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Mahavastu handbook pdf pdf

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have attained spectacular growth in money & prosperity by applying .. Written by the foremost Vastu Guru, Khushdeep Bansal, MahaVastu Handbook contains How got quick Government approvals by placing the project files in the right. Mahavastu lost almost all the features of a Vinaya, which it . THE MAHA. VASTU It has been adopted also by MISS I. B. Horner in Book of the Discipline. MahaVastu handbook Methods and Practical Working Our group is here to share our experiences of MahaVastu in Alumni.

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Mahavastu Handbook - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online . Vastu. MahaVastu Handbook, , Khushdeep Bansal Garg_Bansal_Ghosh__(1).pdf Garg Bansal Ghosh Garg Load more similar PDF files. The Earth's Biggest Book on Vastu Shastra Discover the Earth's Biggest How got quick Government approvals by placing project files in the right direction?.

Each individual horoscope is unique with its own purpose on the planet. Whenever we want to solve some problem or we want to achieve some target, we work in parallels in all the three domains of inner, physical and outer space. Intuition Body Anandmaya Kosha: No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, except as may be expressly permitted in writing by the Author. If even one person in a family learns and imbibes this knowledge, it will benefit the generations to come. Right location of stove enhances the food flavour This knowledge is not new; it is with us from the last 12, years.

Now, whether it is planning and designing of a new building or, setting Vastu compliance in an interior decoration project or, solving any problem? MahaVastu handbook lucidly explains how to: Work with the Earth energies and the energy fields of Vastu Purush Mandala.

Read directions accurately and, recognise directional Zones in a building. Correct harmful effects of wrong Entrance-locations with colours and metals. Use power of the Five-Elements for most effective and powerful solutions. Programme buildings with paintings and sculptures. Choose beneficial paintings. Apply the techniques of the Alchemy of Space. Manage cut portions in a building. Use the most powerful Sixteen Techniques to cure Vastu-dosha without resorting to demolitions in a building.

Decide placement of different activities and objects in their right directions. Beneficial Colours in different directions. With more than images and MahaVastu case studies you will get clear guidelines to successfully apply tested and effective MahaVastu remedies. And, get the best results in different domains of life like, better health, money, relationships, studies, security, bigger gains, exponential growth and many more. Rate Product. Mr Bansal thinks that he has found Vastu sastra by himself, how can a normal person get to know this knowledge ,who taught him ,was he been alive for years BC.

Knowledge is given by ours supreme being, its is priceless , It's been learned and manuscripted by great Rishis, Sidda purushas with immense power of there tapas and dedication got to know this knowledge from the supreme being.

How can a normal person like Mr. Bansal rate this knowledge is terms of money ,he did not find this nor h MahaVastu works as a vehicle, with a GPS filter in it, making the ideal choices for the route to reach the destination safely in optimum time.

If you are not clear, it also helps you to make choices about your destination. In short, MahaVastu provides you the appropriate space where your own inner space can work perfectly. Whenever we want to solve some problem or we want to achieve some target, we work in parallels in all the three domains of inner, physical and outer space. But first, we must clearly define our purpose or desired solution, and then check all the three domains.

Only then we can find a mantra effective remedy, which will lead to the manifestation of the desire. The most widely held misconception about vastu is that you should have complete faith in it to reap its amazing benefits. The fact, however, is that vastu is a completely scientific discipline. Like other sciences, the outcomes of MahaVastu techniques are not affected by your lack of faith in them.

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If you touch a live wire what will happen? You will get a shock. You trust in God, but you do not trust electricity. Touch the live wire and there is an instant reaction.

It is so simple. It is not a matter of belief; even if the family of the scientist, who invented electricity, touched the live wire the reaction would be the same. No mercy for its inventors.

Since time immemorial, man has been conscious of the tremendous influences that nature and earth exert in shaping his life. That is why, in all the civilisations, both are referred to as Mother.

VastuShastri Khushdeep Bansal - MahaVastu

Since man basically has an inquisitive and scientific temperament, he developed through meditation, intuition and systematic observations, and so an understanding of the energies associated with the earth.

The directions of their flow and how these earth energies influence him have been codified into knowledge bases and on the basis of this knowledge, he developed vastuthe science of planning buildings of all kind. The sole aim of MahaVastu is to help a building achieve the purpose for which it has been built.

