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Curly girl handbook pdf

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Get this from a library! Curly girl: the handbook. [Lorraine Massey; Michele Bender] -- Provides tips for curly hair, including shampooing, conditioners, drying, . Curly hair advocate Lorraine Massey is back with a new edition of her book, " Curly Girl: The Handbook". Considered the “Original Curly Girl,”. The Curly Girl Method, from Lorraine Massey's book “Curly Girl: The Handbook,” is a hair care method that trades in damaging habits (like.

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teshimaryokan.info - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read curly girl. THE HANDBOOK EXPANDED SECOND EDITION. by Lorraine Massey. Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. Say no to shampoo, unplug the dryer, and find your inner curl. Celebrate the beauty of curls in a buoyant how-to. The Curly Girl Method was developed by Lorraine Massey. She shared it with the world in her book, Curly Girl: The Handbook. Curly hair, because of its construction, is drier and more prone to breakage/frizz than any other hair type.

Your request to send this item has been completed. Today, I have two curly haired children and Im so happy to say that they love their hair my boys are pictured on page In this case, put in extra gel to secure and hold the curl formation during the drying process. Using a clawlike motion, lift a small amount of hairfrom the top of your head. A friend does this and her hair always looks full and amazingly defined. You will needabout six clips to lift the top of your hairin front, at the crown, and between those two points. Learn what you should do for blisters, warts, shin splints, stress fractures, and even skin cancer.

Q Why do I have knots at the nape of my neck? A If youre a breathing human being living in constant movement, accept the knots to be a part of dailylife whether youre curly or knot. I call it the maypole effect, when hair strands, which are falling offthe head on a curved but fixed axis, spin when the head moves. To gently remove the knots, saturatethem and surrounding hair with a botanical conditioner, which will prevent the hair from breaking andripping. With one hand, isolate the knot and hold it between the thumb and forefinger.

With the otherhand, gently pry and release each strand of hair from the knot. Do not shred or pull, or you will fusethe open cuticle. Q Why do my ends become much drier and more brittle in the winter? In thesummer, theres less friction with light, smooth fabrics. There is not much you can do other thanhypercondition and seal the ends with a silicone-free, alcohol-free product.

And remember to gentlyremove any trapped hair out from under your coat, scarf, or bag handle! Also, try a late-winter trim.

Q Will it ever be possible for me to have bangs? Take two or three dry curls over your forehead, and have them cut shorter to frame and softenyour face.

Make sure theyre cut when the hair is dry never wet , and dont have them cut straightacross. On days when your bangs simply wont behave or they spring back too much, keep themweighted while the hair is drying by placing a clip at the end of each wayward curl. You can alsocreate faux bangs with freshly cleansed and well-gelled hair. Just place clips at the concave bend ofeach wave to hold it in place as it dries, or if the hair is not newly cleansed, spray it with water or aspray gel and then clip.

This timeless romantic look alludes to bangs, similar to Rita Hayworthsbangs, without committing to real ones. Q May I ever blow-dry my hair? But if the weather is frigid and youre in a rush toleave the house, you can use a blow-dryer with a diffuser on low to medium heat or a free-standinghooded dryer. I dry my curls by turning on the heat in my car, which creates a little microclimate thatallows the moisture from the products to lock into the hair faster, keeps the hair cuticle closed, andevaporates the water.

Q Whats the best way to tie back my curly hair or put it in a ponytail without causingbreakage? You could stylishly use your own hair to put it back see page Never use rubber bands or any other kind of elastic with a closed metal clasp that can pinch,gnaw, and saw on your hair as your head moves back and forth.

Also, make sure you dont pull yourponytail back too tightly or your hairline will begin to recede. Q I know I have to give up my blow-frying and shampoo habits, but Im afraid that if I gonatural, my hair will look terrible. How long will it take before my curls start to look good? Although your hair will love goingnatural, you may need some time to get used to your new look.

Everyone loves my newfound curls,but I am having an identity crisis! Just take it one day at a time,learn what your curls want, not what you want, and seek to coexist in the hair and now. Your curlswill look great even if they dont conform to your exact vision.

Remember, your eyes have to adjust,too! Abandon all the negatives and focus on the positives. Dont compare your hair with others! Q Whats the best way to protect my hair when swimming in the pool or ocean? The chlorine used in pool water can dehydrateyour hair, give blond hair a green cast, and make brown hair look ashen. Some tips: Before swimming, pour extra virgin olive oil in your hands, rub them together, and apply in adownward motion to the top layer of your hair.

