her outfit looked like it had been picked by a kindergartener—red sneakers, yellow tights, and a green tank dress. Perhaps she was on her way to a costume party dressed as a traffic light. Still…there was something fierce in her expression. She had the same obstinate scowl my old girlfriend Cyrene used to get whenever she wrestled lions. Mikey and Cade did not seem impressed. The girl stamped her foot, causing the fire escape to shudder.

My rules! The comment seemed unfair, even if I was beat-up and covered in garbage; but no one paid me any attention. Cade glared at the girl. The red from his hair seemed to be seeping into his face. Beat it, you brat! The fruit landed at her feet and rolled harmlessly to a stop. He collapsed on his rump. Mikey snarled. He marched toward the fire escape ladder, but a banana peel seemed to slither directly into his path.

He slipped and fell hard. I wondered if I should make a run for it, but I could barely hobble. I also did not want to be assaulted with old fruit. The girl climbed over the railing. She dropped to the ground with surprising nimbleness and grabbed a sack of garbage from the Dumpster. The girl pouted.

Her lips were chapped. She had wispy black fuzz at the corners of her mouth. The girl swung her garbage bag. In mid arc the plastic exploded, disgorging an impossible number of rotten bananas. They knocked Cade flat.

Mikey was plastered with so many peels he looked Miraculously, none of it got on me. Despite their injuries, the two thugs scrambled to their feet and ran away, screaming. I turned toward my pint-size savior. I was no stranger to dangerous women.

The trials of apollo pdf indonesia

My sister could rain down arrows of death. My stepmother, Hera, regularly drove mortals mad so that they would hack each other to pieces.

But this garbage-wielding twelve-year-old made me nervous. The girl crossed her arms. On her middle fingers she wore matching gold rings with crescent signets. I can make that comparison because I invented crows. I can also make that comparison, because I used to collect prize cows.

And who are you? Part of me wanted to find a fresh towel, clean her face, and give her money for a hot meal. Part of me wanted to fend her off with a chair in case she decided to bite me.

She reminded me of the strays my sister was always adopting: Or Margaret? I sensed she had heard the term demigod before. You chased off those hooligans with rotten fruit. Perhaps you have banana-kinesis? Or you can control garbage? Get out of here. But I had no one else.

What then? Then again, it seemed wrong for a child to live I considered walking to the Empire State Building. That was the modern gateway to Mount Olympus, but I doubted the guards would let me up to the secret six hundredth floor. Zeus would not make it so easy. Perhaps I could find my old friend Chiron the centaur. He had a training camp on Long Island.

He could offer me shelter and guidance. But that would be a dangerous journey. A defenseless god makes for a juicy target. Any monster along the way would cheerfully disembowel me. Jealous spirits and minor gods might also welcome the opportunity. I needed a guide to get me there—someone experienced and close by…. He lives on the Upper East Side. Take me to him, and I shall reward you. Someday I will become a god again. Have you ever been mortal before?

Both times, my punishment only lasted a few years at most! And how did you get back to being all goddy or whatever? This fellow uptown I mentioned, for instance. I do whatever tasks my new master requires for a few years. As long as I behave, I am allowed back to Olympus.

I just sort of run into them. The sound echoed through the city canyons like divine laughter. Whatever was left of my pride turned to ice water and trickled into my socks. A demigod. Zeus did not answer. He was probably too busy recording my humiliation to share on Snapchat. It was going to be a very long servitude. Why did Percy Jackson live so far uptown? Why did pedestrians keep staring at me? I wondered if my divine radiance was starting to return.

Perhaps the New Yorkers were awed by my obvious power and unearthly good looks. Meg McCaffrey set me straight. Also enslaved by a small child.

You look gross. I looked about sixteen. My medium-length hair was dark and curly—a style I had rocked in Athenian times, and again in the s. My eyes were blue. My face was pleasing enough in a dorkish way, but it was marred by a swollen eggplant-colored nose, which had dripped a gruesome mustache of blood down my upper lip.