Clearly, MahaVastu is concerned with the flow of earth energies, which does not necessarily require our faith. It works with the right placement of appropriate things and activities at the right locations. Even today, I meet people who believe in God, who do not do anything wrong to any one, who do not believe in vastustill MahaVastu produces the same results which have been documented for all to see.

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How does MahaVastu Work for You? How MahaVastu works is best explained by: One such desire wrapped in five layers creates a human being which is just a by-product of bliss or enjoyment or anand.

So, one is always in search of anand, through fulfilment of different physical desires. We make structures, basically, to manifest that core purpose or desire. If we are properly manifesting our core purpose then money, power, comfort and health come to us as by-products, along with the joy. Pain indicates deviation from the core purpose for which the birth was taken, namely, deviation from the natural flow. Restoring that flow makes us free of pain.

MahaVastu provides us the tools and techniques to work with the universal consciousness and thus achieve the purpose of our life. The Law of the UniverseThe Law of the Universe says that the world is created out of the experience of joy. The universe is conscious and full of joy. The vedic alchemy of space says that to experience itself universal consciousness param atma created the world, which is full of joy.

Desire is consciousness on a journey to joy. Desire drives you and your life to experience the joy, and thus creates a new world for you. In this process, 40 MahaVastu handbookPrefacejoy creates the world. Even while experiencing joy, we are the creations of joy. Little wonder that we were created when our parents were passing through an experience of joy. Every soul has one common goal, that is, to experience joy. The MahaVastu handbookpaths may be different: Similarly, the whole world is created in the joyous state of consciousness.

The purpose of human birth is to experience joy by manifesting the core desire. As per Hindu philosophy, the soul will keep taking rebirth as long as it has not manifested its core purpose, for which it got separated from universal consciousness. A problem or pain is an indication of deviation from its core purpose, for example, disease means not being at ease is a deviation from natural flow which is popularly known as health.

Restoring the flow makes us pain- or disease-free. On the way to manifestation of our core purpose, we get money, power, comforts and health, as the by-products. To experience joy or the Self, the universal consciousness created three things: Humans; 2. A cosmic clock, comprising the solar family and our galaxy Prefaceamidst the cosmos, to keep time of the events; 3.

A total manifestation-ground, namely, the earth, which is encircled with horizontal and vertical energy lines. As soon as any part consciousness takes birth as a soul, it gets programmed as per the position of planets and stars at that particular point of time.

The chip like the one present in a computer or mobile phone carrying all that programmed information for our future is fed inside us as the deeper state of human mind, also known as subconscious mind. This part of the mind is responsible for all the body functions and the life we are living right now. All events and situations in life are as per the movement of planets and stars.

Influence of Stars and PlanetsStars and planets, the objects of the external space universe , are responsible for programming your subconscious mind at the Manomaya Kosha level. This creates the life you are experiencing now. Your purpose of life, your goals, your choices, inborn habits, inclinations of mind, your reference points of happiness and pain, your own philosophy of how you lead your life, are a few parts of that programming, among many more.

Pdf pdf handbook mahavastu

The movement of the stars and planets in their respective trajectories act as a cosmic clock for timing the events in your life, and programming your subconscious mind. Man understood this secret 12, years ago. Since then, he has been studying stars, planets, and their movements, in order to understand the core or true purpose of his being on this planet.

This has helped him manifest his core desire and experience the eternal joy by focusing his attention and energies on his true purpose, exclusively. Man has understood this fact very well: To keep himself aligned, man has been observing the stars for ages.

Handbook pdf pdf mahavastu

That is how the development of vedic astrological system jyotish took place. The word jyotish means illuminated divine lights showing the true path. In jyotish, Moon stands for the subconscious mind and, Mercury is considered to stand for the ordinary conscious mind with analytical and reasoning faculties. Only in jyotish, the timing of events is worked out from the position of Moon at the time of birth.

When Moons position is studied for seconds, minutes and degrees degrees for years , then a certain combination of all the planets gives an accurate timing of events. This calculation can be accurate to the hour for an event happening in ones life. This system is known as year situation method Vimshottari Dasha Paddhati , given by eminent jyotish scholar Sage Parashar in the fifth century BC. Vedic rishis seers or mystics decoded the mystery of life thousands of years ago. The most amazing part is that they mathematically derived the process of evolution for an individual, based on planetary positions at birth, their transits and their programming for subconscious mind.