How much you use depends on how dense your hairis. Since oil and water dont mix, the oil will repel the chlorinated water. Get a spray bottle from ahardware store to make applying the oil easier. If you wear a bathing cap, spray the lining of the cap with olive oil. This not only protects the hairfrom breakage, but makes it easier to remove the cap after your swim.

Never use shampoo to wash your hair after swimming. The combination of chlorine and sulfates inshampoo adds a double dose of chemicals to your hairs delicate surface. And dont be fooled byproducts that promote themselves as swimmers shampoo, because most of these also containsulfates.

To remove chlorine, cleanse hair right after swimming with a sulfate-free cleanser orbotanical conditioner and rinse. Apply another application of conditioner, comb it through with yourfingers, and either leave it all in if you are sitting poolside or beachside or do a trickle rinse.

Forthose with very fine or straight hair, rinse out conditioner completely. If youre unable to rinse yourhair immediately after swimming, bring conditioner in a spray bottle to the pool and spritz it on haireach time you get out of the water. Q Ive been sick, depressed, on antibiotics, and broke up with my boyfriend. My hair looksawful. Is there a connection? As a nonessential organ, your hair is at the bottom of the physiologic hierarchy, so its likely to beneglected by the body when the immune system is fighting disease or depression.

Even the mildestmedications may have side effects, and your hair is not immune to these reactions. One client swearsthat when she takes decongestants for a day or two, her normally bouncy curls get dry and flat.

An emotional crisis or period of high stress can trigger skin conditions like acne, eczema, hives,psoriasis, and cold sores. Its unpredictable nature isprobably why so many curly girls think blow-drying their precious curls straight is a good socialsecurity policy for big occasions. To tame Miss-behaving curls before becoming a Mrs. Some curlies will straighten their curls and then use a curling iron to mimic what their hair doesnaturally! Thats like replacing a natural food with a synthetic product thats been enriched withvitamins.

Then these curly girls use enough hair spray to burn a hole in the ozone and make their hairas hard as a Darth Vader helmet. I remember being at one wedding on a wet, rainy evening watching asea of blow-outsincluding the bridesunfurl in front of me, every one of their dried out cuticlesopening up, reaching out to the atmosphere, looking for moisture with their natural survival instinct.

Iwould do the same if I were in a dry desert! For most special occasionsand of course the big daya lot of curly girls tell me they wantto do something different with their hair, but want to look like themselves and not overdone. There aremany individual, elegant updos you can create that allow your curls to be the star of the show andonly require that you use what you already have.

Its as simple as collecting your curls upward andpinning them gracefully next to each other. The first rule in any updo is to not overdo. If a few randomringlets fall out, leave them; all curly updos should make you look and feel like a goddess.

Dressybarrettes, covered clips, broaches or necklaces made into hair jewelry, gold-or silver-coloredthreads or ribbons intertwined with your updo will certainly create tresses to impress. On the big day, wake early to cleanse and set your hair as described for your curl type seechapter 3, page 19 , but use or leave in a bit more conditioner and gel to ensure no frizz which canhappen from touching your hair while you style.

Dont start creating your updo until your hair iscompletely dry except for the sleek Yin Yang look on page , which means you may have to getup extra early to give hair enough time to dry. Handle your curls gently and use a fabric-coveredponytail holder to prevent breakage.

The curly girl teshimaryokan.info

Whenever you wear a ponytail for a date, make it special bywrapping a piece of hair around the ponytail holder and secure it with a pin. Also important: Practicecreating your wedding updo and the timing of it a couple of weeks or days before the special event. Now, heres how to create twelve special-occasion looks that are sexy, playful, funky, elegant,and, best of all, easy to do yourself.

Goddess Curl For long-haired girls with corkscrew curls, this updo will make you look like a goddess. Roll the twist inward up the back of your head, stopping at the crown. This creates a seamor crease in the back.

With your free hand, secure the twist by weaving and inserting bobby pins into and along the seam. An exaggerated amount of exposed bobbypins can look really chic. Crown n Glory For a romantic twist on the Goddess Curl updo, left: Or dress up your twist by inserting hair jewelry or a fresh flower atthe side or intertwined in a curl or the seam of the chignon.