Even worse, my cheeks were covered with some sort of rash that looked suspiciously like…My heart climbed into my throat. It is one of our inalienable rights. Yet I leaned closer to the glass and saw that my skin was indeed a scarred landscape of whiteheads and pustules. I have been made a teenager, and not even one with perfect skin! My midriff was covered with a floral pattern of bruises from my fall into the Dumpster and my subsequent kicking.

But even worse, I had flab. I always have eight-pack abs. I never have love handles. Never in four I allowed Meg to pull me farther down the street. She skipped along, occasionally stopping to pick up a coin or swing herself around a streetlamp.

The child seemed unfazed by the cold weather, the dangerous journey ahead, and the fact that I was suffering from acne. I decided I might not be able to stand the stress of knowing. The alley. She returned her attention to her twenty-dollar airplane. For children blessed with an immortal parent, they were strangely sensitive about their backgrounds. Or Camp Jupiter? A few more blocks…I think. She hopscotched ahead, throwing the cash airplane and retrieving it. She cartwheeled through the intersection at East Seventy-Second Street—her clothes a flurry of traffic-light colors so bright I worried the drivers might get confused and run her down.

Fortunately, New York drivers were used to swerving around oblivious pedestrians. I decided Meg must be a feral demigod. They were rare but not unheard of.

Without any support network, without being discovered by other demigods or taken in for proper training, she had still managed to survive. But her luck would not last. Monsters usually began hunting down and killing young heroes around the time they turned thirteen, when their true powers began to manifest.

Meg did not have long. She needed to be brought to Camp Half-Blood as much as I did. She was fortunate to have met me. I know that last statement seems obvious. Everyone who meets me is fortunate, but you take my meaning. I could have looked into her soul and seen all I needed to know about her godly parentage, her powers, her motives and secrets. Now I was blind to such things. I could only be sure she was a demigod because she had successfully claimed my service. Zeus had affirmed her right with a clap of thunder.

I felt the binding upon me like a shroud of tightly wrapped banana peels. Whoever Meg McCaffrey was, however she had happened to find me, our fates were now intertwined. It was almost as embarrassing as the acne. We turned east on Eighty-Second Street. By the time we reached Second Avenue, the neighborhood started to look familiar—rows of apartment buildings, hardware shops, convenience stores, and Indian restaurants. I knew that Percy Jackson lived around here somewhere, but my trips across the sky in the sun chariot had given me something of a Google Earth orientation.

Also, in this mortal form, my flawless memory had become…flawed. Mortal fears and needs clouded my thoughts. I wanted to eat. I wanted to use the restroom. My body hurt. My clothes stank. I felt as if my brain had been stuffed with wet cotton. Honestly, how do you humans stand it? After a few more blocks, a mixture of sleet and rain began to fall. Meg tried to catch the precipitation on her tongue, which I thought a very ineffective way to get a drink—and of dirty water, no less.

I shivered and concentrated on happy thoughts: I still wondered about their boss, and how he had known where I would fall to earth. After all, I had been the god of prophecy, master of the Oracle of Delphi, distributor of the highest quality sneak previews of destiny for millennia.

Of course, I had no shortage of enemies. One of the natural consequences of being so awesome is that I attracted envy from all quarters. But I could only think of one adversary who might be able to tell the future. And if he came looking for me in my weakened state… I tamped down that thought.

I had enough to worry about. No point scaring myself to death with what-ifs. We began searching side streets, checking names on apartment mailboxes and intercom panels. The Upper East Side had a surprising number of Jacksons.

I found that annoying. After several failed attempts, we turned a corner and there—parked under a crape myrtle—sat an older model blue Prius. Its hood bore the unmistakable dents of pegasus hooves. How was I sure? I know my hoof marks. Also, normal horses do not gallop over Toyotas. Pegasi often do. She stared back toward Second Avenue, her dark eyes turbulent. Saw them back on Park Avenue. Told you that. Many spirits could appear that way.