A Preface6. Effect of Earth Energiesdeeper understanding is working out the evolution of chakras using the planetary position in the birth chart of an individual. In the application of MahaVastu, the birth chart is studied from this angle. The design of building is then decided. Each individual horoscope is unique with its own purpose on the planet. Even Greeks in the past studied horoscopes with this thought in mind. This is done with the objective, so that by defining ones purpose, structures can be made to perform the desired function.

The earth is the manifestation-ground for desires of universal consciousness param atma through human consciousness atma. To manifest our purpose or the core desire, the nature, like a manager, facilitates all necessary powers and conditions. The earth is encircled with energy lines, both horizontally and vertically, thus creating energy grids. Vedic alchemists recognised them as mandalas.

They went further in this discovery; they recognised the usage of individual Mandala to fulfil a specific purpose. His colleague Earnest Hartmann in found that diagonal patterns existed also and termed them as Hartmann Grid. They found that neurological disorders and cancers are due to sleeping on the crossing of these lines. He worked out that there are certain energy-fields on the earth that are responsible for the healthy body or the diseased body.

Hartmann particularly collected the case studies, which showed that all the neurological problems are due to earth energies and cross the intersection of those lines. If people are sleeping on the intersection of those energy lines, and particularly, if some water stream is also crossing that crossing of lines, then that person will have neurological problems or neurological disorders.

If it is the only energy line that is crossing and the person is sleeping on it, whichever part is lying on that energy grid or the line crossing will be affected negatively. To remain healthy, it is recommended to avoid placements of all kind over intersections of lines. As Hartmann said, problems are only due to sleeping over these MahaVastu handbook7. However, vastu shastra goes into much more details. Hartmann developed certain methods to detect such earth energy lines and to avoid the intersections for sleeping.

It is interesting to know that if you puncture the intersections, negative fields will be created and negativity will be present in that space. About 10, years back, vastu shastra avoided the marmasthans, the sensitive points. Hartmann was able to detect these earth energy lines on the earth only, but in MahaVastu we have those formulae to check the energy lines even in the built-up space. In MahaVastu, these natural earth energy lines are used as carrier waves. We, as MahaVastu experts, connect your space with the whole world, to manifest your desirethis is what Vastushastri Khushdeep Bansal discovered in the due course of his research.

He says there is a purpose behind everything on earth. These energy lines and the fields in their grids mandalas are meant to connect the whole world, and become complementary to fulfil each others purpose. A human being is a part Consciousness atma wrapped in five layers known as Panchkosha in vedanta.

The Anandmaya Kosha is part consciousness atma carrying the core desire with a purpose to manifest and experience joy. This innermost core-body of ones being has a pure part of universal consciousness param atma experienced as eternal joy or bliss. Other functions of this Kosha body are co-creation like the creator himself, peak experiences of super consciousness and sexual ecstasy beyond normal sexual pleasures. The Vigyanmaya Kosha is the second innermost layer.

It is responsible for all the new knowledge and intuitive functioning of human beings. The other functions of this Kosha are ordinary awareness for day to day intuitive working, which facilitates deciding what to do next Prefaceand how to do it.

Only from this Kosha do you get intuitive solutions in intense situations, when the logical mind is not able to answer your questions. The natural function of healing inside the human body is also governed by this Kosha. Manomaya Kosha is the domain of functions of the human mind. This is the central layer among the five Koshas. Its function is primarily to receive information through the five senses and process that information for manifestation of our core purpose.

Manomaya Kosha has three layers as recognised by contemporary psychology. They are the conscious mind, subconscious mind and super conscious state of mind.

In medical science, the states are studied in brain wave theory and known as beta, alpha, theta and delta states of brain activity. Through yogic or tantrik meditations, awareness is expanded to alpha, theta and delta brain wave patterns, where an ordinary human being falls asleep.

Mahavastu Handbook

This is when alpha waves are activated in the brain. These EEG actually showed alpha to delta brain wave patterns even while those meditators were in a fully aware state. The conscious state of mind is responsible for perception through the five sense organs and then taking action via the Physical body to perform day to day functions. The subconscious mind receives information from the conscious mind and stores the complete information.

In acute cases of emergency or through regular meditative practices, the Subconscious mind receives knowledge from the Vigayanamaya Kosha, which is called the sixth sense or intuition.

The deeper subconscious or super conscious state of mind is when a person is aware at the theta and delta brain waves.