Curl Siren With hair swept elegantly off to one side, this look is reminiscent of a retro 50s movie siren. Longn for Short If you have long buoyant curls and want to make them appear shorter without forfeiting any length,heres what to do: This updo look may give friends and family a shock, because theyll think you cut offyour locks without consulting them first!

Sew Beautiful Before bobby pins were invented, it was believed that the Elizabethans sewed their hair into place.

Handbook pdf girl curly

This might be a good idea for you, too, if you have really thick, heavy hair that doesnt hold bobbypins during a night of dancing.

All you need is a childs plastic sewing or embroidery needle and apiece of ribbon, thread, leather, wool yarn, or even fishing wire about 12 inches long.

Wed-Locks and Up-Dos: Sew Beautiful 1: Switch hands. Curl-Hawk This is a fun and funky adaptation of the popular faux-hawk look, without the commitment. The Curl-Hawk 0: Tie the hair at the back with a ponytail holder, wrap a strand of hair around theponytail holder, and secure with a bobby pin.

Gather the curls on top together loosely. If your top hair is short, let it go freeand shake it at the roots to make it bigger. The two textures of the smooth hair at the sides and thecurly hair up top can be as classy or wild as you like. All Tressed Up.

This do can be tressed down or tressed up by adding a hair adornmentsuch as intertwined necklaces. Wrap a piece of hair around the holder to hide it, and secure with a bobby pin.

Twist separate sections of the remaining tendrilsback in a random pattern around the central ponytail and anchor. Use a mirror to see the placement ofyour twists from the side and back. Really thick hair may need two pins per twist. Adornments such as brooches and odd earrings can add sparkle to the do.

Some variations on this updo: Braid one or more sections of tendrils instead of twisting. Loop and weave one section under another one that is already anchored.

The curly girl handbook.pdf

With wavy, swavy, and very long hair, take loose sections of the ponytail, spritz with spray gel,and lightly wrap them around your finger like a pin curl. Secure them with bobby pins. You can varythe size of these curls, making some small coils by wrapping hair around one or two fingers andothers thicker by wrapping around three or four fingers.

It changed my life. Wrap-unzel A playful twist and wrap updo by day. In the evening, unfurl the wrap and shake out to full, bouncycurls.

For a soft look, leave out a few pieces of definedcurls around your face; for a sleek look, gather all of the hair together at the nape.

For best results, bring them forward so you can seethem in the mirror, and place a bobby pin where youll pin them, then bring the hair back and anchor itnear the ponytail. We both had giant heads of crazy, curly hair. Everyone thought we looked adorableeveryonebut us. We thought we looked ugly. Our childhood was the saga of the curly hair. We used cut-uporange juice cans as rollers and slept on them. Wed fry our hair by ironing it with a real ironand using wax paper to get it really shiny.

Or wed spend hours blow-drying it. Amazingly, inmedical school I had no time for anything, but the little free time I did have, Id spend drying myhair. I could get it straight, but the minute it rained or became humid, it went curly. Scrunch loose hair in the ponytail upward and apply gel. Either diffuse thehair or allow it to dry naturally. Once the ponytail hair is dry, scrunch it to dissolve the gel cast.

Then,give your hair a shake: The two textures will look totally different. You drive to work while your hair is still wet,and your hair dries up where it has been sitting, right at your shoulders! And all day longyou hear, Oh, you cut your hair!

Or youre about to go out for the evening, but its humidand your curls have contracted and coiled back like fiddleheads. If you notice thishappening to any of your curls as your hair is drying, attach a clip or two at the bottom ofeach curl until your hair dries.

For intense spring-back curls, try attaching the clipped curlstrand to your shirt or jacket. It may sound silly, but it works. The weight of the clip willstretch out the strand and naturally reduce the spring factor without distorting the curlformation. Variations on this look: Smooth the top of the hair and pull it into a side ponytail.

For a s look, dont pull the ponytail all the way through the holder the third time around, so youhave a bun. Place a flower or a hair ornament on the other side of your head.

Pin-Up Curl This is the it-looks-complicated-but-its-not updo. Simple bobby pins, in all colors and sizes, areanchored, woven, and pinned into the hair. Pin-Up Curl 0: Or, the third time you wrapthe ponytail holder around your hair, dont pull it all the way through so it looks like a bun. The processloosens curls without doing any harm to your precious locks.