My own father, Zeus, once took the form of a shiny blob to woo a mortal woman. Why the mortal woman found that attractive, I have no idea. She had shown no fear while pelting muggers with garbage in a blind alley, but now she seemed to be having second thoughts about ringing a doorbell. It occurred to me she Perhaps those meetings had not gone well. You have nothing to fear. Besides, he likes me. I taught him everything he knows. So many obvious things she did not know. The front door buzzed. I pushed it open.

Just before I stepped inside, I caught a flash of movement in the corner of my eye. I peered down the sidewalk but again saw nothing. Perhaps it had been a reflection. Or a whirl of sleet.

Or perhaps it had been a shiny blob. My scalp tingled with apprehension. I did not want Meg bolting off when we were so close to reaching safety. We were bound together now.

I would have to follow her if she ordered me to, and I did not fancy living in the alley with her forever. A tearful welcome, a few burnt offerings, and a small festival in my honor would not have been inappropriate.

He had the same sea-green eyes, the same dark tousled hair, the same handsome features that could shift from humor to anger so easily. Meg inched back into the hallway, hiding behind me. I tried for a smile. I am in need of assistance. She rescued me from street thugs. Dude, what happened to you? He sighed. Casa de Jackson No gold-plated throne for guests Seriously, dude?

How can you mortals live in such tiny places? Where is your pride? Your sense of style? The Jackson apartment had no grand throne room, no colonnades, no terraces or banquet halls or even a thermal bath. It had a tiny living room with an attached kitchen and a single hallway leading to what I assumed were the bedrooms.

What did they do when guests from the sky wanted to visit? Standing behind the kitchen counter, making a smoothie, was a strikingly attractive mortal woman of about forty. Her long brown hair had a few gray streaks, but her bright eyes, quick smile, and festive tie-dyed sundress made her look younger. As we entered, she turned off the blender and stepped out from behind the counter.

My sister, Artemis, had experience with midwifery, but I had always found it one area of the healing arts best left to others. Are you cursed? And can you not mention Hera? She would give birth as soon as she felt like it. Percy Jackson coughed. Mom, this is Apollo and his friend Meg. Guys, this is my mom. What happened? I, the silver-tongued god of poetry, could not bring myself to describe my fall from grace to this kind woman.

I understood why Poseidon had been so smitten with her. Sally Jackson possessed just the right She was one of those rare mortal women who could connect spiritually with a god as an equal—to be neither terrified of us nor greedy for what we can offer, but to provide us with true companionship.

If I had still been an immortal, I might have flirted with her myself. But I was now a sixteen-year- old boy. My mortal form was working its way upon my state of mind. I saw Sally Jackson as a mom —a fact that both consternated and embarrassed me. I thought about how long it had been since I had called my own mother. I should probably take her to lunch when I got back to Olympus. Sally gave him the slightest motherly eyebrow raise.

Apollo can take a shower, then wear your extra clothes. You two are about the same size. Thankfully, Meg did not bite her. No doubt she was thinking, Who dressed this poor girl like a traffic light? Sally laughed. Percy, you take Apollo. Percy left me alone in the bathroom to take care of all this myself, for which I was grateful.

He offered me some ambrosia and nectar—food and drink of the gods—to heal my wounds, but I was not sure it would be safe to consume in my mortal state. When I was done, I stared at my battered face in the bathroom mirror. Perhaps teenage angst had permeated the clothes, because I felt more like a sulky high schooler than ever. I thought how unfair it was that I was being punished, how lame my father was, how no one else in the history of time had ever experienced problems like mine.

Of course, all that was empirically true. No exaggeration was required. The swelling in my nose had subsided. My ribs still ached, but I no longer felt as if someone were knitting a sweater inside my chest with hot needles. Accelerated healing was the least Zeus could do for me. I was a god of medicinal arts, after all. Zeus probably just wanted me to get well quickly so I could endure more pain, but I was grateful nonetheless.