It works best on Botticelli curls with alow frizz factor, but any curly girl can try it. The result is a moist, springy, jazz singer or flapper look. If you have a high frizzfactor, leave in some extra conditioner. In a downward motion, use a paper towel,microfiber towel, or old cotton T-shirt to pat out excess water. Gently repeat this motion all aroundyour head. If your curls are shrinking violetsthey tend to contract when dryplace clips onthe ends, which weighs them down to keep length and create a more wavy look.

You can also use a blow-dryer with a diffuser on a low setting, or sit under a hooded dryer. Clips are a curly girls arsenal. With them, you can lift hair on the crown, make wavy hair curlier,or curly hair wavier, as suggested above. Love Me Knot Keeps your hair off of your face by day, and then unravel at night. Loop it three times at the center back of thehair. You can dress up this look with decorative bobbypins or a flower.

The compulsion to abuse products and your preciouscurly locks is deep-seated and hard to shake. Since sharing is a necessary part of theprogram, curly girls are advised to shift their obsession from product abuse to telling others abouttheir curly conversion. When you feel the urge to shampoo, blow-fry, or flat-iron your hair, stop, andcall a curl-friend sponsor. Nature versus Nurture. The nature just is and the nurture is you. The following steps are to be used only as life styling tools.

Interpret them in the way that ismost helpful to you personally and then follow them as a commitment to yourself. The steps haveworked for millions of others who knew they were not naturally straight. They can work for you.

Inthe process of uncovering your curls, you may uncover other parts of yourself long since forgotten. STEP 1 I admit that I am powerless over my true natureand that my curly hair will continue to beunmanageable if I deny and abuse it as I have in the past.

I willsearch my bathroom for such items and throw them away. STEP 3 I will admit my addiction to going straight and attempt to discover why I have wasted so much ofmy time in this pursuit. I will accept the nature of my hair and celebrate it rather than fight it. STEP 4 I will make a decision to turn my curls over to a higher powerthe power that created me and myhairand I will find a curl sponsor to mentor me as a recovering curly girl.

STEP 5 I will give in to the forces of nature, embracing humidity, rain, and wind, facing the elementsconfidently because I am no longer attempting to go against nature by controlling my curls.

STEP 6 I will make a list of relatives and friends who encouraged my curl denial with compliments aboutmy unnaturally straight hair. I will forgive them as well as the hairdressers who abetted my habit. STEP 7 I will accept that the scalp and the hair are two different entities with two totally different needs,and I will treat each accordingly.

STEP 8 I will give up shampoo dependency forever and learn how to gently cleanse my curls withoutturning to products that harm them.

Handbook curly pdf girl

I will learnhow to dry it without burning it or harming it, and I will let my curls grow to their full potential.

STEP 10 Whenever I am tempted to go straight, I will call a curl mentor or friend who has embraced hercurly destiny and seek her encouragement in living an honest curly life.

STEP 11 I will carry the message by simply being curly to others still living in curl denial. Uncover your buried treasure. Capricorns have their ownparticular vision of the world, so you may at first rebel against your curls. You typically need to be ontop; you are determined to overcome all obstacles, and your locks may be one of them. So, let therebe curl, reach out to a curl friend, and remember, your hair is on top, not you!

To know your curls isto love them. As a water sign, you know that curls require the nourishmentonly a watery environment can provide.

You usually confront your hair frustrations well, but if youreslightly insecure, you may demand that your hair change according to your perception of the situation.

If you reject your curls, you reject your S-sence. You simply must be true to yourself and your locks. Curl now, or forever hold your hair extensions! You are easily swayed, which is both your strength andyour weakness, and this trait also applies to your hair.

Sometimes overwhelmed by whats current,you flounder in the face of your curly hair-itage. If you can just ride the wave, you can overcome allobstacles, even if they are illusions. You are full of fixed ideas, so your boundless curls may threaten you, to the point where you maybutt heads with the herd. If you dont rise to the occasion, your hair will! Wear your hair like a well-earned trophy. After all, the part of the body ascribed to Aries is the head.

Homemade lotions and potions for locking in moisture. Expert tips on caring for African American hair. Fabulous dos for weddings and special occasions.

How to trim your hair yourself, step-by-step. Recommendations for chemical-free products. And so much more: Susan Blum. Reviews Review Policy. Published on. Flowing text. Best For. Android, Web.

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