I examined the black T-shirt Percy had given me. I had no problem with Led Zeppelin. I had inspired all their best songs. But I had a sneaking suspicion that Percy had given me this shirt as a joke—the fall from the sky. Yes, ha-ha. I decided not to comment on it. Then I did my usual motivational speech in the mirror: I went out to face the world. Percy was sitting on his bed, staring at the trail of blood droplets I had made across his carpet. Percy spread his hands.

The Acropolis. We gods had battled side by side with Percy Jackson and his comrades. I ask you: How was that my fault?

Zeus seemed to consider egotism a trait the boy had inherited from me. Which is ridiculous. I am much too self- aware to be egotistical. Then bam—he vaporized you. What had happened in the last six months? Had I been in some kind of stasis? Had Zeus taken that long to decide what to do with me? Your fault. Your punishment. My shame felt fresh and raw, as if the conversation had just happened, but I could not be sure.

After being alive for so many millennia, I had trouble keeping track of time even in the best of circumstances. Last year I lost an entire semester thanks to Hera. During the war with Gaea, I had been focused mostly on my own fabulous exploits. But I suppose he and his friends had undergone a few minor hardships.

Do you have something besides the Prius? A Maserati, perhaps? They were long and nimble. He would have made an excellent musician. If I want to go to college with Annabeth next fall, I have to stay out of trouble and get my diploma. Some family emergency. Calliope is quite touchy when novelists forget to thank her. On the sill was a potted plant with delicate silver leaves— possibly moonlace.

I wanted to get back to talking about my problems. I was impatient with Percy for turning the conversation to himself. Sadly, I have found this sort of self-centeredness common among demigods. Can you turn down such glory? It always disappointed me when mortals put themselves first and failed to see the big picture—the importance of putting me first—but I had to remind myself that this young man had helped me out on many previous occasions.

He had earned my goodwill. For a moment I thought he wanted my autograph. Then I remembered the pen was the disguised form of his sword, Riptide.

He smiled, and some of that old demigod mischief twinkled in his eyes. She had transformed Meg from a street urchin into a shockingly pretty young girl. Her round face was scrubbed clean of grime. Her cat-eye glasses had been polished so the rhinestones sparkled. She had evidently insisted on keeping her old red sneakers, but she wore new black leggings and a knee- length frock of shifting green hues. Meg now had an elfish springtime aura that reminded me very much of a dryad.

In fact… A sudden wave of emotion overwhelmed me. I choked back a sob. Meg pouted. You remind me of someone. Only two mortals ever had broken my heart. I felt no attraction to Meg.

I was sixteen or four thousand plus, depending on how you looked at it. She was a very young twelve. But the way she appeared now, Meg McCaffrey might have been the daughter of my former love…if my former love had lived long enough to have children. It was too painful. I looked away. Meg sat on the edge of the sofa. Can you believe that? I wrote the music and poetry analysis sections. Meg swung her feet. Like me? What about your parents? She studied her chewed cuticles, the matching crescent rings glinting on her middle fingers.

As soon as its leaves are touched, the plant closes up defensively. Percy raised his hands. I may have exaggerated my brave defense against Cade and Mikey—just for narrative effect, you understand.

As I finished, Sally Jackson returned. She set down a bowl of tortilla chips and a casserole dish filled with elaborate dip in multicolored strata, like sedimentary rock.

You invented this for me? It tasted almost as good as ambrosia nachos. Meg ate like a chipmunk, shoving more food in her mouth than she could possibly chew. My belly was full. I had never been so happy. I had a strange desire to fire up an Xbox and play Call of Duty.

You guys barely know each other. My fate is now linked with young McCaffrey. She seemed to savor that word. From his pocket, Percy fished his ballpoint pen. He tapped it thoughtfully against his knee. We tried to overthrow Zeus. Oh, and your father, Poseidon.

Apollo trials indonesia of pdf

We were both cast down to earth as mortals, forced to serve Laomedon, the king of Troy. He was a harsh master. He even refused to pay us for our work! But as I was saying, the second time I became mortal, Zeus got mad because I killed some of his Cyclopes.

My brother is a Cyclops. They made the lightning bolt that killed one of my sons! He was a kind master. I liked him so much, I made all his cows have twin calves. Possibly more. I gritted my teeth. But if I suffer through them and prove I am worthy, Zeus will forgive me and allow me to become a god again. I had to believe my mortal punishment was temporary, as it had been the last two times. Yet Zeus had created a strict rule for baseball and prison sentences: I could only hope this would not apply to me.

I can figure out which of my godly powers remain with me in this mortal form. Once we reach camp, the magical borders will protect me. You, too. I have to. Being a mortal was traumatic enough. The thought of being barred from camp, of being unimportant…No. That simply could not be. I must have other abilities! I hear you throw a mean garbage bag. Any other skills we should know about? Summoning lightning? Making toilets explode? I did not like the way she was grinning at Percy. We might never get out of here.

Percy gestured with distaste at his test manuals.

The Burning Maze

Got a lot of studying. The first two times I took the SAT—ugh. I was glad there were no garbage bags nearby for her to throw. For some reason, the cookies were blue, but they smelled heavenly—and I should know. Sally sighed. Her expression softened, her innate kindness perhaps overweighing her concern. Be careful. It was lovely meeting you both. Please try not to die. He reached for the cookies, but she moved the plate away.

And hurry, dear. It would be a shame if Paul ate them all when he gets home. He faced us. A batch of cookies is depending on me. If you get me killed on the way to camp, I am going be ticked off. Perhaps that was an arcane ward against evil spirits. Hecate would have known. Once we reached the Prius, Meg called shotgun, which was yet another example of my unfair existence.

Gods do not ride in the back. I again suggested following them in a Maserati or a Lamborghini, but Percy admitted he had neither. The Prius was the only car his family owned. I mean…wow. Just wow. Sitting in the backseat, I quickly became carsick.

I was used to driving my sun chariot across the sky, where every lane was the fast lane. I was not used to the Long Island Expressway. Believe me, even at midday in the middle of January, there is nothing express about your expressways.

Percy braked and lurched forward. I sorely wished I could launch a fireball in front of us and melt cars to make way for our clearly more important journey. At least some Hephaestian bumper blades? What sort of cheap economy vehicle is this? Again I wondered if she had some connection to Artemis. Perhaps Artemis had sent Meg to look after me? Artemis had trouble sharing anything with me—demigods, arrows, nations, birthday parties. Meg had another sort of aura…one I would have been able to recognize easily if I were a god.

But, no. I had to rely on mortal intuition, which was like trying to pick up sewing needles while wearing oven mitts. Meg turned and gazed out the rear windshield, probably checking for any shiny blobs pursuing us.

Meg huffed. Neither of us answered. For a moment, I was too stunned to speak. And believe me, I have to be very stunned for that to happen. How was I to know that Gaea would take advantage of the chaos of war and raise my oldest, greatest enemy from the depths of Tartarus so he could take possession of his old lair in the cave of Delphi and cut off the source of my prophetic power?

We've got Apollo in all his melodrama, with soooooooo many refere Hey folks! We've got Apollo in all his melodrama, with soooooooo many references to pop culture and history, for both modern teenagers AND their parents.

So many. Apollo, as always, is such a horrifying delight to read, because he's a disaster, and he's so conceited, but it's all very endearing. That being said, I believe that Apollo's a lot more sympathetic than he was in the first or second books - he's learned some humility. His earlier adventures have stuck with him, and it was great to see so much character development. It was really exciting seeing Grover again, and seeing how much he's matured.

I'm so proud of him. And the Hedge family - I really grew into loving the three of them in this book, even though I didn't really pay them a lot of heed in the Heroes of Olympus. We also got some old villains, like Medea, which was really cool to see.

Spoilers from this point on. I was twelve. In the eight years in between, I have come to love each and every member of the Seven, including Leo Valdez, even if he can be really annoying. So the first shock of the book: Jasiper broke up.

I was stunned, because this contradicted everything we had seen from the ending of the Heroes of Olympus, with everyone neatly paired off and getting a happily-ever-after. We all thought that they were going to get a happily-ever-after.

But I thought that this was a really mature look on first love.

Indonesia trials pdf of apollo

While Percy and Annabeth are proof that first love can be your true love - as it was for Rick himself - Piper and Jason proves that things aren't always that cut and dry. Leo and Calypso, in The Dark Prophecy , talked about how they needed to find time to figure out how to be a couple away from travelling and danger. Piper and Jason figured that they weren't a good couple, but they were still friends, and that was okay. Even seeing both Piper and Jason was so bittersweet, and it hurt that Piper's life was turned upside down.

I admire how incredibly brave she was, dealing with so much in such a short time - even before the events of this book. And when we finally see Jason, we see him just the way as he's aways been - quiet, dedicated, loyal.

The same qualities that I pegged him as 'boring' when I first met him in the end made me love him. And it was good to see that Jason, at least, was living as normal of a life that demigods can.

I have to admit that I had, up until this recent reread and this book, that I considered Trials of Apollo to be the most juvenile of Rick's series. But it's not: This book really brought it into the forefront. It's scary. Most of the time, it gets you killed in painful, scary ways. But Rick doesn't kill main characters.

If he does, he brings them back. Or so we thought. Because Jason. Jason Grace dies and even though I am in denial, it is made incredibly clear that this is final. There is no Piper charmspeaking him to life. No potion. No godly magic. We see him get stabbed, twice. We see his body. We see his coffin. In all Rick Riordan's books, this is the most final and brutal death, because it's so goddamn real. I think that a lot of other deaths in the series had hope and fantasy behind them: Beckendorf and Silena reunited in Elysium, Zoe Nightshade turning into a constellation, Bianca di Angelo showing up in ghost form - and even so, these were minor characters.

They were sad, but you only knew them for a book or so. Jason's death is one of the hardest depictions of loss I've ever seen in a book, because it's so frank and human. It takes on a view of death that I've seen in books for older readers.

He doesn't get a romantic monologue of dying like Luke or Silena did. It was quick and brutal. And realizing it was just as - Jason's corpse tumbling onto the beach. Even though he finished his Grand Quest, he wasn't safe, because demigods aren't safe - and neither are humans, for that matter.

It's a very straightforward look at mortality. Sometimes people die too early. Sometimes people die when no one expected them to. I have criticized Rick for not killing anyone in his books, that this lowers the stakes. I think we all didn't expect the stakes to be raised so quickly. Like Caligula says: And this book shows it. I also have to commend Rick for this depiction of grief, because it's so fucking raw.

Jason's death didn't really hit me until Leo flew in and asked, "Where's Jason," and I screamed because I realized Jason and Leo never got to say goodbye to each other. Like, excuse me, I'm going to go cry under a rock now. Not to mention Leo going, "I can't even think right now? Is that normal? Just forgetting how to think? And I think, if this book had been out when my dad passed away, this would have been the book I'd turn to for solace, because it covers all these complex and hard feelings about death and loss that you don't fully realize until someone you care about dies.

Apollo found those feelings. Jason Grace died as he lived, for the most part: And even though his death fucking hurts, I think it's given everyone a lot more fire to defeat the emperors.

I have a lot of complicated feelings right now, because I only just finished the book and this is the worst fictional death I've gone through, like, ever. But I really do commend Rick Riordan on how he handled everything, even if I'm going to be shrieking into the next century. As for the end: Bellona's daughter. On the one hand, this means we'll see Reyna again, one of my favourite characters. On the other, I don't believe we got Leo's bad news from Camp Jupiter? I just.

A lot of feelings about this book. I have no chill. I'm sorry. Rick Riordan does it again - a fun adventurous romp through mythology, history, Roman emperors, and a bit of emotional turmoil thrown in, just for funsies. I'm really anticipating the next book. Enchantress rated it it was amazing Shelves: Marvelous the Dark Prophecy: Gorgeous the Burning Maze: One word, says it all! In my point of view, one of the features of a perfect book is when you wish a thing to take place which made you squeal fangirling, anticipation, not prediction , it actually happens.

I'm thrilled! I'm blessed! I'm fangirling! I loved it, page by page, wholeheartedly! You just should wait until book 3 then BOOM! Not really, I can't predict anything. Rick Riordan is beyond Genius! Same happening for laughter!

Usually, I burst into laughter for 30 minutes straight! I still laughs by just remembering them! Apollo himself! Chapters haikus! I can't remember more to mention but there is definitely more.

XD you can see some more in my quotes below. Many words of wisdom! I love to see hopeful quotes in my favourite books, they made me keep going on the hard times.

He was tortured He was captured So many times. I was looking forward to it. Older than my mortal form, yes, but not by much. This young man had lost his mother.

He had survived the harsh training of Lupa the wolf goddess. But by mortal standards, he was barely an adult. This young demigod had stood up for me. He barely knew me. Carry him away! I prayed, knowing that no god would listen. Please, just let Tempest get him to safety! Then you can have me. Leave me! I did Apollo, I did. I would be more than an observer. I would be Apollo. I would remember.

I actually, truly love this review! World building: I tried to swallow it up! I read it in 4 days! I think for the first time in my reading life, I'm gonna be in book hangover! I want to read this again! I set another record in my whole history of re-reading!

XD too soon maybe? I love re-reading! I found some new clues I didn't find the first time! View all 10 comments. View all 13 comments. Nov 04, C. My first question is: I should have more to say in this review but ajfkdsla I really want to leave it at that. I am in PAIN. I swear this is probably the most gutting Riordan book I've read so far????? Awkward pause. I'm definitely going to do a full series reread before 4 comes out. But I caught up pretty quick that w My first question is: But I caught up pretty quick that we're looking for oracles dunno why so Apollo can get to be a god again again, not sure why he isn't a god now and he's enslaved to Meg which I still feel dubious about because if the genders were swapped on that, it'd be very inappropriate?

I also am a little pissed at how often Apollo bemoans he's flabby and ugly. Because idk peoples pls dial back on the body shaming. Everything else?! It was so intense.

They basically only got to sleep twice and eat a few cheese enchiladas?! Feed my poor children pls. We also get the return of Piper and Jason! They play a pretty huge roll Leo isn't much in this one till the end. I loooove how characters from the previous series return.

Also Grover! He's a big starring character. And oh yeah that little part where Plus it's difficult to have Apollo narrating in his hilarious way It made Jason's death feel brushed off almost? I'm frikkin devastated. I can't even. But no. I seriously stopped reading because I was so upset. Who am I. Where has my cold heart gone.

I am so soft these days. Apr 10, ambsreads rated it it was amazing Shelves: Thank you Penguin Random House for a full copy. I may just. This book had it all.

Oh, I forgot to mention the best part! The Burning Maze brought back Grover. You bet I screamed. Meg, Apollo and Grover are travelling through the labyrinth yes, the labyrinth is back and are facing some complications, obviously. The trio goes through so much and at times even has to spilt up.

However, I notice Rick Riordan always makes sure to use the Camp Half-Blood rule of three people going on a quest together. This story just seems to flow so much better than the previous one. It was honestly so exciting and I am so happy that I can passionately tell everyone to pick it up. It was annoying. However, finally, six books later I like them.

Wow, that was hard to say. I think what I enjoyed the most was a lack of Jason and b Piper getting real about their relationship. Their relationship had been forged on lies — shout out to Hera, you bitch — and in such a high intense situation as war it is difficult to go back to normal life in which you can relax.

I feel that this pair really showed the struggles of something like that and I am so happy Rick included it in the book. Finally in The Burning Maze we see Apollo start thinking about others. He goes through so many emotions and has a general empathy that shocks even him.

It was seriously enjoyable to see a god shocked at feeling something like empathy towards a mortal. I feel if Apollo had kept up with the same level of douchebaggery as the first book I would have had to put this book down but I was very pleasantly shocked by what Rick Riordan chose to do with this story. I always have something I disliked about a book. If you know me, you know this is a shock. Overall, The Burning Maze shocked me in the best way possible.

The pacing was beautiful and the intensity of some of the characters emotions was intense. We finally got a sense of grief as well, that Rick has shied away from in previous books. Also, if you're looking to buy any books over at Book Depository, feel free to use my affiliate link! May 25, Lucy Rojas rated it it was amazing Shelves: I would remember" i just need to sit and cry for the rest of my life View all 3 comments.

Jun 05, samantha books-are-my-life20 rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book has everything a Rick Riordan book needs to have with it making me laugh, cry and feel pretty much every feeling in between. It feels both dark yet light at the same time, which is very hard to have. And we get to see Grover again which was a plus i love his character. But i do have a question for Mr Ridordan Why is the third book in a serie always so sad?! I mean The Titan's Curse, The Mark of Athena, and now This book has everything a Rick Riordan book needs to have with it making me laugh, cry and feel pretty much every feeling in between.

View 2 comments. Dec 08, E. Now, it's time for the actual review because I have some thoughts. Magnus Chase is still my favourite Rick Riordan's series, but this is a close second — I love the bad haikus. I love how annoying and yet still lovable Apollo can be. I love how casual LGBT rep is here. I instantly knew that there's so much potential with that and Uncle Rick did not disappoint. Apollo grows so much throughout the series and we're just at book 3 of 5.

He still retains some of his annoying qualities but it only makes him much more interesting imo because it shows that by becoming human he gained so much contrast. He is scared shitless and the most defenseless of the group but he's ready to sacrifice himself. He didn't care about whole cities dying and he mourns someone he barely knew. How he knows he can't force her to see things his way and that he respects her autonomy and supports her choices unless they're really bad choices.

Murder is bad , Meg. How he realises similarities between his life and Meg's and how even he as a god had this experience. How that doesn't make either of them weak. How he helps her with misdirecting her anger But also, I like how Meg grows on her own. How she goes back-and-forth and how realistic it is. How she gains her own support system and how that strengthens her. How she lets herself feel anger. How she lets herself feel happiness. How she slowly heals.

There's still enough humour to counter it so it's not only all sad and serious but Apollo and Meg's arcs wouldn't work as well with the usual mood of Percy Jackson Verse. Here making things a bit darker has a function and it just works. Sep 21, April rated it it was amazing. Remember what it's like to be human. I just View all 7 comments. May 02, SilverOwl marked it as to-read. I got The Dark Prophecy today! I saw the title of this book at the back.

The I looked at the release date. View all 11 comments. May 15, Oda Renate rated it it was amazing Shelves: Just as the other books in this series the words to describe it; Humor, twist and quality quality quality!

Sad its a whole year to the next one but hey, I can always read the imprint books. May 05, Neil or bleed rated it it was amazing. I don't know about you but I really did admire Apollo on this book. He continue to realize the value of human and the human nature. And I just love how it was portrayed and delivered in the novel. The Burning Maze is also the book, among the other Riordan's books that I felt the realness of the characters and the events.

I mean I felt it too in his other books but this is the pinacle of realness, imo. All of it. I felt the punch of grief, the happiness, the excitement, the dread, everything. I am so entranced by this book.

I am so hooked from the beginning until the end. Meg is also likable and adorable in this sequel. We've got to know more about her and her past. I dig back stories and character development that makes sense, thank you very much.

Meg is badass, too. The kill kill kill attitude. Other characters are wonderful, too. Plotwise, I'm getting and digging it more and more. The humor is still gold, even it's subtle and self-deprecating. It still works for me. The Burning Maze is hell of a ride.

I'm sure, this incoherent review of mine didn't really give justice on the beauty and greatness of this book but I knew you get the point.